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Dolbee with Texas Whitetail Buck


10 Tips for Beginning Hunters

The first hunt is a right of passage for some and the fulfillment of a long-awaited dream for others, in many instances it is likely both. It is a part of the hunting community’s heritage and a coveted moment worthy of celebration when introducing a new member of the next generation to hunting. Having a young son rapidly approaching that age, I am certainly eagerly awaiting the day he asks for his opportunity to go afield. To that end, I am sure a beginner’s guide to hunting could be of value to neophyte and veteran hunters mentoring new hunters alike.

Beman ICS hunter Pro Lost Camo


Product Review: Beman ICS Hunter Pro Lost Camo

If a game animal can see your arrow and identify the color of the fletching or whether or not it has camo, believe me when I tell you the game was over some time ago. That being said, I love camo arrows. Even if the camo is only for the hunter. At times I have matched the camo of the arrows to camo on the bow. Other times, I have used it to distinguish my arrows from other shooters’ arrows using the same target. Whatever the reason, camo matters!

TSX Pro Series Micro-Adjust


Range Report: TRUGLO TSX Pro Series 5-pin

I have the envious position of getting to play with a lot of equipment and calling it work. With bow season rapidly approaching—at least in my mind—I have been crawling through catalogs and samples looking for a new bow sight. One product that caught my eye enough to order for a review was the TRUGLO TSX Pro Series 5-pin.

Archer Xtreme Titanium Xtreme bow sight


Archer Xtreme’s Titanium Xtreme Bow Sight

Today’s elite, camo-clad warriors demand lighter, stronger and more reliable archery equipment to handle the extremes of lands untouched by human hands as well as it does the back 40. Constructed from 6016T6 titanium, the Titanium Xtreme is unlike any other sight on the market and it addresses the X-Factors that can cause lesser sights (from other manufacturers) to fail at critical times during the hunt or at the range. Titanium has long been recognized for its superior characteristics of strength, durability and lightweight—making it a top choice of engineers for aircraft, missiles, rocket construction and now archery sights.

Arrow groups in 10 ring target


What is the Maximum Ethical Distance for a Shot When Bowhunting?

Not long after sunrise, a beautiful 10-point emerged from the treeline and began feeding along the narrow strip of the cut. He wandered between 50 and 55 yards from my hide. My heart was beating out of my chest and the adrenaline coursing my veins was off the charts. I was on the ground in a blind and had a firm footing for a shot. The laser rangefinder ensured the range, and I knew I could make the 55-yard shot all day long—so I drew and let one fly.

Feather Flex Turkey Decoys

Hunting and Outdoors

Gizmos & Gadgets — Turkey Decoys

Turkey hunting is challenging to put it kindly, but more addictive than any other drug nature has ever produced. One of the most important factors to successfully hunting a turkey is to get the turkey in range for a shot of course. Nothing does that better than the right decoy set up.

Strutting Toms


Tackling a Turkey Jinx — Broadheads

The weather hadn’t cooperated for the first couple of days, but my southern guide, Jeff, had a few tricks to turn the tide. We headed to a secret spot, a stand of planted pines, and Jeff started talkin’ turkey. Before long, we could hear gobblers headed our way. The pines did not offer much cover and we did not have a choice because the toms were reluctant to come out. We started putting the sneak on the birds to close the distance. After that, we were relying on our camo to tip the scales in our favor. A short time later, I spotted two toms coming through the trees.


Predator Hunting – A Few Basics

Coyotes are ripe year round. They can devastate local livestock and wildlife during calving season. Calves and fawn are easy prey for a coyote. Just as the deer or elk rut is prime season, late February through early March is the coyote breeding season and the best time to thin the pack.


Archery—The Ultimate Survival Skill

Given the growing popularity of archery, the powers above me have decided that Cheaper Than Dirt needed to start giving it the proper attention it deserves. In fact, I was beaming and swollen with pride when my boss assigned me this task. The prepared “prepper” spirit that is becoming more in vogue and infiltrating the psyche of everyday Americans, archery is a natural fit. Beyond being a ton of fun and a great way to spend a Saturday (or any other day of the week), it is the ultimate survival skill. Why? For the most part, you can reshoot the bullets—both for practice and under more dire circumstances.