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Arex Offers Free Holsters to All Customers — Past and Present

Arex Rex zero one paddle holster

After Trump won the Presidency, the panic buying stopped, and the gun market was suddenly flooded. That was good news for buyers looking to fill that empty spot in the safe or collection, but tough on manufacturers. In response, manufacturers cut prices by offering rebates, upgrades, or accessories. That’s great for those in the market, but what about the unlucky Joe who bought something the day before the rebate period, or the early adopter who bought the model when it was first introduced? Arex Rex zero one paddle holster Arex Rex, imported by the FIME Group, asked the same question? After some head scratching, the answer was obvious. Why limit it to new sales? If you believe in a product such as the Rex as strongly as Arex and FIME do, you have to put that same level of attention to the customer before and after the sale.

The Scoop

The original source is always the best, so I jumped at the chance to hop across the pond and visit the Arex factory in Slovenia with a few other select writers (Watch for the story in the coming weeks). While there, The Shooter’s Log got the scoop—the official announcement will hit the wires the wires on Wednesday—Arex will offer a free molded paddle holster to all Arex Rex owners through the end of the year. So, whether you bought your Rex pistol on day one or need to save a bit more before making a purchase, Arex and FIME have your back.

“We are not trying to buy the next customer with a rebate or freebie. We wanted to take care of all of our customers, by offering them the incentive—even after the sale. After all, they are all part of the Rex family,” said Walker English, director of sales for FIME Group.

Do you own a Rex pistol? Which model? Share your answers in the comment section.

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  1. just got it today ….Christmas gift so i can shot it for 6 more day …..but wow …love what i have seen so for

  2. Buying this handgun was a treat but tricking it out and seeing it put together then firing it! Can’t describe the way it performs, very smooth and not as heavy as I thought. 20 rd magazines are a plus also. Now the wife wants one….Grrr

  3. I bought a Rex Zero 1S and a my favorite EDC the Rex Zero 1CP, The 1CP wasn’t even available but I got lucky because my FFL knows folks at FME and picked me up a Rex 1CP in January in Las Vegas at Shot Show 2016! I can’t wait to get a Rex Holster! Thanks again Arex, FME and Polenar Tactical!

  4. I’ve owned my Zero 1S since mid January and could not be happier. What a fantastic pistol! It’s great that they’ve made this offer available to all owners. I just went through the registration process on the FIME Group website…. quick and easy.

  5. Great news!! I own 2 Rex pistols, the 1S and CP models. They are fantastic and some of the best firearms I own.
    I’m looking forward to getting holsters for both.

    1. Either later this fall or in January 2018 for sure. I saw them on the models during our tour. ~Dave Dolbee

  6. Do you know when/how they will officially make the offer to current customers ? I can’t find anything online about it. Never mind, I just re-read the article. Wednesday.

  7. Do you know when/how they will officially make the offer to current customers ? I can’t find anything online about it.

    1. The link should be up today on the FIME Group website – FIME Group homepage

      I just spent a day a the range with Arex and FIME and received one of the holsters. It fit well and is adjustable to get just the right hold on the gun. You should be pleased with it. ~Dave Dolbee

    2. Indianasteve,
      Thanks for being a reader and contributing to the conversation. BTW, Arex is going to introduce a Nickel version of the Rex zero 1 and a new competition ready pistol called the Alpha in January 2018. The Alpha was an absolute dream to shoot straight out of the box. ~Dave Dolbee

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