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Plano Magnum — Because Size Matters!

Plano 1812 Magnum

One of the best field/ammo boxes just got BIGGER. When it is time to head to the field with ammo, magazines, and gear, leave the blind bag behind and grab one of Plano’s Field/Ammo boxes. Preppers looking for storage solution need to take a close look as well!

Plano 1812 Magnum
Plano 1812 Magnum

In adventures across the globe, hunters and shooters have leaned on Plano’s venerable 1312, 1712, and 1612 Field/Ammo boxes for a decade. The low-cost, molded-plastic ammo cans are durable, won’t rust, and provide a practical and economical means of storing and transporting ammunition. And if the full story is to be told, the blue-collar versatility and low cost has made them a favorite vessel for all manner of shooting accessories… along with just about any other small items one could imagine.

New for 2016, Plano announces the addition of the 1812 Magnum Field/Ammo Box to its honest and hard-working line of Ammo Cans.

Forty-percent larger than Plano’s Model 1612 Big .50 Cal. Can—previously the largest available—the new, amply-sized 1812 Magnum Can comes with two removable dividers that section out three equally-sized, cavernous compartments—super handy for separating rounds of different calibers or sizes. A removable, drop-in storage tray rides beneath the lid and over the can’s main compartment for fast access to tools and accessories. Finally, a latched, quick-access storage compartment is molded right into the can’s lid for immediate access to remaining small items and sundries.

As with all Plano Field/Ammo Boxes, the 1812 Magnum is dressed with stout, no-nonsense hardware. A brass bail latch secures the goods without fail, while a heavy-duty molded handle holds up to the weight generated by heaps of magnum rounds.


  • Magnum Size
  • Exterior Dimension: 17”Lx10.38”Wx13”H
  • Top Lift Out Tray
  • Two Internal Dividers
  • Top Quick Access Storage in Lid
  • Brass Bail Latch
  • Heavy Duty Handle

MSRP $24.99 When size matters, Plano’s new 1812 Magnum Ammo/Field Box is ready-for-duty, and provides economical and workmanlike storage and transport for boxes of big-bore bullets… or, a whole lot of small ones.

Protect your ammunition. Protect your passion.

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Comments (4)

  1. They are not waterproof, barely water resistant. For less than $25 You can find many plastic tool boxes that that will serve the purpose.

  2. At super senior age I can hardly lift a 50 cal can full of any calibre, let alone this Plano 1812 monster. It would be limited to accessory status I’m sure.

  3. Are these cans waterproof or just water resistant? Meaning, if they were buried, would moisture or water seep in??

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