Learn to Survive with Emergency Tactical Skills

What if you could attend the same type of training that all our soldiers attend before deploying to war? I’m not talking about basic training where large angry drill instructors scream at you for every conceivable reason. Emergency Tactical Skills is a training course given to civilians where you can learn to survive on a real battlefield. The instructors base the program on the U.S. Military’s Expeditionary Combat Skills training program. The instructors have adapted the course for civilian use, and are now teaching it to civilians who want to learn.

Emergency Tactical Skills is unique from other training programs, since instructors teach a huge variety of skill sets. The program combines pistol, rifle, and first aid training into one extended series to create a complete and thoroughly trained individual who is prepared to face an uncertain world.

Use Your Head

Knowing when and when not to use deadly force is perhaps the most important thing a student can learn. They will teach you that the mind is the ultimate weapon. Soldiers only use guns and gear to support the mind’s decisions. During the Mindset Training, students will come to understand the difference between justifiable deadly force and less than lethal force. They will also teach you when it is lawful to use deadly force in defense of your life. This is the how, when and what now of personal defense.

Pistol and Carbine

ETS Level 1 is the core program that lays the foundation upon which the course builds. During this intensive 5-day, 40-hour training program, the instructors teach the students how to use self-loading carbines and pistols. The carbine is the preferred weapon for personal defense, while the pistols’ primary role lies in being a concealable carbine support tool. The instructors cover the operation of both the carbine and the pistol in-depth. The firearms training at ETS goes well beyond basic marksmanship. The program views the carbine and pistol as fighting tools used to support the mission of protecting your life.

Beyond the Band-Aid: Trauma Medicine

You really cannot perform CPR during a gunfight. During Beyond the Band-Aid Training, they teach students how to deal with immediate life-threatening injuries. The three major life-threatening injuries that the person in the field can treat include uncontrolled bleeding, obstructed airway, and a tension pneumothorax.

Participants depart with the knowledge and ability to stopgap a potentially lethal injury and keep the victim alive while waiting for professional medical help to arrive. They also teach students how to assemble and prepare an Emergency Trauma Kit, and how to use all the material it contains. The program gears the medical knowledge toward combat situations, and the serious injuries that you may encounter in a gunfight. You will not find this kind of training at your local first aid class.

Taking a course with the instructors at Emergency Tactical Skills may be the most important thing you will ever do to protect yourself and your family. To learn more about emergency tactical skills training, contact Josh Duhon at 214-663-3910, where you can schedule a class.

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