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Mature whitetail buck

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3 Tips for Low-Impact Deer Scouting

Many successful deer hunters spend more time scouting than hunting. And for the whitetail elite, scouting is a year-‘round proposition. But late summer seems to be the time when most everyday deer hunters get serious. Bow season is right around the corner, and they’re anxious to pattern deer for fast success once the opener arrives. Consequently, they ramp up their scouting activities in the field. However, human encroachment in the whitetail’s world is a complex thing.

before and after food plot


6 Tips for Drought Proofing Food Plots

The mercury is rising across the nation which means this is the time of year that parts of the whitetails’ range are, or could soon be, under a drought. Don’t spoil your season before it starts! Following these six steps for drought proofing food plots could mean the difference between having some food for deer or a complete withered failure.

Snow geese and Ross geese preparing to land


10 Tips for Snow Geese Success

If you’ve never hunted snow geese, you have at least one item left on your bucket list! There is a special conservation season to save the tundra removes several restrictions and ensures the action will be fast and your barrel overheated. Electric calls, no limit, no plugs and extended mags… Make your snow goose season count with these tips.

Hunter in a Treestand

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Quick Hunting Tip: Use Your Head and Your Backpack

Hunting from an elevated stand is a very popular method of hunting and for some hunters it is the only option. Knowing how to properly use a safety harness is vital, hanging your treestand in a secure fashion is critical and knowing how to correctly ascend up into your tree is crucial. But planning for a possible worse case scenario may be the thing that actually saves your life if you should experience a fall from an elevated stand.

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Quick Hunting Tip: 3 Tips for Quieter Hunting Gear

Sometimes during the hustle and bustle of trying to get ready for a hunt we overlook some of the tiniest details. It never fails these are the things that will drive you crazy and possibly even wreck your hunt. These quick hunting tips will help you achieve a quieter hunt when stalking your prey.