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Tom turkey walking through a plowed corn field


5 Tips for Late-Season Turkey Success

Depending on the state, turkey seasons run from early March to the end of May. While southern hunters are finishing up for the year, others to the north are just getting started. Most turkey hunters are in a rush to fill a tag, but some of the best days in the woods come throughout the month of May, including the end of the month. Late-season hunting, however, often requires some special considerations.

Matt Morrett with turkey and turkey decoy


10 Season-Long Turkey Decoy Strategies

Along with good calling and proper concealment, most turkey hunters agree that employing decoys is one of the most effective strategies for coaxing a gobbler within range. However, decoying a fickle longbeard isn’t as simple putting out a phony bird or two and pulling the trigger. There’s a correct time, place and way to do almost anything.

Tom turkey at full strut


Scout Turkeys Early or Be Disappointed Later

Your hunting areas have changed and the turkeys have already adapted. Will you? These are just a couple of the common expressions you’ll hear from turkey hunters at this time of year. And while they’re growing increasingly excited about the coming spring season, amazingly, most turkey hunters don’t start scouting until just prior to the season opener. If you really are excited about bagging a longbeard this season, start scouting now.

Stevens 320 Turkey shotgun


Stevens Offers Model 320 12-Gauge Pump Shotgun

The Stevens 320 pump shotgun series has built a reputation for solid, affordable performance for everything from wingshooting to home defense. Stevens has now expanded its model 320 field-grade shotgun lineup to include a new turkey-specific model. Shipments of these firearms are currently being delivered to dealers. Check out the full release here!

Hunter posing with turkey

Hunting and Outdoors

Late Season Gobbler Tactics

The mere mention of late spring turkey hunting causes some hunters to cringe, while others relish the heavy foliage and solitude of the latter half of May. It took me years to realize, but my favorite time to hunt turkeys is after the majority of hunters have hung up their vests.

Turkey hunter wearing camouflage with shotgun


Turkey Tactics — Get Mobile for Success

Done right, “running and gunning” offers more reward than risk. Done wrong, and ‘ol Tommy Three Toes will drag his beard laughing all the way as he disappears through the brush. Knowing the difference and when to employ the right tactic is the difference between a turkey dinner and a long hike through the woods with a decoy.

Hunter in camo using a slate call for turkeys

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Choosing the Right Turkey Call

Many different styles of turkey calls exist, but the box call, friction/pot call, and the diaphragm/mouth call are most popular. Experienced hunters may use all three styles on a daily basis and, occasionally, two at the same time. In addition, they’ll probably carry multiple versions of each style—some loud and some soft. Read the full story for tips about picking the right call.

female hunter with shotgun over shoulder and wild turkey


Turkey Scouting 101 — Mastering the Basics for Success

The best turkey hunters have success rates far exceeding the averages. This is not by chance or luck. To the contrary, the most successful hunters scout the birds relentlessly and have multiple back-up plans on any given day. They know where birds roost, feed, and when they travel to and from these places. Read the full story for hints and tips to success the spring.