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Summer Scouting Tips — Make A Plan

I cut my G2s in the big woods of the Allegany region of Pennsylvania. In the big woods, you’ll want to key in on mast such as acorns, persimmons and wild apples. Read this article to learn a few valuable summer scouting tips.

Deer feeding in snow.


Cold Weather Shooting

You are different physiologically in the cold. Your blood flows differently. Your breathing will change. You may shiver or hunch more when shooting in cold weather. Tasks that were extremely simple at 70 degrees, such as taking your time, drawing in a deep breath, and slowly squeezing the trigger are all downright unpleasant at 10 degrees. Read this article to learn how to overcome cold weather shooting obstacles and have a successful hunt.

The number of whitetail deer now exceeds 36 million.


Get Out Now for Consistent Hunting Success This Fall

Have you ever asked yourself: “Why does (the other guy) get a nice buck every year when I do all the right things, and hunt where good bucks are known to be but still come up short?” It’s a tough question. However, we have the answers you are looking for.

Hunter leaning against a tree with rifle on bipod

Hunting and Outdoors

Last Minute Deer

In much of the country, the Whitetail season is winding down to its final days and minutes. If you haven’t wrapped your tag around something at this point, you may need to either change your tactics, your goal or both. Here are a few tips to finish the season with a win.

mangled broadhead that failed to deploy blades


Coping With a Loss — Wounded Deer

Failing to recover a wounded animal hurts on many levels and stirs a plethora of emotions. Join this hunter on his journey with the ups and downs of tracking a wounded buck.

Hunter in camo shooting crossbows from 4-foot high shooting sticks


Hunting Horizontal

Are crossbows so easy to shoot they should’t be allowed? Some say they’re easier to shoot, or hold steady or have greater accuracy. Maybe. Maybe not. The author shares his personal experiences. Are they the same as yours?


Preparing for Your First Big Game Hunt

As the days become shorter and the leaves begin to change, hunters across this great nation are preparing for their respective seasons in mind, body, and spirit. Guns come out of storage; decoys cleaned and repainted. Bows are shot and deer silhouette targets are popping up in suburban backyards. Read this article to learn more about preparing for your first big game hunt.

Paper Tuning Your Bow


Women Afield — Tuned to Perfection

Paper tuning is one of the easiest, most economically ways to tune your bow. A poorly tuned bow can be very frustrating, not to mention disappointing, especially if you are presented with the shot of a lifetime only to discover your bow is not shooting as you expected. Read this article to learn how to paper tune your bow for better accuracy in the field.