Winchester Product Warning and Recall Notice

Winchester Recall

Winchester 5.56mm M855 62-Grain Pene

Olin Corporation, through its Winchester Division, is recalling one (1) lot of its 5.56mm M855 62 Grain PENE centerfire rifle ammunition. Symbol Number: ZGQ3308 Lot Number: WCC10M106-004 Through extensive evaluation Winchester has determined the above lot of 5.56mm M855 ammunition may contain incorrect propellant. Incorrect propellant in this ammunition may cause firearm damage, rendering the firearm inoperable, and subject the shooter or bystanders to a risk of serious personal injury when fired.

Winchester Recall DO NOT USE WINCHESTER® SYMBOL NUMBER ZGQ3308 LOT NUMBER WCC10M106-004 5.56mm M855 62 GRAIN PENE AMMUNITION. The ammunition Symbol Number and Lot Number are ink stamped on the outside of the 900-round shipping container, and on the outside of the 30-round carton as indicated here: To determine if your ammunition is subject to this notice, review the Symbol Number and Lot Number. If it is Symbol Number ZGQ3308 and Lot Number WCC10M106-004 immediately discontinue use and contact Winchester toll-free at 866-423-5224 for free UPS pick-up of the recalled ammunition. Upon receipt of your recalled ammunition, Winchester will ship replacement ammunition directly to you.

This notice applies only to Symbol Number ZGQ3308 with Lot Number WCC10M106-004. Other Symbol Numbers or Lot Numbers are not subject to this recall.

If you have any questions concerning this 5.56mm M855 ammunition recall please call toll-free 866-423-5224, write to Winchester (600 Powder Mill Road, East Alton, IL 62024 Attn: 5.56mm M855 Recall), or visit our website at

We apologize for this inconvenience.

WINCHESTER February 4, 2013

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Comments (22)

  1. I had several boxes of lake city made in china that blew the side of my 30 carb of any Munda can make an error a shooter

  2. My how times have changed; I can remember the time when Winchester was “the guy to go to” So much for QC.
    Between 1961 and 1970 I helped to pump out a lot of. 223 (the original concept) and it’s replacement, 5.56…Never did have any recalls TTBOMK,…then again we only observed government markings on the boxes/cans, but assumed the ammunition to be made by Colt (the, the CAR-15 manufacturer.) or Winchester … Ringo Senods

  3. Well, now what should I do? I shoot NOTHING BUT M855 in all my AR’s, as not to have to change my scopes. Just a few months ago I had one to explode and come apart. I thought it was because I was shooting a Slidefire on my rifle. Then I went the next day and pulled out another AR without a Slidefire and after only a few shots it blew up in my face. Lucky for me neither my son or myself were injured at all. Now like everyone else I did not keep the boxes for the ammo and have none left. After sending the two guns back to the factory to be repaired and spending hundreds of dollars to do this what should I do? Any good answers out there? RRA told me it was the ammo that did this.

  4. Perhaps a trick by the government to get the M-855 pene of the street. Winchester wants to comply with big daddy obama to keep up it social responsibility to the left and keep all it contracts. beside the government will want all that when they storm our house’s for our guns.

  5. Makes me glad I quit buying ANYTHING made by Winchester many moons ago (poor quality is their “normal” compared to other manufacturers). This is the THIRD warning-noticed I’ve seen in the past fifteen years involving Winchester ammo. Thank You CTD for keeping us advised!!! Knowledge is power, and ignorance is the greatest evil (think about it).

  6. Wow Mike, if these people really are reading along over your shoulder, then they’re more intelligent than I gave them credit for. Please remember to keep all weapons out of the reach of children and Democrats.

  7. Has anyone considered using an inertia extractor to remove the bullets then dump the factory powder and then reload the cases. Seems to me with the government buying up all the billions of rounds of ammunition, and the associated shortage of related primers and bullets, it would make sense to reload this ammunition if you have the appropriate powder and a neck resizing die. Primed brass with the bullet is 3/4 of what you need to reload this ammo.

  8. Hey toolboxes – this is a forum where people can discuss the article, NOT A CUSTOMER SERVICE EMAIL. Stop acting slow. If you don’t know if your ammo qualifies, why don’t you contact CTD or something instead of posting in this forum. You’re making the gun-grabbers thoughts that you’re too stupid to have so called assault weapons look better and better.

  9. As far as I can tell this Recall only applies to Winchester manufacture and since Federal & Lake City are made by ATK – these are not impacted.

    Anyone with this batch no. should call them and ask about when and what they will send back…

  10. I purchased 200 rounds of AMM-223 amo. There is no lot number on the box to determine if it is part of the recall. The only thing on the box is Ammo 5.56x45mm
    Lake City M855 FMJ 62 Grain 3025 fps Penetrator M855 SS109 Federal Am.

    Please advice if this is the ammo recalled

  11. That leaves me out. Guess I missed this one. I used to re-load, but put away all my stuff in the late ’90s. Even my guns have been collecting dust. I just became interested once again, buying an AK-47 and two tactical shotguns. I’ve been trying to stock up on 7.62X39mm ammo, and slugs/buckshot for them, but given the current gun situation, and prices on ammo going out of sight, it’s hard for me to play catch-up. Hell, I’m hesitant to step outside and fire off a few rounds, cause I don’t know what the supply will be like next week. It’s been long enough now since Sandy Hook and the buying blitz that there should be ammo on store shelves, and it should be priced fairly, or at least close to what it was before Obama stirred the pot. I don’t know, but I’ve heard the Gov has ordered millions of rounds to stockpile so they’d have most of the ammo and citizens wouldn’t if SHTF. I suppose I should see if I can buy loading components just in case.

  12. Amazing! You put your life in the hands of these manufacturer’s and they they provide faulty, and potentially dangerour ammunition. Someone needs to lose their job!

  13. Wow. How would I know? I placed all of my ammo on stripper clips and have long since discarded the packaging. Any other way to tell?

  14. Maybe this is how they are going to get the steel core ammo out of private hands and send some plain ball instead, when they get around to it. This would then go to fill DHS orders. If ammo is so hard to get do you think you would ever get any replacement for what you give up?

  15. I have a 440 rd batch that I purchased last year. Upon receipt of the ammunition I removed all packaging and removed them from stripper clips and have them in an ammo can loosely. So I have no packaging to reference. Is there any case marks or can I send a round to Winchester for analysis? I have fired about 40rds of the stuff and it cycled fine in my mini 14 with no observed anomalies.
    Thank you

  16. I know this ammunition lot of ammunition very well…It was manufactured December 2010 until January 2011…Please follow Olin instructions to prevent damage to your firearm.

  17. Yeah, when was it presumably loaded? Everything I might have, I’ve had since the mid to late ’80s, and I presume some of it was near twenty years old then. Is this lot supposed to be of recent manufacture?

  18. Well, this is certainly not good news. I am wondering IF I purchased any of this ammo over the past few months. Anyway, thanks for spreading the word!

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