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A zombie horde is highly unlikely.


The Shooter’s Log Top 16 ‘Scariest’ Posts

We have had a terrifying couple of years, from Ebola to stripping the 2A rights of hundreds of thousands of people who draw social security. The Shooter’s Log highlights the top 16 scariest posts Cheaper Than Dirt! has ever published—from zombies to martial law to ammo bans…

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Cheaper Than Dirt! Survive The Night Giveaway

Enter to win a free zombie survival kit, including a Brite-Strike professional knife worth $150. But do it quickly! This contest will be over before you know it. Simply sign up with your email address from Oct. 23 to Nov. 2, 2015 for your chance to win! To enter and see what is included in the survival kit, click to read this post.


90 Survival Uses for a Plastic Poncho

What is the most important thing during SHTF? Your brain! To pack your bug-out bag light, you need items that serve multi purposes. One such thing is the rain poncho. In this blog, I have detailed 90 different survival uses for a plastic poncho. However, not just any old cheap poncho will do. I put Cheaper Than Dirt’s Swiss military rubberized poncho finished in bright Alpenflage camo to the test and realized for the price tag, this military surplus poncho is an invaluable addition to any survival gear, preps, emergency vehicle kit, or your bug-out bag.

Picture shows a character from the show, The Walking Dead on top of a car pointing a pistol.

Camping & Survival

Return of the Walking Dead Season Four and The Seven Best Zombie Posts

Will we see more zombies in season four of the Walking Dead? Internet rumors say that walkers are going to be more dangerous in season four, while executive producer Gale Ann Hurd says, “It’s true that there are more and more walkers in the world.” In honor of the show’s return, CTD Suzanne compiled a list of her favorite past zombie apocalypse survival posts.

Picture shows a molotov cocktail made with a liquor bottle.

Camping & Survival

45 Survival Uses for Alcohol

Liquor has its place in a post apocalyptic world even if you are a teetotaler. Stock up on cheap, high-content alcohol and add it to your long-term food and gear storage. The best liquor for its many different purposes is Everclear. Everclear made by Luxco is pure grain alcohol. You can purchase Everclear in 95 percent alcohol content or 75.5 percent. The higher alcohol content is more popular and more effective for survival use. Here are my 45 suggestions on survival uses of alcohol.

Camping & Survival

Important Skills to Have After TEOTWAWKI

If a catastrophic world-wide event happened that wiped out a large portion of our population, infrastructure and destroyed many of our natural resources, what skills do you have that would be useful in rebuilding? What skills would you like to learn? You might have stockpiled food, water, ammunition and guns, but thinking beyond a few days of disaster can put you ahead of the game. Knowing a little bit about all those essential skills means you can not only provide for your family, but also be a good bartering tool. Any trade skill makes an excellent hobby—do you like to tinker with cars? Then you have some basic mechanic skills. Do you like to grow your own vegetables? Why don’t you expand that knowledge and raise some chickens?


Cheaper Than Dirt’s 10 Hottest Selling Crossbows

Crossbows are a great crossover product. Hunters used to taking a firearm afield feel comfortable with a crossbow. The stock, trigger and sight systems are familiar and make the conversion to new challenges and an expanded hunting season a breeze. Beyond that, crossbows are flat-out cool and fun to shoot regardless whether you goal is to punch holes in paper or let the air out of Bambi.