Product Review: Magpul for Girls

Exactly what I have been waiting for.

The AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America and for good reason. It is not a rifle made just for men either; women are quickly catching on. The AR-15 not only shoots an adequate round for hunting and self defense, it is lightweight, has very little recoil and is easy to operate. In my opinion it is the ideal girl gun. Once you get into the black rifle market, you quickly learn how easy it is to modify an AR-15 with aftermarket parts for any use—be it hunting, plinking, self-defense or competition. This is one of the top reasons why I love the AR-15 platform. There is no shortage of cool and useful add-ons from many manufacturers for your rifle. My favorite manufacturer of AR-15 accessories is Magpul. Magpul makes top-quality products at affordable prices. I purchased my rifle with Magpul accessories already on it. Because I’m a brand loyalist, I purchase swag from companies I respect to show I endorse their brand. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Magpul makes women-specific products and because their products are so good, I purchased some accessories to show off just how much Magpul rocks my world.

I’ve had the shirt for nearly a year and it has kept its shape.
I’ve had the shirt for nearly a year and it has kept its shape.

Magpul Branded Center Icon Women’s T, Blue

The Anvil brand t-shirt made of 100 percent heavyweight cotton comes in two different colors that female employees of Magpul requested. The light blue shirt has a white Magpul logo on the front and “Magpul” written on the back. A black t-shirt with pink logo is also available. To avoid an uncomfortable tag inside the shirt, Magpul attached a tag on the outside of the sleeve. The t-shirts are pre-shrunk so a turn in the drier won’t make it too tight.

I have experience with Anvil brand t-shirts and due to Magpul’s description, “fashion cut, fitted tapered sleeve,” I ordered an XXL thinking the shirt would fit snug like the model’s shirt, but not be so tight it would be inappropriate for work. When the shirt arrived it was entirely too big. Magpul’s customer service was top-notch. When I called to exchange the shirt, Magpul had no problems resolving the issue quickly and effectively, without questions.

I exchanged the shirt for an XL, thinking it would be cute and accentuate my curves; however, the XL is boxy and roomy. I chose to keep it because it is comfortable. The cotton is not thin, so you can’t see through it, but it stays comfortable and soft wash after wash. I wear the t-shirt about once a week and the printing has not cracked or faded.

I’ve had the shirt for nearly a year and it has kept its shape and does not yet look worn. Magpul makes more options for guys

Pros: no annoying tag on in the inside, comfortable, fade-resistent
Cons: sizing

Like it? Want it? Buy it!


Mapul Executive Field iPhone Case, Pink

By far the cheapest iPhone case I have found for the features it offers.
By far the cheapest iPhone case I have found for the features it offers.

When you purchase any of Magpul’s iPhone cases, you immediately feel like you’ve joined some exclusive club. Only gun nuts recognize that logo. “Magpul” is stamped on the outside of the case. There is no question as to why everyone at Cheaper Than Dirt with an iPhone has a Magpul case. It is by far the cheapest iPhone case I have found for the features it offers. A small lip around the screen-side of the case lets you lay it face down without it getting scratched or broken. The PMag-style ribs make grasping your phone easy and it won’t slip out of your hands. All buttons, in-put jacks and camera are accessible. However, the older design of the field case—that is the one I have—puts a slight pink haze on my pictures. Because the case is so easy to slip on and off, I just take it off when I take pictures. Don’t let the ease fool you, though. The Executive Field case never slips out of place and the phone fits snug inside. Its thermoplastic elastomer construction has stood up to the test of time, it hasn’t lost its shape or stretched out and it is easily cleaned. The slimline cut of the case doesn’t add much bulk to the phone and it fits in the back pocket of even my most tightest-fitting pants. This model fits all iPhone 4 and 4S phones. Magpul doesn’t make any large claims though. It is not an OtterBox. My phone’s screen did not survive a catastrophic drop. I’m not complaining though, the Executive Field case successfully protected my phone for over a year.

Pros: durable, price, keeps its shape
Cons: pink haze on pictures, shows and gathers dirt quickly

Like it? Want it? Buy it!


Exactly what I have been waiting for.
Exactly what I have been waiting for.

Magpul MOE Carbine Stock MIL-SPEC, Pink

When Magpul announced their MOE carbine stock in pink, it was exactly what I had been waiting for. My rifle came with Magpul furniture, so I knew I’d love this stock. It locks and stays in place, but quickly releases for adjustments. It is incredibly lightweight at 0.50 pounds and the polymer construction is extremely durable. The design is more function than aesthetics. However, I love how it looks. The A-frame profile protects the adjustment lever and keeps the weight down. Installation is a cinch and changing out my stock took seconds. The new pink stock, like my black one, does not wobble and feels just as comfortable. The adjustments are easy to operate and it fits my shoulder well. It includes a 0.30-inch rubber butt pad. The only complaint I have is, like Magpul’s flip-up sights, the stock can be a little noisy when making adjustments.

Pros: it’s pink, price, durability, function, looks
Cons: a little noisy

Like it? Want it? Buy it!


What is your favorite Magpul product and why? Tell us in the comment section.

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