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Quick Prepper Tip: An Emergency Plan for Your Emergency Plan

Two fire trucks with hoses charged.

Cheaper Than Dirt Quick Prepper Tip

Imagine This Scenario

It’s the middle of the night and your smoke alarm goes off.

Quickly you gather your family as you prepare to execute the Fire Escape Plan you and your family have practiced. You are confident in Plan “A”—your family will execute it flawlessly and escape the fire. Then, as you are retrieving the rope ladder from the closet and taking it to the window, flames begin shooting up toward the same window you hoped to use to escape.

Now what?

Or What About This One…

A tornado rips through your town leaving a trail of destruction in its path. Your Plan “A” was to meet at your sister’s house if this happened. What if your sister’s house was also in the path of destruction? Where would you go? Do you have a Plan “B” in place? If not, you need to think about implementing one today. Regardless of the type of emergency, things rarely go as planned. The truth is, you could drive yourself crazy thinking about “what if” scenarios.

Two fire trucks with hoses charged.

A Plan “A” May Not Be Enough

Emergency management officials always tell you to have a Plan “A” in place in case of an emergency, and this is sound advice. However, you should also take that a step further and have a Plan “B.” A Plan “B” often revolves around Plan “A” but with built-in default options in case Plan “A” does not work out, such as the scenarios previously mentioned. A Plan “B” should still include the same elements such as who to contact, where to meet and what to take with you in an emergency.

The time to start planning, preparing for and practicing a Plan “B” and even a Plan “C” is now.

Do you already have a Plan B or C in place? Tell us about your planning process in the comment section.


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