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Throwback Thursday: Six Visual Distress Signals

The slightest slips in judgment have found many experienced and inexperienced hikers in jeopardy. Even the most practiced outdoorsmen can be lost or injured in the field. Are you prepared to spend a night, or even a few days in the wilderness when you least expect to? To help search and rescue find you if you happen to get lost during an outdoor adventure, pack essential survival items, learn how to use a compass and know the international distress signals for help.

Camping & Survival

Avoid Getting Lost

It is important to point out a compass is only as good as the person using it. Translation, if you do not know how to accurately use a compass you could be wandering around for a very long time. You need to ask yourself a few questions before buying a basic compass. Is it made with anti-fog materials? Is it easy to read with the naked eye? Does it offer a sight window? Does it float? Does it have a lanyard?

Camping & Survival

Mission Ready Personal Survival Kit — SEAL Approved

Unless you add a survival expert to the kit—or can fit him or her in your pocket—the kit will be of little use unless you know how and when to use it. Carrying a handcuff key is great. However when the SHTF, you had better already have a plan in place to secure the key and keep it from being discovered before you need it. A compass is of little use to someone who does not know how to navigate with a map or shoot a back azimuth. How did your list stack up?

Camping & Survival

NavELite Introduces New Waterproof Backlit Compass

NaveELite partnered with the up-and-coming HzO, Inc. to offer a high-quality compass that is easy to see in any condition, even underwater. The compass is wrist-worn—like a watch—and features the same electroluminescent backlighting as the previous model. The WaterBlock™ technology will keep the compass working, even underwater. The compass is magnetic as opposed to digital, so it will work in any location. The backlighting allows for vivid, clear readability at night or in dark conditions, and will not short out if used when wet, dirty or in heavy humidity.