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5 Ground Blind Essentials

Ameristep Pruning Kit

Whether it is due to age and not wanting to climb trees, or you are simply looking for a tactical advantage against ol’ Tommy Three Toes, a ground is a critical weapon in every hunter’s bag of tricks. To that end, today’s hub-style ground blinds are lightweight, highly portable, and capable of putting hunters in position to ambush game. Maximize your ground blind hunting experience with these five key accessories.

By Lance Davidson

Ameristep Pruning Kit
Ameristep Pruning Kit

Pruning Kit

Ground blinds are often placed in front of trees or brush in order to break-up the blind’s profile and make it less conspicuous. Savvy hunters also add natural vegetation to their blind’s exterior in order to complete the vanishing act. A set of quality ratchet pruners and a folding saw like the ones contained in the Ameristep Pruning Kit (about $20) will make quick and easy work of clearing shooting lanes and brushing in your blind.

Small indoor propane heater little buddy
Connect it to a one-pound disposable propane cylinder and the Little Buddy heats up to 100 square feet for 5.5 hours.

Portable Heater

One of the greatest benefits a ground blind affords is protection from the elements. Stay cozy and comfortable during those long, cold-weather sits by outfitting your blind with a portable propane heater like the Hunting Buddy from Mr. Heater. This lightweight catalytic model sells for around $69-145, runs on 1-lb. propane cylinders, has a stable base, and includes a variety of other safety features that make it ideal for heating portable hunting blinds and fish houses.

Blind Fan

LED Light and Fan

The air inside your blind can heat up during warm weather. A fan will help keep your hunting blind cool by circulating and exchanging air, but not all fans are built for blind duty. This one is. With a dual speed, silent motor powered by two D-cell batteries, Ameristep’s LED Light and Fan Combo easily mounts to one of your blind’s roof hub poles, or can be placed anywhere on its stable, adjustable base. This $25 fan also has 18 stealthy-green LEDs built in for fast, fumble-free lighting when needed.

Caldwell Shooting Rest

Shooting Rest

Who doesn’t like the added confidence that comes from a stable shooting rest? A variety of shooting sticks and rests are available, but for versatility, adjustability and ease-of-use, it’s hard to beat the $145 ($80 at Cheaper Than Dirt!DeadShot FieldPod from Caldwell. Get ideal position and stability for your shotgun, rifle or crossbow when you need it most – while actually hunting. A precision cast aluminum hub system allows the 5-lb. height-adjustable FieldPod to pivot up and down and rotate left and right with ease.


Ground blind hunters need a place to sit, and nobody makes a more complete selection of comfortable, lightweight, portable hunting stools and chairs than Ameristep. New for 2016, Ameristep’s Compaclite Tellus and Tellus Lite Chairs have 300 and 225-lb. capacities and pack down into a 15”x4”x4” carry bag. These comfortable sling-style chairs are priced from $40-$50, have a shock cord frame design for quick set up, and include a handy zippered gear pouch beneath the seat.

What’s your favorite hunting blind accessory? Share your gear choices or setup in the comment section.

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Comments (8)

  1. I see this strikes a nerve with non-woodsman type. Sure, these are “enhancements,” but not essentials as the article suggests. No permission needed, spend away, Dude from NY.

  2. These aren’t needs, they are “enhancements”! Nobody needs a Caddy or a Lincoln, but it’s their money, and their choice, so they can have one if they want one, without your permission Chris.

  3. Chris you sir are stud!!! That’s great that you have hunted out of blinds since you were 8 years old. I too have been hunting since I was a little fellow, I am now 45 years old and have figured out in all my years in the woods that the more comfortable a person is the longer he or she can stay in said blind. Why say things to people to discourage them or make them feel like someone like yourself will make fun of them for being comfortable while enjoying our great outdoors??? Aren’t we as outdoorsmen suppose to promote our sport and encourage others to join it instead of telling them “you don’t need to be in the woods”???

    1. This kind of mindset (Brian’s) is precisely what will keep a beginner away from the sport. You don’t need to have big money and endless gadgets to enjoy it. Be skilled and have mental toughness. That’ll keep you in the wood for a long time. If you want to encourage someone as a “fellow outdoorsman,” don’t promote our sport by pushing every toy that’s available for it. Hunters that just want to flaunt their new stuff are a dime a dozen these days. Don’t be one of those guys, Brian. And please don’t encourage it.

    2. Richard, not once in my reply did I say that an outdoorsman needs “endless gadgets” or encourage anyone to buy anything. What I did say is that we as outdoorsmen & outdoors women, should promote the sport & encourage others to join in. What each person takes with them to the woods/blind is their business and should not be discouraged by someone else telling them that they don’t need to be out there. Trust me, I’m not “one of those guys”. I don’t have and never have had the money to be one of those guys.

  4. If you need all this to hunt on the ground, you don’t need to be in the woods. I’ve hunted on the ground and built my own blinds since I was 8. The only thing you “might” need is a saw. Don’t waste your money.

    1. These aren’t needs, they are “enhancements”! Nobody needs a Caddy or a Lincoln, but it’s their money, and their choice, so they can have one if they want one, without your permission Chris.

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