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cutaway of a lead core bullet with a red polycoat sheath


Review: Federal Syntech Ammunition

Syntech uses a total synthetic jacket, termed the TSJ by Federal Cartridge Company. The lead-alloy core is covered with a red polymer coating. No lead, which is termed a heavy metal, is exposed. From the company that gave us Nyclad ammunition, this is just another step but a different and important one. This isn’t really a coating, but more of a durable sheath or shield.

Arex Rex zero one paddle holster


Arex Offers Free Holsters to All Customers — Past and Present

“We are not trying to buy the next customer with a rebate or freebie. We wanted to take care of all of our customers, by offering them the incentive—even after the sale. After all, they are all part of the Rex family,” said Walker English, director of sales for FIME Group.