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California DOJ Drops 28 More Handguns from Roster

Law-abiding Californians are facing an increasing infringement on their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, say the Second Amendment Foundation and The Calguns Foundation. Since Jan. 28, the California Department of Justice has removed 28 handgun models in common use from the handgun roster. Those handguns are now unavailable to gun buyers, Calguns reports. Smith & Wesson, Inc., manufactures 22 of those models.

Not surprisingly, Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc., have joined handgun maker GLOCK, Inc., in support of a federal Second Amendment civil rights lawsuit seeking to overturn the handgun regulation scheme commonly known as the “handgun roster.”

Two very different firearms that have fallen off the California DOJ roster since Feb. 1 include the Smith & Wesson 40-1 Color Case 150205 .38 Spl Revolver (bottom left in the top trio of wheel guns, removed 2/7/2014) and directly above, Smith & Wesson’s SW990L Polymer 9mm 120230 (removed 2/3/2014). On Jan. 31 alone, the California DOJ removed 3 Smith & Wesson M&P’s (not pictured): the M&P 40c (Mag. Safety) 109203 .40 S&W Pistol; the M&P 45 109006 .45 ACP, and the M&P 45 (Mag. Safety) 109206 .45 ACP Pistol.
Two very different firearms that have fallen off the California DOJ roster since Feb. 1 include the Smith & Wesson 40-1 Color Case 150205 .38 Spl Revolver (bottom left in the top trio of wheel guns, removed 2/7/2014) and directly above, Smith & Wesson’s SW990L Polymer 9mm 120230 (removed 2/3/2014). On Jan. 31 alone, the California DOJ removed 3 Smith & Wesson M&P’s (not pictured): the M&P 40c (Mag. Safety) 109203 .40 S&W Pistol; the M&P 45 109006 .45 ACP, and the M&P 45 (Mag. Safety) 109206 .45 ACP Pistol.

“”As a result of the microstamping requirement, Smith & Wesson is losing its ability to sell many of its semi-automatic handguns in California, as its handguns are forced off the roster [by the California Department of Justice],” Smith & Wesson CEO James Debney said in one of two new declarations filed with the trial court.

The lawsuit, filed by the Second Amendment and Calguns foundations, seeks to overturn the entire roster scheme and restore the full handgun market to California consumers. Noted civil rights attorneys Alan Gura of Alexandria, Va., Donald Kilmer of San Jose, Calif., and Jason Davis of Mission Viejo, Calif., helm the case.

In January, The Calguns Foundation published its report on the roster’s effects on the California handgun market, which illustrates that the roster is an effective ban on handguns in common use for self-defense. The report, based on the California DOJ’s own roster database, shows that the California DOJ removed an average of 59 semi-automatic handguns from the roster every year for the past decade. But since Jan. 1, it already has removed 58 handgun models, with many more removals expected in coming months.

No new semi-automatic handguns may be placed on the roster due to the DOJ’s enforcement of the “microstamping” requirement, which Calguns believes will lead to an increase in the rate of handgun removal. Moreover, DOJ apparently also is requiring manufacturers to sign affidavits saying that no changes, even non-substantive changes in upstream components and suppliers, have occurred since the handguns’ submission for testing.

Also removed was Sturm, Ruger’s KMKCalifornia-DOJ-Ruger-KMKIII678GC-PIII678GC .22 LR Pistol, taken off on Feb 3.
Also removed was Sturm, Ruger’s KMKCalifornia-DOJ-Ruger-KMKIII678GC-PIII678GC .22 LR Pistol, taken off on Feb 3.

“Californians cannot acquire safe and reliable handguns in common use throughout the United States because of the roster and microstamping regulations,” Gene Hoffman, Chairman of The Calguns Foundation, explained. “The roster is nothing short of a gun ban that infringes on fundamental Second Amendment rights. We look forward to proving that in court.” Click here to see the most recent removals from California’s Handgun Roster.

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  1. I believe in the second A….not everyone can just pack up and leave.I thought with the last elections the repubs would help. not even,too many libs here..Its coming your way also..we all need to vote out the demos…The court judges are no help at would think they would protect the sec.amendment but they don’t….The people need to band together in all the states, with the news stations they watch to more voters voting on election day….that would be a start……calicat


  2. Question: where can a person find a list of guns that CAN be legally owned in CA? Not that i would ever live there (I did in the late 70’s, and am not even interested in visiting it again)

  3. RE: New firearm regs in CA. I would like to suggest we offer China the entire state of California in exchange for our debt. And of course, Jerry Brown and Jane. With the world tensions at such a heightened state, why would any country in harms way want to disarm their citizens?

    1. Perhaps there are interests who would profit from an incursion of terrorism on our shores. In fact, I’m certain of it.

  4. @Smitty550

    Looks like G-Man beat me to it, but yes, it was the opening scene of the movie End Of Watch, which I agree was a really good movie.

    There were a couple of silly “Hollywood stereotype” scene such as one where the Feds arrived on a scene and the dialog that followed, and a scene between patrol officers and detectives at a burned out vehicle involved in a shooting (maybe LA is like that, I don’t know, but where I work we tend to get along). But otherwise it was very well done and the dialog between the two main characters was very well done and very authentic.

  5. @Smitty550 (Comment # 43). It is a movie entitled “End of Watch”. This is a really fantastic movie released in 2012. I am very selective about which movies I praise and I give this one very high marks.

    There is just something about the chemistry between these two actors (Michael Peña and Jake Gyllenhaal) in real life that transcends onto the big screen into a believably authentic partnership of two cops who are also off-duty friends.

    The director does a really good job of minimizing the Hollywood over-the-top BS while capturing realistic day-to-day banter. Anyone that has been (is) law enforcement or on a military team paired with a partner will relate to the realistic elements captured in this film.

    These actors trained intensively with police in order to produce as authentic a piece of work as possible. Sorry for the commercial, but it truly is a good movie… I now return you to your regularly scheduled CTD forum.

    1. @ G-Man. Thank you, I’ll try to find the movie on Netflix or for free on Amazon Prime. I watch a lot of crime/cop shows on TV, and hopefully this movie will be as entertaining to me as it was to you. Thanks again for the heads-up.

  6. Isn’t it perfect!?! The flamingly liberal states are DESTROYING the constitution (I now say “Destroying The Const” rather than “anti gun,” or “pro-gun control,” etc) and go the further nation-destroying-mile by coddling the degenerates.

    In Massachusetts, they are trying to set up shops to give away IV Needles and Crack-pipes to “those in need.” Yeah! A new crack-pipe is a “need” in Mass. Pot is being legalized, decriminalized and encouraged left and right today. State legislators refuse to even consider or discuss the destruction to the culture and society that comes with permissive drug use. I know of crack-whores who pimp-out there little children for money and drugs.

    The degenerate legislators are deliberately accelerating our demise and have a target painted on the Good, The Decent, The Patriotic, The Moral, The Ethical, The Kind, The Caring, The Integrity of this once fine nation.

    I can no longer call The USA a “fine nation.”

    1. Rob,
      Don’t you see what the United States government is doing as a whole? Think about it this way, when people are getting everything given to them by any group or groups, those people are not going to stand in the way of letting them do anything they want as long as they get there hand out.

  7. ..there is just no way I’d live there.. and if I did, I’d move out of California ,no matter the investment I had in that state.

  8. It’s time to create a North and South California. All gun, ammo, magazine, laser, etc. companies stop selling to the state. Do what Magpul did to CO, move to a different state.

    1. @ Howard: You might want to rethink your statement about gun accessories companies refusing to sell their products in California. Such an action would hurt only the law-abiding gun owners and force them to make their purchases out-of-state, or on a black market that would certainly be produced to provide firearms goods…..but at inflated prices, of course.

  9. Be sure to thank the useful idiots in the Sacramento Politburo for their attempts to destroy CA’s 2nd Amendment rights… It should be clear by now that the incompetent agenda driven socialists in Sacramento have “Detroitified” a once great state, have no respect for “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”, and must be REPLACED to save the state.

    “The ends justify the means… any means” – Saul Alinsky

    “The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” – Frederick Douglass

  10. California hasn’t always been Kommifornia. I have seen commentators on various sites say we deserve what we get here because “we” voted the politicians in. That isn’t necessarily true. Look at a political map of California after an election and see which areas of the state voted for whom. As someone mentioned earlier the LA area and SF area outvote the rest of us. ( The hypocrisy is ridiculous. As a sidebar, take the guns out of Hollywood’s movies and video games, how much money and power would these people have then. Diane Feinstein one of the most anti-gun senators in the country has a concealed weapons permit. Do you know how hard it is for the “average” citizen in California to get a CCW? How many movie stars have armed security?) There are others who suggest just leaving this state as soon as possible. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. There are plenty of freedom loving people in California and great organizations like Cal Guns, California Rifle and Pistol Association, NRA, and others who are fighting to not only maintain, but recover our Second Amendment rights.
    Look back at California’s political history. We were once a very “Republican” state. At one time Ronald Reagan was our governor and then we loaned him to the rest of the United States.
    Think of this battle for our Second Amendment rights as a real battle or war. Those of us in the “battleground” states CA, NY, MA, etc., are on the front lines trying to hold back the advancing “enemy”. Do you really think the “enemy” is going to stop once they overrun our states? NO. It just gives them more power and confidence to go after the rest of the states who are currently just watching and criticizing us and the states we happen to live in for our apparent lack of fighting back.
    Those of you in “Free America” I encourage you to follow the forever ongoing and endless list of proposed legislation in CA by following Cal Gun’s or California Rifle and Pistol Association’s sites. The legislation proposed is always scary and sometimes laughable. We are just one generation away from losing our Second Amendment rights. Remember, if you don’t want to deal with the legislated madness in your state, then help those of us on the “front lines” stop it before it advances to your state.

  11. One more thing: I just received this from a friend…..score one for the good guys! What galls me is the thought that these two punks are out on the street instead of being in prison. Maybe one of you cops can explain to me why we increasingly see the same rats doing the same crimes and who have rap sheets a mile long. Why are they not kept where they belong: in prison? What happened to the “three strikes” laws?

    Anyway, check this out:

    “2 1/2 Minutes…Sound is low, turn up if you can…Worth your time. Strong language but impressive results.

    Folks, this is the REAL DEAL… NOT A MOVIE!

    This is street justice. Not much of a cost to the taxpayers and QUICK.

    This is a brief videotaped in the streets of LA.

    It is good CLEAN shooting…. Thank God for the dash-cam video of this incident

    “Welcome to South Central!”

  12. Good points, G-Man. My major concern is that the “don’t haves” that have inundated the state from outside California (especial from Mexico) now far outnumber those Californians who are designated taxpayers….i.e., whose taxes pay to perpetuate a deeply flawed system. How can we “fight” an ever-increasing influx of those who are promised a life that is virtually paid for by the rest of us…i.e., the “haves.” If it keeps up, there will be no “haves,” since they will have moved elsewhere where they are appreciated, respected and guaranteed the rights and freedoms fought for by our forefathers.

    I am a native Californian, having been born before WWII. I have seen the downhill slide in the state, especially in the last few years. None of us would ever have envisioned that our elected officials in Sacramento would have unilaterally been so anti-gun. Sadly, they persecute legal gun owners with inane laws designed to skirt the 2nd Amendment, when they should be prosecuting those who use guns to commit crimes.

  13. I live in one of the best gun states on the planet, if not THE BEST gun state: Arizona. Interestingly it borders two of the worst anti-gun countries in existence, that being Mexico to the south and Kalifornia to the west.

    Both of these countries have people fleeing into the U.S. from various violations of basic human rights and for better opportunities. The influx of these immigrants from both of these countries however has an impact on my state’s economy which we will not be able to sustain for much longer.

    I don’t know much about Mexico, but I had heard that once upon a time the country of Kalifornia had a constitution very similar to ours here in the U.S. I don’t know what happened to them, but rather than giving up and fleeing, they should stay and fight for what is rightfully theirs.

    As for supporting Kalifornians, like Mexico we don’t have much control over foreign governments. It’s really going to be up to their own countrymen to pull together and overcome at the polls. Maybe we can send in monitors during their elections to deter corruption or something. Otherwise what else can we really do?

    Another concern is the Kalifornian immigrants that flee into the U.S can and will eventually spread the same anti-gun rhetoric and begin to corrupt areas within our borders. For that reason alone, tighter immigration controls are warranted between our two countries.

    This post started out as a joke to give perspective, but then I realized it wasn’t really a joke. It’s so real, it’s scary. Kalifornia has departed so far from our Constitutional realm that it may as well be its own country.

  14. How can the police buy these guns if they are not legal? Did they make themselves an exception? If they did, how can anyone put up with that hypocrisy? Get a group together and storm the capital and retake california, clearly some communist country has already quietly taken control of california.

  15. What a crime against the citizens of California and a clear infringement on 2nd Amendment rights! Just another step in the plan of liberal politicians to RULE rather than SERVE the public. Lest we forget that the government is OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE? Our whole country is forgetting this! Whether it is this gun issue, or the Affordable HealthCare Act, the debt crisis or further taxation, the liberals in government are systematically taking away the very RIGHTS and FREEDOMS which defined our great country and separated us from everyone else in the world. CALIFORNIANS, DO NOT LET THEM DO THIS! FIGHT THIS and all other infringements on your rights as AMERICAN CITIZENS! Remember, California IS part of the United States and therefore subject to heed the Constitutional Laws of our country.

  16. As law enforcement officers in the Seattle area we frequently lament that we police in the communist capital of the USA. So I appreciate California’s frequent reminders that yes, there are places WORSE than Seattle. Although the other side keeps trying, so far with the help of the SAF, NRA, and others, we have managed to maintain somewhat sane gun laws here in Washington State…so far.

    As a cop, nothing wraps up an investigation like identifying the bad guy by the bullet(s) left in him by the law-abiding armed citizen! 🙂

  17. “Since Jan. 28, the California Department of Justice has removed 28 handgun models in common use from the handgun roster. Those handguns are now unavailable to gun buyers, Calguns reports. Smith & Wesson, Inc., manufactures 22 of those models.”

    Woody, I’m confused. If the “roster” is a list of outlawed firearms in California, and if 28 were removed from that “roster,” why are the “handguns now unavailable to gun buyers.” Seems that if those 28 guns were removed from the roster of illegal guns, they should now be available, not unavailable. Can you please clarify?

  18. What makes sick is how these Hollywood entertainers sell movies by glamorizing guns and gun violence, usually so exaggerated that it’s comical, can turn around and criticize their fellow citizens for wanting to own a gun for real life protection. I’m sure half of them have armed security and I bet they’re carrying “banned” handguns. Ordinary people don’t have mansions with gates and cameras and someone watching those cameras. They have ordinary houses and ordinary jobs and have to deal with ordinary crime, which often means unexpected and completely random. The only solution is to be as well equipped as possible and taking away concealable guns from law abiders takes away that possibility of protection. I feel horrible for people in California and I don’t know exactly what to do for you. I just know that when I’m driving around with my kids in the car, the law is not going to protect me from the bad guys. I say carry what you can right now regardless of what your government gives you “permission” to.

  19. If it’s good enough for the citizens of California, it’s good enough for law enforcement.

    We need to demand that California immediately refit every law enforcement firearm with micro-stamping firing pins. Immediately. And then enforce annual inspections and re-certifications on every one of these firearms to ensure that they are still microstamping accurately.

    Fair is fair.

  20. Why would any fire arm manufacture continue to sell any weapons to any California law enforcement agency? It would seem to be counter productive. They all should stop dealing with the entire state.

  21. Got to push back or you will lose all your rights, simply that. This is a culture war and the left is firing on you. The best way to push back is join the NRA.

  22. Having been born and raised in So. Kalifornia, I escaped at age 62 and moved to a FREE state. It was unbearable as the Mexicans have taken over the state so all that is elected are liberals that promise to give everyone free stuff so now the state is going down the drain fanatically and morally.
    What I want to see is every firearm manufacture refuse to sell anything to the state and by that I mean NO sales to police departments or state government offices, if the people can not get them, then neither can the agencies! I do believe it would wake up one or two of the legislators.
    The biggest problem is the under educated politicians who the under educated people are voting into office!

  23. Oh, and Stewart, you need to see a shrink. If God is so great, what need is there for guns? Simply pray for God to protect you, and you will be fine. Surely a 25 cent bullet has no power against your God, does it?

  24. I’m going to agree that we should all do something to help defend the people of CA (and other anti-gun states) from insane laws like this. Even so, I want to point out that not all liberals support gun bans. It’s time for you extreme right wingers to realize that simple fact. Your past great leader, G.W., violated several national laws, committed impeachable offenses and openly endorsed torture. His VP’s former company Haliburton was awarded contracts without even having to bid on them, then somehow “lost” hundreds of millions of dollars. Let me ask, where are the WMDs? Until your side stops violating laws and pretending it’s for the better good of all, maybe you should stop pointing fingers. I’m sure not all of you right wingers didn’t like the things Bush did…well, not all of us liberals like what Obama has done, either.

    Regardless, if CA’s gun supporters don’t like this, they need to stand up and fight it. Same as in NY and other states with chicken-shyte anti-gun laws. Those people allowed minor changes that gradually turned into bans…they should have stamped out the first attempts when they had the chance. Now it’s rampant. Honestly I hate CA (at least the government there) and have no desire to even go there. Still, they are Americans and they should not be stripped of their 2nd Amendment rights. Donate to the NRA and if their state has a pro-gun organization, donate to it, too. Help them any way you can…

  25. The great bear state like the bear of Russia’s has lost it’s mind to defined it’s people and to put them out to the prey of the wolf packs both in the government and the streets of the general public. Fools who have armed guards in the court room now insist that the people who keep the law are not afforded the same right as they who set upon the bench to judge as lord’s; when in fact the LORD and creator has given us a right of life to protect not only yourself but your loved ones and those to whom the wicked would come against. The judge who sets behind the officer of the court has little to fear except the vote of the people; and death. For God will judge him as a fool in the end; as he chose to live a short live on earth and eternity was rejected to be setting as a shrine for control of GOD’s people.

  26. And the crime rate is doing what? Criminals will always be able to obtain guns illegally, if you ban them from law abiding citizens then only criminals will have guns. Dah !!!!!

  27. Click and S&W are fighting this the wrong way. California residents have elected the people making these bad decisions. They need to honor the law. Don’t sell guns to the police that are banned for the citizens. It will take much less time to get the laws changed.

    1. Don’t sell them guns. Don’t sell them replacement parts. Don’t sell them holsters for the guns. Don’t sell them flashlights! Just stop selling to the State and to every law enforcement agency in the state. Cancel any existing orders. Do it NOW.

  28. Like many others I stopped buying movie tickets over ten years ago. I don’t care how great the movie trailers look on TV. I know that a portion of every dollar spent on a movie ticket goes to further the liberal causes that most American are against. People need to wake up and stop spending their hard earned money in places that work against their Constitutional Rights.

  29. Insanity, complete and total insanity, The very thought of using state regulatory agencies to deprive the people of the Socialist Republic of Crazyfornia their constitutional rights is pure insanity.

  30. If someone is willing to commit a crime involving a firearm does the DOJ actually believe that person is concerned with the legality of the firearm they are using?

    “I guess I shouldn’t rob the bank since the firearm I plan to use is on the CA gun roster. ” said no criminal ever.

    1. No, just use a microstamped gun, if you can ever find one. Then after you commit the crime, take a file and scrape it two or three times across the breech face. BOOM! Microstamp profile is changed or eliminated.

  31. Perhaps rather than boycotting Disnyland, we should appoint an Ambassador to California, to negotiate getting our people out of there.

  32. What do I think? I moved to WA in November. After 5 generations of my family living in SoCal we decided to move. Goodbye Commie-fornia

  33. Those poor people! How can it be, that these rediculous and poorly reasoned laws be imposed on law abiding citizens, dis-respecting our Constitution? To make illeagal, guns which have been in production and sold for years, with excellent track records for safety and reliability, weapons of high quality and a proud heritage. And then, to say that self defense is not a good reason to want to obtain a CCL, the concept should be unbelieveably funny, but to the residents of Ca, it is an un-deniable reallity. Living in Texas, we take alot for granted, but after hearing NRA News daily, of how these sort of stunts are pulled somewhere in the northeast or in California, it tends to numb the senses of the rest of the country. People who can’t see past the daily rush hour traffic, what in the world they’ll come up with for supper, or how they don’t like their boss, go about their routines without even realizing those sort of things are happening in our country, let alone how it might affect them, and that’s sad, and it’s wrong. This country’s principles have been paid for in blood, and are now being thrown away. May god help us all to keep intact what has been fought for.

  34. Guess these people deserve what the got,i mean they vote for people from a political party represented by a jackass and run by same. Get out of there if you haven’t already!!

  35. I have a mixed feeling by reading a such article on Cheaper Than Dirt who refuses to sell firearms and ammo to California residents.

  36. What really sucks is the “rich and famous” have purchased second homes in other areas of the US, bringing with them, their assinine anti gun attitudes, which they then try to inflict on the rest of us. I wish they all would go by private islands and disappear forever.

  37. Hey Californians. Tell your government to Fk Off. Carry what you want and how you want. Take no crap from anyone. Let lead fly men!

  38. It will be a long time before I spend another dime in or on products from Commifornia. My daughter said she wanted to take her kids to Disneyland, I told them if they did, her grand parents will take her out of there will. They would loose a significant amount of money so have decided against going to Commifornia. Hopefully the voters of Commifornia will realize the problem with there elected democrap officials and vote for change soon.

    1. @E3: Conservative voters try to vote these idiots out of office, but we are outnumbered by the welfare crowd. What Obama is trying to pull by getting more illegals on his voter list was completed years ago by the liberal Old Boy network in Sacramento that caters to those who refuse to work for a living and those in the Mexifornia crowd who want their special interest needs met….as long as someone else pays for them, of course.

      Sacramento has far too many politicians who have falsely created a gun “problem” that only they can “solve.” Low-info voters believe it and think that if they vote for the politicians who promise to “solve” the “problem,” the “problem” will just disappear. This is nothing new; politicians have been pulling this ploy for years in order to stay in office.

      So, please don’t include all Californians as being anti-gun. It’s an unfair generalization.

  39. For a long time now, CA has been “ruled” by rich liberal Hollywood entertainers. It may not be much, but I refuse to pay the $10 to go to a movie, instead, only watching documentary programs and some network news.

    Ever since Babs Streisand called the people of CO a bunch of right-wing hate mongers (for banning same-sex marriage), I quit supporting their livelihood. I never could stomach their perverted lifestyles anyway. Actually, I don’t buy anything from CA–even their produce.

  40. If these gun bans would have happened before and during 1940-1942 in California, we would be living under Japanese rule now. How fast Americans forget history. The Californians should be ashamed of themselves, and the rest of Americans should help the people there. I don’t really know what all of us can do except not buy anything from that state, no orange juice, and don’t go to Disneyland. I wish we could do more. ANYBODY GOT idea’s?

    1. @ MikeJ: Mike, Californians (and others) never learned history in the first place, so they can’t forget something they never learned. Re Disneyland, the one in Orlando, Florida far out-shadows the one in L.A. Also, California is no longer a major producer of oranges. Florida is top dog here. Most of the Orange groves were bought up by developers so they could build more houses.

      I am a native California, and I am not ashamed of myself or my state. I am, however, ashamed of the political structure that is strangling our way of life in our cities and counties. Refusing to do business in California does nothing except put people out of work and onto the welfare roles that we taxpayers who work are forced to pay for.

  41. This is making me want to buy my next rifle form them. I hear they have great accurate 18 and 20 inch barrels.
    Maybe for my DMR set-up…

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