Winner #1— ATI’s New 3-Gun Rifle, So New it Does Not Even Have Name Yet

ATI 3 gun right

3-gun shooters—or more importantly those looking for a quality 3-gun rifle that won’t break the bank—can rejoice. ATI has announced, well… actually it is so new ATI hasn’t even announced a name for it yet. This means the winner is going to have one of the very first guns to hit the street! ATI 3 gun right Here are the details The Shooter’s Log has managed to pry out of ATI. The new offering is a full-blown race gun for under $1000! It is built on an ATI MilSport forged 7075 T6 aluminum upper and lower receiver. The new gun features a 16-inch match grade .223 Wylde barrel with a 1:7 twist, mid-length gas system and nitride finish. The barrel is tipped with a Rifenbark Armory SOM (Sound of Madness) muzzle brake and covered with a 13-inch Free Float Keymod rail sporting ATI and Lucas logo engravings.

On the back end the new rifle features a six-position Luth AR stock with cheek riser with Ergo pistol grip. The flat 3.5-pound CMC single-stage trigger promises to perform even better than it looks, which is a hefty task to be sure. Best of all perhaps is that ATI guarantees all parts are American made.

While you can win this one and be one of first to shoot ATI’s new 3-gun, for the rest of us Lucas Oil’s shooting team will be promoting the rifle at major matches across the nation. That means all 18 shooters will have them with opportunities for you to take the rifle for a test run at major events. MSRP: $999

Have you entered yet?

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  1. Call it, “The Lubricator” another great product from Lucas oil to free sticky situations. You have my ffl on file if you see fit to use this. An advertising agency will charge more than a grand.

    1. BTW, “Grease Gun” is already taken. Used to carry the M3 when I was assigned to an artillery unit and the other one cares for my truck.

  2. would go great with my ati multisport quadrail ar. I have alot of ati firearms in my safe and never a complaint.
    Hitman Firearms

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