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Deer Down — Tips for Processing Your Own Game Meat

You hunted hard all season. You spent the summer cutting shooting lanes and putting up stands. You cemented relationships with property owners that give you permission to hunt. You worked hard all season, and things finally came together. You shot a deer. The adrenaline has risen and subsided, and you stand over your trophy. Now what?

mangled broadhead that failed to deploy blades


Coping With a Loss — Wounded Deer

Failing to recover a wounded animal hurts on many levels and stirs a plethora of emotions. Join this hunter on his journey with the ups and downs of tracking a wounded buck.

Hunter in camo shooting crossbows from 4-foot high shooting sticks


Hunting Horizontal

Are crossbows so easy to shoot they should’t be allowed? Some say they’re easier to shoot, or hold steady or have greater accuracy. Maybe. Maybe not. The author shares his personal experiences. Are they the same as yours?


Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, we gather with friends and family for one day to feast on turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie. After eating, we settle in to watch the football game or plan out our “Black Friday” strategy. However thankful we are that the Dallas Cowboys are in first place in their division, we must remember the holiday isn’t about football scores, iPads or PlayStations. The first Thanksgiving was marked by a feast to celebrate how hard a group of people worked. Read on…

Picture shows a herd of deer in the snow.

Hunting and Outdoors

30 Days of Preparing for Severe Winter Weather Day 14: What is the Best Way to Stay Warm During Late Season Hunts?

Didn’t hit your tags quite yet? To bag those late season bucks, you might be facing down some long hours in bittery cold weather. In order to take your shot, you need to be warm and comfortable in your stand or blind. Dress in or pack in strategic layers and pay special attention to staying dry to avoid the shivers, shakes and chatters affecting your aim. Following this short list of do’s and don’ts will help you tough it out when temperatures fall.


What is the Best Caliber for Deer Hunting?

How do you figure out the best caliber ammo for deer hunting? Is it .30-06? Or maybe the .30-30? Is Remington better or how about Winchester? Read this post and let seasoned hunter Ace Luciano help you figure it all out.

Hunting and Outdoors

Women Afield — Budget Friendly Hunting Options

Hunting can be expensive unless you check out these budget-friendly hunting options that help the DNR and local parks using reduction hunts. Check out your local parks to see if you can enjoy budget-conscious hunting deer and support a healthy eco-system at the same time.


Preparing for Your First Big Game Hunt

As the days become shorter and the leaves begin to change, hunters across this great nation are preparing for their respective seasons in mind, body, and spirit. Guns come out of storage; decoys cleaned and repainted. Bows are shot and deer silhouette targets are popping up in suburban backyards. Read this article to learn more about preparing for your first big game hunt.

Dolbee with Texas Whitetail Buck


10 Tips for Beginning Hunters

The first hunt is a right of passage for some and the fulfillment of a long-awaited dream for others, in many instances it is likely both. It is a part of the hunting community’s heritage and a coveted moment worthy of celebration when introducing a new member of the next generation to hunting. Having a young son rapidly approaching that age, I am certainly eagerly awaiting the day he asks for his opportunity to go afield. To that end, I am sure a beginner’s guide to hunting could be of value to neophyte and veteran hunters mentoring new hunters alike.