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Six rounds of Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense ammunition of a wood surface. Proposition 63


Background Checks for Ammunition Purchases? Californian’s, Stock Up Now!

Proposition 63 requires individuals who wish to purchase ammunition to first obtain a permit. The measure then mandates dealers to check this permit before selling ammunition, and will halt the mail-order sale of ammunition to California residents. What does this mean for California gun owners? Do you have a plan to stock up before Prop 63 goes into effect? [caption id="attachment_52457" align="alignright" width="516"]Six rounds of Liberty Ammunition Civil Defence ammunition of a wood surface. Liberty Ammunition is increasing production of its lead-free ammunition, and that’s good news for shooters.[/caption]

SunJack 14W +8000mAh Battery

Boating and Water Sports

Quick Prepper Tip: Solar Power When and Where You Need it

It does not matter whether you are a prepper, survivalist, hunter, student, commuter, boater, or parent. The world we live in depends on power. Recently, I discovered a product that has finally matured to point that it is worthy of cracking open your wallet and parting with a few hard-earned greenbacks. Portable solar panels and battery packs, have finally progressed to level of durability, size, and most importantly, longevity that make them a must-have item.

Stansport Cast Iron Cook Set

Camping & Survival

Quick Prepper Tip: Cast Iron Cookware Care Tips

Cast iron cookware is timeless and for many an essential piece of cooking gear. In fact, many preppers keep several sizes and a variety of pieces of ironware on hand to use in case of a power outage as this type of cookware is equally at home in a fancy oven as it is over an open fire or tucked into a bed hot charcoal briquettes.

Notebook on table

Camping & Survival

Quick Prepper Tip: DIY Preparedness Binder

In a worst-case scenario situation, do you know what types of crucial information you might need access to? Contact information, insurance numbers, or medical prescriptions may all be things you find yourself needing to remember in an emergency.

Camping & Survival

Quick Prepper Tip: Batteries, a Must-Have Item

The number of possible “what if” scenarios which can happen to constitute an emergency are as varied as the number of items you need to be stockpiling. During a mass emergency such as a hurricane or blizzard, batteries are one of the first items to fly off store shelves.