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Quick Prepper Tip: 30 Uses for a Coffee Filter

Cheaper Than Dirt Quick Prepper TipCall me a savvy consumer or a frugal prepper; it really does not matter to me. And I know I am not the only one who gets a kick out of finding alternative uses for an item, especially an inexpensive, commonly used item such as a paper coffee filter. Not including what it is really designed to do (filter coffee) here are 30 different uses for this little woven workhorse.

In the Kitchen

  • Cheap throw-away serving bowls, ideal for chips, pretzels or popcorn, and even cookies
  • Cover food in microwave to prevent splattering
  • Place between dishes to prevent scuffs
  • Use to spread grease/oil in baking pan
  • Use in place of paper towels when microwaving bacon
  • Use as food strainer/drainer

In the Garden

  • Line a flower pot with a filter to keep dirt in pot
  • Remove silk from an ear of corn
  • Use to clean garden tools

Around the House

  • Use in place of paper towels to clean windows, mirrors, dust furniture and general cleaning.
  • Apply shoe polish
  • Buff shoes
  • Use as homemade dryer sheets

In the Garage or Car

  • Check dipstick for oil level
  • Great to clean up oily spills
  • Use to hold small parts such as screws or nails
  • Wipe down dashboard
  • Clean windshield

Around Camp

  • Excellent fire starting material
  • As a disposal plate
  • Great for gripping a slippery fish
  • To apply itch or insect ointment
  • Cold compress
  • Wrap fruits and vegetables in filter to keep crisp in a cooler
  • Place in cast iron cookware after you have cleaned it to remove moisture from pan
  • Pre-filter for water
  • Keep insects off food

For Your Hobbies

  • Use to apply oil or polish to firearms
  • Use to apply wax to your archery equipment
  • Diffuse camera flash
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Comments (6)

  1. Some very insightful information; practical, yet magically simple! Some wonderfully practical stuff; Great Ideas; Thanks.

  2. Strain water (Moisture), dirt, sugar & other small particles from Gasoline. Put in small metal strainer amd pour into 5 gal. jerry can from hole poked in bottom of car gas tank to trap sediment. Only poke small hole in gas tank though. Catch in clean cut open bleach bottle then pour in jerry can. Use to filter cooking oil from hamburger joints along with anti-freeze to make Diesel fuel for your Puller. Strain the sediment from Home made Corn & Potato Liquor or wine.

  3. The absolute best use for them has to be the holding of freshly ground coffee beans for a batch of coffee to be brew!!!! All the rest of the things it can be used for just ain’t happening without this one being done first!
    No Coffee,,,,No Workee

  4. SEED SAVERS -For drying and storage of wet harvest seeds like tomato seed. Spread the seed in the middle of the filter and let it dry.Then fold the filter to form a packet. Label with a sharpy. The filter lets air flow around the seed so they don’t rot. Another tip- spread used coffee grounds under acid loving plants like tomato.

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