The Flashbang Bra Holster–Concealed Carry Just For Women

Flashbang Bra Holster and S&W Bodyguard revolver

It’s no secret that we women have a hard time trying to find a comfortable way to carry our guns concealed. The majority of holsters are designed by men, for men. Built differently than men, women and the curves of our bodies cause many belt and hip holsters sit too high or too low for them to be comfortable. Not to mention, women’s fashions don’t lend themselves well to conceal carry; dresses, skirts, form-fitting tops, and tight pants create quite the challenge to conceal a gun. In the last few weeks, I have quizzed the guys in the office for advice on which holsters to try. I am envious of their ability to pocket carry, which I didn’t even attempt. In every single pair of my pants either the pockets are too tight, too shallow, or both. I watched a video on different ways for a woman to carry, and I figured I would try ankle carry first.

A No-Go: Ankle Carry

I tried ankle carry with a Kel-Tec P3AT. That day I was wearing Dickies’ boot-cut pants, a form-fitting t-shirt, and Converse tennis shoes. The ankle holster I chose made my gun sit too low. I guess my ankle-to-knee ratio is shorter than a man’s because the knee strap did not sit properly to conceal the muzzle of the gun. No matter what adjustments I made, the gun poked out of the bottom of my pants. Even with my boot-cut pants, the gun and holster made a bulge. And I’m not even sure how I would have been able to draw quickly, especially if I was standing up. It would have required bending down, lifting up my pants leg with one hand, and trying to draw with the other. Besides the ill fit, and awkwardness of drawing, Capri pants, rolled-up jeans, and flip-flops or sandals, are out. Since Capris and shorts are a staple in my wardrobe, I am not willing to sacrifice my fashion just for a completely inconvenient way to carry. The ankle holster was a short-lived attempt.

Inside-the-Pants: A Happy Medium

Next, I tried a leather inside-the-pants holster made by Triple K, on CTD Ben’s recommendation. This holster is versatile in where you place it around your waist. Hip carry gave me a very self-conscious bulge. Really? What woman wants more bulge on her hips? However, this position was the most comfortable while sitting down at my desk. I switched the holster to the 4 o’clock position, which was most comfortable while standing, but not sitting. It also made me less self-conscious about any weird bulging. Drawing from this position will take practice. The first time I tried, I pulled the whole holster out! I am not ruling out carrying like this; most of my outfits work well with an inside-the-pants holster in any position; 4 o’clock, hip, and small of back.

Inside the Bra: A Winner

When I came across Lisa Looper’s Flashbang bra holster, I was so excited about a product made exclusively for women that I immediately wanted to try one! Lisa says, “We need some options for concealed carry that WORK!” I couldn’t agree more. I ordered my Flashbang for my newest self-defense gun, a S&W Bodyguard revolver .


The Flashbang bra holster is a black, molded plastic holder that includes three different size straps that button over the middle of your bra strap, technically called the “gore” which connects the two cups. The holster straps are made of soft leather and each strap has different holes, much like on a belt, so you can adjust the length of each strap. The straps connect to the holster by a screw, but once you get the correct size strap on, you should not have to change it out. The majority of my “gores” are the same size, so once you have it fit—which only takes a few minutes—you should be good to go with a variety of bras.

You put the leather strap over the gore and then snap the leather strap into place. Since I am right-handed, the holster sits just under the left side. (Girls, envision the pencil test, but with just the tip of the long part of the pencil.) The gun’s barrel points directly to the left side of your body. The grip lays flat against your chest, the flat bit, not the humps bit.

At first it was extremely uncomfortable, not the holster or the strap, but the psychological part of having a gun under my boob. Besides that, I was so aware of my ta-tas, that I was very self-conscious, especially since I work in a room full of men… “Oh my god, is everyone staring at my chest?”


I ventured out to the warehouse and into the break room to see if anyone would notice I was wearing a bra holster. Low and behold, no one could tell and no one was staring. I wore the holster all day and after about an hour of first putting it on, I was completely comfortable with it being there. It doesn’t poke, or scratch, or weigh down my bra–surprisingly!

I practiced drawing while the gun was unloaded that first day wearing it. In the promotional videos, they show the woman wearing the Flashbang bra holster holding down her shirt with one hand and drawing with the other, but I wanted to simulate a high-stress situation, so I did not bother with holding down one end of my t-shirt. Pulling the gun out of the Flashbang is easier and quicker than I imagined. Just grab the grip, firmly pull down, and it slides right out. I think my tummy showed a bit and maybe even some of my bra, but at that point are you really going to care?

So, what about concealability? I tried the Flashbang with a fitted t-shirt, a lose fitting t-shirt, a fitted button-down shirt, a tank top, a sweater, and a tight-fitted halter-top. For me the halter-top and tank top was a no-go. You could clearly see the grip poking out in both tops. If I wear either of those types of tops, I’m generally at a place where it is illegal to carry anyway, so no big deal. As for the other tops, I usually had no problems, except for when I became too relaxed and slouched, the grip would work its way up away from my body and poke out against my shirt. So proper posture is the best stance if you don’t want an “oops-a-daisy,” because repositioning requires a trip to the restroom, or somewhere else private. This issue might not occur with other, flatter semi-autos.


I am … eh hem… blessed in this area, so the Flashbang bra holster fit and stayed in place all day just fine, so I recruited three other women in the office to give it a try. After a much giggly, human resources nightmare in the bathroom, we concluded that if you are super tiny framed with A cups, you will not be able to wear this holster. C cup worked just fine. B cup fit just fine and stayed in place well, even when drawing, but with a loose-fitted t-shirt and hoodie, you could see the grip. It just wouldn’t stay flat against the body.

Another issue I had was how sweaty the holster got. I didn’t notice I was sweating until after I removed the holster. And uh. Gross. The holster was wet, not just glistening, after an entire day’s wear. Fortunately, the holster’s design completely covers the gun, except for the grip, so no moisture came in to contact with my S&W.

Overall, I conclude that the Flashbang bra holster is not a novelty, but a functioning, made-just-for-women holster. In many instances, the Flashbang solves the fashion versus carry problem. As far as the grip poking out, it’s my theory that it is the design of the grip and not the holster. For the price, the Flashbang is comparable to most high-quality holsters and even cheaper than some name brands. Since it solves the majority of carry issues for me, fit and ease of draw, and price for value I give the Flashbang bra holster a 4.5 stars. I’m leaving the last half star out because if ya don’t got the ta-tas to hold it up, the Flashbang might not be the holster for you.

The Flashbang bra holster is available for sale through

Flash Bang Holster Flash Bang Holster Flash Bang Holster Flash Bang Holster Flash Bang Holster
Flash Bang Holster Flash Bang Holster Flash Bang Holster Flash Bang Holster Flash Bang Holster
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  1. I am a large woman but NOT large busted. In fact I’m a B and have always been. I have tried several holsters and I ended up with the Flashbang from TWAW. In fact I have two. One for my 38 and one for my 380. I love it and it is very easy to conceal and you don’t have to worry about it when you go to the bathroom. I use the 380 in the summer and the 38 in the winter. But I have no problem hiding either. Hope this helps.

  2. How is it for women who are larger in body? I am overweight and not all that busty ( a common misconception is that women who are fat are big busted.. not this one, lol). I am a Realtor® and need ease of carry without putting off those anti gun clients..

    1. I am a large woman but NOT large busted. In fact I’m a B and have always been. I have tried several holsters and I ended up with the Flashbang from TWAW. In fact I have two. One for my 38 and one for my 380. I love it and it is very easy to conceal and you don’t have to worry about it when you go to the bathroom. I use the 380 in the summer and the 38 in the winter. But I have no problem hiding either. Hope this helps.

    1. The bra holster has not worked well for me. It was supposed to work for both right and left hand but for some reason I cannot get the button on the leather strap to snap no matter which way I try. It has been a sad waste of money and it was my best hope for conceal carry

    2. I love my flashbang. I have two. One for my 38 special and one for my 380. The snap will drive you crazy to begin with, but don’t give up. Believe me it has to be straight in order for it to snap and unsnap. Its important to make sure it doesn’t come unsnapped and your gun fall out. Keep trying. When you got it just right, it WILL snap and unsnap. Then you will know right where it HAS to be. If you still can’t get it, send it back and ask for another one. This is a great holster and I love it and hate to see someone give up cause of the snap. Hope this helps.

    3. Candee,
      Don’t feel lonesome, this is a common complaint. There is a lip on one side of the top (female) snap that has to be tucked under the lip of the bottom (male) snap in order for the snap to snap.

  3. I just bought the flashbang – don’t have it yet, did ask email question regarding sports bras and was told yes. About to find out. I like the idea of the Marilyn but my concern is I don’t wear low cut and it seems you would be fighting the top of what you are wearing. Will probably be back once I try the flashbang – my current carry is purse with obvious drawbacks.

  4. Great article. This is looking more appealing to me, will a Glock 26 fit in that? and I’m guessing that V-neck shirts are probably a no-no?

  5. I was torn between the FLASHBANG & the MARILYN holster, which you wear clipped to the inside of yor bra under your armpit. Went with the Marilyn holster because you can wear it with a sports bra, so to me that meant more choices in clothing, I have an LCP I use it with, I would also like the FLASHBANG. Does anyone out there have both?, if so, which do you prefer, I love the Marilyn, made by the same people, so nice to go the the bathroom & not have to worry about spilling your firearm onto the floor. I do have to adjust it every now & then, draw is through the top of your blouse or shirt.

  6. Stony said
    “Flash ‘em a peek at heaven before sending them to #ell.”
    LOVE IT! If I’m about to take a life, I guess I’m really not gonna care who sees what.

    Thanks for the article, flashbang looks more and more appealing, but I figured from what I’ve seen so far a smaller .380 would be the best carry with that method. Cup size probably does make a difference in carrying something larger, I never thought of that. But I know a manual safety would ease my mind and since I like my .38 wheel guns best for self defense, I just don’t know if I could get comfortable carrying like that

  7. Article was very informing. I have been trying to find information on how this carries on other women and if it would sell in the shop(Stoner Holsters) for the Ladies section. I was only able to test myself (B with Kel-Tec 3AT), while the gun was concealed, the snap was noticeable. Please let me know of any ideas, the more options women have to carry the safer we’ll be.

    Thank you for the information on here, it has helped in my research :]

  8. * Just a bit of advice…
    I would think it would be wise to choice a auto-loader, in stainless…
    beside being flatter (as mentioned) the stainless is less likely to rust…
    I’ve wore many a firearm under my t-shirt..
    and ended up removing most of the blueing from my S&W, due to sweating.
    My lady is graced with g-cups…
    she could hide a “DIRTY HARRY 44” under there…
    but the sweating can get intense.
    I’m just happy to hear that ladies want to carry…
    …Usually that “job” is left to us guys ! *

  9. Debbie, only if you are the size of an “Engineer” in the movie “Prometheus .” Snub nose revolvers and pocket pistols only. Cheers that you have a 92FS, though. 🙂

  10. Nice article, but please don’t disrespect yourself by calling your breasts “boobs” or “ta-tas.” The correct name is breasts or bosom.

  11. Here are some tips for better wear:
    1: Take your time in finding the right adjustment. It may take a week wearing it (for a day) with the different length straps. Do not cut the straps down shorter UNTIL you have found the best setting.
    2: Work with the angle AFTER you find the right strap length. It can be adjusted using the strap screw located in the snap on the holster itself.
    3: Glow mitigation (that’s SWEAT for you ladies): When you sweat you will notice that the plastic (Kydex) holster may start slipping around being that it is next to the skin. TO STOP THIS ‘sliding’ simply go to your local Walgreens or CVS and as for some MOLESKIN. Get a large swatch that you can cut to shape. Cut it to match the ‘skin side’ of the holster. Then, simply attach it to the skin-side of the holster with the adhesive backing on the MOLESKIN. MOLSESKIN has been around forever and has been primarily used to relieve irritation on raw areas of the feet. The adhesive is to attach it to the inside of a shoe. Since feet get sweaty, both the adhesive and very soft padded side stand up very well to body moisture. AND, the big benefit is that it KEEPS THE HOLSTER FROM SLIDING AROUND!
    (Now, how did I know all this? My wife swears by the Flashbang, and she discovered these little tricks. Keep calm, and carry concealed. Cheers.

  12. Thanks for the details on ta-ta size. I had wondered about that since I don’t have “vast tracts of land” I will save the money and skip this one.

  13. The Discreet Carry Cleavage holster by Discreet Carry USA is all fabric, washable and costs only $19.99. It was introduced at the NRA Wilderness event for Women, and has been used by many LE officers. Mine is used with a Ruger LCP, and holds up very well. It is always on ebay.Gals love Guns blog tested it and gave it very good reviews. It is worth checking out.

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