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Machetes: Not Just for B Movies

Cold Steel Latin Machete

Whether used as a basic cutting implement or a fearsome weapon, sometimes nothing beats a gigantic foot-long blade made of heavy carbon steel. We carry some machetes made of the best metal and sold by famous knife and tool companies, and we also have some that are cheaper than… well, you know!

Cold Steel Heavy Machete

Cold Steel Heavy Machete
Cold Steel Heavy Machete

This monster from Cold Steel has a super thick blade nearly 15 inches long, made from 1055 Carbon Steel. It is coated with a baked-on black anti-rust finish. Its plain and simple with no decorations, just a pound and a half of blade and a black plastic handle. The Heavy Machete puts a maximum amount of weight out at the end of its blade for extra cutting power. The best part is, it’s only $10.98, which ties it with Cold Steel’s other entry-level machetes as the cheapest choppers around.

Ontario Knife Company 18-inch Machete

Ontario Knife Co Machete
Ontario Knife Company Machete

If you haven’t heard of the Ontario Knife Company, you’re probably not in the military. They make the M9 bayonet, Navy Mk 3 knife, the Marine Corps combat knife… you get the idea. They even make the machete that the US military issues, NSN: 5110-00-813-1286. So the fact that you can get a high-quality machete from them for just $19.75 is pretty impressive. The customer reviews on this machete are stellar, the only complaint anyone seems to have is that they don’t throw in a scabbard for your twenty bucks.  Made of 1095 carbon steel with a black oxide finish, it’s another basic, no-frills design from a company that makes high quality edged weapons for Uncle Sam’s finest.

Gerber “Bear Grylls” Parang

Bear Grylls Parang
Bear Grylls Parang Machete

The parang is an Indonesian variant of the machete. Its blade is curved distinctively to help prevent binding and breakage if it gets stuck while chopping a path through the thick Asian jungle. Bear Grylls often carries a parang on his survival TV show “Man vs. Wild”, and now Gerber is making a very nice version with his name on it. The full tang blade is just over a foot long and comes with a nice edge on it from the factory, no sharpening needed. The soft rubber overmolded grip looks comfortable and even the sheath is high quality. Machetes are supposed to be crude instruments, but this one’s blade is a graceful design. You know, for a machete.

Ka-Bar ZK Pestilence Chopper

Ka-Bar Pestilence Chopper
Ka-Bar Pestilence Chopper

Ka-Bar has released an entire line of knives intended to keep the living safe from the undead during the coming zombie apocalypse. Right now half of you think this is the coolest item on this whole page, and the other half of you are shaking your heads and rolling your eyes. Regardless of the marketing, it’s a Ka-Bar so you know it doesn’t suck. The blade is made of SK5 steel, hardened to 57-58 Rockwell, meaning that this bad boy will hold a sharp edge for a long time. The entire line of Ka-Bar zombie knives have neon green handles so survivors can spot each other’s cool gear from far away. The Pestilence Chopper is a serious piece of hardware despite being marketed in a quirky, fun way.

Legal disclaimer guy says: To wit, the Pestilence Chopper is intended for use against Pestilence and the undead minions of Pestilence. Performance against other Horsemen of the Apocalypse is not guaranteed and neither Ka-Bar nor Cheaper Than Dirt recommends anyone but a trained professional engage in mortal combat with said Horsemen.

Gerber Gator Machete Pro

Gerber Gator Machete Pro
Gerber Gator Machete Pro

I don’t know if I saved the best for last, but I think I definitely saved the coolest looking for last. The Gerber Gator Machete Pro has been featured on TV’s “The Walking Dead”, and it’s not hard to see why it’s a zombie TV show star– this sucker is wicked looking. Since its a Gerber, the quality and value are there, the Gator Pro costs only $35.47 and the 10.5-inch blade is made from cold-pressed 1075 steel.  The rubberized grip looks very comfortable to me, the sheath is high quality, and this machete even comes with a sharpener from Gerber. Although the design looks futuristic and aggressive to my eyes, it’s actually closely based on the old “Woodman’s Pal” design first issued to the US Army in 1941.

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  1. I like the Gerber Gator best of all with these choices, but prefer the woodsman pal or my “hardware store special” all are useful and formidable weapon when needed. Some of the conflict in African has shown the would what a cheap Chinese machete can do to a populus.


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