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Canoeing on a quiet lake

Have you ever daydreamed about canoeing across a still lake in search of a quiet cove to cast your line into the water in hopes of luring that elusive giant bass? Perhaps you have fantasized about kayaking down raging rapids as you expertly weave your vessel through a battlefield of boulders the size of your car. Maybe you have hopes of taking your kids or grandkids on a scenic and relaxing adventure in a small boat. All these exciting dreams sound like a wonderful plan except there is one small problem. You have no clue where to start or perhaps you have never even sat inside a canoe or a kayak before and do not know your “starboard” side from your “port” side.

Many Becoming an Outdoor Woman (BOW) workshops offer courses which focus on learning how to canoe or kayak and other basic boating workshops. Of course you could go to a nearby marina to learn some of these skills but what sets BOW workshops apart is the fact that activities such as canoeing or kayaking focus solely on teaching women and the courses are taught by skilled instructors who voluntarily offer their expertise to you. The key word is “voluntarily” as that word typically translates into “passion” such as a passion for teaching, a passion for sharing his or her particular hobby and a passion for sparking others interest in what they know about. Learning new skills from a volunteer who is passionate and eager to share with you all of their knowledge is a win-win for BOW attendees.

During a BOW workshop for canoeing or kayaking women will learn the basics such as the importance of wearing a life preserver and how to safely enjoy this sport. Plus they learn the various parts of the vessel and the different types and models made. They also learn what to look for when buying a vessel. Additionally they get to experience how to maneuver one like a pro on open water as well as some of the secrets of avoiding tip-over’s or how to maneuver through various obstacles.

If you have ever paddled a canoe or kayak before than you probably learned the hard way about some of the mistakes a newbie encounters; some of those mistakes may have been easily avoided if you had only known what to do to avoid them. This is why learning from an expert who has been there, done that and paddled through it is so helpful plus it does wonders for your confidence. Speaking of confidence that is what BOW workshops excel at, building a woman’s confidence in a new skill and in herself.

After you gained some of the basic beginner knowledge and learned some of the lingo as you gained a new confidence in your new-found skills than perhaps you want to take it to the next level and go BEYOND BOW. BEYOND BOW occasionally offers fun options to go canoeing or kayaking in some exciting locations such as Belize or Alaska. Imagine how fun it would be to set sail on a new adventure all because you took a beginner course at a BOW workshop.

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