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Avoid Getting Lost

The words “I am lost” can create stress and chaos in a matter of seconds, especially if you do not have an immediate remedy for the problem. The fact is, we have all been lost at some point in our life. A simple missed turn on a busy highway or worse being lost in the middle of the wilderness. Sometimes there is an easy fix, and all you need is a map or a familiar landmark in order to get your bearings, other times you need a little assistance.


There are a number of compass models on the market from the very basic model to more detailed models, plus some which operate on battery or solar power. For this article we are focusing on basic, traditional type compasses, which do not require batteries or solar power. It is important to know compasses are more than just a device to help you find which direction is north; it can be an inexpensive piece of life saving equipment.

However it is important to point out a compass is only as good as the person using it. Translation, if you do not know how to accurately use a compass you could be wandering around for a very long time. You need to ask yourself a few questions before buying a basic compass. Is it made with anti-fog materials? Is it easy to read with the naked eye? Does it offer a sight window? Does it float? Does it have a lanyard?

BackTrack GPS

Perhaps you are not comfortable using a traditional compass or maybe you will be working from a base camp location and just need to mark your trails. The Bushnell BackTrack GPS unit is a great option to use when headed for a day of hiking or deep into the woods to mark a new hunting location. You no longer have to fuss with all the fancy and sometimes difficult settings on some GPS units, because this unit is small enough to hang around your neck or tuck into pocket. This device is a great solution to larger, bulkier, more complicated GPS devices. The BackTrack is easy to use and can mark up to three waypoints.

The Spot Satellite GPS Messenger Unit

Are you looking for a small device that can provide you with a little extra insurance while in the wild? The “Spot” Satellite GPS Messenger unit might be the tool for you. The “Spot” not only gives you enhanced GPS capabilities, it also offers a little peace of mind. How? Unlike other GPS devices the “Spot” unit offers a satellite messaging communication feature, which helps you stay in contact with family and friends during your excursion. It can also radio for help in an emergency situation.

The good news is most people who venture out into the wilderness are usually pretty adept at finding their way back, but things can happen. Knowing which device to use and knowing how to use them properly can eliminate some of the stress if you do find yourself lost.

Do you have a favorite tool to keep from getting lost? Let us know in the comment section.

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