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Is the Polymer Lower a Good Idea?

Traditionally, much of the AR is already plastic. However, recent developments are pushing the limits of the AR design, and the polymer lower receiver is now commonplace.

ATI FXH .45 1911 pistol right profile


Range Report: FXH .45 — The Hybrid 1911 From ATI

For some time, American Tactical Imports has offered affordable firearms giving everyone a chance to get into the shooting game. These 1911s may be diamonds in the rough, but they are single-action 1911 handguns, and they are .45s. These GI Type guns have given many shooters on a budget the opportunity to try their hand at Old Slabsides at an exciting price.

Federal American Eagle .410/.45 Long Colt ammunition combo pack


.410 Loads for Self-Defense — A Carjacker’s Worst Nightmare and More

I have always loved the .410. At a young age, I was introduced to it as an alternative to the .22 long rifle for rabbits and squirrels. Due to the shot pattern, it was easier to harvest the fast moving little critters. Later, I was introduced to bird hunting and quickly realized those old men were not shooting the .410 to gain an advantage. Instead, it was a show of skill on fast-moving Bobwhite’s. However, it was when I was first introduced to the .410 for self-defense that I gained a respect for the cartridge.

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Winner #1— ATI’s New 3-Gun Rifle, So New it Does Not Even Have Name Yet

Here are the details The Shooter’s Log has managed to pry out of ATI. The new offering is a full-blown race gun for under $1000! It is built on an ATI MilSport forged 7075 T6 aluminum upper and lower receiver. The new gun features a 16-inch match grade .223 Wylde barrel with a 1:7 twist, mid-length gas system and nitride finish.