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The number of whitetail deer now exceeds 36 million.


Get Out Now for Consistent Hunting Success This Fall

Have you ever asked yourself: “Why does (the other guy) get a nice buck every year when I do all the right things, and hunt where good bucks are known to be but still come up short?” It’s a tough question. However, we have the answers you are looking for.

Huntress with shotgun over her shoulder and GPS in hand.

Hunting and Outdoors

Women Afield — Up Your Odds on Public Land

A little legwork may help in the long run by signaling if the areas you hope to target produce the most, or even trophy, animals. This allows you to select lands that fit your hunting plans and hunting style and cuts down on wasted opportunities. Read this article to learn how.

White multi-layered dehydrator with a teal rimmed lid and a on a white background.


A Prepper Gift List for the Non-Prepper

If you’re not a prepper, check this list of not-so-common gift ideas for your favorite prepper and maybe even for yourself. Whether you’re drawn to a simple shovel or a fancy food dehydrator, there’s something on this holiday gift list for every prepper you know.

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Avoid Getting Lost

It is important to point out a compass is only as good as the person using it. Translation, if you do not know how to accurately use a compass you could be wandering around for a very long time. You need to ask yourself a few questions before buying a basic compass. Is it made with anti-fog materials? Is it easy to read with the naked eye? Does it offer a sight window? Does it float? Does it have a lanyard?