Background Checks – What the Government Won’t Tell You

Wayne LaPierre

The President will get in front of a podium and make an impassioned speech about the need for expanded gun control laws, but what is he leaving out? Remember the President saying, “Even the NRA used to support expanded background checks”? What is the truth behind the NRA and background checks? Watch the video to learn the truths the President does not want you to know.

Did Wayne LaPierre’s message surprise you? Learn something new? Spread this message to shooting friends and more importantly to your friends and acquaintances who support gun control to educate them about background checks.

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  1. you insulted me gman.. I get insulted; I insult back. Tombstone is correct. I shouldn’t have said all. You could have addressed that instead of insulting me but you didn’t.

    1. @ jude,

      So rather than take the high road to apologize and admit you were wrong, you instead waste such an opportunity to redeem yourself by further displacing blame for your own poor actions with the excuse that I insulted you first.

      Such a childish tit-for-tat mentality is immature and counterproductive. But more ridiculous is your claim that I had somehow insulted you first. Just because you may not like that I confronted your inaccuracies about something you wrote does not make for an insult. You need to learn the difference.

      Below is a brief summary of my post to you. A reasonable person could never have found my comment insulting as it simply stated irrefutable facts:

      1) I stated I was federal law enforcement of 33 years.
      2) I stated I would be interested to know more about this so-called law you claim.
      3) I then stated your claim was not true and actually the opposite of the facts.
      4) I stated the records are required to be maintained for 20 years or you go to prison.
      5) I concluded that since your claim is inaccurate, that provides enough reason to question the legitimacy of everything else you wrote.

      As you can see, not a single thing I wrote was insulting because it was all fact. Again, just because you didn’t like being confronted publicly with facts does not entitle you to call it an insult.

      Regardless, your childish and ill-fated attempt to fire back insults wasn’t even upon me, but instead senselessly attacked millions of Fox News viewers. How was that appropriate even if you were actually insulted?

      Even still, you continue to display how utterly ridiculous you have been when you insist in your latest comment that somehow it was my responsibility to “address” your inaccuracies rather than “insult” you. The fact of the matter is, I did “address” you, but you didn’t like it.

      I am under no obligation to cater to your educational needs when anyone can read you original post and clearly see you did not come in here asking for further information on a topic; no, instead you came in making a bold statement about the law as if you knew something. Thereafter I corrected you and you chose to get offended.

      There is really nothing more to be said on this ridiculous exchange you’ve brought upon yourself.

  2. Not an opinion gman. Research using the FBI own site. Tombstone gabby may be correct. I’m sure they tell us many things that are not true. But research using legitimate and varied sources shows me facts unlike most of the people on here who listen to the lies of fox news and a few hate radio stations and think they have facts and never bother to double check anything. I don’t believe anything coming from Obama or Wayne lapierre. I’m not a brainless baby being spoonfed lies and my opinion holds as much value as anyone else’s..

    1. @ jude,

      Wow, settle down there kiddo. The mere fact you felt the need to insult people that happen to watch Fox News speaks volumes about your lack of maturity.

      It is beyond unreasonable that you think peoples’ sources for news somehow had a thing to do with my informing you – as a federal law enforcement agent – that you are flat out wrong. In your original post you flatly stated the following:

      “There’s actually a law, as any FBI agent should be able to tell you, that requires all background check records to be destroyed.”

      So I being that federal agent whom you claimed “should be able to tell you”, would in-fact NOT be able to make such a statement – because it is NOT true; and thus I spoke up and told you otherwise.

      So now you want to argue with me and post links to FBI sites that you don’t even understand. You can do all the research you like, but if you don’t know how to assimilate such information, it is worthless to you.

      Simply put, the most important “background check record” that initiates the entire NICS background check is the BATFE Form 4473. BY LAW under penalty of imprisonment, that RECORD is NOT allowed to be destroyed and must be retained for a period no less than 20 years.

      The reference you provided directs the destruction to all other side-paperwork and notes that may have been created by contractors during the NICS check. But this is irrelevant and inconsequential to the Form 4473 which cannot be destroyed, and IS THE primary record which holds all your personal information and gun registration for a period of no less than 20 years.

      So while you may think your “opinion holds as much value as anyone else’s”, my FACTS trump your ill-informed opinion. Next time try paying attention when a person identifies themselves as an authority on the matter. And also consider not being so insulting to others in this forum.

    2. It’s that other-side ‘electronic’ information that would amount to a clandestine National Firearms Registry that concerns me. The idea of ATF agents descending on all of the licenced dealers to collect their paperwork – then going through it page by page – does seem unlikely. Of course, when a dealer goes out of business, his records are passed to the government. It might be possible to do an OCR scan and put that information into a digital form – but would it be worth the time and effort? Conceded – the paperwork does exist and will for years, but as a basis for concerted government action – not very useful.
      Australia has been mentioned – there was no registration of long guns prior to 1970. Just how they went about convincing the public to register I don’t know. But the lists they developed allowed them to “buy-back” exactly what they wanted – all pump action and semi-automatic rifles and shotguns. The latest I’ve heard – lever action rifles are being considered for ‘removal’. One step at a time.

  3. Reality check in Washington State. During all of the gun control hype that was plastered all over the news boards in Dec, of 2015, I applied for my Concealed Pistol License on December 22nd. I went to my local Police Department (Town of ,35,000 people), I filled out a one page application , which had questions about past felony convictions, no contact orders(restraints), for domestic issues, weather or not I had ever been involuntarily committed to a mental institution, and weather or not I am addicted to illegal drugs. All yes or no questions. Easy enough. I was told that it would take 30 to 60 days for me to receive my License. To my surprise, I had received it in only 14 days. The Clerk at the Police Department said. ” Wow, that was the quickest turn around I have seen”. So after engaging in conversation as to why it came back approved so fast, here is what we arrived at:
    1.) I had a previous Conceal Carry Permit, first issued in 1998, expired in 2003. Required previous fingerprint card. On file with my Local Police Department.
    2.) I had Bio Scanning (Retina Eye Scan) by DHS in 2012 in order to get a TWIC card ID. I was already cleared in the FBI data base.
    it was fast and very efficient. The process was easy and quick. Cost me $58.00 total.
    So what ever the mainstream media says about how difficult it is to get a Conceal Carry License, none of what hey said was true at all.

    There are so many false statements being thrown around over so called “Gun Control”, the only way to find the truth is to discover it on your own.

    1. Here in Pa, we would consider that hard, granted there probably aren’t 35,000 people in my county. I just went into the county sheriff’s office, filled out the form listing two non-relative character references, answered the usual questions, had my picture taken, no prints, and she came back said, you’re clean, paid $24 and she handed me my permit. Took me about 30 min. at most.

  4. After the latest shooting in Philly where a LEO was targeted by a ISIS inspired nut job, The first thing out of the new Demo mayor was ” there are too many guns out there, Obama has to do something”. Then it came out that the gun the fanatic used was a service weapon sole from a officer’s home. All of a sudden you don’t hear anything about gun control. These Democrat idiots are preprogramed to holler gun control at just about any incident before they have any facts.

    1. Gun control? Like when Eric Holder–then the Attorney General–and his minions with the approval of Obama instituted Operation Fast and Furious? Remember? The DOJ and ATF facilitated the illegal purchase (by intimidating a legal gun dealer) of hundreds of guns that they knew were destined to wind up in the hands of Mexican druggies? The kind of gun control that killed hundreds of Mexicans and at least one US Border Patrol agent? You mean that kind of gun control?

  5. The NRA has the money so why don’t they put these messages on the air during the evening national news? Just one network once a week.

    1. In response to the Message being delivered over TV. Since December 1st 2015, I have seen multiple commercials on multiple networks by the NRA. They have various people doing the commentary voice overs. The NRA message is getting out there, I am seeing lots of Ads by the NRA promoting safe and sane Firearm Ownership. In addition, I am seeing counters to the false and misleading remarks being strewn about by the Gin Grabbers. Both Ruger and Smith and Wesson have had record setting sales in 2015. We can thank The POTUS for all that he has done for the Firearms Industry. Best salesperson for 2015.

  6. The thing is, while Wayne LaPierre is brilliantly making rational arguments which represent his supporters and most of America, none of that matters when it is in response to Obama who really only took executive action to cover his own incompetence which led to the shootings to begin with.

    Obama is like a magician flailing one hand to distract his audience while the other hand is sneaking the marked card back into his pocket.

    Obama knows his lack of courage, negligent leadership, lax standards, wimpy politics, and political correctness is directly responsible for recent global woes such as the mass progress ISIS has been allowed to make in a very short time.

    Obama also knows that at the same time his policies also shaped the internal woes of his own administration which created the attitudes for agencies like the INS and its agents who were too afraid to prevent a radicalize Muslim from entering our Country for fear of political correctness.

    Obama knows he got citizens killed and now he must wag the dog proclaiming a lack of gun control as the blame, all just to get simple minds focused off his real incompetence.

    1. @G-Man:

      Excellent description of Obama! You really put all the pieces together to describe what has happened since he took office, and how he operates.

      On a side note, even though Trump has said some crazy, aggressive things for months, the pundits on TV are starting to admit that he’s the only guy who isn’t afraid to tell it like it really is. I HATE political correctness, and Trump is the antithesis of political correctness.

    2. @ ss1,

      For the very reasons you’ve stated is precisely why Trump has become so popular and winning by massive margins in every poll. Trumps enormous approval is completely blowing the progressive liberals’ minds that such a man can be so popular after all their hard work over the past decades to suppress our free speech and condition our thoughts with their political correctness.

      What the liberals don’t get though is that while they were successful at shaming people into suppressing activities which were deemed politically in-correct out in public, they never actually altered our thoughts deep in our minds and souls.

      Liberals are incapable of understanding their goals are impossible and will always fail in the end given the sheer nature of humans and our never ending quest to always be free and to speak our minds. Humans will always revert back to doing as they please, whether it is right or wrong, simply because it is built into our DNA to do so.

      So with most Americans conditioned to hold their tongues these days, it has misled the liberals into a false sense of success. Truth is, deep inside we are all so overwhelmed and incredibly fed up with the oppressive forces felt by the liberal’s institutionalization of politically correct speech. Thus is why liberals are so confused that so many quietly speak through suppressed tongues by so loudly supporting Donald Trump.

      Even people that don’t normally care for the guy are offering support because he speaks his mind and says what many of us can only talk about around our dinner tables. Right now that is so refreshing that it will be THE REASON he will win the Republican nomination and more than like smoke Hilary for president.

      I’m not necessarily a Trump fan, but I must admit it has been pure therapy from the past 7 years of Obama-hell to watch Trump continually destroy the competition at every turn. I watched early on as both Obama and Hillary thought they could shut Trump down with standard liberal political correctness and instead Trump has shut them down. They are actually afraid now to even respond when Trump says something. It’s truly a beautiful thing to behold.

    3. No question: Trump has been great for forcing political discourse and being the antithesis of political correctness. One of his very first comments at the debate was that political correctness was destroying America. And he’s dead right on that one.

      However, he lacks coherence when he speaks. His thoughts are not very deep; at least, not verbalized that way. He wouldn’t survive a one-on-one will Billary. Worse, he tends to suggest carrying out actions & policies in an ego-centric way, rather than in light of Constitutional and executive boundaries. We already have a President like that.

      Ted Cruz, on the other hand, has not only proven himself to be principled in his actions and stances, but a Constitutional scholar who would, in a debate, chew Billary up and spit her out like an old piece of gum. Cruz is the antithesis of what we have in the White House (and much of spineless Congress) today.

      And, in anticipation of the tearful tyrant’s executive orders on gun “violence”, what does Ted do? He raffles off a shotgun with his campaign logo on it! Gotta love his style.

    4. Funny…Putin says that working with Obummer is like playing Chess with a Pigeon, He walks all over the board strutting his feathers and knocks all the pieces off the board while crapping all over it. Pretty much sums it up. POTUS is a crap laying Pigeon who does not know the game.

  7. I watched the CNN Townhall meeting on gun control. I was expecting it to be one sided with only Obama’s side of the story but it wasn’t too bad except you could tell how many Demos were there by the clapping. What was suprising was that the NRA was not there considering the meeting was literly right down the street. It seems to me this would have been the perfect place for Wayne LaPierre’s above message to be made. If you let the oposition define you – you don’t have a chance of winning.

    1. True, but only being allowed to ask 1 prewritten question by CNN wouldn’t have been much better.

    2. Looking at a number of newspaper reports: attendance at that ‘debate’ was by invitation only. According to a Huffington Post headline (and no, I didn’t click on it to read the article – HuffPo – bah humbug) – NRA was invited but declined. Haven’t received the weekly NRA email as yet so don’t yet have the facts of the matter.

    3. The NAGR is making a big deal they were there and the NRA wasn’t although I don’t recall hearing anything from their member in attendance. I daily get bombarded for membership renewal in NAGR even though I’ve never been a member and from the stuff Dudley Brown puts in these messages I never will be a member. Smells too much like someone trying to create panic just so people join his organization or more to the point send him money.

  8. This seems like a really legitimate concern but fortunately background checks don’t register guns. There’s actually a law, as any FBI agent should be able to tell you, that requires all background check records to be destroyed. I’m worried about a lot of things but Obama or any future president taking our guns isn’t something we need to worry about.(after all Obama only has a year left and confiscation of guns would take …oh …well past when hell freezes over…forever..ain’t never going to happen- common sense, the number of guns, and the stubbornness of gun owners tells you that). But I must say this whole Obama is going to take your guns scare tactic has been the best marketing plan ever created by gun manufacturers and sellers. More guns sold the last seven years than any one could have dreamed. And higher prices too.

    1. There’s all sorts of ‘laws’ on what the executive branch of the government must do or may not do. When I look at the recent reports on the activities of NSA, IRS, EPA, DoJ (especially ATF) Treasury et al, I just can’t help but feel that somewhere in the system, someone is keeping those NICS records that Congress decreed must be destroyed. Haven’t heard anything bad about the FBI in years; so no facts, just a ‘gut feeling’ based on the things we do know about the other government branches.

    2. @ jude,

      As a federal law enforcement agent of 33 years I would be quite interested in knowing more about this so-called law you claim – “that requires all background check records to be destroyed”.

      Nothing could be further from the truth and is quite the opposite, given the actual law requires those records be maintained for 20 years (some case longer) under penalty of imprisonment.

      Your belief in such a grave error of untruth speaks volumes about the legitimacy of your opinion that followed.

    3. CFR › Title 28 › Chapter I › Part 25 › Subpart A › Section 25.9
      28 CFR 25.9 – Retention and destruction of records in the system.

      So I shouldn’t have said ‘all’. Obviously records pertaining to disqualified persons are retained. A temporary restraining order disqualification is removed when said order is removed.
      My ‘feeling’ however is that it’s dollars to doughnuts that somewhere in the system there is a mid-level brown-nosing bureaucrat who is firmly convinced that keeping a permanent record of firearm purchases is what The Man would like. In your 33 years of service, did you ever come across such a bureaucrat?

  9. There is only one reason that Obama wants to have background checks for private sales. He wants all guns on the list, so he can confiscate them.

    Just because an older person has asked their children to take care of their finances, because it is difficult for them to get around, is no reason to take their rights to own a firearm away. They are the most vulnerable in our society

    Obama will pick on one group after another until only your group is left. Then there will be no one to stand up for you..

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