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Are Mineral Supplements Worth the Money and Effort for Whitetails?

After a through and exhaustive search, I am here to declare once and for all that hunting whitetails is hard. While that may be surprising to some—the ones lucky enough to walk out their first time with a bow or gun and a shiny new hunter education card and wallop a monster—to many it is knowledge earned after exhaustive hours in the field.

And would you really want it to be easy? If everyone went out and shot a Booner their first day, how much fun would it be? (Although after 20-plus years, I think I should have earned at least one gimme.) After all, it is the allure of harvesting something rare and unique, a trophy like no other, that keeps our blood boiling and separates the hunters from those who merely hike with weapons in the whitetail woods.


27-Point Buck Harvested By 12-Year-Old in Minnesota

Hunting career ruined for life? Maybe, but I would be happy to be stuck with that stigma as 12-year-old Dylan Beach-Bittner of Motley, Minnesota may be. This young hunter harvested a 27-point, 229-pound Monster Buck in Minnesota in early November of 2012 giving him a story that he will be able to tell his entire life — without it getting old or stale.

Stevens 320 Pump shotgun


Top 10 Meat-producing Sluggers for Under $500

As the suburbs continue to encroach on deer habitat, game departments have become more restrictive about which bang sticks hunters may use when hunting in the deer woods. Whether you are looking to extend your season beyond archery and muzzleloader, or if sticks and strings and front stuffers are simply not what you are looking for, buying a slug gun does not have to break the bank.

Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer Gold

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Looking for a Scent Solution this Deer Season? Wildlife Research Center has the Answer!

When we were kids, my dad paid a bounty of 10 cents per mouse. This more than peaked the interest my brother (Brian) and I already had for catching mice. In the beginning, we thought cheese was the ticket. It seemed to work well enough in the cartoons, and we didn’t know any better. It didn’t take long to realize our mice were not fond of cheese. We decided that if we wanted to be successful, we were going to have to do some experimenting on our own.