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Picture shows a 55-gallopn drum filled with #10 cans of food

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Throwback Thursday: The Essential Preppers Guide to Storage

Storage is always a concern for preppers. Stockpiling a six-month supply of food, water, batteries, and supplies is not an easy task. For those living in apartments and small urban spaces, storage is a problem. Some have found solutions by masking storage containers as furniture. Others have buried their cache. Either way, Cheaper Than Dirt! presents 10 storage solutions to keeping food, firearms, ammunition and water safe for when you need it most in The Shooter’s Log’s Essential Preppers Guide to Storage.

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Everyone Needs a Bug-Out Bag

Having babies or toddlers usually means being prepared for the unexpected. Toting little ones around typically means packing up everything except the kitchen sink. But do you know what you would need for a baby bug-out bag? Read this post and you will know.

Disaster scenarios

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The Essential Preppers Guide to The First 24

The first 24 hours of an emergency may be the most critical. If you are stuck without shelter or warmth, you can die of exposure. The first 24 are all about survival. Whether you are lost in the woods, evacuating due to hurricane, floods or a tornado, stuck in severe winter weather or just without power for 24 hours do you have the survival kit to see you and your family through? For the first 24 hours after a disaster, you will need a way to start a fire, find water and construct a shelter. For the ultimate guide in surviving the first 24 hours, check out the Essential Preppers Guide to the First 24.

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Quick Prepper Tip: DIY Preparedness Binder

In a worst-case scenario situation, do you know what types of crucial information you might need access to? Contact information, insurance numbers, or medical prescriptions may all be things you find yourself needing to remember in an emergency.

Michael Bane

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Michael Bane Builds an Off-Grid House

As we looked out over this amazing property, we both noticed an absence of power lines, telephone poles and the other amenities of the 21st century. “What would you think,” asked my Sweetie, “about building an off-grid house?” Michael Bane shares his experience of building a totally self-sufficient off-grid home.

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Quick Prepper Tip: Batteries, a Must-Have Item

The number of possible “what if” scenarios which can happen to constitute an emergency are as varied as the number of items you need to be stockpiling. During a mass emergency such as a hurricane or blizzard, batteries are one of the first items to fly off store shelves.

Picture shows a drawing of the San Diego skyline after an apocalyptic event.

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The Only Thing You Need to Survive an EMP

Those aware of the serious consequences of a large EMP attack suspect that literally millions would die in the first week. And our government isn’t doing much to prepare for it. The entire electric grid is at risk to go down. Even very little military communications would work after an EMP. Preppers already know not to depend on anyone else to save them during a disaster. A survivalist mindset is already one of self-reliance. Another group living self reliantly is modern homesteaders. We could all learn lesson from homesteaders, as it will most likely be the only way you and your family will survive the years it will take for our country to recover from an EMP attack. Unfortunately, I do not have a 10-easy-step guide on how to survive an EMP. However, I do have ideas that will help. To learn the only thing you need to know about surviving an EMP read on.

You Might Be A Prepper

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You Might be a Prepper if …

Prepping for some folks can either be an occasional hobby or a full blown attempt to be prepared for anything that comes their way. Whatever category you may fall into, we hope you did not stash your sense of humor in an airtight container in some underground bunker in some undisclosed location.