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Whitetail buck eating mineral supplement


10 Questions With a Whitetail Nutrition Specialist

Enhancing the general health of whitetails while attracting and holding them on or near a hunting property has never been easier, nor has it been more economically feasible. A range of affordable products is available, specifically designed for any project scenario or scope. Read this question and answer article to attract more deer with better antler mass.

Lightfield Whitetail Hybred-exp shotshell


Review: Lightfield Slugs

I have experimented with slugs for over 30 years because I wanted to improve the performance of the police-style riot gun. These slugs are powerful, they pound the shoulder, and they get the job done. While Lightfield’s offering excel for defense, hunters are not forgotten with both light and heavy recoil loads for added knock-down power. If you are looking for maximum performance, check out Lightfield. They are sometimes overlooked but not because of accuracy and power. This specialty maker offers real performance at a fair price.

Ameristep Pruning Kit

Gear, Parts and Accessories

5 Ground Blind Essentials

Whether it is due to age and not wanting to climb trees or you are simply looking for a tactical advantage against ol’ Tommy Three Toes, a ground blind is a critical weapon in every hunter’s bag of tricks. Maximize your ground blind hunting experience with these five key accessories.


Whitetail Tree Stand Placement for the Rut

Movement patterns, feeding, activity periods… they are all bust when it comes to the rut. The rules no longer apply—or do they? If you are looking to maximize your days hunting the rut, you need to read this article.


Winchester Model ’94—The Rifle That Won the West

The Winchester ’94 proved the perfect design for the USA’s first smallbore sporting rifle cartridge. Well over century later, the ’94 in its famous .30-30 cartridge is still a favorite of thousands of shooters and hunters. Here’s the story and modern offerings of this piece of western history.

Hunting and Outdoors

Opening Day Strategies for Whitetail

Do you find that on opening day it seems that all the deer disappear? After all your hard work year round preparing for whitetail season, you definitely hope for a shot at a buck. Read this post to up your chances at having a successful opening weekend. Happy Hunting!

Ammunition Alley


The Unintended Consequences of Ammo and Gun Hoarding

While supply and demand affected prices across the board for both guns and ammunition, there was a huge benefit derived that few of us realized. In the late 1930s, Congress passed the Pittman-Robertson Act, which has been modified and updated several times since to meet current needs. To be fair, the Act is an excise tax that benefits wildlife and conservation. Given the boom in firearm and ammunition sales, the funds collected via Pittman-Robertson shot up to whopping $824 million.