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The SIG P226 Navy Model


Range Report: The Navy Model P226, MK 25

This handgun has been in every hot spot on earth with our sailors and Navy Seals. To many of us this is the bottom line: the operator. While the mechanics of firearms are interesting and well worth anyone’s study, it is the people who use the firearms that are most interesting. As such, the SIG Navy Model P226 MK 25 is a handgun that is approached with reverence. It has been used in many actions, including an operation that was among the most important and successful anti-terrorist operation of all time. Read more about this legendary handgun at The Shooter’s Log at

Colt Commander, circa 1975.


The 1911 Pistol — Reliability and Accuracy

Originally designed to be used from horseback, the 1911 firearm proved successful during the last cavalry charge in 1916 Mexico. You can carry this traditional sidearm cocked and locked, but do you know why? Read this article and range report to learn why.