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5 Best Range Bags for Handguns

Shooting at the range is one of the best parts of firearm ownership.

In addition to the essential eye and ear protection, as well as ammunition, it is important to have a proper range bag to transport your firearms safely.

If you’re like me and you shoot a lot of handguns, having a specialized range bag may come in handy.

Here are some of the best range bags for handguns on the market.

1. G Outdoors G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack

The G Outdoors G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack is a level up from traditional range bags.

With three internal handgun storage cases, magazine storage and four outside zippered pockets for ammo and accessories, this case has plenty of room for all of your gear.

Further, it incorporates an internal honeycomb frame, improving rigidity and protecting your gear.

There is also an external bungee system to secure your targets for easy transportation.

Key Features

  • Three Internal Handgun Storage Cases with Magazine Storage
  • Four Outside Zippered Pockets for Ammo and Accessories
  • Padded Waist Strap for Load Stability
  • Internal Honeycomb Frame for Rigidity
  • External Bungee System for Targets
  • YKK Locking Zipper for Handgun Compartment

MSRP: $189.99

G.P.S. Tactical Range Bag

2. Voodoo Tactical Deluxe Terminator Range Bag

The Voodoo Tactical Terminator Bag is a sleek and compact option for a no-bulk, hassle-free trip to the range.

It fits two pistols in outside padded compartments and features two additional pockets on the other side of the bag.

It is capable of storing up to eight pistol magazines and eight rifle magazines in compartments with velcro flap covers.

Additionally, the bag incorporates PALS webbing and D-rings to attach extra gear.

Key Features

  • Fits Two Pistols in Padded Compartments 
  • Two Additional Zippered Pockets
  • Bag Opens Flat with a Two-Way Zipper
  • Eight Pistol Mag Pouches and Eight Rifle Mag Pouches with Velcro Covers
  • Full-Length Zippered Pouch
  • PALS Webbing and D-Rings

MSRP: $89.95

Voodoo Tactical Range Bag

3. NcSTAR Vism Competition Range Bag for Pistols

This is the kind of bag I got when I first got into shooting. It is cost-effective and provides good service.

It features storage loops for magazines (up to four AR-15 mags or eight pistol mags) and has a top loop to quickly secure your hearing protection for convenient access.

Further, the Vism Competition Range Bag incorporates padded compartments to keep your firearms safe from getting scratched.

The bag also includes a removable brass bag with a mesh bottom to sift through dirt.

Key Features

  • Heavy-Duty Metal Zipper Tabs
  • Main Cover Has Velcro Patch for Patches and Name Tape 
  • Top Velcro Loop for Securing Hearing Protection
  • Front Padded Compartment 
  • Internal Elastic Loops for Magazines
  • Front Zippered Pockets
  • Brass Bag with Adjustable Top Drawstring
  • Large Metal D-Rings

MSRP: $46.99

Vism Competition Range Bag

4. Grey Ghost Gear Handgun Range Bag

Grey Ghost Gear makes some excellent firearm gear and their range bag is no exception.

It features 1260 cubic inches of overall storage with generous pockets and storage space.

The bag is constructed of durable 500D Cordura Nylon so it can stand up to years of abuse.

Additionally, it features non-skid feet on the bottom and reinforcement webbing to withstand harsh environments.

Transportation to and from the range is made comfortable and simple with the padded carrying strap.

Key Features

  • 9″ Tall, 20″ Wide and 7″ Deep; Total of 1260 Cubic Inches
  • Padded Carrying Strap 
  • Generous Pockets and Storage 
  • Constructed of Durable 500D Cordura Nylon 
  • Non-Skid Feet and Reinforcement Webbing

MSRP: $175.00

Grey Ghost Gear Bag

5. Voodoo Tactical Rhino Range Bag for Handguns

The Voodoo Tactical Rhino range bag has plenty of room for your handguns, ammunition and range gear.

With the inner bag removed, the Rhino has two padded open-side pockets on the inside of the main compartment.

The large outer bag has two full-length padded side pouches, one with a padded divider to hold two firearms.

There are also additional side pockets that are great for storing ammunition, eye and ear protection, or supplies for firearm maintenance.

With its rugged and durable construction, this handgun range bag is sure to stand up to years of use.

Key Features

  • Double Zipper Access Top
  • Removable Inner Bag
  • Webbed Handles and Shoulder Strap
  • Padded Divider for Use with Two Weapons
  • Moveable Magazine Loops
  • Removable Drawstring Dump Pouch

MSRP: $129.95

Voodoo Tactical Rhino Handgun Range Bag

Honorable Mention: Pelican iM2200 Storm Case

The Pelican iM2200 Storm case is a bit different from the other options on this list but I had to include it because it is a great alternative.

Depending on how you layout your gear in the pick-n-pluck foam, you can fit a couple pistols, magazines and other range gear inside, or you can make slots for around seven pistols and a spare magazine for each.

The Pelican iM2200 Storm closes tight with two press-and-pull latches and is constructed of lightweight, strong HPX resin.

Additionally, the case utilizes a Vortex Valve to make the case watertight to protect your gear from the environment.

Pelican cases are guaranteed for life and are sturdy enough for the harshest conditions, making them a great investment.

Key Features

  • Interior Dimensions 15″x10.5″x6″
  • Two Press and Pull Latches
  • Lightweight Strong HPX Resin 
  • Double Layered Soft Grip Handles
  • Vortex Valve
  • Two Padlockable Hasps
  • Powerful Hinges 
  • Guaranteed for Life

MSRP: $128.95

pelican case

Conclusion: Best Handgun Range Bags

A trip to the range is great fun, but not if something happens to your firearms along the way.

A good range bag makes transporting your firearms safer and easier, and gives your extra room for all of your range essentials.

If you choose any of the amazing range bags for handguns on this list, you are sure to love it.

What are your favorite range bags for handguns? Let us know in the comments section below!

This giveaway has ended, Keith M was our winner! Thanks to everyone who entered and best of luck for the next giveaway.

About the Author:

Alex Cole

Alex is a younger firearms enthusiast who’s been shooting since he was a kid. He loves consuming all information related to guns and is constantly trying to enhance his knowledge, understanding, and use of firearms. Not a day goes by where he doesn’t do something firearms-related and he tries to visit the range at least a couple of times a month to maintain and improve his shooting skills.

His primary focus is on handguns, but he loves all types of firearms. He enjoys disassembling and reassembling firearms to see how they work and installs most of the upgrades to his firearms himself, taking it as a chance to learn. He’s not only interested in modern handguns and rifles, he appreciates the classics for both historical value and real-world use.
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  1. I purchased one of the Voodoo Tactical Deluxe Terminator bags about a year ago. It is definitely a well made range bag, and should last many tears. When it was first delivered, I almost sent it back. The design of the bag is more like a portfolio, in that it zips all the way around 3 sides, then opens flat. This is OK, if you have plenty of room at the range, but where I shoot, bench space is limited, so I have to dig into the bag in the upright position, which makes it hard to get to some items. It does have nice pouches for two full size pistols and a magazine or two, and two nice pockets on the other side for other storage, including Ammo. In their effort to make this bag “do-all”, they have put 8 rifle mag pouches, with Velcro closures, on one interior panel, and 8 pistol magazine pouches, on the other. Since I only have pistols, all the space taken up by the rifle mag pouches is superfluous, and wastes some needed storage room. Rifle people will say the same about the pistol mag pouches. Will I continue to use my bag? Yes, unless I win the Voodoo Rhino in this drawing. Would I buy it again? Probably not.

  2. Thank you for putting together this review. I’ve been wanting to buy a decent range bag but also want something that can easily go with me anywhere, especially to the hills. This really helped me learn my options.

  3. Range bags can get heavy pretty fast. Strong handles and bottom support structure are important. I like pockets and I like to separate items. would be nice to have a used brass pocket that is easy to empty.

  4. I have been carrying all my gear in several ammo cans for years now. A range bag, or two, would certainly simplify things. Thanks for the article.

  5. A new bag to carry more pistols would be nice, I have a small bag for each of my pistols makes a lot of trips to my truck for a 70 year old!

  6. Thank you for putting together this review. I’ve been wanting to buy a decent range bag but also want something that can easily go with me anywhere, especially to the hills. This really helped me learn my options.

  7. I have always used a regular duffel bag for the range. It is difficult to keep things organized and I could really use a Vodoo range bag to help me keep things in good shape and organized. Please enter me in the drawing!

  8. So to successfully comment, I finally figured out to request a new Captiva. Make sure that you do so.

  9. Looks like a good range bag, particularly for my grandson, who has joined the family at the range!

    Blessings to all.

    PS — Capita verification is CRAP….. I type 90 words per minute and am a retired Math Teacher…. I know that 9 – 7 = 2 (two) and I keep getting “timed out”??

  10. Great looking range bags. Plenty of information in the descriptions. I’ve never used an actual range bag. I just use a regular duffel bag.

  11. Great article on range bags. I’m always looking for great gift ideas for my very deserving husband.

  12. My eye is on your #1 pick, the G Outdoors G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack. If I don’t win in this draw then I will have to seriously consider putting out the bucks for one. Looks to be in a class by itself.

  13. I liked the Voodoo Tactical Two- in- One Full Size range bag do much, that I got my husband his own for Father’s Day. It has two padded pockets that can hold four pistols. It can hold like 8 magazines, two pairs of ear protectors shooting glasses, several boxes of ammo, and more. If we needed more space, we could also take the inner bag out and have a second bag!

  14. Great offerings! Have a very old range bag from years ago and now looking for something new better suited to my current needs!

  15. A range bag is something that could use to transport my pistols to and from the range. Currently the bag that came with my pistol is what i use. Not room for any ammo or the extra clips.

  16. Some nice looking bags, would be nice to grab one to hold some of my cheaper than dirt purchases.

  17. TY for this. I have been using the same bag for 15 yrs and was wondering what all was out there and feeling a little over welmed by all I have found online for sale. This helps alot.

  18. The backpack design of the Voodoo bag stands out especially on the days that you may be shooting one or two pistols(and not your whole safe).

  19. All are great looking and functional bags. I still have the first one I bought and could definitely use one of these!

  20. Anything is better than me using a small duffle bag. These are pretty decent bags, could use one.

  21. I didn’t get a Voodoo Range Bag for Father’s Day but always hopeful. Broke a strap on my bag last year so bag has seen better times.

  22. I too would not to advertise possible contents in bag. Same holds true for people who advertise on their vehicles with stickers.

  23. Been using my midway branded small range bag for pistol duty, cost effective and plenty of room for a day at the range for 2-3 pistols. Similar to the NcSTAR in this article.

  24. Great info on the range bags, I just started to look around the internet at some for my wife and I. Thanks

  25. Great reviews/ideas! I’m currently looking for a better “carry out” system and these are some super options! The voodoo would work great!

  26. My favorite range bag? A Rothco GI mechanics tool bag. Less than $20 on E-Bay. Plenty of room for a handgun, magazines/speed loaders and plenty of ammo. I keep each kit loaded as a go bag. Ear protection clips around one of the long handle straps, eye protection on your head, ready to go. My 45ACP and my 38/357 bags are 30 years old and still going strong.

  27. I don’t really have a range bag but this list has some pretty good ones that I’ve been looking at like the Grey Ghost Gear Handgun Range Bag.

  28. Nice range bags, I only have backpack style at the moment. Would be nice to win a Voodoo Tactical Rhino Range Bag.

  29. My competition bag is geting worn, I may have just found my replacement: NcSTAR Vism Competition Range Bag for Pistols

  30. All of those bags look pretty nice. For years i’ve used an old soft side cooler. Not fancy but it works.

  31. Right now i would take one in pink because i don’t have a range bag i have a range box it’s embarrassing well anyway i should of had one along time ago. Protection for my guns mean alot to me. I f i don’t win i will save my money to get something!

  32. I have a range bag I have had for 20 years. At the time I only had one pistol, and bye the time I loaded it up with my 1911 and a couple box’s of ammo and hearing protection, I was out of room for anything else. A new one would come in very handy, Plus I like the looks of the one you guys are giving away. Thanks!

  33. Nice article
    I find that most of my range bags are either too small, or too big with no in between. I like a bag with plenty of room for all the accessories, as some of mine just seems to have that ” just dumped in ” feature.

  34. WOW, I really like that Voodoo Rhino Range Bag BUT C’MON MAN, does it really say “RHINO” on the exterior? It would definitely serve a purpose but it might remind me of Romney, ugh! Perhaps that is just the name used for marketing purposes suggesting its toughness but the name itself does not appear in bold letters as R-H-I-N-O?

  35. At the moment I dont have a range bag, a friend does and I will soon, just wasnt sure which one to get

  36. Good review in detail, looking for the right range bag for myself. This will help in the decision prioress

  37. I will leave a comment, but I don’t expect to win because I have the worst luck ever when it comes to winning anything😔

  38. I am fairly new to shooting (4 years) but could use a new range bag. Live your site and all the helpful info. Thanks!

  39. I would love to have any of these packs, the pelican box is obviously superior in a lot of ways. Bit harder to sling over your shoulder and carry though lol. Great write up! Keep up the good work guys and gals!

  40. I use a Husky 18″ tool bag with shoulder strap. It has pockets and loops for mags, tools, ammo, and stuff you would use at the range. I can even fit my spotting scope in it, or a pistol case. It doesn’t scream gun when in transport. A lot less money than one specifically designed for guns.

  41. Interested in which of these may be better for two revolvers, specifically a Heritage Rough Rider (6″) and a S&W .357

    They all look viable, though.

  42. I definitely love the pelican IM-2200 storm. It’s nice to have a bag that you don’t have to fumble around to find your gear. Yet plenty of room for everything. From extra ammo and mags to earmuffs and glasses and room to spare. It’s nice going to the range without it looking like you packed for vacation. One bag does it all. The desert tan color also looks great. What more could you want from a range bag

  43. I have a converted 8″x 8″x 18″ added camera case that I still use on occasion. It serves me well, and protects my gear very well.

  44. Having used the backpack and carry bag styles, I have found the packpack style is very organized, but It tends to heavy because of its organized style, much gear can be carried at one time.
    The carry bag is cheaper, less organized making it frustrating to dig through and find individual items.
    Therefore, I tend to lean toward the backpack style even though it is more expensive and heavy.

  45. I’m new to shooting, both for sport and for self-defense. I have taken NRA approved classes, joined a range, wear eye and ear protection and bought extra ammo and magazines,installed a gun safe and practice shooting twice per month. I shoot a Springfield Armory XD-9. I can’t afford any range bag right now. Wish I could. Any range bag would be a great benefit. Thank you for your consideration.
    Steve L

  46. I have been using a metal and plastic ammo can for ammo. And, a couple of plastic storage containers for shooting bags, tripod, spotting scope, ear muffs, etc. This seems to work fine when I take one to three rifles to the range.
    I have starting practicing with a couple of handguns. One of the above bags could be useful to keep the handgun specific items separate from the rifle items. And, easier to load up the car if I am just going to shoot a handguns.

  47. Any of those bags would be a nice upgrade. Mine doesn’t have a specific place for a handgun. Any of them would be a welcome addition

  48. As a new gun owner, I’ve found all of the necessities & accessories a bit overwhelming. This bag looks like a great start !

  49. Bag me up, Scotty. Also, I have two range style bags. A Propper bag for a daily bag and a Rainier Arms branded bag as a get home bag. Both wonderful bags

  50. Since I am new to gun ownership I really appreciate these reviews and the comments. Thanks for the great info.

  51. I am still searching for the “best” range bag. I have the GPS tactical bag. Great bag butI ended up with the one with the waist belt which is not needed and cannot be removed. Srill looking for that grab and go bag.

  52. I like the numerous compartments in a bag like the Voodoo Tactical Rhino range bag to keep all of my gear safely organized but easily accessible. The removable inner bag is great too to keep your ammo in and remove fro the main bag to keep close by when at the range for reloading purposes. Lastly it’s the right size to carry everything I need for a full range day..

  53. I’ve had a gun since the day I turned 21, and I’m now 62. As a woman, I always felt that need for extra protection. The really sad part is I’ve never tried any of my 3 guns that I’ve added onto over the years. The only time I shot a round is when I got my concealed carry permit. I used my 1980’s Smith & Wesson 9 mm Luger that I had purchased for the LA riots. Luckily I didn’t need it but it sure made me feel better. I KNOW need to practice, practice, practice. Any of these phenomenal range bags would be so awesome to have. I always wondered how I get all my stuff to the range without taking a huge box with me. 😅 Have a fantastic day everyone!

  54. Great article on range bags. I own a US Peacekeeper range bag. However it only holds 1 handgun. The Voodoo Tactical Rhino carries 2 with more ammo. This is a bag I would love to own.

  55. Would be great to get my hands and firearms on a decent range bag…would certainly be a step up from the old one I’ve been using for years.

  56. I personally like the glock range bag. It holds four pistols and has room in the middle for ammo and magazines. Also the smith and wesson m&p range bag.

  57. Still overwhelmed, but appreciate the bags highlighted here…priced $189 to $46. I am torn between a duffle style or backpack style bag. I also struggle with whether I want to to be so obvious that it is a range bag, even though I like the tactical look and features.

    I have enjoyed target shooting since childhood, but we have mostly enjoyed it on private property. Indoor ranges are a newer activity we enjoy now.

  58. Vism Competition Range Bag 13″x20.5″x10″ Nylon Black CVCRB2950B looks like a nice bag for low price, too bad out of stock.

  59. Nice selection I could use a new bag. Mine is old and is not specifically designed for handguns.

  60. I actually use a piece of luggage designed to carry lots of notebooks. It’s similar to the NcStar Vism, but much stronger, deeper main compartment. Also, I’ve purchased NcStar cordura products before, and their stitching tends to break.

  61. Nice article – great summary on a few range bags. I like the discreet look of the Grey Ghost Gear bag. Today I’m using a Husky tool bag, so anything here is definitely an upgrade!

  62. I have various bags for Range day, EDC, medic pack, etc. My wife says I’m worse than a woman and her purses. I just really like bags for different jobs.

  63. So for many years I was a hardcase fan. Recently have changed that as I have seen how durable a soft bag can be and seems easier to carry.

  64. I have soft side range bags, but was considering trying out a hard side. Anyone have an opinion on them?

  65. It’s not like the days when a gym bag was capable of doing the job. The comment above about a separate pack for range scope, tripos, targets, stapler, and the rest hits the spot. Add to that a bag with internal pockets, dividers, etc. and you have a day at the range. My local “shooting spot” is a public space next to a National Forest. People being what they are, I find it helps to bring some lawn and yard bags to clean up a corner of the place before shooting.
    Do the Cub Scouts still do shooting with 22s? I loved that. That was a Range Day!

  66. The preferred range bag for me is a balance of cost, quality manufacture, adequate space (but not too much). I also like a second, smaller range bag so I can carry spare parts, tools, and more ammo.

  67. I have a Bull Dog bag that I use for my gear. It is a large bag and holds all my daily work gear. I would love to have the Voodoo Tactical Rhino Bag to use at the range. It is much smaller than the one that I use now. I love the ammo prices at cheaper than dirt. Your website is awesome!!

  68. If only range bags came with free ammo like 50 rounds……hopefully I can win the range bag it would be a late birthday present

  69. I currently don’t have a bag, but would like to win this one. I am new to shooting. I have a few handguns and this bag would be an ideal way to transport them to the range.

  70. I would not mind winning a Voodoo Tactical Range Bag! It would be much better than the converted gym bags and duffle bags I am using at present.

  71. Thank you for your fast and efficient service and delivery on my recent order. It is always a pleasure to do business with you.

  72. I use two (non)range bags which need to be replaced so that I can properly transport my weapon and necessities.

  73. Everyone could use a second or third range bag.. just to be able to vary what they carry, depending on the purpose of the range visit…

  74. As a new gun owner, bc the world is full of crazy clowns now, I use an old Shore microphone case with pre cut foam holes which happen to fit eye/ear protection, box of ammo, 2 mags and a loader.
    At the range, I’ve seen old duffle and bags from Home Depot.
    It strikes me that this spec bags are for high enthusiasts such as specifically bags for cameras.

  75. The G Outdoors G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack is the bag to have. but the Voodoo range bag is also nice.

  76. The g outdoors would be great for my smith and wessons and taurus handguns perfect size and everything would store great inside

  77. My range bag has served me for over 20 years but it no longer stands up so that you have to move the zipper cover every time to get inside. The Voodoo tactical bag looks like it would do the job.

  78. -I wish more people could read this article, so that they would know you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for a good range bag. I am pretty sure most people have seen someone show up at the range carrying everything in a plastic bag from their local grocery store.

  79. Cheaper Than Dirt offers some interesting articles, and I could really use a bag design specifically for handguns!

  80. My current range bag is from Midway 10 yrs ago. I have had to replace the shoulder strap with a leather one ane trying to figure out how to replace all of the Velcro on it. Needless to say I really could use a new bag. I generally go to the range with my M&P9C. an Arsenal 9, and my antique Colt Challenger with a minimum of 4 to 5 mags for each. I would really like a new range bag!!!

  81. Would love a good range bag, I’m currently using a tool bag. Not as convenient but it works.

  82. All are very impressive & have a variety of features which will appeal to different users.

  83. This was an interesting article but I have never had a handgun specific rang bag. I have a very inexpensive”tactical” bag that works for my handguns and other needs although I do have dedicated bags for my long guns. At the prices of these bags and cases I couldn’t afford to shoot if I had to pay for the bags. I’m not saying that they aren’t worth it but I would rather spend my money on ammo or another gun.

  84. Some of the ranges I visit force you to leave your bag on the ground, which can be wet or muddy. I always wonder how the bag will hold up to damp ground or a light rain. Any info there would be helpful.

  85. I was in the market for range bags a few months ago and I happened upon an inexpensive “Uncle Mikes” bag and I’ve loved it so far. I don’t do anything super crazy. I shoot a couple hundred rounds with my 9 and 22, usually takes about an hour. For a bag that’s used maybe three times every couple of weeks, it does well.

  86. Thanks for the great review I found it very useful. However I wish you would have had a few more pictures of each bag inside and outside.
    Again thanks for your review.

  87. Icould use a newer range bag! My current bag has been used long and hard, and looks loke an old molitary tool bag that’s seen better days!! I’ve managed to make it somewhat work but it does lack some features, ie, space for more than 1 handgun AND space for additional mags, both handgun and long gun.

  88. I have a couple Pelicans (rifle and pistol) but neither one has the “pick and pluck” foam. You have to cut the foam (recommended to use an electric knife – the kind you would use to carve your x-mas turkey).
    I have several inexpensive hard cases from Harbor Freight which have the pluck apart foam The pluck apart is much easier to use but I prefer the fit of the foam I have to cut.
    My overall favorite range bag is a soft case I got from the NRA several years ago. It easily fits 2 handguns and 8 magazines, with an outside pocket for extras.

  89. The NcSTAR Vism is what I will probably buy as it has, in my opinion, the biggest bang for the buck. I do not shoot enough to warrant the outlay of money for some of the other very attractive bags. The bags I use have been adequate but are not specialty bags. It would be nice to have one so it is the Vism for me.

  90. I usually carry a couple of pistols to the range. My range bag is old andn almost too small for multiple gins and ammo. I would love to show off one of your range bags in my upcoming visits to the shooting range. Thank you.

  91. Wow! The G Outdoors G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack is blowing my mind. To me is like a lunch box or lunch bag for handguns. I’m blown away by the design.

  92. I have a bag now that is similar to the NC Star, it has served its purpose. But, the next one soon will be the backpack bag. It makes sense for me with where I go at times.

  93. I have used a bag for years that is actually not an official “Range Bag” and I also have a hard case for my had guns. Both if which are kinda cumbersome taking them in and out of the truck at the range or where ever. I had not even noticed how the bags have evolved over the years. I never really had the cash to shop for one. However I would if I could. The new Voodoos really look nice and would be a great replacement for my current system.

  94. great article considering the Voodoo Tactical Deluxe Terminator Range Bag enough storage for range gear and pistol

  95. My choice would be the G Outdoors G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack. It’s got all the room you need in a convenient backpack. The Honorable Mention Pelican iM2200 Storm Case is a pleasant surprise! I like that you make it what you want, and the Vortex Valve pulls double duty in protection from elements and storage keeps it airtight. Great article!

  96. Been using the Voodoo Tactical Deluxe Terminator Range Bag for awhile, great bag! Looking for something a bit smaller when not taking multiple handguns to range

  97. I could use a range bag! The only one I have is the free duffel bag I got from my NRA membership… not really designed to safely carry handguns.

  98. why wasn’t the interior of the Pelican shown, I know it’s foam and you customize it yourself but seeing it would have helped.

  99. They all look nice. I am fond of the G outdoors because the backpack style gives options for carrying it.

  100. I like the extra brass bag with mesh of the Nism, that’s pretty handy. The real estate is quite generous too, for a decent price point. I am a strong believer in fit, form and function, and mostly economy.
    The Voodoo bag is a very strong second. Ergonomically built with high quality materials, and with practicality in mind. I wouldn’t mind one of these at all, so I can finally throw away my old musty sports bag that slides all its content either into the middle when using the shoulder strap, or to the sides when using the carry handles.
    I have never used a backpack style range bag, since I never really had to pack my gear long distance, but this style from G Outdoors is quite a nice concept. I really like the individual pistol bags, although not sure if they’ll be big enough to carry race guns that often outgrow their containers in the form of optics, extended beaver tails and compensators. Something to keep in mind when shopping for a bag that suits your needs.
    Decent review that surely covers all styles of range bags, definitely. Thanks! It was a good read.

  101. Very nice, I’d love any one of these range bags.
    G Outdoors G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack is my favorite but the Terminator would be a great choice too, especially for the price and the features that the bag has.

  102. These all look serviceable. Shooters choice situation. I tend to buy quality that I’m also going to grow into. If it can take a beating without damaging my weapons, and last years before replacement, no horrible choices here.

  103. haven’t been shooting for years, but now my grandchildren want to learn to hunt. never had a range bag to keep everything in. would be nice though.

  104. #3 would be the bag that I would buy to suit my needs right now, wouldn’t turn down a free one, by the way..

  105. I agree with Marcos — those graphics are a bit over-the-top. If I want fancy graphics on my bag, I’ll put a patch on it.

  106. I would love to have a nice range bag. Right now I use a hard plastic ammo box since it holds my range ammo and protects my eye and ear protection. The box was about $10 at Harbour Freight Tools. I like the bags that dont advertise what I am carrying inside. I have also used a black canvas tool bag, also around $10. This also does not attract much attention.

  107. @WAYNE A six inch pelican case is for holding one or more compact or sub-compact handguns positioned vertically not lying flat on the foam — Just open up a slot about 1″ wide in the foam and slide the gun down into it. You could carry four or even five guns in the pelican case shown here. The funny thing is that Pelican’s own website shows the iM2200 holding just two hanguns laid flat barely inset in the foam (which I agree is a waste of space!) but look at Nalpak’s picture of the Pelican Vault 300 Pistol Case (which is just barely larger than the iM2200) laid out to hold five pistols and a dozen double-stack magazines.

  108. Good read. I’m still using my Dad’s old Bulldog bag. It’s tattered and worn, but hard to let go of since he’s not with me anymore. I think he would approve of the Rhino, though!

  109. I’d take any one of the bags over the plastic one. I’ve found in the past that their difficult to store in tight places, and they really dont fit well in a larger pack.

  110. Just from the descriptions I like the Voodoo Tactical Deluxe Terminator Range Bag. I would love to see one in person before making up my mind.

  111. I have taken advantage of the many sale offers that Cheaper than dirt had to offer. I have purchased ammo in bulk order at great prices and have saved a lot of money. I have many firearms and have purchased all of my much needed accessories from Cheaper than dirt. They always have what I need and also hard to find ammunition and accessories for all types of weapons. I have told my family and friends and they too are satisfied customers.

  112. Except the pelican case, the others all scream GUN — which is fine AT the range but it means you have to keep the bag out of sight if you stop anywhere on your way to the range or coming back from the range. I prefer something a bit more “discrete” whenever I can.

  113. Several good choices for the range. I like the GPS Tactical Range Bag. I wished they would tell you how many pistols they would carry.

  114. I priced “range bags” for a while — the ones with useful features were way out of reach, and even the plain bags were pricey. Then I found the fishing gear in the next aisle at the store — similar bags, with equal or better construction, but for better prices. No laser cut molle and not “tactical” but great bags.

  115. Nice comparison have seen some range bags you can fit an entire armory into! Don’t need to carry that much.

  116. I would love to have one of these awesome bags to carry my ammo and accessories for my recently purchased Rock River AR.556 and 9mm Barreta. I’m finally starting to get my collection going to use my rights to protect my home. I hope to catch up to allot of the veterans out there that have being bearing arms as our rights..

  117. Quite a bit fancier than my starter bad which looked like an overnight case with a zipper and two webbing handles. Than along came outside pockets and two zipper divided main bag. Now look at all the choices. They are more expensive but they look handier and EVERYTHING is more expensive. LOL.
    I’ve been using three different bags for a while. One for handguns, one for rifles and one for shotguns. I always have what i need in each bag. I carry another ammo bag with compartment for hulls or brass when I police my range. Never thought I would be organized but it’s pretty cool.

  118. going to the range more now that it is permissible. need to carry more gear. new bag would make it much more pleasurable

  119. I’m primarily a rifle shooter, then shotgun, and finally pistol. I’m looking for a bag that has adaptability for various trips to the range rather than a specialized bag (say multiple pistol) and just making due. Our firearms have accessories, shouldn’t our bag have optional accoutrements?

  120. I need a new range bag bad ! My range bag is so small and worn ! I would love to win one ! Good article good info !

  121. Best damn place to buy ammo and supplies, God bless America ! God bless Cheaper than dirt for its support of the 2nd amendment and veterans, and happy fathers day America.

    Signed Proud American.
    Lee watts
    US Army Veteran.

  122. I’ve also found that the $7.50 all canvas (soft sided) tool bag at Harbor Freight works pretty good if you have a padded gun case / rug for each handgun. A .50 caliber plastic ammo box (MTM, Plano, etc.) is another good way to carry if you have padded gun cases / rugs for each firearm. I can put a 1911 and a G17, plus several magazines and a box of 9mm and .45ACP with room for a few tools (a coin, small slotted screwdriver, a small phillips and the 3 or 4 most needed allen wrenches) in a small nylon zipper case. And STILL have room for safety glasses and my ear covers. In fact, I also carry a full sized non-disposable bamboo chopstick (stronger than most small dowel rods) to clear jams. I’ve never needed it, but have loaned it numerous times with great success.

  123. I really like my Savior Equipment Tactical Double Handgun Firearm Case Discreet Pistol Bag. Under $25 on Amazon. Won’t store your glasses and ear muffs since it’s 12×8 inches but it’s awesome for the short range sessions.

  124. Good review. I do have to say for the mass a backpack is nice but the size of that rhino bag and how easy it would be to find things would be great.

  125. All of these reviewed range bags look very functional and useful. I would take any one of those bags for a range day outing.

  126. All of these reviewed range bags look very functional and useful. I would not turn down any of them for a range day outing.

  127. Not a lot of experience with range bags – currently using a Disney bag with characters on it (no one expects to find anything of value in it). Most of these appear to be “go” bags – I like that idea. Send the Voodoo bag to me and I’ll compare and contrast it to the character riddled one…

  128. The Voodoo bags look great. The Pelican case really does shine, especially for moisture-free storage.

  129. I know it’s terrible, but I don’t have a range bag. I appreciate this article showing the best with all the features! Great info!

  130. Great seeing all the options all on one page. The VooDoo bag looks very functional but also has a cool look to it.

  131. I really like the compartmentalization used in the back pack design. The ability to carry and protect more than one handgun in a single bag with room for gear is great. The back pack is less obvious as a range bag.

  132. I have been searching for a useful tactical bag to consolidate my gear when going target shooting. The Voodoo bag look clean and compact.

  133. I am totally with Marcos Bares! The Voodoo Tactical logo is definitely obnoxious! Anyway, I have two GPS’s. They are awesome. And if you pay attention, you can find them a good bit cheaper than their MSRP!! GPS makes several other tactical bags with different layouts for different scenarios. BY FAR, GPS is way, way ahead of everybody else in the field of tactical range bags! I have one that is the backpack style and one that has wheels that you can pull around to the next shooting station. And if you shoot competitively and don’t have a fold up wagon, you definitely need to get one! Awesome for shoots!

  134. I can’t say enough about all these range bags everyone of them would be a great fit, The 1 that stands out the most to me is the Voodoo Tactical Rhino, NICE!

  135. I have been using plastic bags from groceries stores to hit the range, doubled bagged of course.
    Had a cheap nylon duffle, no pockets or anything. When i was at the range i was asked if their was a picnic going on and of course i said no, it’s all my stuff to shoot today and he laughed. Its next on my list to get.

  136. i really like the designs of their products. I have several weapons that are different types and require different support accessories like range bags. I go to a range close to my residence that has multiple ranges so by organizing different bags for the weapons for different ranges makes it easy to reduce lots of unnecessary stuff for weapons all in one bag. I can grab and go.

  137. I’m always looking to find new carrying cases for my guns and accessories. I wish I could find the right stock for my AR15

  138. I need a new bag. My current bag is too large. I will normally only take 2 guns max to the range. Something slightly smaller but still with room would be great.

  139. Never had a range bag but I can see the usefulness having all tools ,magazines, and miscellaneous in one bag. I am always leaving behind something.

  140. I have a 5.11 tactical range bag from a while back. The shoulder strap broke after the fourth trip with it but it still works well.

  141. I have several Voodoo Tactical rifle bags/cases and they are well designed, durable, very versatile as well as meant to last. I am currently using a 5.1.1 Tactical range bag but would love to try the “Voodoo.”

  142. I would take any of the range bags it is a giveaway, and on top of that I like them all. So long as it hold all my gear I am not picky, I use a fishing tackle bag at the moment it is fine but not quite what I need, I hope I win because I truly need a rang bag. Cheaper than Dirt always has a good verity of just about everything that’s why I like shopping their web sight

  143. Man thanks for the opportunity to get our hands on one of these. I don’t have a range bag yet but I’m digging that pelican style or voodoo deluxe! Shoot beggars can’t be choosers though, throw something my way and I’ll be grateful🤘

  144. I am the typical woman and give all my cool stuff away to my boyfriend who is NYPD and couldn’t care about going to the range with a cool bag. Now he has a great range bag and I don’t. So all my stuff now rolls around freely in a regular backpack. I would love to win a range bag of my own !!!!!!!!!

  145. Good general overview. Interior and alternate views like the one shown for Grey Ghost Gear would have been nice.

  146. This post was so timely! Just got my first gun and was just thinking about getting a range bag but didn’t know what would be a good one to get.

  147. I did not realize that there were so many good options I think you did a very good job in laying out the range bags and you had some nice choices keep up the good work

  148. Just recently got into guns. These bags look great! Just need to decide what’s gonna work best for me now! 👍🏻

  149. I’m actually in need of a bag right now and my birthday is the following day on the 26th. Would be a great birthday gift. Love all the features of every bag you listed. Very nice list of top bags to help us choose from. Thanks you.

  150. Newer shooter and could definately use a good range bag. Thanks for the article and the chance to win.

  151. Having a range bag would be helpful tbh. Beats carrying mags on my person. Great overview overall, made me realize juuust how useful a range bag will be.

  152. Pastor Larry here! I am using a highly inadequate bag to go to the range. It would be a blessing to have a range bag that is really a range bag. Thanks and God Bless

  153. Definitely dig the voodoo tactical deluxe range bag. The layout is nice would definitely like to see it in person.

  154. Just took my dad and son shooting for Father’s Day and commented on how I need a new range bag! I have a repurposed computer bag, that only has 2 compartments. Hard to seperate mags, ammo, safety gear and weapons.

  155. I have a lot of cases but a range bag would be nice to have! These are some nice ones but the back pack is my favorite, easier to carry.

  156. Cool bag! I would be honored to have a bag like this. It sure beats the bag I am currently using.

  157. Really like the idea of GPS bag. I use an Uncle Mike’s LEO range bag. It is much like the NcStar bag. I use it to comfortably transport 2 handguns using a padded insert for one and a 5.11 tactical bag (like the 3 GPS insert bags) for the other. Space is the issue for me at present because being a freedom fighter I would appreciate the ability to carry more arms.

  158. Really like hand gun bags, but wish some one would make a bag with individual slots for 3 to 5 guns at a reasonable price.

  159. I’ve been looking for a good range bag and each one of those has me thinking about which one to get to best suits my needs. I use multiple calibers rifle/pistols so I’m thinking something with space and options. Any recommendations from anyone would be greatly appreciated thank you!

  160. Love the look of the Back pack with three hand gun packs in the bottom. Price a little steep, but that’s a lot of bag too!

  161. Good article. I agree with the above comment about the pelican hacking wasted space. My favorite design is the G Outdoors G.P.S, but in all honesty any of them would be a great addition for a Range Day. Thanks for showing what’s available.

  162. It would be great to have a Rhino range bag,I’ll just have to find another use for my plastic grocery bags.

  163. All of those options are beautiful. I especially like the VooDoo Rhino and the Backpack ones. Either one would save me the trouble of bringing out my guns individually (which is what I do now)

  164. I’m just trying to learn, read reviews for information, and read comments for real-life experiences.

  165. Been looking for a backpack style. GPS styling is perfect. I always take 3 pistols to range so this will
    work great for me. Going to order one

  166. Backpack form should be the default form factor since it offers best travel comfort. The duffel bag layout (I have VooDoo’s) works but all small things fall to bottom and I’m usually digging around for spent brass.

  167. I’ve used a tackle box like box with a foam upper and open lower for 20’years. Not fancy but was cheap when I was in college. While I’ve graduated up to more sophisticated options, this one still serves me well.

  168. Just bought my first handgun. Wondering now what took me so long. I can’t wait to get out on the range and fire it. That voodoo bag would sure come in handy. Im currently using a ratty green canvas messenger bag. Thanks

  169. Informative but I agree with Wayne that a picture of the interior of the Pelican would have been nice.

  170. My current pistol range bag is similar to the Vism bag above and need something larger. The GPS tactical backpack looks like a great Father’s Day gift to myself!

  171. I’ll be happy to bite this one. I’m a Voodoo man from way back and will br happy to get a free bag.

    What great stuff they make – Top-of-the-Line all day long.

  172. I have been looking for a good range bag to use for when i go to the range. Currently I just put them in pockets of my rifle case & then carry an ammo can with all my ammo that I am going to use. Thanks for all the good info.

  173. Just purchased a hand gun recently and do not have a range bag yet so this article is very helpful.

  174. These are the Best By Far Bags for gun and ammo. Going to and from Range is great, easy to carry all you need. I was given one to use from a friend and I wanted to keep it. Hope I can get lucky to win one.

  175. Pictures of the interior of all the bags would have been nice to see, instead of just two.

  176. I don’t currently have a nice Range Bag and really like these Rhino designs. The Bag I use now is not meant for the Range and is very cumbersome. If I won one I would buy one also for my Wife!
    It would be a win-win for you!
    Thanks for considering us!

  177. Good overview of the available bags. Just starting and would probably choose between #2 and #3.

  178. I have a voodoo bag its the best bag i have seen & used . It’s great, I could use another for more guns .it’s great that cheaper then dirt has a raffle lick this . Thanks

  179. Wish they all listed size. I like bigger bags, if you shoot more than 1 caliber it’s a lot more stuff. Two pairs of ear covers (I carry a spare), glasses, magazines, markers, targets, ammo, etc. My handguns are in hard cases and I like to just slide them in.

  180. Why just top 5? There has to be more brands out there. But nice little article quick read.

  181. That NcSTAR Vism Competition Range Bag looks damn fine. Fits nicely with my aesthetics. The voodoo one looks more practical though.

  182. That is a beautiful bag. Frankly that is the only thing missing so I can shoot with my wife. Thanks fir the opportunity to win. Cheers!

  183. Dont have any of these. but like the looks of the Voodoo Tactical Deluxe Terminator Range Bag

  184. I could finally go to the range and not have to bring my daughter’s My Little Pony backpack. Your 9MM prices are hard to beat. Thanks Mike

  185. There is always a need for a good range bag. Some I have gotten with a purchase of a hand gun others were gifted to me by my gunshop. Most that I have are two gun bags, at times I would like more than 2 guns. Having multiple bagns to carry are not a good option or walking back an forth to change guns and bags is a waste of range time. Then there is ammo capacity on what the bag can carry. I like to fire 50 rounds minimum in multiple calibers. I have drills I go thru to keep muscle and eye reflexs trained.

  186. First I also agree with one comment about advertising for someone else. I am a quiet and reserved type of person.. No Attention,
    I have used Voodoo Tactical before. Very good product, but expensive. Have a multi long gun case in VooDoo Tactical

    Would be great to have a new bag with new technology in cases


  187. SICK BAG! Always wanted one for my pistols instead of using the hard cases. Can’t wait to see who the winner is! Good luck everyone!

  188. Looks like an awesome, quality bag, would love to own one. I don’t have a range bag and could definitely use one.

  189. Thank you for the reviews on these bags. Right now I’m using a plastic tool box as a range bag/box. It works but an actual range bag would be better

  190. I’m relatively new getting into shooting. I have a few hand guns already and I found this newsletter very helpful on types of bags to buy to carry for your guns and supplies. Now I have to decide on one for myself. Thanks for this newsletter and all the posts people have left. I have found it very helpful.

  191. Although pricey, I like the backpack ‘toy hauler’ concept. Proven practical by time, the others are just variations on a theme.

  192. Could really use a new bag, have had mine for so long and just haven’t decided to bite the bullet.. it’s time now though, as my collection has outgrown having just one set up

  193. Found that range bags are essential always have a lot of gear to tote safety equipment tools ammo and things that go pew

  194. Good information. All were good options but a couple of them were out of my price range. I have a couple of Pelican cases, one for two revolvers and one for two hunting rifles. If you travel any distance they’re hard to beat.

  195. Looking over the bags and ammo I’m very impressed! Would love to one of the bags advertise…

  196. I’m very pleased with all the orders I’ve made with you guys. Great customer service always! If I have any problems with an order it is corrected immediately with no hassle. My orders have always come well packaged and on time. No problems so far with any ammo I’ve order. If I have any questions you guys handle it normally within a day. I’d give you guys a 10 out of a 10 in customer service and product delivery. Thank you so much

  197. I have used the same range bag now for about 25 years. It is a no-name, black, ballistic nylon bag with 3 large, padded pistol pockets. It is even large enough to pack an AR type pistol when broken down. Before I would consider replacing it with one purchased from the internet I require specific information to be displayed. The criteria for this information is as follows: type and weight of all materials used, stitching, types of closures, density of padding, dimensions (including overall as well as dimensions of every compartment, and photographs (or video) showing the interiors of every compartment (preferably with and without typical range items inside). Do these things and I would bet real money CtD would outsell every other web-tailer.

  198. Nice write up. Solid choices. Although if pelican gets an honorable mention, where are the Botys hardcases? As dependable if not more so then Pelican with metal latches and considerably cheaper then a Pelican, only with solid foam as opposed to pick and pluck. (which I prefer to cut and form fit myself)

  199. All the bags you have shown are great. But at the present time and an old timer, I still use my 2 back packs to go to the range. Yes at time I still find I have to unload both bags to get al my stuff ready to shoot. The fun part is shooting not all the stuff I carry. Thanks for showing the bags.

  200. Nice bag! It’d be a great addition at the range, not to mention winning one! It would definitely see a lot of use.

  201. Shoutout to ALLEN COMPACT SHOOTING RANGE BAG FOR WOMEN….we gotta have our pretty little bags too!

  202. CTD is great place to find what you need for the range or personal defense. I’m new to the game. Having a bag to be ready for the range would be nice.

  203. The G Outdoors G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack looks amazingly functional and handy for the range. The Voodoo Tactical Rhino Range Bag would be a great range bag as well. Either would be a step up from my current range Backpack.

  204. I would love a new range bag. Mine is about 10 years old and only holds one firearm. I really like the looks of the backpack style range bags.

  205. I have had good luck with the McGuire-Nicholas brand tool bags from Menards. They are sturdy, have padded shoulder straps and lots of pockets and pouches. They are also less than half the price of the cheapest range bag if you catch them on sale.

  206. Thanks for the great information I like the G Outdoors G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack because of the individual handgun cases it has. Again very informative article

  207. Nice top 5 review. I’d love to have any of these instead of the old beat up bag I’m carrying. Thanks as always!

  208. I haven’t had a “range specific” bag since I was in high school on the rifle team. These days I use a tool bag that has lots of interior pouches for extra mags, for both my wife’s and my pistols. It also has room for our hearing protection (noise canceling”), glasses, basic tools, boxed ammo, speed loaders,
    It would be nice to have a bag with pouches for my AR mags, etc. I agree with my brother, I try to stay away from products that have me advertising for them. Dealer license plate frames come off when I get to the house! For a range bag, I don’t want the contents advertised when I am in public. Let them think it’s a tool bag- Truth in advertising!

  209. Wow I can really use a new range bag just joined a gun club and would like to show up with a top of the line range bag Thanks In advance Chris T.

  210. I currently use a bag with a capacity of 5…looking to add another bag so my wife can carry her 3 and all of the accessories…

  211. Nice review of these range bags. The highlight of key features with the ease to scroll between them all without load screens was a plus.

  212. A new range bag would be awesome. I’ve been using some free little tote bag from the PADI Diving Society that I got back in 1999. It’s been through all kinds of abuse. Time to move on to an actual range bag. Please help me do it.

  213. I’ve been wanting a G Outdoors G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack for several years and the Voodoo Tactical Rhino Range Bag should have ranked 2nd or 3rd.

  214. Been wanting to pick up a pelican. That sounds large, but they always do until I’m packing for the range.

  215. Need to buy bags for both my firearms (Glock 17 Gen 5 and my S&W M&P15 Sport 2). Bought a cheap fabric case for the rifle but it no longer fits cause of the sight and mlock bipods I out on. Only have the plastic case the Glock came in. Good luck to all 🤞

  216. Any one of these would be a great upgrade over my 25 year old bags that have long outlived their joy in carrying my gear to the range. Nice article. Many thanks.

  217. I personally have one from Walmart and it works great. Also came with a lifetime warranty.

  218. Would like to see more photos of the interiors of these bags. Spending significant $$ almost sight unseen? Nope.

  219. Not sure why the interior of the Pelican wasn’t shown, I get that its foam that you customize, but even laying some things on top for options for the inside would have helped.

    I also felt like the 6″ depth is too much, I have a couple of Pelicans for other purposes, that are 4-1/2″ and 4-1/4″ thick respectively. unless you are going to layer in a tray, 6″ is wasted space.

    I have a briefcase sized Anvil Case that for 30 + years has been my “range box” No guns; but has the spotting scope, and stand (military tripod, plus a homemade window clamp adapter for it), cleaning rods for anything, patches, brushes, basic tools, staple gun, target tape, etc, etc.

    The Pelican could do the same, and a second for guns. But just showing the box? This could be a complete article of its own.

  220. I stepped up to the GPS pack. It’s great. Plenty of room to load up mags and ammo for a full day at the range along with everything else you need.

  221. Cool overview, thanks! Of them all I really like that G Outdoors Tactical Range backpack, great idea, but a bit pricy for me. Even the less expensive ones have features you never saw years ago.

  222. I could use a new bag. Mine is not only old, but is not specifically designed for handguns and accessories.
    Thank you for your consideration !


  223. On the Rhino bag, I wouldn’t buy one just for the fact of the graphics on the outside.
    I don’t want anything that attracts attention, and i don’t like to purchase something, and have to advertise someone else’s idea.

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