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Picture shows rifle rounds vacuum-sealed in a clear plastic bag

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Throwback Thursday: Keeping Your Powder Dry—How to Store Ammunition Using a FoodSaver

A big part of prepping is stocking up self-defense supplies—not only to protect your life-saving food and water, but to barter and trade for other goods and services. In addition, a huge part of prepping is OPSPEC—not letting others know what you have. Stockpiling guns and ammo isn’t exactly easy. Where to put it all without others finding out? Using a FoodSaver vacuum sealer, I have started packing my ammo in various sized packages for a more organized and orderly storage of my long-term preps.

Shiny silver Zippo lighter on bed of rocks

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Zippo Survival Lighter

The Zippo Survival Lighter is not a new product from Zippo. Instead, it is a notation that the Zippo is without a doubt the best, long-term survival lighter in world. Some would argue that point. However, there are some great points, which I believe make the Zippo your ultimate firemaking friend.

Picture shows a broken down car with the hood up and a man on his cell phone beside it.

Camping & Survival

27 Emergency Vehicle Kit Essentials

If you live in a hurricane- or tornado-prone area, you are no stranger to power outages, floods and going days without, possibly weeks without city utilities. You are prepared by keeping food, water, flashlights and extra batteries in the pantry, garage or basement, but do you have an emergency vehicle kit? An emergency vehicle kit is a bug-out bag that stays in your car, filled with all the essentials to see you through until help arrives. Like your disaster kit at home, your emergency vehicle kit includes food, water, a way to stay warm, but also tools like a shovel and other important things to help get your car back on the road if you are stranded. In this article, you will find 28 essentials to keep in your car.

Picture shows a concrete room in the Ukraine after the Chernobyl disaster.

Camping & Survival

The Essential Preppers Guide to Long Term Survival

Prepping is more than just stockpiling food, water, candles and lighters for a week, but about learning how to become self-sufficient in case the worst happens. This means that long-term storage solutions, self-defense, training and learning new skills is very important for the prepper and the survivalist. Preparing to live off the grid for long-term means you need a way to grow food, like-minded individuals to form a prepper community and skills to barter and trade for goods and services. In this article, Cheaper Than Dirt lists the ten most important articles on prepping and surviving long term.

Building collapsed due to an earthquake.

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Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquakes happen without warning and can have devastating consequences. After Northern California experienced its worst earthquake in 25 years, it is a good reminder for us to be prepared for anything. In this article, Earthquake Preparedness, I give you all the fundamentals on how to create an earthquake survival kit and how to protect yourself when the violent shakes start to happen.

Picture shows a police spraying tear gas on protestors

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Five Steps to Staying Safe During Civil Unrest

Unfortunately, we live in a world were bad people take advantage of vulnerable situations. Peaceful demonstrations can turn violent in seconds—it takes just a few angry folks to turn a bunch into a mob. The recent Ferguson, Missouri riots and protests have shown how looting can damage a community. Many preppers believe civil and social unrest is right around the corner. Are you prepared? Here are five steps to prep for riots, looting, civil and social disorder and even mild protests. These five steps will help you secure your home, keep you safe and tell you what you need to know for hunkering down at home.