The Best Peace of Mind a Few Dollars can Bring — GunVault’s NanoVault

GunVault NanoVault

A safe, strongbox, coffer, vault, trap, hidey-hole—you can call it what you like, but essentially you’ll be describing a secure box used for securing valuable objects against damage from fire. Throughout history, several companies boasted they had created the ultimate safe. A safe so secure, no one could break into it. Several crafty criminals proved them wrong; certainly not as many in the movies, but the message was sent that nothing is completely safe. Today, we do not look so much at how long it would take a burglar to crack a safe, as how long the contents would likely be damaged by fire.

GunVault Home diagram
The NanoVault can be employed in many other places and ways. Your imagination is the only limitation.

However, there are exceptions. At times, you understand you will not thwart a determined thief for long, but you want an extra measure of security. For times such as these, GunVault offers the ultimate solution with its MiniVault, MicroVault, NanoVault and even a specially designed ARVault or MagVault.

Personally, I use the NanoVault the most. Concealed under your seat or in the trunk of your car using the included 1,500-lb. test security cable, the NanoVault will not prevent your valuables or firearm from being stolen. However, it will slow the potential thief’s efforts, which could easily make all of the difference.

The NanoVault also offers a way to remain compliant with local laws. For instance, you are legally carrying a firearm concealed and expectedly or unexpectedly find yourself about to enter a building where firearms are prohibited. You need to secure your handgun and simply leaving it in the center console or glove box is not enough. With the NanoVault, you can lock your handgun away and tether it with the security cable.

The NanoVault can be employed in many other places and ways. Your imagination is the only limitation. The NanoVault meets TSA airline firearm guidelines making it ideal for transporting your handgun when traveling. The small, discreet size makes it ideal for carrying in a briefcase or bag or mounting under a desk or in a file cabinet.

The NanoVault is offered in the three different sizes with varying features.

Model NV 100 NV 300 NV 200
Gauge 20 18 18
Exterior Product Dimensions
HxWxD (including keypad and lock)
1½ x 6 x 8¼” 1¾ x 6½ x 9½” 1½ x 6½ x 9½”
Interior Product Dimensions 1½ x 5¾ x 8″ 1½ x 6¼ x 9¼” 1½ x 6¼ x 9¼”
Weight  2 pounds 3 pounds 3 pounds
Hold # of Unique Fingerprints N/A N/A N/A
# of User-Selectable Access Codes N/A N/A N/A
Mountable?  Yes Yes Yes
Protective Foam Liner? Yes Yes Yes
Spring Loaded Door?  X  X  X
Audio Low Battery Warning? X  X  X
LED Low Battery Warning  X  X  X
Interior Courtesy Light  X  X  X
Motion Detector With Audio Alarm  X  X  X
Tamper Indicator  X  X  X
Computer Block Access After Repeated Invalid Entries  X  X  X
Security Cable Included  Yes Yes Yes
Backup Override Key  Yes  X  X
1,500-lb. Security Cable Usable  X  X  X
External AC Power Supply  X  X  X
Battery Type & Quantity N/A N/A N/A
Batteries Included  X  X  X
California DOJ Approved  X  X  X
GunVault NanoVault
With the NanoVault, you can lock your handgun away and tether it with the security cable.

What’s your experience with the NanoVault or one of the other GunVault products? Do you have an alternative concealment solution? Share it in the comment section.


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Comments (26)

  1. One gives another person a PIECE of their mind, so that the giver has PEACE of mind. No professional linguist here. I just know English better than thee.

    1. My wife caught that too – you were nicer than she was… Thanks. ~Dave Dolbee

  2. I have only one thing to say about this and that is if you’re going to secure your firearm in a vehicle or your home etc. then spend some cash and buy something that works.


    Yes it’s more expensive, but it might just save you some agony. Can a thief defeat it, yes, but not without some tools and effort. Tie it to your car seat frame with a cable and now you’ve made it time consuming. This alone will stop many thieves who want to simply bash and dash.
    Just my opinion……

    1. In addition to the above comments…….

      I had one of these NanoVaults with a combination lock which upon using it the first time it jammed with my gun inside! I had to use a pair of Channel Locks to twist open the knob which worked so ridiculously easy I was amazed, After which it wouldn’t lock again. Took it back and got the HORNADY and the dealer said that they were in the process of discontinuing these. What’s that tell you?
      Save yourself some trouble……

  3. What do these cost and from whom are they available[no list price please,my social security doesn’t go far enough]

    1. I just confirmed the links are working. Prices vary depending on size and model, but prices start at under $20 and work their way up from there. ~ Dave Dolbee

  4. I kept my Nano in my truck, My truck was stolen and they found the Nano, lucky I didn’t have my gun in my truck. The thieves very easily opened the nano without even leaving a scratch. Turns out, the inner mechanism is made of cheap plastic that is very easily broken.

    1. Close call, Man. Thanks for the real world tip.

      One of my nightmares is to have some POS steal a gun from me and use it against an innocent. The tether is no big deal since it isn’t very hard to snip a cable with a small bolt cutter.

      The main use I see for this item is to inexpensively meet the legal requirements for having a gun in your car when passing through a Nazi state, and the whole flying with your gun drill. Since some airlines require your bag be marked with a “Declared Gun Inside” sticker, if the baggage handlers decide to steal your gun they’ll just take the whole box anyway and open it later.

    2. Where were the plastic parts David? My NA100 is all steel though not much more thief resistant. Satisfies the carry law everywhere, and that’s all. Better to bolt down, if possible, rather than tether. Nothing is theft proof. Locks only keep honest people away.

  5. I have 4 of the nano’s. I dont claim it to be the end all of security measures – but I keep my handguns in a nano – inside my real gun safe. Whenever i have to leave – it grab the nano of choice and go wherever i need to. it satisfies the legal transport laws and it easy enough to open in a hurry.

    If you havent guessed it – yes i am held captive in Commi-fornia. I started the CCW process oin January – met every requirement and here we are in mide July – still no answer. In the meantime, my nano is my means of carry.

  6. Better than nothing, but not by much. If it’s all you can afford, then it’s all you can afford. Get this and save up for a better one. ShotLock and Titan make far better products.

  7. @Glock Guy
    July 16, 2015 at 3:13 pm | #

    “and second one to hold my main carry weapon to store my weapon for when I go to the banks,”

    Are Banks no Gun zones in your state? And if so what state is that?

  8. I’ve flown many times with my Ruger LCP, extra mag, pocket knife, small flashlight & box of 20 hydrashock ammo in my combo-lock NV300, secured with cable to the suitcase frame. Never an issue with airlines when checking in. However, one time when the TSA Neanderthals inspected they seemed brain dead when insisting I give the key to open it for inspection. I wasn’t allowed to open it myself so I gave them the combo they still wanted a key….. Finally upon opening it they moved things around & couldn’t easily close it again b/c they moved the gun under the locking mechanism under the lid. Again, I wasn’t allowed to assist. Some giant oaf TSAER was called over to use brute force to close & lock it. At destination, it was under such tension I couldn’t even open it. Had to compress the lid against bottom half with strong clamps in order to turn the plastic open/close know & open it. Endresult: my gun was damaged (scratched) & the 300’s lid now has more play, due to warping,. Keep it now for superficial, quick, secure mentioned in the house & bought a new 300 for flying again.

  9. i fly with the 200 all the time. It smells at first, took a lot of time and washing to get rid of the smell. i upgraded the cable and secure it in my luggage so the case doesnt “fall out”. once it looked like someone tried to get into it while it was in TSA’s hands. tit was still locked but the cover was jammed at an angle, like someone yanked the cable to open it. it didnt open, but probably would if you kept at it. the lock itself is cheap. i already bent a key and almost sheared it off trying to unlock it when was jammed. but here are two keys supplied. also its not california approved for storage if you have kids… so that tells you the lock is cheap.

  10. I have two in my truck, one in the wife’s vehicle and have given one to each of my adult male children to secure handguns in whenever entering a no-carry zone or traveling to a state where hands-on carry is prohibited. Many times the local Academy Sports and Outdoors has had this product for $12.00 each. They are normally around double that price. Convienent, reliable and study protection for your sidearm.

  11. I very much would like to see them eventually find a way to combine the electronic access and lock-out features we find in the larger products, and build them into the boxes that are this small. I’ve yet to see it done. Instead, the smallest cases like these always seem to use a manual combination lock or key for entry.

    All my safes and drawer vaults use electronic keypad entry and I love it. The thought of needing a key bothers me on several levels – for one you have to keep up with the key, and two, the kids may find your keys more easily given you have to keep them handy for access.

    On the other hand, the keypad entry safes are faster to access and you can do it from memory in the dark if need be. One bad aspect of the combo locks is a kid can play around at guessing all day and eventually may get lucky, whereas the digital safes have a lock-out feature after a number of missed attempts. And they warn you after someone tries.

    As for battery life – I was quite hesitant at first to start using electronic entry safes, but I’ve since been quite pleased after having run them for years now. The oldest of my safes is going into its 6th year of ownership and I’ve yet to replace batteries at all yet. If batteries do ever go low a light will warn me, but I’ve never seen one come on yet. Just my thoughts.

  12. Would this be TSA proof to travel with my pistol?
    Looking for a small case but I need to travel in the next month.

    1. @ Jason:

      The short answer is YES.

      All 3 links to these product listed in Dave Dolbee’s article have descriptions pages that state, “The NanoVault meets TSA airline firearm guidelines “.

      Hope this helps.

    2. Note that Jason didn’t ask if the NanoVault is TSA-compliant, he asked if it was TSA-proof. I think he’s worried about those clowns stealing his weapon, not about keeping them happy.

  13. Seems like a good investment. I would love to hear from someone who actually had it thwart a robbery or protect something from a fire.

  14. I keep a back up weapon in a steel vault in my car, and second one to hold my main carry weapon to store my weapon for when I go to the banks, post office school zones etc. Better than using the glove box.

  15. I have a nano vault tucked under my front passenger’s seat , and it’s cabled to the frame. It does the job.

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