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New Product Round Up — SHOT Day 2

For those who may never have heard of the SHOT Show (Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade) it is the largest gun show in the world. Unfortunately, because it is a trade show, it is not open to the public. That does not mean you will not have a front row seat at The Shooter’s Log. We have been busy running from booth to booth to discover what’s new in Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Airguns, Accessories, and Optics.

Disassembled DRD AR-15 rifle


3 Top “Stow-and-Go” AR-15s

A takedown AR makes good sense for your Go Bag, since you don’t necessarily want to reveal what you are carrying in a knapsack or bag. Three takedown ARs I have intimate knowledge of include the Windham Weaponry Model RMCS-4, DRD CDR-15, and Ruger SR-556 Takedown.

Black Noveske-built Gen III AR-15 rifle with many upgrades


The Best AR-15s for All Budgets

Many readers and customers ask us “what is the best AR-15?” Ask 5, 10, 20 people and you will get that many different answers. There really are no true criteria for defining what “the best” truly means. However, here at Cheaper Than Dirt! we are shooters and we are shooters who shoot a lot and love the AR-15. In this article, I highlight what we think are some of the best AR-15s on the market for all budgets.

Windham Weaponry CDI AR-15 rifles black left side profile


Top 10 AR-15 Rifles of 2019

Shooter’s Log writer, Dave Dolbee has compiled a top 10 list of ARs—in no particular order—for 2104 with at least one notable exception. Can you spot it? Match your top 10 list against other readers and see how your list compares.



Top New AR-15s of 2014!

Perhaps one or two old favorites slipped onto the list, but Cheaper Than Dirt! writers scoured the web for the best of the new tactical long guns and compiled it here for you.

Picture shows the left side of a black, AR-15 rifle with a Christmas gift tag attached.


On The Second Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me—an AR-15

One of the hottest names in the black rifle business may be one you haven’t heard yet. Windham Weaponry, started by previous Bushmaster’s previous owner, Richard Dyke has gathered an experienced group of ex-Bushmaster employees to continue to build and improve the AR-15 platform. If someone on your list or even for yourself, Windham Weaponry’s MPC (Military Preferred Carbine) M4 rifle does not cut any corners on quality. The Windham looks exactly like a standard AR, but you will be hard-pressed to find other rifles under $1,000 with so many features.


The ‘Second 10’ Articles as of August 17, 2013

This compilation of the most-read Shooter’s Log articles by all-time rank from No. 11 to No. 20 talks about a range of topics, from exercising good manners at the gun store to the provocative question, “Will you turn over your guns” if the government demands them? Click the headlines to check them out for yourself.

Pictures shows a black AR-15 rifle made by Windham Weaponry


Attention to Detail and Meticulous Craftsmanship: Windham Weaponry MPC M4

Windham Weaponry’s attention to detail and the care that goes into each rifle pays off at the range in accuracy and dependability. It also pays off in the pocketbook because it does not come with a hefty price tag like other manufacturer’s offerings. Externally, there are no surprises on the MPC (Military Preferred Carbine) M4 rifle—it looks like it should and all controls are traditionally placed. Underneath the MPC’s hood—if you will—is where the rifle’s quality really shines. For example, you will not find other companies producing rifles under $1,000 that use stronger parts, such as the pressure-tested bolt and 4150 chrome-lined, chrome moly vanadium steel barrel on the Windham Weaponry MPC M4.

Consumer Information

Four Under $40

Aftermarket options for the AR-15 and its variants are legion. I don’t think it’s possible for a single human being to scratch the surface of all the available handguards, optics, mounts, suppressors, and other geegaws out there, some of which can be quite spendy. However, I’ve recently bought a handful of inexpensive items for my AR that have delivered a lot of bang for the buck. Some have been mentioned in previous posts, but they’re worth a few more words to explain why you might consider them for your own rifle. Also, please comment below and tell everyone what inexpensive AR items you have that deliver a lot of utility for not a lot of money.

Bushmaster M4A3


Best Selling AR-15s of 2012

We often field questions about which AR-15 is the best. In my experience, if you ask ten different firearms enthusiasts about the best AR-15, you are likely to get ten different answers. Aside from some fundamental specifications, which at this point most manufacturers meet or exceed, most AR-15s you buy off the shelf work perfectly well for range time. Rather than searching in terms of the best AR, you might consider what the most popular AR is. We ran a report of the top selling AR-15s of 2012 to see which black rifle could be crowned king. Some of the answers might surprise you.