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Video: U.S. Law Shield — Self-Defense With a Shovel

Although many have adopted 24/7 carry to protect themselves or family members, whether in the home or on the road, there are times you may still find yourself unarmed. Other circumstances, such as a malfunction, may leave you searching for the nearest thing you can grab to defend yourself. This is a case where the nearest tool happened to be a shovel. In this video, U.S. Law Shield offers guidance on how to handle any the confrontation—after surviving the encounter.

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Is the National Firearms Act Headed for Extinction Like the Dinosaur It Is?

Two men were recently convicted in Kansas under the National Firearms Act for doing what was legal under state law. The feds ignored a state law that prohibited the federal government from enforcing any laws restricting firearms within the borders of Kansas. This showdown pitted States Rights and the Second Amendment against the taxing power of the federal government. U.S. Law Shield will explore the history behind the NFA and why now may be the right time to challenge its constitutionality.

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No Plans for Prison? Staying 922r Compliant

Don’t risk your personal or financial freedom by building your battle rifle or shotgun with the wrong parts. Title 18 of the U.S. Code (18 USC), Chapter 44 Section 922 breaks down the unlawful acts and ignorance is no excuse. Here is the information you’ll need to plan your build.