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Is the .380 ACP the new .38 Special?

Ladies, does it annoy you to walk into a gun shop and immediately be directed to the small, .38 Special revolvers? Have you noticed a switch? Next time you go into a gun shop, ask at the counter for a semi-auto. I bet they will hand you a .380 ACP. Revolvers and .380s are great, but they aren’t everything. Is the .380 the new .38? Read on for my conclusion.

Picture shows competitive shooter, Lena Miculek shooting a 3-gun match with a shotgun.

Safety and Training

Setting a Good Example

Have you ever called an anti-gunner stupid? Did they call you a lunatic back? Did the argument get anywhere? Probably not. Instead of name-calling, join this call for a new voice of gun ownership. Call it killing them with kindness if you want, but I call it setting an example.

Safety and Training

Six Safety Tips for Women

Good news! Crime rates are lowering across the country. Despite that, the DOJ reports 99 percent of women will be a victim of crime in her lifetime. Carrying a gun doesn’t make you immune. A huge part of carrying a weapon is avoiding any situation in which you would be forced to use it. As an armed woman, situational awareness is your first line of defense. These six tips are some of the ways in how I go a step above basic situational to make sure I do not become a victim.

Picture shows a white, orange and maroon vintage Hawaiian print button down shirt

Concealed Carry

30 Days of Preparing for Spring Storms and the Stinging Heat of Summer Day 19: Five Tips for Carrying a Gun in the Summer

It can be much easier to conceal in the winter when we were more layers and cover garments such as a sweaters, hoodies or jackets do not look suspicious. Even though we wear less in the summer, fortunately summer styles and fabrics are looser. Covering a pistol or a revolver doesn’t have to be complicated with these more casual styles. An untucked Hawaiian or Polo-style shirt and shorts for men and a long cotton maxi dress for women are commonplace during the hotter months. The following are five tips for carrying a gun during the dog days of summer:

Picture shows the right side of the Beretta Nano pistol.

Concealed Carry

9mm Beretta Nano Review

The Beretta Nano is a sub-compact, striker-fired (Beretta’s first), locked-breech, recoil-operated, semi-automatic pistol. It holds six rounds of 9mm in its single-stack magazine, with one in the chamber—of which will fire regardless if a magazine is inserted or not. There is no magazine disconnect safety. Meaning if the chamber’s hot, the Nano’s gonna fire.The cool thing about the Nano is its interchangeable frame. It has the potential (on paper) to be a great carry gun for women.

Women in jeans and black t-shirt on a gray background with concealed gun in a Ted Blocker S18.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Women’s Holsters

For women, making sure you can get to your concealed weapon is essential, as is safety.Whether you choose an inside-the-waistband option or the DeSantis IWB Tuck or one of the most versatile designs to come along (The Betty from Looper), there are many options to make sure you have that handgun with you and easily accessible when you need it.

Picture shows a gun, a United States passport and foreign currency.

Safety and Training

Purse Carry—Don’t be Caught Carrying Where You Shouldn’t

I have never recommended purse carry. The drawbacks are plenty. However, I do recognize that some women will only carry that way. It is your choice to make. I won’t chastise either way. If you choose to carry in your purse, you must be hyper vigilant it is there, not only to follow your state’s concealed carry laws, but in order to keep your handgun secured. The following are some tips if you decide to carry in your purse.

Woman wearing blue jeans green shirt and a firearm

Concealed Carry

Holsters for Women. Stop Telling Me My Choices Suck!

I generally avoid ranting on any of my blog posts. However, being an internet blogger means I get to break the rules a little bit. So, I’m going to go ahead and skate on thin ice here, break the rules and write about something that has been chapping my hide lately. In the past few weeks I have been reading some men’s opinions on the proper way for women to conceal a gun. Yes, I know that most of our favorite outfits do not lend well to conceal carry and many of us are not willing to sacrifice beauty over only function. It is what it is. Get over!

UnderTech UnderCover Tank Top


Women Afield — CCW Undergarment Options

For the vast majority of CCW permit holders across this great county they often choose to carry their firearm on their person each and every day therefore the market for CCW apparel, gear, holsters, handbags and more has exploded. Unfortunately for many of us ladies, the apparel options are still limited. Because of the lack of actually CCW apparel for women it has forced us to focus on our “methods” for carrying rather than actual garments. Typically, we ladies get discouraged and end up using a clunky holster and then disguising our bodies with layered looks, jackets or fuller tops. But there are some practical options now available for women.

Camouflaged as lingerie, you would never suspect the wide black corset elastic with embroidered laced corset is actually a gun holster.


Femme Fatale Holsters: Pretty Holsters That Work

Let’s face it ladies, most of the mainstream holster manufactures do not cater to us. When I discover a company owned by women designing shooting-related gear just for us, I get excited about it. No one knows better about the struggles we go through to find gear that not only fits, but also looks good, than other women shooters. Donna Bickert of Femme Fatale Holsters knows these struggles and has offered three solutions; the ankle soxXx, garter, and corset holsters.