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Picture shows a steel-cased .223 Remington round.


Throwback Thursday—Shooting Steel Cased Ammo In Your AR-15

Have you ever read or been told that shooting steel-cased ammo out of your AR-15 is not good? Older, steel-cased ammo like Brown Bear is lacquer-coated and may cause issues down the road. However, there is nothing wrong with shooting steel-cased ammo from your AR. In this article, Cheaper Than Dirt debunks the myth that shooting steel-cased ammo is bad. After reading “Shooting Steel Cased Ammo in Your AR-15,” you will be saving money shooting cheap ammo without developing problems in your rifle.

Black Beretta ARX 100, barrel pointed left on a white background


ARX 100 — Beretta’s Best

Beretta’s newest rifle looks more like a space age space gun than an AR-15. The features, construction and performance are all cutting edge. Check out this article to get the details and see if this is the right firearm for you.

Black Remington 870 pump, barrel pointed to the right and 1 closed can of Fiocchi cartridges on the dirt.


Fiocchi Canned Heat

There is more than one way to store ammunition. Fiocchi’s Canned Heat takes much of the work and worry out of storing it. And that is not just considering an apocalyptic nightmare, it may be simply storing the shells in a truck or cabin. Read this post for the details on how to store your ammunition.

Black AR-15 and Nikon Riflescope on a gray-to-white background


AR-15: Nikon M-223 Riflescope and More

Bob Campbell takes a hard look at the Nikon M-223 riflescope as well as other important features for the modern AR-15 rifle. Check out this post to discover why it is such a powerhouse for three-gun, varmint hunting and tactical use.

cardboard box with bullets spilling out


Top 10 Ammo Posts

The biggest lifetime expense of your firearm — even considering the initial purchase cost of the gun — is almost always ammo. Here are 10 of the Cheaper Than Dirt! Shooter’s Log most popular stories about ammunition choice, tuning, and suitability.

Picture shows a black, fixed stock AR-15 A2 style rifle with fixed carry handle and carbine length handguard.


When Teaching a New Shooter, Does the Gun Matter?

Over Spring Break, CTD Suzanne introduces one of her girlfriends to the shooting sports by getting out with an S&W M&P 15-22, S&W M&P .22 pistol and the DPMS Classic 16 A2 carbine. Do you think gun choice matters when introducing someone to shooting? Read on to find out.