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A Case for Crimson Trace

Springfield XD-S with Crimson Trace Laserguard right angle

Gun owners are anything but shy when it comes to talking about firearms, what they like and what didn’t work. Good quality and good service earn the most chatter, but the right ammunition or a good Cerakote will get them talking as well. More and more of those conversations now include information and discussion about laser sights, and Crimson Trace is often at the top of the list.

Springfield XD-S with Crimson Trace Laserguard left angle
Springfield XD-S with Crimson Trace Laserguard

“I had a chance today to show several friends (and even two strangers) at my local gun range how the laser improves one’s aim and accuracy,” wrote Mr. J. Greene from South Carolina. “I know they were impressed.” This is an example of the stream of favorable customer testimonial letters received at Crimson Trace.

There is plenty to write—and talk—about. With more than 200 laser sights, and with more green laser sights than the rest of the laser industry combined, Crimson Trace makes a strong case that it is the nation’s leading laser sight manufacturer. Additionally, the diverse Crimson Trace products fit on specific revolvers, and on pistols by leading manufacturers such as Kimber, Glock, Smith and Wesson, Ruger, and others. Crimson Trace Lasergrips are precision engineered to be the perfect replacement grips on a large group of firearms. Installation generally requires the use of a screwdriver and does not require special gunsmithing skills.

Another point that Crimson Trace laser sight owners tell other gun enthusiasts is about the company’s Free Batteries for Life program—the only owner assistance of this type in the industry. The Wilsonville, Oregon based company recently expanded its FREE batteries program to cover nearly all Crimson Trace product categories, such as Lasergrips, Rail Master, Laserguard, Lightguard and others, except the Defender series and some Bodyguard products. To enter the Crimson Trace Free Batteries For Life program, customers should call the company’s customer care center (800-442-2406), go to and register online, or complete and mail the registration card included with the product at purchase.

Customer Service is a way of corporate life that Crimson Trace takes great pride in, and letters arrive frequently about the caring and professional service provided by the company’s customer service team. Those dedicated Crimson Trace customers also relay information about events ranging from self-defense uses to training experiences that result in improved accuracy. Crimson Trace customers regularly tell friends about the company—and its many products.

Are you a Crimson Trace fan? What is your favorite laser product? Share it in the comment section.


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  1. I always thought lasers were bit of a novelty, especially for small sub-compact guns. Then I got a really good deal on a Ruger LCP with a laser max laser on it. I thought I would take the laser off and sell it. Then I shot the LCP with the laser. I was amazed at how much it help my accuracy, but more impressive is how it improved the speed of my followup shots. Now, I’m sold on a good laser on a sub-compact pocket gun.

  2. Try a green dot instead of red. They show up better (at least for me) in sunlight.

    But no matter what, a laser does not replace solid shooting skills . . . grip, trigger control, actions on a malfunction, and knowing how to use your iron sights in the event of a laser failure.

  3. Lasers definitely have their value. The only gun I currently have the laser installed on is a Kel Tec P32 that I am sometimes reduced to carrying in a Bulldog holster that looks like a phone pouch when I’m in certain client’s offices. I find that the CT laser is a big help because subcompacts have such a short sight radius, so being able to point the dot makes a real difference in first round hits. And even with Cor Bons, you want as many accurate hits as possible with a round as small as a .32.

    1. RJ,

      If you scroll down just below the related articles, you’ll see the Tags section. This article was tagged as a press release, which means it was originated—at least in part—by the manufacturer. ~Dave Dolbee

  4. Often using a power wheelchair for mobility and being a “senior citizen” does paint a target on one’s back. Fortunately living in Central Texas allows one to have a CCW and the right to protect oneself and loved ones. I do carry concealed, even though open carry is now allowed under new Texas law, but why give up the surprise factor? As I’m generally seated a cross draw holster (at about 11:00 o’clock) works well with a light covering vest. A 1911 light weight Commander with Crimson Trace grips fills the DeSantos Sky Marshall holster. The 1911 designed by John Moses Browning over a century ago with its 45 ACP cartridge stopped Islamic jihadists in the Philippine Islands then and will still do so effectively today. Crimson trace laser grips do not require any switch or buttons to activate. Just take your shooting grip, point at your target and a red spot will appear where the bullet will hit if you do your part by smoothly pulling the trigger. As I may be forced to shoot from a non-standard position the Crimson Trace laser grip give me one heck of an advantage.

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