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Black fixed blade knife with Tanto plain-edged blade

Blades and Knives

New Pocket Knives and Fixed Blades

The gear we choose for our everyday carry is just as important and varied as the guns we chose for self-defense. Be it a small, folding tradition pocketknife you inherited to a fixed blade partially serrated boot knife made for thrusting, a knife is usually carried every day. Not only for backup self-defense, but a knife can also save our life. If you like edged weapons, survival tool and tactical knives, check out these six new blades at on The Shooter’s Log.

This is a picture of a military surplus bayonet.

Blades and Knives

CheaperThanDirt’s! Top Selling Knives

The knife—in all its different forms—is one of the oldest tools people have used. Early man used the sharp edges of bones and rocks to cut and chop, some say even before they discovered fire. Today, the high-tech materials we have to create new and innovative blades means we have knives that meet any niche from skinning hides to cutting through automobiles. A day doesn’t go by without the need of some type of sharp-edged tool. No matter the type of cutting, slashing, or carving job, be it for hiking, camping, bush-whacking, hunting, cutting a juicy steak, or repairs around the house, the best part of any edged-tool or knife is that it serves two purposes—a useful tool and back-up for self-defense. Five of our top-selling sharp-edged tools all differ in function. They are a tomahawk, bayonet, primitive Bowie, and self-defense.