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Oliver North speaking at the 2018 NRA convention


Oliver North Set to Become Next NRA President

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has announced that retired Marine Corps Lt. Col. Oliver North will become the next president of the association “within a few weeks.” The news stunned some in that Pete Brownell (abruptly) decided not to run for a second term, Both the NRA’s first and second vice presidents were also unable to take the position, but none of that dampened the enthusiasm for North.

Several pistols on display at a show


NRA: New York Wants Handguns to be Rationed in Virginia

Whenever a politician or anti gunner proposes legislation and explains it as common sense, there is one thing you can be sure of, it is anything but common sense to gun owners or those who believe in the Second Amendment. Such is the case of the call from Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe for the enactment of a new one-handgun-a-month law to mimic a handgun rationing law that was repealed in 2012.

Hillary Clinton on the debate stage


NRA: Hillary Wants Your Gun to Be ‘Unusable’ at Home

The candidate who claimed politicians “need both a public and a private position” on policy issues demonstrated that tendency Wednesday night in the final presidential debate in a desperate bid for damage control on a statement she made in a private meeting with wealthy donors when she slammed the Supreme Court as “wrong on the Second Amendment” and called for reinstating the assault weapons ban.

Dana Loesch


Loesch Uses Anti-Gun Group’s Message to Support the Second Amendment

Loesch is vocal and high profile, but hardly alone when it comes to the vitriol of the gun control crowd. The antis call themselves “peace-loving,” then turn around, and show their true colors. They use social media to publish threats to harm, debase, and threaten to kill gun owners and their families with the sickest forms of speech and wishes. Read the full story here.

Seal of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania


The NRA and Second Amendment Rights Dealt a Major Blow in Pennsylvania

To protect against biased local governments, Pennsylvania lawmakers passed a law in 2014 that made local lawmakers a bit nervous. Local communities that passed draconian laws that conflicted with state laws or rights granted by the states could find themselves on the defendant line of lawsuits from the NRA. However, a state court struck down that law earlier this week.

Police Making an Arrest

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Chicago Pays the NRA… Again!

A perennial champion of the Second Amendment, the NRA strikes another victory for the Second Amendment raising Chicago’s anti-gun law reimbursement to over $1.5 million!