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New Product Round Up — SHOT Day 2

1791 Project Stealth

The SHOT Show (Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade) in Las Vegas is enormous to say the least. The show runs for four days. If you wanted to walk the show floor and visit every booth, you would have about eight seconds at each! While we cannot see it all, we spent plenty of time softening the shoe leather to come up with Day 2’s list of cool new products.


All New Colt King Cobra

Colt King Cobra 2019
Colt King Cobra

Following Colt’s successful re-entry into the Double-Action Revolver market in 2017, Colt introduces the all-new King Cobra in .357 Magnum. The King Cobra will be available in January 2019 through Colt stocking dealers.

The all-new King Cobra features American Stainless Steel construction, a heavy duty frame with a full lug 3 in. barrel, and the 6-round capacity that differentiates Colt small frame revolvers from the competition. The King Cobra also features the same user-replaceable front sight and Linear Leaf spring trigger (LL2) as the rest of the Cobra family.
MSRP: $899,

Auto-Ordnance Offers Custom 1911 Series

Auto Ordnance Victory Girl
Auto Ordnance Victory Girl

Auto-Ordnance, maker of the famous “Tommy Gun” and other classic firearms throughout history, is proud to offer a series of Custom Commemorative 1911 pistols: the Case Hardened 1911, Victory Girls 1911, Fly Girls 1911, and Squadron 1911. Taking a classic 1911 to the next level without diminishing its history is no easy feat, but adding an even more classic finish formally raises the bar. Auto-Ordnance has done just that with the new GI Series 1911 with “case hardened” finish.

This time honored tradition of working steel produces distinct and unique patterns of color long sought after by firearms aficionados. The Auto-Ordnance Case Hardened 1911s are each a work of art, covered in a beautiful, swirling finish. Beneath the colorful surface is an all-steel, 5 inch, “GI” pattern 1911 pistol, chambered in powerful .45 ACP. The grips are checkered wood with the “US” military logo.

Magnum Research Offers New 429 DE Mark XIX

Magnum Research 429 DE
Magnum Research 429 DE

Magnum Research is offering the 429 DE Mark XIX pistol, along with barrels and ammunition, for a full product lineup in the recently introduced 429 DE cartridge. The 429 DE pistol has a stainless steel slide, a stainless steel frame with Picatinny bottom rail, and a 6″ stainless steel barrel with integral muzzle brake and black appointments. The pistol ships with a .50AE 7-round magazine and has an MSRP of $2,143. The 429 DE pistol (DE429SRMB) is now shipping and available for order. The 429 DE Mark XIX spare barrels with Picatinny style accessory rails are available in a variety of finishes. The barrels are 6″ and are compatible with any MK19 USA or Israel Desert Eagle Pistol with a wide .830” rail on top of the barrel and uses a 50AE magazine and bolt. Barrels will be available in the following options: carbon steel with Black finish, MSRP $425 (BAR4296); carbon steel with Burnt Bronze Cerakote™, MSRP $482 (BAR4296BB); carbon steel with Brushed Chrome finish, MSRP $529 (BAR4296BC); carbon steel with Polished Chrome finish, MSRP $529 (BAR4296PC); stainless steel with integral muzzle brake, MSRP $482 (BAR4296SRMB).


Daniel Defense Delta5 Bolt Action!

Daniel Defense Delta5
Daniel Defense Delta5

Designed with the user in mind. Daniel Defense has taken the modularity of the AR platform and integrated it into a one-of-a-kind bolt action rifle. From an interchangeable cold hammer forged barrel to a user-configurable stock, the DELTA 5 features out-of-the-box customization that would normally require professional gunsmithing. Designed for the user that expects more from their rifle, the DELTA 5 provides the ultimate long range shooting experience from the day its purchased. No custom wait time required.

  • Barrel: User-interchangeable, stainless steel cold hammer forged to contour
  • Action: Mechanically bedded stainless steel action with integral recoil lug
  • Bolt: Three-lug bolt with a 60 degree throw and floating bolt head
  • Bolt knob: 5/16 – 24″ removable bolt knob
  • Trigger: Adjustable single stage Timney Elite Hunter with two position safety (1.5 – 4 lbs)
  • Picatinny scope base: 20 MOA/ 5.8 MRAD of elevation with four #10-32 bolts
  • Bottom metal: Integrated with pillars and barrier stop
  • Ergonomic stock: Constructed of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer
  • Adjustable cheek riser: For preferred height, yaw, and drift
  • Configurable buttstock: Offers length of pull and butt pad height adjustments
  • Attachment: 14 total M-LOK points along forend with one point on bottom of buttstock
  • Quick detach: Three M-LOK QD sling points
  • Capacity: Five round PMAG 5 7.62 AC – AICS Short Action magazine included

MSRP: $2,199,

Savage MSR 15 Valkyrie

Savage MSR 15 Valkyrie
Savage MSR 15 Valkyrie

The MSR 15 Valkyrie gets maximum performance from the 224 Valkyrie cartridge, which was developed to deliver supersonic velocities past 1,300 yards, extremely flat trajectories and match accuracy. The competition-ready MSR 15 Valkyrie gets the most from the cartridge’s unprecedented capabilities with an upgraded 18-inch barrel with 5R rifling and a crisp two-stage trigger. Its Elite Series FDE Cerakote finish forms a tough, protective layer on the upper and lower, and its adjustable mid-length gas system can be customized to specific ammunition for the most reliable cycling.
MSRP: $1,499,

Luth AR Build a Palm Handguard AR Kits

Luth AR Build Kit
Luth AR Build Kit

Build a Complete AR Kit.  These kits contain everything you need to build your own AR except the stripped lower receiver. Each Kit Contains: Fully assembled Upper with Keymod Palm Handguard. Your choice of an MBA-1 Ri fle buttstock or an MBA-3 Carbine buttstock. Complete lower parts kit.

The kits are available in 16” Lightweight 5.56mm, 18” Mark 12 5.56mm, or 16”, 18”, 20” or 24” Fluted Bull Barrel .223 Rem.

Windham Weaponry 9mm Glock Magazine-Compatible Carbine and Pistol

Windham Weaponry has released two new, long-requested additions to its rapidly expanding line of firearms – a 9mm Glock magazine-compatible carbine and pistol.

“A 9mm Glock magazine-compatible firearm has long been a standing request from Windham customers,” said Mark Eliason, Windham Weaponry’s vice-president of sales and marketing.

Windham Weaponry 9mm Carbine
Windham Weaponry 9mm Carbine

Eliason predicted these firearms will be particularly popular with Glock enthusiasts, who can use their existing magazines, and for law enforcement officials. One of the key details of these firearms is the bolt hold back feature – when the last round is fired, the bolt will lock back and stay open, showing that the firearm is unloaded.

Additional features on the rifle include a 16” barrel with Melonite QPQ finish, a 13” Windham Weaponry free-floating M-LOK handguard with a 2” rail section, and a six-position telescoping buttstock. The pistol features a 9” barrel with Melonite QPQ finish, a mil-spec buffer tube, a 7” Windham Weaponry M-LOK free-floating handguard with a 2” rail section, and a five-position SB Tactical arm brace.
MSRP: $1,148,


1791 Project Stealth
1791 Project Stealth

1791 Leather – Carbon and Premium Gun Leather

“Project Stealth is like no holster you’ve seen before in terms of it’s contemporary, elegant look and exceptional, high-tech performance,” said 1791 Gunleather CEO Ramiro M. Romani. “The patent-pending Project Stealth series of holsters is where luxury, old-world craftsmanship, and the finest quality materials unite to deliver the most intriguing and fashionable EDC holsters ever seen.

“This outside-the-waistband series of holsters is not only lightweight and flexible, but it is extremely durable and aesthetically stunning. Project Stealth represents the perfect marriage between classic and tactical, and will undoubtedly lead the way for many more provocative 1791 Gunleather products in the future.
MSRP: $99,

CRKT Provoke

CRKT Provoke
CRKT Provoke

Designer Joe Caswell has always been regarded as somewhat of a mad scientist. When he introduced Kinematic technology to the CRKT team, the title was eternalized. One gentle nudge on the upper crossbar activates this completely unique opening mechanism and the blade lunges to life without the user ever losing a firm grasp on the handle. A discrete lever at the base of the handle unlocks the blade, allowing it to retreat into its closed position.

With the advent of Kinematic came its first jaw-dropping application: the Provoke. Modeled after a traditional karambit, the black oxide-finished hawkbill-style blade is forged of a premium D2 steel for high durability and excellent edge retention. The handle is equally as considered. It’s crafted of aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum for supreme toughness, and in true Joe fashion, the pocket clip is also a world’s first—sitting almost completely flush with the handle and likewise activated with light thumb pressure.

How Kinematic Works

Gently nudge the upper crossbar with your thumb—while the rest of your fingers firmly grasp the handle—and the blade lunges to life. Shift the discrete lever at the base of the finger loop and the blade retreats into its closed position.
MSRP: $200,

UTG PRO +5 Base Pads and Magwells for Glock Small Frame Pistols

UTG PRO USA Made +5 Capacity Base Pads for Glock small frame pistols feature an extended height and come with an extra power spring for reliable feeding. Precision machined from 6061-T6 aluminum with fully dehorned and melted contours, three color choices are available to include matte black, red, and blue. An externally removable floor plate allows quick access to the magazine’s internals for cleaning and without ever having to remove the base pad from the magazine’s main body. Complementing the +5 base pads are our carry-inspired one-piece Ultra Slim Glock magwells available in the same three matte color options and sharing similar aesthetics and ergonomic considerations.

MagPump 9mm PRO and AR-15 PRO

Magpump AR-15 PRO
Magpump AR-15 PRO

MagPump is releasing two new loaders that deliver on the company’s promise to handle large capacity, high-frequency magazine loading for 9mm and AR-15 magazines. The two new magazine loaders are a hybrid of MagPump’s existing models and prove to be more robust than the standard units. Both the 9mm PRO and the AR-15 PRO have a lightweight polymer exterior for easy transportation to and from the shooting range, with strong, metal internal components that produce reliable operation while loading hundreds of rounds in one sitting.

“With the success of both our standard 9mm and AR-15 magazine loaders, we wanted to create a second line of loaders that will take a beating from those shooters who are consistently on the range or training,” said Pete Crawford, MagPump President and CEO.

All MagPump models are easy to use and eliminate hand fatigue, reducing magazine loading time by more than 50 percent. Simply load the ammunition in the high-capacity hopper and let MagPump do the rest. The pump-action lever self-sorts ammo and loads 30 rounds in less than 30 seconds. Backed by its lifetime, no-questions-asked guarantee, MagPump magazine loaders are the best in the business and allow shooters to spend more time shooting and less time loading.
MSRP: $249,

Mantis Tech launches X10 for Elite Shooters

Mantis X10
Mantis X10

The X10 is a small, powerful precision sensing device that tracks the minutest of movements, collecting thousands of datapoints per second. Once rail-mounted, it analyzes shooter movements, and sends the data over Bluetooth to the MantisX app for smartphones and tablets. With tens of thousands of shooters using Mantis products, including extensive law enforcement and military adoption, then trend is clear: shooters improve faster when using MantisX.

“The X10 unlocks analysis that was never before quantifiable,” says Engineering Manager Chase Roberts. “Recoil analysis, holster draw analysis, rapid fire, multi-target, shooting on the move, and many more capabilities are included in this powerful product. And we’re just getting started.”

As a sampling, the recoil analysis piece will provide quantification and muzzle tracing for the recoil pattern generated by the firearm. “Not only is the recoil analysis of the X10 immensely valuable for assessing the shooter’s recoil management, but it unlocks the ability to subjectively compare different recoil-mitigating devices and techniques,” continues Roberts. “’Which muzzle brake is most effective? What impact does a flash hider have? Does that gun actually shoot flatter?’ are all questions the philosophical side of the gun industry asks. And now we can finally get answers.”
MSRP: $149,

Mission First Tactical Versatile IWB Holsters

Mission First Tactical Appendix IWB Holster
Mission First Tactical Appendix IWB Holster

MFT’s proprietary Polymer design, technology, and production has developed a laser precise, passive retentive holster that you can the IWB, OWB, & Appendix positions for a right- or left hand shooter.

We created these holsters for the shooter looking for a rugged, durable, precision fitting holster that is versatile and comfortable to wear in a variety of carry positions. It’s also great for shop owners—one holster to do it all.

Laser scanning of the handguns translates to the creation of CAD files from which unneeded elements are eliminated creating less wear and a smoother draw and reholstering. Hand formed in MFT’s plant using Boltaron, MFT has achieved a polymer that offers superior fit and finish with greater wear, chemical and temperature resistance.

Our goal, which we have met, is to provide hand finished holsters each meeting our exacting standards, and we can do that with immediate delivery.

Shooters may customize the retention and cant to their exact liking. The highest quality hardware provides lifetime service. Each unit includes our 1.5″ belt clip, yet other hardware may be easily substituted.
MSRP: $49,

Tasmanian Tiger Modular Pack 45 Plus – Universal Deployment Backpack

Tasmanian Tiger V2 Plus System
Tasmanian Tiger V2 Plus System

The Tasmanian Tiger Modular Pack 45 Plus is a modular, universal deployment backpack with a removable lid. The top-opening of this pack can be height-adjusted or removed altogether. The backpack has a lid compartment and laser cut MOLLE system on the sides and front for the attachment of additional pouches or gear. A removable folded pocket on the front and the main compartment can be extended to provide additional volume.

The interior has hook-and-loop panels for customizing the configuration within. The hip belt is also removable and can be used separately as a Warrior Belt. It also features laser cut MOLLE for attachment of additional gear. The backpack includes three detachable accessory pouches and a detachable weapon holster. Hidden side compression straps give the pack a very clean look while maintaining its functionality. It is made from Cordura 700 denier fabric (the Multicam version is Cordura 500 den).
MSRP: $359,

Air Guns

.50 Caliber Umarex Hammer Produces Power Without Powder!

Umarex Hammer .50 Caliber
Umarex Hammer .50 Caliber

The Umarex Hammer, being built in the USA, is the most powerful .50 caliber production airgun on the planet and it achieves its speed and power without gun powder.

The Hammer was conceived, designed and engineered in America and is being built in the U.S.A. Its assembly and testing is taking place in Fort Smith, Arkansas within the facility of Umarex USA. “It’s been exciting to see the concept come to fruition right here in the states. Now we’re seeing the parts inspected, measured and verified. The production cell and process has come together and seeing all of this has made it well worth the wait.” said Richard Turner, President of Umarex USA, Inc. “There’s no better team of hunting and shooting enthusiasts and no better air rifle to start building in Fort Smith than the Hammer. The whole process represents the powerful innovation that our German founders started in the 1970s.”

The sheer energy, speed and three full-power shots delivered by the .50 caliber Umarex Hammer is achieved by its proprietary, patent-pending, Lightspeed valve. The innovative engineering used to design this internal mechanism coupled with a .50 caliber, Umarex SpeedBelt ARX 180-grain bullet exceeds 1,130 feet per second. Just as monumental, a 550-grain lead slug is responsible for the generation of its 705 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle. Almost as impressive, it only takes two pounds of effort to operate its straight-pull bolt. This short, effortless, bolt action is all that’s required to cock the rifle and advance the magazine.
MSRP: $799,


Meopta Optika6 Riflescopes

Meopta OPTIKA 6
Meopta Optika6

This newest Meopta riflescope series features a 30mm tube, 6x zoom, zero-reset turrets and advanced MeoBright lens coating that delivers edge-to-edge clarity and exceptionally bright, sharp images.

The Optika6 Shooting series is available with numerous first focal plane reticle options, including new DichroTech reticles, which feature battery-free illumination in any light conditions. The Shooting series is available in the following models: 1-6×24, 3-18×50, 3-18×56, 4.5-27×50. There is also a 34mm 5-30×56 model with ED glass to eliminate chromatic aberration at high magnification. All Optika6 Shooting series riflescopes feature rubber-armored target turrets for a non-slip grip.

The Optika6 Hunting series is available with numerous reticle options in the second focal plane, including new DichroTech reticles, in the following models: 1-6×24, 2.5-15×44, 3-18×50, 3-18×56 and 4.5-27×50. The Optika6 Hunting scopes with capped turrets feature rubber-armored metal caps for the perfect combination of durability and functionality.
MSRP: $499-899,

Primary Arms Optics SLxZ-25 Red Dot Sight

Primary Arms Optics SLxZ-25
Primary Arms Optics SLxZ-25

Primary Arms announces a new medium-sized red dot unlike anything it has produced before. The all new SLxZ-25 is part of our new Silver Line of optics, with “Zero” magnification and a full 25mm of clear aperture. Engineered in Houston, Texas, the SLxZ-25 offers a wider field of view than older 30mm red dots in a physically smaller, lightweight package.

Shooters can choose a standard 2 MOA dot or an advanced ACSS reticle, powered for 12,000 hours at a median setting by a single CR2032 battery. 11 total brightness settings power the unit from night vision compatible (the lowest two settings) to daylight bright (the highest two settings). A removable Primary Arms Extreme Clamping System mount is included, and the body is compatible with industry standard micro dot mounts.

The SLxZ-25 pushes Primary Arms red dot technology further than ever before. Available anodized in matte black, the SLxZ-25 is priced at $169.99 with a 2 MOA dot and $189.99 with the ACSS reticle.

AccuShot OP3 3-12×44 UMOA Reticle Scope

This scope is just one out of a new line of premium optics featuring improvements such as: high contrast resolution through an optimized internal light transmission pathway, crisp and tactile turret movement with consistent adjustment per click, wider turret faces for ease of use with gloves, and updated IPX7 waterproof rating. OP3 optics feature more efficient illumination circuitry, preventing intermittent illumination combined with lower power consumption. A set-once locking eyepiece diopter, adjustable parallax from 10 yards to infinity, threaded sunshade, and IE 36-color illumination come standard.

Trijicon Miniature Rifle Optic (MRO) Goes Green

Trijicon MRO
Trijicon MRO

The Trijicon MRO with green dot continues the legendary dependability of the MRO and features an adjustable 2.0 MOA green dot. The exceptional lens clarity allows the dot to stand out against targets and backgrounds. The human eye is more sensitive to green, making this version of the MRO especially effective for fast target acquisition in low light and transitional lighting conditions.

The MRO with green dot features eight brightness settings, including two that are night vision compatible, plus one extremely bright setting for use with weapon lights or in very bright lighting conditions. The battery will last one year of continuous use at setting three.

The brightness control atop the optic is ambidextrous, allowing the user to adjust the brightness while maintaining fire control. The MRO is parallax free, with infinite eye relief for quick and accurate engagement no matter your shooting position.
MSRP: $613,

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