NRA Files for Bankruptcy, Plans to Reincorporate in Texas

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New York is not known for being the most gun-friendly state. In fact, it has some of the harshest restrictions in the country.

Now, The Empire State appears to be losing one of the country’s most pro-gun advocacy groups: the National Rifle Association.

NRA Moving to Texas

According to the NRA, it is “dumping New York” and “pursuing plans to reincorporate the NRA in Texas.”

This decision primarily comes from the need to leave the state of an attorney general who is determined to put them “out of business through an abuse of legal and regulatory power.”

It is important to note that the NRA “will continue the fight to protect your interests in New York — and all forums where the NRA is unlawfully singled out for its Second Amendment advocacy.”

This is an incredibly important moment in NRA history and involves all members. 

waving colorful national flag of Texas state.

NRA Files for Bankruptcy

To pave the way for the strategic plan and further restructuring, the National Rifle Association has filed voluntary chapter 11 petitions in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division. 

This is often done by organizations to streamline legal and financial affairs.

It’s of note, however, that the NRA stated that it is “not ‘bankrupt’ or ‘going out of business.’ The NRA is not insolvent. We are as financially strong as we have been in years.”

Bankruptcy Law books with court gavel NRA

What This Means for Members

The National Rifle Association will continue to do what it has always done and confront anti-gun legislation while promoting constitutional advocacy to help law-abiding Americans. 

The NRA has stated that its plans will not impact memberships at any level.

Members will keep full member benefits. The NRA will continue to publish magazines. Furthermore, the group will resume training Americans and teaching firearm/hunter safety. 

With all these changes, the NRA believes that it is “now prepared for a better future.”

What do you think of this news from the National Rifle Association? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. I have allowed my NRA membership to lapse. I’d like to see an independent financial audit to see if expenditures align with membership goals. The NRA Big Guys should have no trouble with that- as long as they are not gouging members for fat cat stuff. I have a sneaking suspicion that they were and are.

  2. Many of these comments indicate that many of these folks have not been following the NRA’s moves for some time. The Chapter 11 filing should have been no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention.

  3. They should have done it years ago. As to any wrongdoing, like it or not, the NRA is the ONLY organization that is strong enough to really push against all of the anti-gun movements out there. If you abandon the NRA you are doing so at your own (and your guns’) peril.

  4. I’ve been a gun owner since I was 6-years old, when I got my first BB-gun. I now own several firearms, and also have a concealed license to carry. While I fully support our 2nd amendment… as a “responsible” gun owner, I also believe that there is more that we can do to keep guns out of the hands of looney tunes, as well as limits on the types of weapons made available to the public. When the 2nd amendment was written, the only firearms available were muskets, hardly capable of taking out mass numbers of people like the weapons we have now. Some would argue that the general public should have access to the same weapons that our military uses… that would be absurd! The right to bear arms means having the right to have a weapon… it doesn’t say that we should have the right to have any and every weapon available. If that were the case, then we’d all have access to rocket launchers and a whole host of other advanced weapons that no doubt be disastrous in the hands of a whacko. There are some countries like Norway and Sweden, that actually have a higher gun ownership percentage than here in the U.S., yet mass shootings and domestic gun violence are almost nonexistent. It’s because they have sensible gun laws… so yes, it can be done without infringing upon our second amendment rights. Think about it the next time there is “sensible” gun control legislation being discussed. Also, as for the NRA… they are no longer the family oriented hunting and sportsman organization they once were 30-40 years ago. They are nothing but a corrupt lobbyist group, who take donations from the likes of Russia, and who’s leadership skims tens of millions of dollars for personal pleasure. THAT’S why they’re in the legal mess that they’re in… because of corruption. They don’t give a rats azz about the safety of people, all they care about is more gun and ammunition sales… because that’s what their business model is built around. Wayne LaPierre belongs in prison!

  5. While I can’t be sure the reported news that the leaders / officers of the NRA miss-used their positions and ‘awarded’ themselves with private jet flights and many other special perks is true and not ‘fake news’; I DO believe it to be true. We all see it too often! I can’t support or contribute to an organization that believes it’s leaders deserve such perks.


  7. Not yet having heard of its bankruptcy filing, I recently purchased a discounted (@$25) additional year of membership in the NRA. Clearly, these marked-down extensions are intended to supply funds needed in the near term, in order to leverage survival in a most uncertain future. A buck in the hand, so to speak. So now–theoretically–I am a member through 01-23. We’ll see. If memberships are cancelled by the bankruptcy process, I’m out a double sawbuck and a fin. Meh.

    Meanwhile, the NRA would be well-advised to terminate Wayne with extreme…fondness (PR-wise). Just ending his wardrobe allowance would leverage cash flow. To help him out, “I have these old suits.”

  8. I believe that the there is a need for Pro Firearms Lobbies; get rid of LaPierre and I’ll consider rejoining the NRA.

  9. As a Life Member, I will always hold true to the principles of the NRA. I AM, however, extremely disappointed by the current Executive ‘leadership’ of the organization. Wayne can stay in New York……….

  10. For some time I’ve wondered why the entire arms industry has not moved south; there is nothing I can identify that would keep them in the northeast, given the unceasing hostility of the left’s agenda. Good for the NRA…I’ve been a member for years and will remain so.

    I believe Wayne La Pierre has contributed many positive actions and concepts for our organization. But the NRA must now look elsewhere for leadership. Wayne has become a grim-faced visage for the NRA; I believe that there are many other capable men and women who could gather the reins of leadership, image projection, personnel, and concepts for action in a fresh and imaginative fashion.

    Although the NRA hasn’t been directly responsible for a lot of the infighting we’ve seen in recent years, the fact that there have actually been divisions regarding expenditure of funds, well-known personalities who themselves created a mess, and other issues that fracture unity has harmed our image and our efforts.

    A real leadership stand for Mr. LaPierre himself would be for him to recognize that his own time at the helm has passed and that he needs to step aside for the good of the NRA. Sadly, history bears out the inability of strong personalities to do so.

  11. The NRA annoyed me to the point of abandoning the organization when they supported the Gun Control Act of 1968. That lasted until the election of 2008, when Barack Hussein Obama was elected president, and I rejoined for a bit, until Col Oliver North was forced out of the presidency for pointing out the corruption and self-dealing of Wayne LaPierre. I will consider re-joining when that momser is forced out.

  12. Been a member for forty something years. Always wondered what in the world y’all were doing in NY.I wouldn’t even visit..Welcome to Texas!

  13. To make any change, one must be a member of NRA. To wait until Lapierre is removed before renewing membership does not allow you to make your voice heard. We must stand together and make the change or we will die as an organization. NY has never been friendly to businesses or the working man/woman. Taxes and regulations kill free enterprise in that state and especially in the city. I will renew my membership and my husband’s and fight to make the change in the NRA’s administration for the betterment of the association. As has been quoted from Franklin, “We Must All Hang Together, or Most Assuredly, We Will All Hang Separately”. If we do not stand together we will fail.

  14. I won’t argue that Wayne needs to retire, and we need new blood and a new leader in his position. But I will argue that the members needed to be informed of the plans for the New York ‘bankruptcy-strategic-move’, BEFORE the media informed us and the public. The Leftist, Main Stream Media, like vultures, twisted this story to fit their Leftist Narrative.

  15. I gave up on the NRA a few years ago wondering why they beat there head against the wall in NY, it made zero sense to me to stay somewhere your not wanted.

    Welcome to TEXAS the lone star state, where it is almost in Patriotic do you not have a gun or in most cases carry a gun.

    I just hope it is not in Austin where the weenies from California have moved to save money in taxes, have better lifestyle and then turn around and vote BLUE while trying to make it like the same place they left California.

  16. As a Benefactor member of the NRA and Golden Eagle I am VERY disappointed with the direction of the current NRA. I have been a member for over 50 years and have a house full of Friends of the NRA Statues, Framed prints and other NRA memorabilia.
    After spending who knows how much money over the years, the anemic showing of the NRA this past crucial election shows me how mismanaged the NRA has become. Yes, I agree with all of you that we need new management as soon as possible. LTC North was right in his assessment of the state of the NRA. He should be the next manager of our association. All the senior people in charge must go!
    There are many other 2nd Amendment organizations to choose from as an alternative. I just hate to think of all the thousands of dollars that I now feel I’ve wasted on the NRA!

  17. A member for decades, I’ve always given a few extra dollars when the NRA cried wolf. Now that I know the leadership has gotten rich, I’m done. When they start flying coach, I’ll reconsider.

  18. As a life member of the NRA, I’m incredibly dissatisfied with what they’ve been doing to protect our rights and show Americans who we are and what we believe in. We need a lead ship change, one who understands the grass roots people that support this great association!!

    Do more for your people. With your people. We’re the ones going to get folks to understand, not you preaching on an advertisement for millions of dollars right before a liberal commercial. Get back to where you came from, remember who we are and help us help each other, to save our second amendment rights!!

  19. I don’t like open carry as I know you lose your element of surprise from it. But, I’m not going to quit the NRA if they believe in it. Some people are getting like liberals and cherry-picking the laws they like or don’t like. Just because they don’t want to support our cause or the NRA!

  20. It is a GREAT decision to get out of that horrible place of NY. Texas is a wonderfully appropriate place to relocate the NRA. This switch should have happened years ago. Over my long membership with our NRA I observed that we “bargained away” our gun rights instead of getting the fight and winning. We all need to continue to support the Second Amendment on the national, state and local levels.

  21. My membership expires this year and as long as Wayne LaPierre is there, I will never renew again. He isn’t the only wasteful executive in the organization, but is the one always in the spotlight. The entire board signs off on his expenses, which makes them as guilty as he is. From what I had read, they are as guilty as Wayne is, and spend and spend like there is no tomorrow. Tomorrow has come to them now and here they are in bankruptcy.

  22. I just want to know what the NRA is going to do about the Biden/Harris assault weapons ban and what the Biden/Harris plan is going to mean to lawful gun owners. I’ve heard nothing from the NRA as to what they are going to do to protect us from an unconstitutional attack on our legally owned firearms. Our so called “assault weapons” were legal to own when we bought them and we bought them legally by filling out a 4473 form and going through a NICS background check. The NRA needs to quickly step up for its over 5,000,000 members and extinguish this fire long before it ever gets started. So far, I’ve heard nothing from the NRA about its attack plan and how it’s going to prevent legal firearm owners from becoming instant felons with just a stroke of Biden’s pen.

  23. I am an NRA Member and have been for many years now. The NRA has won a lot of battles against the left to preserve our gun rights. I hope that will continue. I hated to see the NRA get sued by the Prosecutor in New York. The NRA lost and that’s why they moved to Texas. To me it made no sense for them to be in New York anyway. The leaders of the NRA should have left New York years ago when the left started talking about forcing the NRA into bankruptcy. Why would a conservative gun rights organization be in the middle of a God Forsaken Liberal state anyway? That being said we need new leadership in the NRA. LaPierre and the board members were using NRA money as their own private piggy bank and I do mean piggy. They are living luxurious lifestyles with NRA money. That was why Ollie North quit. At a time when our gun rights are under assault all over America we need people who will spend member’s money for the sake of members and not for the sake of greedy Officers and Board members. I am tired of all of the milers from NRA requesting more donations and membership renewal requests at least once a week. LaPierre and his cronies need to go before I will send them another dime.

  24. I have expressed my position regarding this issue to the NRA many times in the past without success. Basically I have called upon the NRA BOD to remove Wayne LaPierre… which they have not done. Rather, they continue to misuse NRA funds to defend LaPierre against NYC prosecution.

    My comments to the NRA on this matter:

    As a longtime member of the NRA as was my father before me, I will continue to support and defend the organization. However, as I have told the NRA several times in the past, I am appalled and disgusted by the corruption on the part of senior leadership that has been reported in the news. I call upon the NRA Board of Directors to take the appropriate action to investigate the misuse of funds and dismiss any and all senior executives found to misappropriate NRA funds for their own personal gain.
    The NRA is an organization founded for the purpose of protecting the Second Amendment rights of all Americans. It is funded by the membership through annual dues and contributions. The NRA has a fiduciary duty to its members to appropriately use all funds to benefit its goals and the member’s best interests.
    Rarely do I endorse anything associated with the Democrats. However, in the absence of any action on the part of the NRA Board of Directors to investigate and eliminate corruption within the NRA executive ranks, I do endorse the NY Attorney General’s action to prosecute NRA executive who have illegally misappropriated NRA funds. I do not support the action to disband the NRA.
    Based upon the reports in the past and the recent allegations by the NY Attorney General I call upon the NRA Board to remove Wayne LaPierre and all executives who have been complicit in in inappropriate use of NRA funds. With respect to Wayne LaPierre, the NRA Board should investigate his misuse of NRA funds to spend on his personal stuff… expensive clothes, junkets to Europe for him and his wife and her personal hairdressers (TWO), expensive apartment in DC and cutting an underhanded third party deal to buy a mansion with diverted NRA funds.
    Any time I receive correspondence from the NRA soliciting contributions that is signed by Wayne LaPierre I immediately discard it with disgust, While Wayne LaPierre is associated in any way with the NRA, it will not get any additional donations from me. Until the NRA Board of Directors does its fiduciary duty and removes him I will channel my donations to defend our 2nd Amendment rights through Gun Owners of America.
    I expect any money I give to the NRA to be used ethically and appropriately.

  25. I have been a life member since May 1960 and became a benefactor member a few years ago. I get angry when I get letters from Wayne La Pierre asking for “$25, $35, or more” every few months and then read he is paid over a million dollars a year plus he can not even afford his own clothes. Then I read thad New York Attorney Geneneral is alleging all sorts of illegal activities by the NRA. So then the NRA files bankruptcy which eliminates the NYAG’s trial. Therefore we will never see what evidence the AG has – and that may be very important to us members and very embarrassing to NRA leadership.

  26. I am an NRA certified instructor in three disciplines, and a Benefactor Life Member. I have also been a strong supporter of Wayne LaPierre for 25 years, but it is time for new leadership. The sweetheart deal, (now defunct) whereby Wayne was going to live in a house in Texas that was to be paid for by the NRA’s PR firm was too egregious to be acceptable. The NRA went all-in to help get President Trump elected. It was a good move, but financially draining. Instead of following a prudent financial course at that point, they started NRATV, which quickly became too expensive to continue. The final lunacy was starting the CarryGuard insurance program without being licensed to sell insurance in their chartered State of New York, which gave the NY AG the opening to take legal action against them. Tucker Carlson of Fox News actually did a segment after the election, stating that the NRA’s legal problems in New York prevented them from mounting a strong election campaign, and very possibly cost President Trump the State of Pennsylvania.
    As many others have pointed out, the NRA should have left the Peoples’ Republik of New York many years ago. The NRA brand has been tainted, tarnished, and damaged by all this, and new leadership is mandatory. Having said that, I will continue to support the best and strongest 2A organization that exists. I urge every other 2A supporter to do the same.

  27. Frankly I’m a little disappointed. We shouldn’t have to learn about this from other outlets. For an event as significant as this the NRA should have been more transparent with it’s members and issued a statement to everyone from the getgo informing them of the decision, why it was made, the solvency of the organization, and what we can expect in the future.

  28. United we stand divided we fall!
    I think the NRA should start a drive to promote citizenship. By way of telling everyone that will listen to post a US flag on their car, house, apartment, boat!. Do this to show your love of country and unity to one another and stand for the USA Constitution and its values.
    Hang together or hang separately!
    Grass roots movement always gain more momentum.
    Oh and Dan Crenshaw from President!

  29. The NRA has become a way for LaPierre and his cronies to enrich themselves with undeserved cash and benefits. The enemies are within and they need some jail time. The NRA also needs to get out of bed with the gun manufacturers and get back to serving their members without bias and graft.

  30. I have been an NRA Life Member for decades. However, not $1 more of my hard earned money will I contribute until Wayne LaPierre is replaced. My letters to the NRA Board of Directors urging transparency and enhanced corporate governance are ignored and remain unanswered. There is no justification for spending over $270,000 on Zegna suits.

    The NRA needs to publicize their good work in promoting gun safety and shooting sports equally with 2A issues. They spend too much time fear-mongering and promoting 2A paranoia (e.g. “jack-booted government thugs”) as a shameless fund raising tactic. The result: non-shooters only have negative impressions and are turned off by the NRA. To protect, preserve, and promote our 2A rights, it is equally important to emphasize the positive aspects of hunting, self-defense, and shooting sports.

  31. Sounds like a good move!! I’d love to have you come to Nevada, but we are really close to becoming a suburb of Cali. I’m moving to Utah where hopefully I will be free once again!!

  32. The leader ship of the NRA appears to have lost sight of the reason of its being. When the hard earned money of members is diverted to pay for unreasonable salaries, bonuses, expenses, trips, houses, etc. of the leaders of the NRA becomes more important than the core values of defending the right of law abiding gun owners, the organization has failed in its mission. It is high time to reorganize the leadership with people who are there for the good of the cash paying members. I have been a member, lifetime member, patron member and endowment member and golden eagle, supporter of the INL for over 55 years. I have had enough of the greed and self serving individuals running the organization. I now support other gun rights organizations with my contributions. Until Wayne LaPierre is gone and the NRA is back on track doing what they claim to do for gun owners there will not be any support financially from me. I used to be proud to be a member of the NRA but am now embarrassed for the NRA and hope this mess can be salvaged.

  33. Before the Alamo Davy Crockett said “you can go to Hell. I’m going to Texas”. No question Texas is better for the NRA and the individual, pre- government right to self defense mandated by the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. The Chapter 11 Bankruptcy question is whether the NY AG’s actions are the kind of burden covered by that chapter and the its judicial relief. Hopefully so. NY tries to crush the NRA at an Alamo; NRA gives NY it’s San Jacinto.

  34. As a former lifetime New Yorker[who remembers carrying a .22 rifle to school for “gun club” use in the basement rifle- range] ((and “LIFE NRA Member”)) who left that State (and its politics) permanently 20+ years ago,.. I applaud the NRA for their “Texas move”; No good can come of remaining in a State & City that has remained on a “continuing downward spiral” for over five decades “at the dirty-hands of self-serving political hacks”. When I left all those years ago, .57 cents of EVERY dollar I earned went to taxes of one kind or another (it’s much worse today I’m told). Congratulations NRA, your very existence will flourish & grow in the “Lone Star State”!

  35. Wayne Lapierre definitely needs to go. I will be disappointed in the NRA if they change our memberships when they to TX. I’ve been a life member for years and I would probably do it again if need be. We all need to stick together. Those that are coming at us from all directions have to be stopped and I believe in the NRA. I prefer to hang together than separately..

  36. The NRA is OUR organization, it supports and fights for OUR rights. We all need to support and contribute to the NRA. Leaving New York is a good thing, probably should have done it years ago; and it’s probably time for Wayne to turn over the reins to someone else. They have stated that memberships will not be affected, so don’t worry about losing your membership. Personally I have been a life member since 1972 while still of “military age”. I am currently a “Patron” member, and will continue to support the NRA.

  37. I would like to see a ” third party audit” of the NRA showing what Wayne did with our donations. like many of us, I’m retired and there is only so much money to go around. I have to be careful how I spend my money. I didn’t donate it to the NRA for Wayne and his wife to go on lavish vacations.

  38. The NRA needs to fire Wayne and demand that he repay money that he has taken from our organization. The NY AG made a good start when he forced Wayne to repay several hundred thousand dollars that he took from the NRA.
    Hopefully Ken Paxton will continue prosecuting his thievery.

    I will renew my membereship when Wayne is forced out.

  39. LONG time NRA member, just renewed my membership, & will most likely continue to do so primarily for the reason that the NRA is the largest group of law abiding 2A advocates. That carries political clout, and I feel we need that. Currently, that makes all of the issues with the NRA acceptable to me. I don’t know if I will feel the same way over the next few years. The face of the NRA, in my opinion, desperately needs to change. A total housecleaning, again in my opinion, is long overdue. Sheriff David Clarke, and Colion Noir would be great additions to the NRA leadership team. Tough, and intelligent. Law, and law enforcement backgrounds. Older, and younger. In case anyone is wondering, I’m a white senior citizen, and a conservative. It’s time for a radical change at the NRA. It needs to represent itself, and it’s members, in a way that appeals to and speaks for a broader cross-section of America in order to push back successfully against attacks from the left. If we want to win, as firearms advocates, we need to try something totally new and open up our minds to REAL change. My opinion.

  40. I’ve been a life member since the 1970s, and have read about no-bid contracts for friends of Officers of NRA, wasteful spending on charter flights for Board and Staff, and many other transgressions. Pick up a copy of Jim Collins “How the Mighty Fall” and you’ll see the first problem is “The Hubris Born of Success.” Seems like we have had some of that going on in the NRA. Clean it up!

  41. Come on down to Texas but leave socialistic, communistic, progressive, and other leftist ideas behind. We don’t need or want them. As of right now I am not a member, but believe in the 2nd Ammendment.

  42. Hopefully, Texas will straighten them out. I let my membership expire several years ago.
    I give my support to GOA for a national level lobbyist.

  43. The socialist/Marxist are on power anyone who disagrees will be blacklisted on all fronts. No guts or patriotism in D.C. today. Along with Wayne how about taking Mich out the door as well. Lived in middle of immigration fiasco with Carter. What was a pristine part of U. S. Is now a cesspool. Mostly adapted into socialist party for entitlement sake . We dropped the ball folks, now who will recover the fumble? May God hear the prayers of those who stand on the Constitution!

  44. Pulling membership is not the thing to do right now. I’m not happy with Wayne’s pension package either. But there is no other 2nd amendment group larger than the NRA. In a time when our voices need heard the most, we do not need to show a lack of solidarity. I highly doubt the 35$ will be the demise of any of us and I would rather risk putting it in Wayne’s pocket than risk showing a weakened NRA.

  45. The NRA SHOULD be the biggest, baddest gun rights organization there is; but due to the corruption of Wayne LaPierre and others on the board of directors, members have not renewed or have decided to send the vital funds to other organizations.

    Moving to Texas is a good first step, but until LaPierre is removed from any position within the NRA, as well as some of the others who do nothing other than to collect a paycheck, the NRA will flounder without becoming the gun rights super power it could be.

  46. The odd thing to me, was reading that they plan to file for Chapter 11 in Texas.
    Unless the rules for a business is different from the rules for individuals, one must be a resident of the state they’re filing in.
    As such, being registered/incorporated in NY would prevent them from filing on Texas. Even if they reincorporated in Texas, one has to be a resident for a particular period of time, before being d nsidered a resident, and thus qualified to file, in that state.
    But again, that’s just “if” the same rules apply to artificial persons, (which businesses are), as they do natural persons, (flesh and blood living souls).
    But, I’m sure their lawyers have that all covered…
    Should be interesting, reading the next article on the topic.

  47. @Garland, Well said, sir, and you are absolutely correct. Being somewhat of a history buff, I am reminded of the 1776 Convention in which the Declaration of Independence was signed. Benjamin Franklin recognized the importance of unity if the colonists were to survive the revolution. His statement, “We Must All Hang Together, or Most Assuredly, We Will All Hang Separately” still rings true today in the gun community.

    Unfortunately, we have allowed ourselves to become a fractured community as the left will target a specific area within our community and ask, “Who really needs to have…?” There are those who, rather than fight, were willing to through their fellow gunowners under the bus because “That’s not something I care about.” They obviously have never read or understood the premise of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” in their tactic to divide and conquer their opposition. We should be digging in our heels every time the left criticizes any part of the gun community. They complain about illegal guns in Chicago, New York, Baltimore, etc, we should be raising a ruckus over the failure of their gun control measures to lower the murder rate and remind them that doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results is (as is frequently attributed to Einstein even though he probably did not say it,) the very definition of insanity. We have wanted to play nice and keep a low profile to not be noticed and now we may be paying the price for that Rodney King “Can’t we all get along?” attitude.

    Another statement often repeated by Benjamin Franklin, in Poor Richard’s Almanack, was also included in a letter he wrote (one that the left has attempted to change the entire context of meaning) which said that those who would trade freedom for security deserve neither. I am not using this in the context of the letter, but in the context of other statements he made. If we do not all hang together, but surrender our freedoms by allowing our community to become even more fractured, not only will we not have our freedom, we will not have any security and we will hang separately.

  48. I’m the NRA, along with millions of others. I have been a member for so many years I can’t guess the number of years and still will continue. I suggest you all should as well. I think you would benefit from remembering ” United We Stand, Devided We Fall.

    I have not been happy with all the decisions of the NRA leadership but unfortunately, I did not try to do anything about it, with the exception of once, I should of at least tried more often when I did not agree with our leadership.

    Yes, we do need to replace Wayne Lapierre, he should have been gone along time ago. The move to Texas is but the first thing we should do and then dump Lapierre.

    I believe we as members should have the ability to way in on the more controversial policies the NRA take a stand on.

    If you have a problem within your family, are you just going to desert them? The NRA is our Second Amendment Family, you should not be quiting them, let us support each other and come together, if only for our on individual benefit, the NRA must survive.

    The far left are coming for our guns and the second amendment as well, make no mistake about it. We standing to gather as the NRA is the strongest way we have to make our voices heard in Washington.

    If liberal minded people can silence us, while pushing thier own ideals, they will eventually win. You see this in politics today as big tech and our media push liberal views everyday, brainwashing our children.

    Let us stand up for our Nation and the NRA. Let us get off our asses and get behind the NRA and make it better and stronger….

    Garland Vance
    NRA firearms instructor

  49. @Mark: You, sir are correct. Muzzle loaders generate a lot of smoke and therefore probably contribute to Global Warming, climate change, grandpa’s bad breath and any other ills the libs can think of, along with the caveat… Remember, it’s for the children

  50. Mike N – Did you ever read the reasons why they supported “cop killer bullets”? The proposed law would have outlawed most rifle ammunition since most vests won’t stop a fast rifle bullet. There were vague terms in the law. What is handgun ammo? There are 30-06 handguns…

    I like the Barnes solid bullets for some uses. But those are now banned in most calibers. So we lost anyways.

    Some people didn’t like their support of silencers or machine guns. If you let anti gunners divide us into segments and we cast a subgroup to the wolves, eventually there will be no one left except the muzzle loader folks. And someone would probably want to eliminate those.

  51. @Mike M: “Cop Killer” bullets are like “Assault Rifles”. It is essentially a term meant to cause fear just by hearing it. Many of the “Cop Killer” bullets of the time were being loaded into… wait for it, Police weapons. There were many cartridges labeled by that term and many of those cartridges are still around and are used as standard self-defense rounds. The term has as much meaning as “Assault Rifle” which has been misused almost as much as “Cop Killer” bullets. Back in the 80’s the media and various law enforcement agencies used the term but when asked for a definition would decline to define but accuse whoever was asking of wanting cops to die. The Brady Campaign labels any hollow point bullet as a “Cop Killer.” If you are using or have ever used any ammo other than Full Metal Jacket, according to the Brady Campaign, you are or were using “Cop Killer” bullets. Do a search, not Google or BING, something like DuckDuckGo for cop killer bullets. Read what information different gun related sites will provide. The Main Stream Media will not tell you the truth about it being a term first used by an anti-gun Congressman. Mario Biaggia (D-NY), a former NYPD Detective and anti-gun rights, fear-mongering liberal. The term is meant to strike fear in all who hear it. The use of the term is nothing but a fear tactic used by people who do not like guns and do not believe you should ever have one.

  52. The “Cop Killer” bullets were a gun grabber imaginary threat. I’ve been an LEO since 1976 and a gun-rights activist since 1968 and am intimately familiar with that issue and it was garbage, a total fake and Red Herring, on the same vein as the ‘assault weapons’ and ‘undetectable plastic guns’ gun grabber operations.

    Despite our occasional internal problems the NRA continues to be the most effective and most powerful of the pro-RTKBA groups and I belong to almost ALL of them. The “bankruptcy” is a legal move to allow the NRA to disconnect from it’s NY incorporation and NY’s open attack on the NRA’s very existence; allowing NRA to reincorporate in Texas, a relatively pro-gun state.

    W. L. Liddell, Sgt. NNPD, (ret.) 1976-2011.

  53. wayne lapierre has been up there too long. while he has been a good director it’s past time to get someone new in there. should of moved from NY years ago, never understood why they stayed there.

  54. Now, if they’ll just get rid of Lapierre, I’ll renew my membership. But as long as he holds a position of power, I’ll hold my money.

  55. The NRA was once a great organization, but has just had too many problems and political infighting over the years. I used to be a big supporter, but pulled my membership in the 80’s when they supported the sale of “cop killer” bullets.


  57. Well, my “membership” is supposed to be good until March 2022 but I’ve been through this before so it looks like I’ll be out whatever time remains even if they survive. Creditors usually require all memberships, subscriptions, etc. be terminated as part of the debt reduction process. Fortunately I never paid for a “lifetime” membership so my loss will be low. I had a lifetime membership in another company that declared bankruptcy and “reorganized”; the first thing they did after that was send all the “lifetime” members a notice that their membership was terminated and we would have to start over. Seems that “lifetime” means either of the member OR of the company and a bankruptcy declaration means the company’s “life” is over and the reorganized company is considered a “new” life!

  58. Good for the NRA. New York is anti-American much less anti-NRA. Get out and take any business that the state makes taxes off of and go to Texas. More power to you. New York is a lost cause with Il Duce at the helm and his acolytes working on his regressive ‘progressive’ agenda.

  59. NRA should have fired LaPierre decades ago.

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