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Tenzing Brings Increased Protection to Soft Cases

Tenzing TZ UPSCB 52 Upland Shotgun Case with orange

Hard cases are the way to go for some situations, but they are not the only case or the base case in others. In fact, soft gun cases hold multiple advantages over hard cases in lots of situations. They’re lightweight, tend to slide around less and are better overall options for day-to-day long gun handling and transport. But they do have their drawbacks. Ordinary soft gun cases offer inferior protection against bumps and drops, while inexpensive materials and construction methods make them prone to all manner of premature failures.

Forget what you know about ordinary soft gun cases.

Tenzing TZ UPSCB 52 Upland Shotgun Case with orange
Tenzing TZ UPSCB 52 Upland Shotgun Case

Soft but semi-rigid, Tenzing’s new TZ UPSCB 52 Upland Shotgun Case is anything but ordinary. It combines superior components and materials with extraordinary design to provide best-in-class protection for shotguns up to 52” in total length.

It’s what’s inside that counts. In this case, a plush, soft cloth-covered foam padding envelops precious contents on all sides while providing extreme protection against drops and mishandling.

On the outside, a tough, abrasion- and water-resistant Nylon skin forms the case’s hardworking exterior in task-minded blaze orange with tasteful upland green accents. A large zippered pocket makes ample room for secure storage of accessories like shims and tools, along with choke tubes in built-in holders. Two additional mesh pockets provide storage for additional items.

Reliable transport is afforded via padded and reinforced carry handles, along with a detachable, padded shoulder strap. A heavy-duty zipper with dual, lockable pulls runs the length of the case for easy access and closure.

Tenzing TZ UPSCB 52 Upland Shotgun Case (Model 75401 / UPC 75401-9)

  • Built for Shotguns 52” (overall case length 53”)
  • Water resistant outer shell
  • Semi-rigid design
  • Interior foam padding
  • Padded carry handle
  • Removable, padded shoulder strap
  • Choke tube holders
  • Twin mesh pockets
  • Large accessory pocket
  • Blaze with upland green accents
  • MSRP $119.99

Your prized shotguns aren’t of much use within the security of your gun safe. When you bring them out for transport to the field, treat them to the best-in-class protection of a Tenzing TZ UPSCB 52 Upland Shotgun Case, available now at an average retail price of $119.99. Additional Tenzing products for the upland hunter include the new TZ BVB 16 Upland Bird Vest in Blaze, and the new TZ UPSBB Upland Field Bag.

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  1. I have a couple of hard cases for very special guns, like my original 1943 M1 Garand, but all my other long guns live in soft cases between trips to the field or range.

    These new cases are intriguing and worth a look.

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