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Cold Steel SRK knife on Kydex sheath

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Cold Steel SRK Survival Rescue Escape Knife

Cold steel has been one of the leaders in the knife industry producing all manner of cutlery ranging from affordable to extravagantly high-end. The all time favorite is the Cold Steel SRK—Survival Rescue Knife. Unfortunately, Cold Steel’s famed Carbon V steel has been discontinued. However, it was replaced with the new AUS8 SRK version which Major Pandemic puts to the test.

CRKT OC3 knife laid across sheath and Glock handgun

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The CRKT OC3 Knife

The CRKT OC3 is designed by sixth-degree black belt Pat Cascio and knife maker Brian Wagner. The result of this meeting of the minds is an extraordinary knife with excellent capabilities. During the past few years, CRKT has brought together the best and brightest knife designers and makers, and the result is nothing short of amazing, but is it as good as your EDC knife?

ATI AR-22 Pistol Stock System

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SHOT Show 2016 Special Edition Day 4: New Accessories

The 2016 SHOT Show offers an overflowing array of tempting goodies, so much so that consumers may feel overwhelmed at the task of figuring out what to buy in the coming year. To help out, we’re offering a sampler of some of the more interesting products from a vast and diverse assortment.

Ruger Accurate Knife with SR40 pistol.

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Ruger Jumps into the Knife Market

Ruger firearms are respected for workmanlike function, durability and accuracy. Ruger knives are functional and rugged, and they have the proper geometry for cutting chores. Read the full story to learn more about Ruger knives.