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I’m Stuck In Colder Weather

I’m baaaacccck. Did y’all miss me? CTD Rob and CTD Mike did a good job of picking up my slack though. Temperatures dropped here overnight and today’s high will only be 55 degrees. To me, that’s freezing. Yesterday our high was 84! I guess it’s time to dig out the sweaters and get ready for the cold months (okay, weeks here in Texas).

SIG Sauer Conceal Carry Coat

I think the concealed carry coat is a brilliant idea. It has a hidden pocket in it to fit your SIG P220 or any full-sized 1911 handguns. The SigTac coat is made of cotton canvas and will keep you and your pistol warm when it’s cold outside.

Heat Up Your Man Cave

Heat up your man cave with the Mr. Heater Little Buddy BaseCamp indoor-safe heater. The Little Buddy heater is propane-powered and will heat up the garage, workshop, the porch, patio, deck, storage building, barn, shed, hunting blinds, or take it tailgating. Everyone in the whole family will find a use for it. It will provide five and a half hours of heat using a one-pound disposable propane tank.

Keep Your Toesies Warm

I super duper hate it when my toes get cold. It’s one of the worst things ever about cold weather. These Heat Factory socks start out warm because they are made of a wool blend. Then have a special little place to put a warmer, which is included. They fit shoe size nine to 11. They will be roomy on my tiny size seven and a half, but that’s okay.

Hoodies- a Cold Weather Staple

I’m not a big fan of sweaters, but hoodies? They are my cold-weather staple item. I have almost as many hoodies as I do shoes. Seriously, nobody looks bad in a hoodie. And they keep you warm. The best thing about this hoodie is that it’s black. And oh, did I mention it has “Glock” on it?

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