Wells Fargo Given Ultimatum: No Business With NRA, Gun Companies Or…

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The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten is in negotiations to meet with Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan. The AFT’s purpose is to deliver an ultimatum regarding the bank’s ongoing financial support for the gun lobby and gun manufacturers. The AFT has publically taken the position that if Sloan continues Wells Fargo’s support of firearms businesses, the AFT will discontinue its popular Wells Fargo mortgage program offered to members. Wells Fargo Bank red and yellow logo Last week, the AFT released correspondence between Weingarten and Sloan. The release outlined the union’s concerns about Wells Fargo’s connections with the NRA—as well as its threat to stop offering Wells Fargo mortgages, if Wells Fargo continues being the NRA banker. The Wells Fargo mortgage program is part of the Union Privilege program and approximately 1,600 AFT members have opted for these mortgages annually.

More than 20,000 AFT members currently hold mortgages through the program. If Wells Fargo fails to budge, the AFT will urge other Union Privilege members to follow suit. The AFL-CIO was copied on the correspondence.

AFT President Randi Weingarten said: “The lives of students and educators must be valued more than guns. This is America—Wells Fargo has the right to be the NRA banker, but we have rights too. That’s why if Tim doesn’t ditch his guns business, we’ll ditch Wells Fargo. We are glad Tim wants to meet; but no words will dissuade us from our view that our society must value people over profits. We have a responsibility on behalf of our members and their students who face potential gun violence every day.

“We’re issuing Wells Fargo an ultimatum—they can have a mortgage market that includes America’s teachers, or they can continue to do business with the NRA and gun manufacturers. They can’t do both.” I wonder how the members of the AFT feel about the move. I mean, did the membership vote for this? How many gun owners are by the default of their position members of the union, which is poorly representing their views based on the beliefs or politics of a few top leaders?

What do you think Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan should, or will, do at the meeting? Will this affect your banking relationship with Wells Fargo in the future? Share your answers in the comment section.

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  1. Personally I don’t care what aft wants. I never heard of them till this article.

    If wells Fargo values customers & their safety. They will not cave in.
    As this is just a political agenda for Soros and the democrats.

    I respect the police but I can not count on them. As I know it’s impossible for them to fit in my pocket and protect myself or my family.

  2. I wonder if the Teachers Union leadership consulted with their members? I know a lot of teachers who are also gun owners.

  3. We all have to stick together and shut down this onslaught of communist aggression to our Constitution. Why is it they are constantly getting their word out and we the People are kept silent? We must fight back before it is to late.

  4. You know it’s hard to believe that an American citizen would be willing to give up any rights. I’d like to be around when somebody decides they want what you have and you have absolutely no way of defending yourself. By the time the police get to you they will be doing investigation on what happened . It would never be they arrived and saved your life or stopped the beating that you just got. Wise up Brother before it’s too late. Just because you’re afraid of guns that doesn’t mean everybody else is. Properly trained people are the best thing since sliced bread in a gun situation. They never write a report on how many lives are saved because the home owner or the person was armed.

    1. recently published studies by the CDC peg the number of dgu’s at 500k to 3mm per year, but you won’t read that anywhere

  5. Wells Fargo will be the target of a gun owners boycott if they cave in to the teachers union
    Yeti just decided not to sell products to the NRA
    Everyone needs to buy Coleman products instead

  6. Public money pays these “teachers” and we feel that it is way past time public servants have the right to union organization. We will be pulling all monies from Wells Fargo if this decision stands. We are urging everyone to contact congress and end collective bargaining for public servants…it is high time these people learn their place.
    George McCall CEO Uncle George’s Guns
    President and founder of H.A.P.I.
    Owner and President of Tailz A Wagon mobile pet grooming

  7. If Wells Fargo caves to these socialists, I will move my 401K money elsewhere and do no further business with WF.

  8. I just have to laugh at you silly fools. Wells Fargo has shown just how powerless the NRA really is. The no compromises attitude has alienated the majority of Americans who don’t own guns, or give a rodent’s hindquarters about the 2A. Given that the NRA’s choice to spit in the face of any gun owner who wasn’t a Republican has made even gun owning Democrats it’s enemy, we will destroy the NRA.

    1. Spoken like a true “COMMIE” aka socialist. Arm yourself with the facts instead talking out of your “ASS”

    2. Why yes, I am what you would consider a commie, and I’m well armed with the facts. Even a right-wing extremist like Scalia recognized that there are no unlimited rights, even the 2A, and in “Heller” wrote that the 2A would not prohibit licensing, registration, or even a ban on assault rifles. So don’t worry, once the Democrats take back the House and Senate in November, expect to see them passing all sorts of gun control, and letting the Orange Fool know that he will be impeached if he vetos it.

      Oh, and I’m a leftist, not a liberal. I’m well armed in other ways as well. Marx was quite clear that the proletariat needs weapons if it is to seize the means of production and destroy the capitalist system.

    1. What a joke! You right-wing nut-jobs have been huffing so much Hoppe’s #9 that your brains have started to rot. You dweebs could not even get Wells Fargo to stand by the NRA when the AFT called them out. Expect more pressure on all businesses that deal with the NRA, and more caving to threats of boycotts from the majority of Americans who are sane, and consider the NRA to be nothing but a domestic terrorist organization.

    2. By the way, maybe if you had paid attention to teachers earlier, you would know the difference between their and there, and where to use each!

  9. The AFT should stop trying to threaten businesses for their own agenda.Why do these groups think they have the right to tell someone how to run their business. If the gun laws that are on the books are followed as intended, most of these tragedies could be prevented. When the local police and the feds don’t do their jobs, why should law abiding citizens be punished.

    1. Funny, why do you gun nuts think you have the right to call for boycotts of private businesses who exercise their rights, and tell people carrying concealed weapons that they are not welcome on the premises? Oh, that’s right. You right-wing nut-jobs only support people voicing their opinion when it’s your opinion too. I can dig that. As a Socialist, I think everyone who supported Trump belongs in a re-education camp.

  10. 20,000 AFT members or over 5 million NRA members who can also boycott Wells Fargo really should think this over

  11. The NRA is a good organization. It promotes and teaches firearm safety and needs to exist. I am a Wells Fargo customer and an NRA member.
    I’m asking Wells Fargo not to cave to this blackmail sort of tactic.
    Compare 1600 mortgages to the millions of dollars that flow in to WFB. do the math

    I have been a Wells Fargo customer for over 20 years. I have a mortgage, my direct deposit from 22 years in the USMC, and a few credit cards with them.Don’t roll over for the AFT!

  12. The NRA is a good organization. It promotes and teaches firearm safety and needs to exist. I am a Wells Fargo customer and an NRA member.
    I’m asking Wells Fargo not to cave to this blackmail sort of tactic.
    The AFT is clearly uneducated in this mater.

  13. I have been a Wells Fargo customer for over 30 years. I have a mortgage, my direct deposit from 32 years in the Army, and a few credit cards with them. It may be time to look elsewhere. If they don’t want me, I guess I may not want them.

  14. Hoorah yes what Joe V said. In fact not only stop teenagers from driving and texting also stop them from driving and drinking.

  15. The NRA has been targeted for destruction for a simple reason, they are a danger to the American people. They chose to become a partisan political organization, and support one party over another. They committed treason and election fraud by laundering Russian money into the 2016 election, and supported Putin’s racist puppet Trump. They have sealed their fate.

    Once the Democrats take back the House and Senate in November, expect the NRA, and its members, to be treated as enemies of the American people. Expect extensive investigations of the NRA and its violations of election law. More importantly, expect to see real gun control measures that require licences and registration for all firearms, and a complete ban semiautomatic rifles, and a ban on semiautomatic pistols that have a magazine outside of the grip. We will ban all your favorite toys for no other reason than to punish you. Oh, and of course failure to comply will be grounds for your arrest and imprisonment. Don’t forget, we’ll know who to raid by all the Moron Lube comments you folks have made on Facebook.

  16. I do not understand why the NRA is being vilified. They represent proper gun use and safety and do not support illegal criminal gun use. I have been a long standing Wells Fargo customer the last twenty years. If they bow to this type of pressure, then I will be taking my banking business elsewhere. When are these anti-gun people going to realize, that the guns are not the problem…the problem is a cultural change in young people. The governor of Kentucky states it wisely in this short video:

    1. The governor hit the nail on the head. I can just see the woman in the crowd smirking and rolling her eyes when he was making valid points, but because he was not saying what she wanted to hear, she tried to stifle him and his comments.

  17. Linda Weber-well put, if we could just get the left wing liberals to listen to sound logic and reasoning.

  18. Wells Fargo should stick to business, not politics. Some teachers are NRA members, some are anti-gun. As I see it, little to no discussion of the real cause of school shootings has been done since Columbine, and there are multiple causative factors in common. It is always just rush to blaming an inanimate object, the gun.School will not be safe ever, until that real study and discussion happens. Teachers are rushing to judgement, as is Wells Fargo if they don’t become an entity calling fro true study of classroom psyco. abuse, psychotropic drugs used on students, teacher led values clarification, which includes there is no right and wrong, and more – all common to all the shootings.

  19. Mr Randi Weingarter president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) needs to put his efforts into improving teaching, like READING, WRITING, and U.S. History. Stay out of politics. Remember if the FBI, Local police department and especially the Parkland School system had done their jobs this would not of happened. The school system was more interested in making themselves LOOK GOOD. How about the AFT encourging student to be put on prescription drugs to settle them down. I had experience when my son was young, thank goodness we had a real teacher who knew how to deal with him. He turned out to be a very happy and successful man. NO Drugs. Why don’t you look into the one common thing these shooters have in common. Stop being a bully by pushing. your agenda. WF, I just left Citigroup and took all my business to your bank due to your logical thinking of leaving this up to the lawmakers. Stay in the banking business and out of pushing an agenda.

    1. Thank you Arnold! I agree with you completely! If Wells Fargo decides to allow this teachers union to BULLY them, then I and my family and our businesses will pull out of Wells Fargo. And if Wells Fargo decides to jump ship with law abiding gun owners and the NRA who does more for gun safety and training than any organization, then WELLS FARGO better get rid of ALL ARMED GUARDS in their banks! And these teachers well, they better DEMAND any Law Enforcement officer they call for help to be UNARMED! I stand with the NRA and the 6 Million plus law abiding gun owners who are Patriots standing up for America! Thanks again for your comments Arnold!

  20. I, too am a customer of WF. I am a Benefactor Member of the NRA. I have almost $400000.00 with them in my businesses. I would drop them in a heartbeat if they give in to the “aft”. Who would be the next little union that would want them to give in for something else. I just wonder how many of their members feel this way.

  21. Sorry Dave…. that was a general comment not directed at you… for some reason my phone replied to your post, sorry…

    I’m with you though, I’ll pull my accounts too…I’m already workng on pulling my BOA ones after their stance.

  22. I have been with Wells Fargo for over 20 years but have been an NRA member for closer to 30 years so if Wells Fargo crumbles I will be taking my business elsewhere.

  23. I agree with Cpt Deano. I too have my biz and personal accounts at WF. If they buckle, someone should organize one of those online petition sites and shows WF that they have a lot of customers that would drop their accounts if WF caves to the bullying.

  24. Wells Fargo should not be in the business of its customers… they are a bank and Thai what they should do… not playing games with the unstable… that’s on both sides of the fence… the educators need to figure how they should educate the kids in their schools to be good citizens instead of kids that bully and hurt others. They are pushing the responsibility off on others instead taking responsibility for the actions of the kids in there schools. There many different views and this why Wells Fargo should just be a Bank not political figure… I have banked with WF for a long time and if they stay as a bank I and many others will keep banking with you.

  25. Let them (AFT) leave, it’s a free world. I don’t cotton to ideology threat’s. My guess, there members of AFT that are NRA supporters. Remember, “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.”

  26. I have three residential mortgages and looking to take on a 4th. Currently I am going through the SBA process with Wells Fargo. I will stop all business with any company that refuses to support my rights. The left is waging a war on anyone that opposes their views, it’s time we do the same. Mys WF mortgage broker is KEVIN Kendall just so WF knows I’m serious. We are talking over 1 million in loans to date with another 1million in planning. I will ask the NRA which banks support our 2nd amendment rights and use their services.

  27. “The AFT’s purpose is to deliver an ultimatum regarding the bank’s ongoing financial support for the gun lobby and gun manufacturers.”
    Interesting; I wonder who this AFT president thinks produces firearms for our military. When these manufacturers win a military contract, they often need to borrow (big $$) funds to ramp-up production to fulfill their contractual obligations.
    I suppose he/she thinks our military already has enough arms and will never need more because you know, they never wear out, technology never moves forward, and we will never increase our troops. Our enemies must love this rational
    Excellent point Dave. Will we put the arms manufacturing business out of business?

  28. Just like all unions, the thugs in control are making decsiions that promote their agenda and not in the best interest of the members. They are ending a program that will cost all people in the union who would like to use the program instead of letting each member choose if they want to save money or virtue signal.

  29. Not surprised. Al Shanker’s acolytes have always been a subversive bunch. Since Vietnam, they have always moved to undermine the core values of American and, in great measure, have succeeded in our school system. Now, they are using the current tragedies to fertilize their field of subversion by trying to isolate the NRA, the prime supporter of our 2nd Amendment. Their theory: Take the NRA down and the 2nd Amendment will be just memory. It’s time to decertify the AFT and declare it a anti-American organization on par with the Communist Workers of America, aka Working Families Party

  30. I have all my personal and business accounts with Wells Fargo and I just hope for our relationship that they have the backbone to tell the ATF to stay out of private business and quit trying to bully everyone. I am not trying to threaten or bully Wells Fargo but I just want them to know that there are a lot of their customers that have accounts with them that do stand by our second amendment rights. As everyone already knows it isn’t the guns that kill it is the people behind them that kill.

  31. First off to the person attacking Unions, I am sure that not 100% of the Union members supports the AFT’s stance. It would be a decision by vote, duh! Second, as a WF customer and a USW member, I will leave WF if he crumbles to the pressures of the teachers opinions. Let’s face it, based on what we see in news, teachers can’t afford mortgages anyway.

    1. Leave the banks alone!!! They struggle enough as it is. This whole thing is being way out of control. Why is forcing companies to discriminate against one group or another okay????

    2. Sorry Dave…. that was a general comment not directed at you… for some reason my phone replied to your post, sorry…

      I’m with you though, I’ll pull my accounts too…I’m already workng on pulling my BOA ones after their stance.

  32. I think Mr. Sloan should remember that while there are 20,000 teacher mortgages, there are also 16,200,000 people licensed to carry, and do the math. Particularly if other big banks cave, Wells Fargo stands to inherit way more gun owners than there are teachers.

  33. Interesting because Wells Fargo owns one of the largest private firearms collections in the world. Wells Fargo was one of the few early security companies that issued forearms to their agents and stagecoach crews. Bet the lefties didn’t know that. If Tim bows to the Education Industrial Complex, he’s forsaking his own company history.

    1. Yes. I am so used to to articles about the ATF (LOL). Fixed – Thank you! ~Dave Dolbee

  34. Blackmail and extortion, if the AFT can get a better deal somewhere else then go. Stop trying to publically hold hostage Wells Fargo for conducting business. I bet they’d be singing another tune if Wells Fargo says “OK, we’re foreclosing on all mortgages held by AFT members.” But we all know that WF has more compassion (and business sense) than that.

  35. I have cut up two CITI BANK cards (up to $5000 per month) and leaving KROGER (about $500 per month) because of their reported policies concerning guns. I would hope others would do the same.

  36. Very sad to see this. Reminds me of USSR do as we say or we will hurt you. You will believe what we tell you and you will do as we say or we will hurt you. You can not think out side the box or have thought of your own or we will HURT YOU. This is not freedom, this is not the United States way of doing things. The people who are doing this are the same people who thought it was good that it was against the law for African Americans to go out after dark because they are harder to see and might cause trouble. This is the Jim Crow era al over again. Who where the people in charge at that time???? You got it Dem’s

  37. I can’t tell you what Sloan WILL do but I can tell you what he SHOULD do.
    He should tell these teachers to get back to their desks and start teaching kids the real history of the USA and its constitution. Tell them he will not be strong-armed into trading the Constitution for their business.

  38. Once a member of AFT. Only game in town. Controlled by socialist yahoos. Tell Wells Fargo to forget them.

  39. The question is “why would the NRA deal with Wells Fargo”. Have they no memory of the 2016 scandal. The one where they fleeced their clients out of millions of dollars. Let the teachers have them.

  40. No matter the union or the political interest, this is America and bringing ( more like blackmail) a reputable business into a political agenda is getting out of control. Wells Fargo has a responsibility to all it’s customers . If you were to switch this and the NRA was giving the bank the ultimatum there would be caps!!! The split standards has to stop!! They are wrong bringing the bank in the middle and shorting there self by doing it. Responsible gun owners have more morals and standards than that. And this is the ATF , what are we showing our youth with these types of actions? If your member of the ATF and a gun owner than now is the time to set a example and stand up for what is right . You have the opportunity to show the youth in your schools that threats and tempertations is not how to solve problems. There is no need for extremeist . There is common ground and it can be found.

  41. Tell the ATF President he can take his business elsewhere. Any business that supports the Constitution of the United States will win the support of the majority of US citizens. The ATF couldn’t care less about students. All they want are union dues to support their lifestyle and support those in Washington who do more harm to America than good. Stay strong Wells Fargo. The majority of Americans are non-union and need home mortgages. Don’t cave in to union thug threats and your business will do just fine.

  42. It is a shame the education system fails to educate our children on history, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and instead are just a political arm of the Hate America crowd. The failure of so many ( not all ) of our educators to teach the values of America is apparent. They instead chose to indoctrinate our children with failed policies, half truths ( when not full lies ) and a teaching protocol from Washington that is so stupid that no other country in the world would even consider it unless it was to keep their people ignorant of the truth. We need to start making our educators responsible for their actions and replace the ones that can’t except history as history and instead want to keep pushing the USA toward a Socialistic system that has failed every where.

    instead chose to indoctrinate what is mostly left wing propaganda

  43. Wells Fargo should tell them Ok. We well call all loans that your members have in and tell them they have 30 days to pay. And send a note to everyone that they can thank the AFT for it.

  44. Looks tom like the AFT is biting off it’s nose to spite it’s face. The only one’s they are going to hurt are their own members. WF tell’em to F off.

    That said WF will cave. The globalists always do.

  45. I think that the American Federation of Teachers would be better focused on weeding out the social degenerates in its ranks. The lecherous perverted teachers, of which we so frequently hear about, who are having sex with their underage students. I think that if their agenda is to protect students, then they need not look any further than their own house! I have several accounts with Wells Fargo, personal, business, and investment. If Wells Fargo caves to the AFT, then Wells Fargo loses my business!

  46. Wells Fargo should tell the AFT President, fine, if you discontinue the mortgage program “we will give all those that have loans with us thirty days to pay them in full”. Let’s just see how many Teachers will stand behind Weingarten then. I don’t think there are that many Teachers that are standing behind this decision now!

  47. I hope Wells Fargo tells the AFT that they will not be blackmailed. There are more gun owners in the US than AFT members. If Wells Fargo acquiesces the blackmail will continue with other businesses.

  48. As a very long-time customer with Wells Fargo, with substantial accounts, I am sending a notice to Wells Fargo (attn Tim Sloan, CEO) that if Wells concedes to the AFT’s demand, I will terminate all accounts with the bank.
    I find it unacceptable that companies (Dick’s Sporting Goods, Blackrock Investments, Citi Bank, etc) are targeting the firearm industry. I have already notified my investment advisor to begin selling my shares in BlackRock funds.I no longer shop at Dick’s.
    A rhetorical question: Thousands of innocent people are killed each year by drunk-drivers and speeding cars, are these firms going to target the auto manufacturers or alcohol producers and distributors in a similar manner? Probably not.

  49. “The AFT’s purpose is to deliver an ultimatum regarding the bank’s ongoing financial support for the gun lobby and gun manufacturers.”

    Interesting; I wonder who this AFT president thinks produces firearms for our military. When these manufacturers win a military contract, they often need to borrow (big $$) funds to ramp-up production to fulfill their contractual obligations.

    I suppose he/she thinks our military already has enough arms and will never need more because you know, they never wear out, technology never moves forward, and we will never increase our troops. Our enemies must love this rational.

  50. One aspect that concerns me in all of this, if Wells Fargo should “cave” to this baseless demand, is: where will it end? If it spreads throughout the financial industry, that is catastrophic to many.

    Most people in this country need to borrow money to buy a home, a vehicle, or even major appliances. Every loan application requires employer information. So if the entire financial industry falls for the threats of the left, any private citizen who works for a firearms manufacturer, an ammunition manufacturer, a gun shop, or a firing range, can no longer get a loan. They may not even own a gun themselves, but they need that job for their survival and that of their family. They don’t get the loan, and the financial institution doesn’t get that business.

    And so what if this snowballs even further and car makers, and dealerships cave and decide they won’t sell to anyone associated with the firearms industry? Department stores? Grocery stores? People can’t buy what they need or want, and more companies don’t make the sales of their product, which takes from their profits. Socialism makes further gains.

    If Wells Fargo doesn’t put a stop to this extortion now, there may be no stopping it. And extortion is exactly what this is, in my opinion. Wells Fargo cannot allow themselves to be bullied.

    These leftist socialists know full well that the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is their biggest single obstacle to their complete takeover of our Republic. If they can disarm the public, there is no way the public can defend against tyranny. The left can then install their dictator-for-life and proceed to dismantle the U.S. Constitution as he/she sees fit.

    I leave you with 2 simple, undeniable facts:
    (1) Left is not Right
    (2) Right is not Wrong

    Long Live the Republic.

  51. It’s simple, anybody messing with the second amendment will not get my business. We have a personal and business accounts as well as my son. I have a mortgage with Wells Fargo as well and I will refinance if it’s nessesary

  52. I am shopping for a new home, soon will be purchasing a new vehicle and opening a new credit account. I will definitely do everything I can to make Wells Fargo my bank of choice for all these purchases and services. I hope they will meet my needs. If they do not, I will shop around but, I WILL NOT use or support any bank, service or other company that does not support my right to possess and own firearms. I will not consider any bank or business of any kind that bans or discriminates against the NRA or their members. As a matter of fact, I am going to choose to use only business’s that fully support the 2nd Amendment and the NRA. I really should start to compile a list of businesses that strongly support the 2nd and other groups like the NRA that protect our Constitutional Right and use them exclusively.

  53. I currently do not do business with Wells Fargo, but if I did, and the cowed down to the aft, I would stop business with them. Correct statement about bullying, I support the NRA and as a legal gun owned I too am disgusted at the rhetoric and the “blame game” to “US”. We give up and let them take our 2 amendment rights from us, tyranny will follow

  54. I hope the union members tell their union to stick their ultimatum where the sun don’t shine. The unions and their left wing radicals will destroy this country if they have their way. I may need my gun to help stop them.

  55. I believe that the teachers union or any other group has the right to their opinion but when you bully anyone or thing such as a company into taking away the rights of others you are wrong. Be very careful what you take away today may end up taking away your rights in the future. Lets face the problem of mental health together. Solving this problem by taking away the rights of good people is WRONG.

  56. Teachers unions pose a threat far, far, greater to this country than every single gun, bullet, knife, and baseball bat in it.

    Where guns are used (in infinitesimal numbers, frankly) to carry out attacks against innocent people, teachers are attacking the minds of innocent children and doing much greater damage to our future.

    Excuse my language, but screw teachers unions.

  57. The Union doesn’t have a whole lot of power here. There are a lot more teachers that don’t belong to that union than do. The Teachers themselves can pick and choose which mortgage company they choose to do business with.

    What the Union is really doing, is pulling their recommendation and union discounts their teachers get. They are hurting their teachers more than Wells Fargo.

  58. I shall try to contain my temper, but I have had about ENOUGH of any businesses kowtowing to the bullying and insolent behavior of people/organizations thinking they are above others. Gun manufacturers, gun shops, gun owners have every right to follow their likes. How dare anyone threaten my bank because of different opinions. Keep your opinion, but stop interfering with others with threats! I certainly hope Wells Fargo stands firm and tell these pushy people to keep things in a business order.
    Thank you,

  59. I completely agree with you. Stand up for your rights and let your voice be heard loud and clear. Your like thinking peers need to speak up also so that the AFT and the commies driving this extortion effort know they are not going to be supported.

  60. How interesting. And predictable. A union operation resorts to union thuggery in threatening a bank.

    Top of my to-do list today: let my local Wells-Fargo know that if it caves to the goons at the AFT, it can likewise kiss my accounts (checking, savings, and credit cards) good-bye.

    1. I’d think a better strategy would be to play nice, and thank them for their continued support of law-abiding people, gun-owners or not.

  61. Well, well. Isn’t it interesting that with all the emphasis on ‘bullying in school’ the teachers union believes they can bully a private business to conform to their way of thinking; I include the entire membership – to date, it appears that the school teachers swimmining with Weingarten agree.
    What is just as interesting is the use of an ‘iron Curtain’ that cowers the membership from truly speaking out against the leadership; the members know that severe retribution is lurkiing for those who do not conform.

  62. The Teachers who should be Teaching the Constitution & Bill of Rights are doing the Opposite.

    But Not a Word About Sending All These Students Off As ‘Cannon Fodder’ in the Governments 100 year War of Terror to Control the World’s Oil Supply.!!!!!

    1. I agree, I will stand with the NRA & I will keep ole Betsy & my short barreled Colt 38 until Hell freezes over. The
      2 nd Amendment is The Cornerstone of the Constitution of the USA so if it can be destroyed, then the Constitution can be destroyed in whole or in part. TBB:

  63. If WF is pro gun then sign me up!! Finally a company with a backbone in society. Sick and tired of liberal communist fascist authoritarian first amendment propaganda trying to threaten and strong arm everyone who disagrees. If WF folds and gives into them then what’s next? Dominoes continue fall and society becomes a forever winter of Snowflakes coming down with growing force as each company or business folds to their political garbage and pathetic threats. Storm is definitely coming and it’s the gun owners waking up and putting an end to this ridiculous thinking and divisive mindset. True Americans both Black and White as gun owners need to have a “market correction” to show just how little power the people without guns have against those who do have them. We need to have a real “march for our lives” as gun owners and finally come together and stand up as a community to support America for what it is and freedom to make own choices. To put an end to culture of liberal tyranny. Who do you think joins military and fights for their country only to come home to less rights, to less freedom and become forgotten? Not pathetic SJWs or bleeding heart liberals! “When government fears the people there is freedom, when the people fear government there is tyranny”… which one are we currently experiencing? God bless America!!

  64. I am not currently a Wells Fargo account holder, but should they stand their ground I will become one. The safety of America’s students has absolutely nothing to do with this banks affiliation with the NRA.

  65. I get really sick of hearing from socialist teachers, politicians, most of Hollywood or any vocal minoritiy who wants to take away our rights. Free speech, the right to protect ourselves and our families, the right to move about freely. Wake up people, we are losing our rights piece by piece and we need to stand up to any person or organization who wishes to make us LESS free. And the left calls us NAZIS. Ironic!

  66. Supported teachers for years. Even supported them in their latest March for pay increases. If teachers allow their representative to push this strong armed tactic against Wells Fargo then my support for spineless teachers that only care about self centered agendas will never again be with them.
    Maybe it’s time the teachers vote to remove this tyrannical socialist mouthpiece.
    Don’t cave Wells Fargo, I’ve been a customer for years, be strong and tell this individual all Americans have the freedom to choose and you choose to support all Americans.

  67. It does not even sound legal it certainly is not moral or American. I guess that opens the door for all merchants to pick and choose who they sell or not sell to like someone saying they wont sell to minorities because they support the naacp or aclu or because they do business with with companies that sell rap music or some other products that they feel demoralize and threaten American values. Sounds like a form of communism. If Wells Fargo gives in I’ll close my account and take my business elsewhere .

  68. It’s about time. Hurray for Weingarten. Time for the stupid, arrogant, selfish gun owners to turn in All of their guns Now. AMERICA, GIVE UP YOUR GUNS NOW! Use your common sense.

  69. Guns have protected Wells Fargo long before any of us were born. The right to do business with whomever they decide, should never be infringed upon. If a union leader, without proper votes, shouldn’t be the only voice on this issue. The politics have clearly run a muck in this situation based on the fear of criminals with guns. Guns in the hands of good people (teachers) can save lives!

  70. I have two Wells Fargo Corporate accounts and own a Law Enforcement Supply Business. We make badges for government agencies but do not sell firearms. If Wells Fargo caves in I will close both my accounts. People who want to ignore the constitution are dangerous. There are more people killed because of people driving while high on alcohol and legalized pot than all the gun deaths combined , but the liberal press will never mention this fact. I am all for better background checks and far better security at schools, but why blame Wells Fargo because Florida Law Enforcement , state , Federal, and City totally ignored this maniac kid and when he struck the school they were charged with protecting they ran for their lives. Liberals get a brain will you !

  71. I challenge (AFT) President Randi Weingarten to describe exactly how denying Wells Fargo financing to the NRA or its members will prevent even one firearm incident. He is clearly one of the “we must do something,” even if it is totally useless. I would also bet that a very high percentage of his union members are gun owners who wonder what the Hell their leader is doing under the guise of “protecting the children.”

  72. Wells Fargo is not a bank you can trust with your money or personal information. Look at their past crimes lately within the past few years. I have never and will never have anything to do with Wells Fargo. They can do what they want.

  73. If they cave I’ve been doing business with Wells Fargo for over 35 years but I’ll just go somewhere else. I really do feel Wells Fargo owes me anything and I don’t owe them anything including my loyalty.

  74. First, I wonder what the AFT’s members had to say about this. Second, how many WF current customers are NRA members who WILL pull their accounts in a NY minute if WF caves? Third, what will the AFT demand next: no sales of Ford trucks to NRA members? No sales of Toyotas to Jews? There will be no end. How about since the AFT hates guns, no more armed cops in schools?

  75. this moron liberal needs to have his citizenship taken away. I gave the best years of my life and would have given to protect the constitution. He has a right to his opinion, but not the right to try and take the rights of others away because they believe in God, Country, and Guns. This is a mental health issue, and at 60 years old I have never seen or heard of a gun that took it upon itself to hurt someone, always some idiot on the trigger. We are losing our great country to a bunch of liberal traitors.

  76. So a Teachers Union wants Well Fargo to Kiss their butts and stop doing Business with companies that deal in Firearms when they deal in Stupidity, and lies, they don’t teach the kids about the real Constitution, or Bill of Rights, they teach them this Common Core Communist Crap so they won’t believe in our Constitution when they grow up they’ll think it’s all lies, they want the Banks to do what they tell them or they will stop doing business with them.. Well go half of these teachers should be fired for being Stupid, Lazy, idiots that only have a job because of their union, having worked in the School System I’m amazed that our kids learn anything, they teach them all their Liberal Socialist Bull Shit instead of what they really need to help them in life, so I say they can go piss up a rope

  77. Mr Weingarten let me see if I understand this, you are giving Mr Sloan an ultimatum to dis the NRA and gun companies based on 1600 loans held out of your whopping 20,000 members of the AFT. You really think you are coming from a position of strength. You do understand the NRA has between 4-5 MILION members and there are 43-45 MILLION gun owners in the US. If it really was about student deaths you should be asking Mr Sloan to ban cars and car loans since motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for America’s teenagers, accounting for more than a third of fatalities in this age group every year, the CDC says in a new report. Mr Weingarten your numbers just don’t add up nor does the logic of your argument. 2,823 teens died in motor vehicle accidents just in 2012 while a total of all students killed in all school shoots was 59. Seems you’re “aiming” at the wrong target. Mr Weingarten you are simply another political hack and I trust Mr Sloan will realize it too.

  78. Wells Fargo manages my mortgage for the large entity that actually holds my mortgage. I would have to refinance the mortgage to get it away from Wells Fargo. A mortgage holder can’t just drop their lender. The AFT guy is mostly hot air. His members are not going to suffer the cost of refinancing to get rid of Wells. If he wants to discontinue the program he likely needs the approval of members.

  79. Let’s think about this a minute. 20,000 ATF members, 5 million NRA members. Which group does Wells Fargo want to p*ss off? I’m a Life member of NRA and a commercial mortgage holder with Wells Fargo. If WF caves to the extortion scheme by the President of ATF, then I’ll be re-financing my mortgage with someone other that Well Fargo, and I’ll be urging all other NRA members with WF mortgages to do the same.

  80. So, if Wells Fargo continues to do business with a legal industry, the Teachers Union will no longer work with Wells Fargo to offer mortgage loans to the union members which are most likely at a lower profit margin to Wells Fargo. Kinda of an odd negotiation stance, “Stop doing business with those folks over there, or we will pull our support for a program that already cuts into your profit margins and our members will be forced to use your regular product which will cost them more and earn you more profit.” Very odd indeed.

  81. All these educated morons need to do to stop the violence in schools zoned and or schools is to illuminate no gun zones for schools. There was no problem before no gun zones were instituted for the schools. These people Who are more and likely deranged know that if they go to a no gun zone they can kill 30 or 40 people before the police can respond. How simple is this to correct. Let’s grow up and become adults and get rid of idiotic idea is that if there is no guns in an area the area is safe. That is until some lunatic Marches down with a gun and start shooting people. It’s going to take the police at least 10 to 15 minutes to respond. And by now we should all know that a police officer carries a gun to protect himself/herself. Usually by the time the police arrive the deed is done and the police are doing an investigation. Even in the instance where they killed the perpetrator the damage is already done. Your child is dead, that’s the bottom-line. That’s what no gun zone’s produce.

  82. I am a teacher and this kind of thing is why I don’t join national teachers associations. Our school district just approved a shooting club in our high school. I teach archery in P.E. We do not have locks on our lockers at school. Most of the homes in our community have gun cabinets full of guns. The young people here are taught the value of hard work, respect, and proper values. The AFT does not share the same opinion as this teacher. Maybe what this nation needs is responsible teachers who carry at school and proper values taught in the home.

  83. I don’t think anyone should feel forced to deal with a communist! Dropping the AFT would be the smart thing to do. I mean, who’s in charge of Wells Fargo, Sloan or Weenerface?

  84. I will drop the business account I have with WF in a hot second if they cave to this! I guarantee they will lose more than they gain. Hopefully they will do the right thing and and tell them to take a hike!

  85. There are AFT members who disagree with the AFT Union Leadership. Not all of the AFT are ignoramuses and liberal non-thinkers. There are many of the membership that were not brain washed at the Liberal based elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and universities. Many teachers and professors are HCL holders. Who else will step up and defend the defenseless children? Only the AFT liberals believe that taking guns away from the good guys will prevent the bad guys from killing. Parents, remember where your children and grandchildren are being educated and by whom. Liberal teachers and higher education professors, will and have for many years, swayed and brow-beat children into accepting their liberal thinking ways. These, soon to be adults will, at some point be voting, without thinking. They will be led by the liberal left, just as they are being led right now into all the anti-gun protests you have witnessed after the Florida Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. These are not independent thinkers, these children are led by liberal organizations that have capitalized on a horrendous crime. Using these children as pawns to do their massive publicity ploy to infringe upon the first and second amendment. Time for conservatives to step forward – get active, vote your conservative values.
    Dr. R

  86. As Clay Rogers stated; there are more gun owners banking with Well Fargo than AFT members , I’m sure. I’m also sure that siding with the AFT over the NRA would be bad for business as well as cowardly. That’s about all I have to say on the matter really. Happy shooting folks!

  87. Wells Fargo should be very careful who’s ass they kiss , do they want to be bullied into something by libtards or do business with people that want a good product and treat everyone the same.

  88. Blackmail can be a two-way street. This nonsense can go on forever and nobody wins. How about if all gun owners, who now do business with WF, stop doing so? Stand up Wells Fargo, show you have some cashews.

  89. Let em take their business elsewhere! They’ll find it VERY expensive to do so and won’t be hurting anyone but themselves! This is getting boring! These type of battles are never won. Truth is, the gun lobby will always win in this country and that’s a good thing! Fact is, even the left has millions of gun owners and many of them are NRA members! Do they really think that 20000 AFT members can go head to head with millions of NRA members! Come on!

  90. As an NRA Life Member, with a nice chunk of change invested with Wells Fargo, I will be ke3eping an eye on the outcome of this effort by the left to intimidate a venerated American financial institution. I pray it does not succeed.

  91. About time the actual Teachers stand up for themselves and ditch the Union, The Union did not protect them from having to teach Common Core, the False Religion of Evolution, Islamic Pillars, Sex education, including fornication and self pleasuring, and LGBT legitimacy. Not to mention forsaking the real History of the USA, the Constitution and the effect of Christian Moral and Values.

  92. I have cancelled my membership to Lifelock and closed all of my accounts with Bank of America for caving in to the same kind of bull crap. If Wells Fargo has the same lack of back bone I will cease dealing with them also. Businesses and corporations have no place taking sides in the war for our rights and firearms. You need me so much more than I need you.

  93. I agree with you 100%, a 100% Disabled Vet, I have a VA Mortgage with WellsFargo, I am also a NRA Endowment Member, VietNam Vets of America Life Member, USLawShield Member, CCWSafe Member and US Concealed Carry Association Member, and do not think WF should bow to these demands. If they do, what is next??? ALL MAJOR BANKS. There are more Gun Owners than Teachers.

  94. Stand your ground.Guns save more lives then they take in this country period. Also consider joining guns of america along with NRA that will show where we stand ….

  95. Just another attempt by the Liberal Left to attack Good Companies and blame these Companies , like Wells Fargo , for what a criminal does ! How foolish and so predictable ! If Wells Fargo backs an Auto Manufacturer whose car or truck is used to mow down people on a crowded street , are you going to blame Wells Fargo for that as well?
    No , this is just another attack on our Constitution. And when you start to blame the good guys for what the criminals do , you have reached an all time low ! Stand your ground Wells Fargo and stay with the NRA ,whose fight for our freedom and right to bear arms is un paralleled ! Our School System needs someone to blame , instead they should be more concerned about getting God back in schools and less cincerned about keeping Guns out !
    AMEN !

  96. “The definition of fascism is ‘The marriage of corporation and state’ ” – Benito Mussolini

    Under communism, the government owns everything including the means of production. Under fascism and it’s identical / conjoined twin socialism, the government allows for private ownership but works tightly together with big business to essentially rule with an iron fist just the same. All is coordinated by the elites to effectively rule over the masses however they see fit. History repeats and here we go again.

    So we have the marriage of leftists in government with leftists in the big banking and internet corporations, working together as Domestic Enemies of the U.S. Constitution, striving to deprive American citizens of their Constitutional rights. Fascism, pure and simple.

    Just thought someone out there might like to know how we really are experiencing true fascism as so clearly defined by Mussolini himself, the original head of the Italian Fascist party and author of “The Doctrine of Fascism”. The guy who went from elected leader to outright dictator and who aligned Italy with Hitler’s Nazi Germany during WWII.

    If you ever doubt the power of propaganda, consider that just a few decades ago, most people would never have taken the bet that it would ever again be possible to indoctrinate a free people – in spite of all of human history proving the contrary – into seriously believing that they will not be “safe” and “free” until they are silenced and disarmed. But now we see _many_ well indoctrinated victims of very expensive college mis-educations, loudly demanding this very thing via “hate speech” laws and calling for a repeal the 2nd Amendment and so forth.

    Our people die for lack of knowledge.

  97. When are these people going to learn that this is NOT a gun issue. Fix our mental health system, fill all the holes in the background check system, and implement a nationwide reporting database so people don’t slip through the “cracks”.
    Exponentially more kids are killed by impaired/distracted driving than by firearms and I will climb off my little soap box before I broach the MILLIONS murdered since the passing of Roe vs Wade

  98. Who and the blue blazes of hell does he think he is. That pinko commie sack of shit needs to be tar and feathered and removed form this country. I’m sick of the anti gun dildos and their agenda. I’m a law abiding citizen who the hell are they to decide what I need and don’t need

  99. I know teachers and liberals love empirical data, so I’ve been conducting an experiment here at home for quite some time. I loaded one of my long guns and one of my handguns and put them next to the front door where they would have easy access to leave my home and go wherever they desired to wreak havoc and threaten whomever confronted them. The guns have been sitting there for nearly 12 years and have yet to make their move. I’m sure that what I’ve discovered is going to be a huge disappointment to the AFT and liberals everywhere. The guns don’t seem to be the issue. No matter how much I urge them to go and assault someone, they seem content to just sit there and do nothing – kind of like a lot of AFT members. GET A CLUE – guns don’t kill people – people kill people. What is the AFT going to urge legislation on next – ball bats, hammers, steak knives? What a bunch of idiots.

  100. Well, you either support free market or you don’t. You don’t have to like what a business does, but as long as it’s a private entity, you can’t complain about how they run their business or the choices they make. You can, however, not support businesses whose business practices you do not agree with. Welcome to democracy.

  101. As a teacher I fired AFT as my representative. AFT is to busy being unAmerican and not worrying about the real issues teachers worry about. Instead they push an agenda that is dangerous and damaging America. Just another organization that has abandoned its original purpose by becoming a fanatical political hack. Please Wells Fargo, tell them to mind their own business, it would be refreshing at several levels.

  102. Do these idiot leftists know that thw original Wells Fargo defended banks monies and more with GUNS from stage Coaches, rail cars and ocean shipping lanes before any of them were alive??? If I were Wells Fargo I would tell them where shove their anti gun ideas.

  103. WF’s mortgage program was set up to benefit both sides – WF and the teachers. If AFT terminates the program, they’re hurting their own members. This is known as “Cutting off your nose to spite your face.” There was a time when unions actually benefited the members. Now, they benefit the union leadership at the expense of the members.

  104. I don’t understand why the NRA is getting bad press. Drug companies kill more people and ruin more people’s lives with addiction than any other industry that has multiple lobbyists heading up their interest. Where is all the protesters and businesses against them. The NRA doesn’t kill, and lobbies to protect our rights to protect ourselves. The NRA helps schools and local police prevent school shootings by establishing safety zones and identifying areas on the grounds that cannot be seen on surveillance. The NRA promotes safety classes for gun owners. Do drug companies do anything for the people addicted to their drugs??

  105. I forgot to add… How many NRA members have businesses or influence where a business does banks….???

  106. Hmmm…about 6 million NRA members, about 126 million adults in America. AFT has only 1.6 million members…how many AFT members belong to NRA?
    %5% of Americans are NRA members… i bet more than 20,000 NRA members have mortgages with Wells Fargo, many of which are teachers.
    Wells Fargo should open the Union incentive for mortgages to all teachers, unionized or not…

  107. I’ve already closed my Sears Cards because they’re issued by Citi Bank and their recent decision on financing and as far as Wells Fargo goes I can close my accounts there. I’ve had accounts there over 20 years but I’m sure I can find a friendly bank.

  108. Keep in mind the teachers of the AFT are the one indoctrinating your kids to the value of socialism and are no longer teaching civics or patriotism!

  109. I hated socialism and communism before they started calling it liberalism and progressiveism. This is typical of any of the 4 isms listed above. Don’t try to convince anyone that your view is correct. Try to force everyone to live under your worldview without ever winning in the arena of ideas. This is the same tyranny that the founding fathers revolted against. It is the same tyranny that the right to keep and bear arms was protected in the Constitution to guard against. It is the hole that all unions fall into sooner or later. It is unlikely that they polled their membership on this issue, and even if they did this is a disservice to the pro-gun members, because ones view on guns is not what makes one a qualified teacher. This is why a National Right-To-Work law is needed.

  110. Please. try getting a new morgage at a new rate. Hope you enjoy the freedom people have died to give A right, you want forget about;; Have fun because we wont miss you………..

  111. Wells Fargo should carefully consider its customer base before acting. Citibank just engaged in a round of moral preening with regard to guns and I am in the process of obtaining other credit cards and moving my business elsewhere. I currently do the majority of my banking with WF, but am not obligated to continue if the company decides to align itself with groups that want to limit my constitutional rights.

  112. This meeting has all the signs of a ‘shake down’ by Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition. Wells Fargo, don’t shoot yourself in the foot (pun intended).

  113. They always make gun laws for law-abiding citizens. What about goon laws for the NON law-abiding citizens?

    Ask them that at your next phony council meetings.

  114. if WF does this, i will do just the same thing that i’m in the process of doing with Bank of America, withdraw all assets and take them somewhere that values my rights. BoA is losing around 150 grand from me alone. if everyone would do this, the AFT would be told to go screw themselves. question is, where do i put them that i know won’t just roll over tomorrow?

  115. I am with Wells Fargo and believe they should be able to di business with whoever they want, however, if they let anybody boss them around then iI money have to find a different bank…

  116. i also have a number of WF accounts and believe they should stand up to the outside pressure. The gun manufacturers, re sellers etc have a legal right to be in business. If these groups would spend more time being part of the solution and not forcing the American people to listen to their manipulated data we could accomplish a great deal. I would like to know who is really behind this blackmail, I am confident they did not come up with this on their own, sounds like shades of Citi Group and Bank of America who have already been extorted and caved. I am going to move my accounts from BAC because of their decision to discontinue doing legal business with gun entities. Enough is enough of the behind the seines manipulation of our and business rights !!!!

  117. WFB Has to look at the money. The firearms industry is a 3 billion dollar cash, banking, CC processing, CC Programs, Gun Group benefits like mortgage pimping, non-fdic products etc… so if WFB so decides, right now they could dominate the firearms funding and banking markets for a long while to come.

    While AFT might be a sizable organization, given the idiocrates at BoA and CITI, there is a rare market opportunity looking WFB square in the face. Given the bad actors at WFB in the last few years, a solid increased market revenue stream should be very interesting to them.

    Or they might be short sighted douche bags and cave in to a minority of loud mouthed oxygen thieves, who can tell these days???

  118. If Wells Fargo caves on this liberal bullying tactic from the Teachers Union, we are moving our accounts elsewhere. The only thing these banks and corporations understand is the bottom line. Wells Fargo played games with our accounts and got in trouble before. This will be the final blow!

  119. Teacher’s Unions/organizations are Marxist front groups that don’t give a rat’s a__ about students. And Marxist’s NEVER pass up an opportunity to destroy personal liberty and private property rights wherever they exist. These people are evil, and if the US is to survive as a free republic, they and their ideas must be destroyed. My guess is that will not happen. Instead, I envision the Blue and Red states initiating a national divorce. The Marxist Left’s hated conservatives for decades; now conservatives are beginning to return the sentiment.

  120. Sloan just needs to stick to his guns, allow the Union to pull a popular benefit from its members and see what happens. In the grand scheme of things, the business if the AFT doesnt amount to a hill of beans,to WF. Even if other Unions were to follow suit, the majority of harm done would be to Union members and not WF.

  121. Tell the AFT to stick it. Union thuggery, extortion, and coercion have no place in America.

    Then call all the mortgages held through the program due in full immediately. If we’re playing hardball, then let’s play.

  122. I have been a WF customer for many years but I can certainly cut all ties with them should I decide to. I’m sure there are many others out there that feel the same way.

  123. I am a Wells Fargo Advisors client. All of my holdings are in “blue chip” equities. ANY brokerage Company can manage my portfolio. I have a great Advisor with Wells Fargo, and I hold the 2nd Amendment to sacrosanct. If Wells Fargo makes any move to curtail business with gun industry clients, I will move my business to another advisory company. I mean business.

  124. Shup up cry baby. It will never happen. Keep whinni g about your dad life as a libtard because you can not change anything. The 2nd ammendment is here to stay and most of the liberal moves will be overturned once Trump puts another conservative in SCOTUS. So get over yourself, you represent nothing. You don’t give a shot about those kids, if you cared even a little, you and your ilk would be furious about the thousands of kids killed because of texting and driving. The amount hurt or killed by guns is so small compared to that or any other way our kids and teens are killed. So get off your high horse. POS

  125. If you start a go-fund-me page to help you move to China or Russia, I’ll be the first to contribute. You obviously have never understood what this country and its constitution stand for and guarantee. Please leave and take your brothers and sisters with you.

    1. Russia, hell! Too damn cold there.

      Let’s get all the gun owners to move to Hawaii instead!

    2. Let me know also. I’ll be the second, 1 second behind you making a generous contribution.

      Dr. R

  126. How do you get the majority of Americans don’t own guns. Are you only considering big cities and some states that have made gun possession so difficult they have infringed on American rights and perhaps included all American children under eighteen? Did you forget the rest of Us?

    Liberals like you like to twist numbers and exclude facts that don’t meet your suppositions. The truth is that you are essentially trying to control the world just as any fascist does – take away their guns and we’re in charge. Talk about Nazis.

    The world is getting way too touchy-feely in agendas that put everything under the “rule of the masses” but the masses are not represented – the masses are actually only a few very loud voices shouting out their own prejudices. That, by the way, goes for both sides of this argument. Both sides are trying to gain control through fear mongering and threats.

    We in America, whether individuals or large corporations, have a God-given and Constitution-ensured right to make our own decisions and act legally as our consciences dictate. It is about time we do so regardless of the yammering of jackasses on both sides of the fence. You cannot control our thoughts in your Orwellian attempts to do so.. Sooner or later all your noise will only be ignored.

    As to Wells Fargo, stand your ground. I have a mortgage with you as well as project cards, other credit cards, savings, and checking accounts. About 70% of people in our area do also.. Most of us own guns. That’s somewhere in the area of 50,000 homes with some interest in Wells Fargo. Do you seriously want to lose our business because of a few Nazi Liberals?

    1. as most of us know the ones that yells the most gets the food . My bet is that Wells Fargo will be just like some other banks they know you can’t just walk a way from your homes so they will give in just so they don’t look like the bad boys and back the NRA. What they need is for all the gun owners to stand up and give them a bigger voice last I heard there is 300 mil. guns in our hands but only 150,000 members it is time to stand up for our rights or lay down and give up my wife don’t like guns and she is a member it is up to you it’s a cheep way to keep your guns

    2. As a constitutionally protected American I can’t stand the bully tactics used by the liberal left to get there way no matter who they step on and as a voting American citizens will urge Wells Fargo to stand their ground against such underhanded tactics.

    3. Wells Fargo. You have the opportunity to stop this crap right now!

      When meeting with this liberal hack, tell her you are call 20,000 of her constituents notes due now! Affect their pocket book like they are yours, they will change their attitude Real fast.

      Do these people not get enough attention at home?

  127. ex·tor·tion
    the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.
    synonyms: blackmail, shakedown; formalexaction
    “arrested on a charge of extortion”

    When is one of the firms going to have their attorneys go after these self-important ass hats? As long as companies continue to cave to this pressure, the perpetrators will become emboldened and press for more nyourbopinion is no more important than my rights. SMDH…

    1. Extortion? You mean like the politicians in Georgia who threatened Delta Airlines when they discontinued their NRA discount?

  128. If Wells Fargo caves, military credit unions like Pentagon FCU and Navy FCU (the largest cu in the U.S.) should step up to the plate and make the loans.

    1. Those Credit Unions are limited membership organizations. They accept only folks who are or were in the military.

  129. Wells Fargo should offer NRA members the same mortgage package as the UFT. I think NRA has more members then the UFT. Liberals forcing their agenda on everyone. Stand up Wells Fargo.

    1. I hope Wells Fargo gets that NOT caving to these socialist organized crime groups will be a huge marketing boost for them. Not only is there over 5 million NRA members, over a million GOA members, and millions of other pro 2nd Amendment group members, but the majority of gun owners don’t belong to any of these groups. So caving could cost them a potential 100 million customers, while NOT caving could cost them thousands of potential future customers. You can bet the 20,000 that have mortgages aren’t going to waste their own money refinancing those mortgages just to make a point.

  130. They should be more concerned with the education of the students, the ones that can’t read, write or balance a checkbook.

    1. These are the same ones who can’t count out change without a calculator or computerized cash register telling them the correct amount. I spent nearly 5 minutes trying to keep some poor kid from not giving me correct change. At first it was short changed and then too much. I confused him by giving 20.10 for a 19.10 charge, it confused him so much even after I said all he had to do was give me back a dollar bill. Price I paid to make it simple. Guess first mistake was paying cash.

  131. Wells Fargo should not cave in to any cowardly Liberal and mindless group that wants to take away any Constitutional right. A smart person recently said, “my rights don’t end where your feelings begin”! It is un-American and totally selfish to interfere in business dealings as a uninvolved 3d party! As a longtime Wells Fargo client, I need and respect the financial services of this respected organization which has nothing to do with this candy-ass protesting cult!

  132. Good luck destroying the NRA, did you forget who has the weapons? That’s all of my time I’m going to devote to that idiot. I’ll pull my accounts from WF if they bow down to that pressure. I’ll bet they will lose more than they’ll gain

  133. Well looky here. The hight of hypocrisy. The company refuses to do LEGAL business with NRA but they can SCAM millions opening fraudulent accounts WITHOUT the account holders knowledge. Talk about being a flaming LIBTARD whose political leaning is coming out their anus….

    1. Sloan’s a republican genius.

      91108 Wells Fargo Company/C.F.O. $33,400 05/18/2016 P REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE – Republican

    2. Well Fargo pulled out of Oklahoma Many Many years ago, made me pay my account off, left me in a lurch, I haven’t cared about them since, then they came crawling back to Oklahoma, like we needed them, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. CROOKS…actually they did me and Oklahoma a Favor, at least for all those years.

  134. So far there’s no evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians. You have made an unsubstantiated accusation, which is what disappointed Democrats are doing in their effort to block or impeach Trump. Hillary has committed criminal acts with her email server and 32K erased and scrubbed emails and only the intervention of Democrats in the FBI and NSA (which will be negated eventually) have saved her so far from criminal prosecution. Democrats need to clean their own house.

  135. The only reason you have ANYTHING to your useless name is because of responsible gun owners like myself. Since all your money comes from a welfare check that I pay for, I’m sure myself and the rest of us can appreciate the flacid threats you let fall from your mouth like shit from ass!

  136. Its a slippery slope… What about Wells Fargo losing EVERY gun owners account for regular banking, mortgages, credit cards and all other banking services. Now that would probably hurt more than losing the Teachers I would think. So Wells Fargo… think twice!!! WE GUN OWNERS CAN STOP THIS NEW ANTI-GUN TREND. WE (all of us gun owners) must stick together and show the corporations to don’t tread on us!!!

  137. If the AFT goes thru with their threat, Wells Fargo should call due all the mortgages of the teachers. Then let’s see who wins.

  138. To me this is black mail or extortion and the DOJ needs to look into it . If W F does not stand up to the teachers union and tells them no they will probably loose more business than what they will gain . I for one will be moving my I R A as I’m sure others will be moving their accounts . Citigroup is also doing the same , cutting ties with gun manufacturers and dealers . They are caving in to the billionaire brothers ( do what we say or else ) .

  139. This is a clear example of oppression through extortion. The AFT is following the directions of their behind the scenes commandant Adolf Bloomingbird and his democommie brown shirts. This is the same road they took in Germany when they tried gradual extermination of a certain religious group. Slowly but surely they took away their guns, their rights, their businesses, their bank accounts, their belongings and then their lives. The members of the AFT need to wake up and dump their “leadership” before it’s too late. Dropping.a program that benefits it’s members is just plain stupid.

    My hope is that Wells Fargo leadership has the spine to tell them to go p!ss on a hot electric fence line and see how that works for the AFT leaders. Take a very strong stand against the tyrannical behavior of this emporer wannabe and his fool lemmings.Send a clear message that you won’t be intimidated by extortion.

  140. I was upset about this for a few seconds. Then it occurred to me, the NRA has too-long worked against our interests by supporting incumbent candidates at all levels who are anything BUT, 2A friendly. Also, the NRA has been all too willing to bargain away our rights, a little here and a little there, in order to appear “reasonable”. For these reasons, I dropped my NRA membership several years ago. Sorry, but the “they aren’t perfect but they’re the best we’ve got” line of bs doesn’t cut it with me anymore. Yeah, it is a crappy sentiment from a bunch of liberal, anti-gun, teachers and education weenies, but I am not going to worry about it.

  141. This is the left’s approach to circumventing democracy. Use economic blackmail to force business to engage in practices that the public would never support if given a vote.

    Wells Fargo should not succumb to this…next year someone else will be going after another right through non-legislative means.

  142. The end result of their great teaching was on parade this weekend across America . ….. HALF the idiots are “demanding” you take away their Bill of Rights and give up your guns because “THE POLICE will protect you” —- the other half were “demanding” the POLICE STOP SHOOTING UNARMED CITIZENS.
    Yeah sure, the POLICE – — Currently, in the U.S., law enforcement kills around 1,200 citizens per year. Ironically, that number is actually four times higher than those who die from rifles. As has been recorded, cops have killed 450 percent more people than have died in the past forty years of mass shootings.
    Teacher raises HELL! Give the Taxpayers a REFUND. The little idiots cannot read or write, and have NO concept of the Constitution, Law, History. ………..The Teacher Unions should be paying DAMAGES to the Kids —- A Third Of Millennials Aren’t Sure The Earth Is Round, Survey Finds…-flat-earth-survey/
    take their HUGE pensions and use it to actually educate the kids.
    The same “teachers” who taught nothing about economics taught nothing about history or the Constitution …. what they DO teach is “Be PROUD of being stupid and knowing squat …… history is BOOOORING”
    Teachers whine about how “hard” they work but FAKEucators taught the children nothing about History or the US Constitution. MILLIONS of kids without a CLUE about history, or the US Constitution.
    ” Hey teacher, leave those kids alone.”
    So the FAKEucators are bald faced liars as well as Child Exploiters. One does not wave POLITICAL SIGNS at a funeral. More reason to fire them.
    Every teacher or school administrator who aided, urged, promoted or engaged in that “student” walk out must be fired. They used YOUR taxes to promote Their political agenda . They used their “position of authority” to coerce their wards, minor children, into actions they will come to regret …. just like #METOO victims. I can guarantee the FAKEucators did not present a balanced, objective, overview of the subject.
    This is Child Abuse and Exploitation. They are coercing children to further their political agenda. Any teacher that engages in such exercises must be FIRED and charged with Child Abuse and Exploitation.When is the TAXPAYER FUNDED, School organized, PRO-Constitutional Second Amendment walkout???

  143. I am a gun owner and have a business account with Wells Fargo. My gun has not hurt anyone and never intends to unless my life is threatened at my home. All these companies and organizations boycotting the NRA are paid under the table to do so if the truth were known. If people want our schools to be safe, they need QUALIFIED security personnel to protect the grounds during school hours and extra curriculum activities. STOP BOYCOTTING AND GET OFF YOUR REARS AND PROTECT OUR STUDENTS! You might just need a firearm to do that, wouldn’t you think?

  144. The sad part of this is that the AFT represents teachers…who are supposed to know and teach re the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, without which the Constitution would not have been passed.
    As for the socialist posting there vile comments herein please note that after more than a year of FBI, CIA, DoJ (sic), Comey, Muller et al and the MSM, there is still not a scintilla of evidence that Trump “colluded” with the Russians. To quote your favorite president, Obama to Trump: “Stop Whining, No Serious Person” Believes U.S. Elections Can Be Rigged Or Stolen” (10/18/16). Also, please note that collusion is not a Federal crime. Period. The NRA had nothing to do with participating with Russia in any matter and to do so would be anathema to them. You are what Joseph Stalin termed as a “useful idiot”.

  145. The AFT, in my opinion, is an ultra-liberal, progressive body historically (since the 1960s, at least) that has a singular objective: protecting incompetent teachers. To a significant degree, AFT is responsible for the decline of US education in comparison with other highly developed countries. If it’ll do that to our children, think what it wants to do to the Second Amendment.

  146. Maybe the NRA needs to begin thinking about a member owned credit union, and leave the failing banking system to their own devices.

  147. This new generation of Liberal teachers must be stopped. There job is to teach with out bias. they have no right to preach their options or believes to our children. If Wells Fargo caves in to this nonsense I will defiantly have to reconsider my financial dealing with them!!

  148. If WF folds to this extortion I will be forced to end a two-decade banking relationship with them. The strong arm tactics has got to stop. The Constitution is crystal clear on this matter.

  149. As an investor, we like company’s that keep a low profile to these kind of issues. All we ask is a good return on the money used to purchase holdings in your company. When you get involved in these issues we start walking around like a cat on a freshly waxed floor. So we sell your investments and move on. For anyone how stays, they see stock prices fall along with the dividends. Ask Dicks sporting Goods, investors devalued the company by 8% in thirty days. So a very simply way to put this is BULL SPIT WALKS and MONEY TALKS.
    So who will have the last word.

  150. If Wells Fargo caves to this pressure from AFT myself and all of my family will be closing all of our personal and business accounts and will find another bank, just as we did with Bank of America.

  151. After Wells Fargo’s dismal record of cheating its customers, I’m a little surprised that the NRA is continuing to do business with it. By threatening to call for a boycott, the union may actually be doing its membership a favor — just for the wrong reasons!

  152. I am a teacher and a life member of the NRA. The AFT does not represent me or most teachers. This woman is using the profession to advance her own personal agenda. Shame on her.

  153. Oh Geez, I wonder if any AFL-CIO members could be gun owners, certainly every single one that I know is!
    Good luck AFT, you are welcome to fall on your face any time as far as I am concerned.

    When is the AFT going to start a campaign against the real Florida shootings culprets – O’Bama, the Dept. of Education, the FBI, the school superintendent and the sheriff who all conspired to hide the culpret’s criminal record from the FBI? ? ? ? ?

  154. Tell the AFT to pack sand…if Wells Fargo kowtows to the AFT they will lose more than 20K pissed off gun owners…Tim Sloane should know this.

  155. see link below for real culprits in FL shooting as discovered by an actual stud not some left wing media outlet.

  156. Has it been so long ago that WF employees were caught creating millions of fake accounts so the sales reps could get bonuses? They should have been boycotted then and now if they cave to the union.

  157. I wonder how many teachers are pro2A and NRA members? and if all teachers that are members of this union and agree with this bully tactic remember that they are suposed to be educators and role models, not instructers of It’s our way or no way. The AFT needs to stay out of economic terrorism. Afterall at the end of the day all any bank really cares about is the long term bottom line and profit margin, they’ll make more money from NRA members and gun companies than they ever will from a teachers union.

  158. So here is the Left’s model for dictating to U.S. citizens and the AFT rank and file that SHE will make their anti-gun decisions for them.I;m sure none of the teachers were told by her that she was going to blackmail honest business’s into doing her bidding. No vote taken either,just pay your dues and let me be unilateral in AFT decision making. Wells Fargo needs to hold firm.

  159. Interesting ultimatum. . . I suppose those members of the NRA who do business with Wells Fargo might want to let the company know of their support of free market business, not subject to the views of ignorant do-gooders with an anti-American agenda. My dealings with Wells Fargo in the hundreds of thousands of dollars just may go bye-bye! And I had thought the AFT to be the more conservative of the unions! Ah well(s).

    1. I don’t personally do any business with Wells Fargo, but if this happens, then I will clean out my deceased Mother’s checking and savings accounts and put the money with a bank that believes in the second amendment.

  160. Know ye all men by these presents: that if and when Wells Fargo ceases to do business with firearms manufacturers, dealers and retailers, no private individuals who own and/or support said businesses or the shooting sports will further deposit funds, pay interest or initiate new business ventures with Wells Fargo, it’s parent company or it’s subsidiaries. Furthermore, all business currently being conducted with Wells Fargo shall immediately cease and desist and all accounts will be closed and or transferred to other financial institutions.

  161. Tell the AFT to go cry someplace else. Big deal, a few mortgages. If WF caves in, there should be a boycott on them.
    Why are HS teachers so supid?

    1. These left wing loons learned this blackmail tactic from the Rainbow Coalition (the great Jessie Jackson). Blackmailing Corporations worked then and made Jessie a lot of money. I hope Wells Fargo learned from Jessie that if you start allowing these loons to blackmail you they never stop. They will be back to the trough on this and other issues when they see it works.

  162. I am a local USW president for my place of employment I will request that our leadership have no more contact with the AFL-CIO this is totally disrespectful of others rights and a liberal attempt to push their agenda onto others. If our leadership stays noncommittal and this comes to pass at the local level we will pull our funds from Wells Fargo and accept no correspondence from the AFL-CIO.

  163. It is time for the NRA’s lawyers to file “conspiracy to commit civil rights violations” charges against the AFT and the bank if they go along with the union!

  164. Individual businesses should remember that second amendment supporters are huge in numbers. The threats of liberal groups are not worth listening to. I am a Wells Fargo customer. I wonder if their back bone is strong enough to stand against personal rights, instead of irrational threats from weak minded or politically motivated cry babies.
    Stand up Well Fargo and don’t back down. These things blow over.

  165. Wells Fargo has a “Corporate Responsibility” link on it’s website you can send an email directly to their leadership.

    Let’s flood them with the feedback from their customers that we can vote with our wallets too.

    Be sure you don’t support with your business those banks that we the taxpayers bailed out like Citicorp and Bank of America for their discrimination of law-abiding gun owners.

  166. I have two Wells Fargo accounts and a loan from Wells Fargo. If Wells Fargo cowtows to the AFT, I will be closing my accounts and moving my loan to a new lender.

  167. It is my hope, Mr. Sloan, that you & Wells Fargo will not give in to being threatened by the AFT. This sounds like socialism & these are our tax dollars that they are using. I’m truly appalled to hear about this threat. This isn’t proper business etiquette at all! Quit trying to take away our 2nd Amendment rights! Where to you get the right to use threats to a business? This is America where everyone, including businesses, have the right to support who they choose, just as every person has the right to choose which bank they want to use. I urge you Mr. Sloan to stand firm.

  168. I’ve been a Wells Fargo customer since 1982. Although I’ve considered leaving them repeatedly over the years, their support of the firearms industry keeps me.
    If they roll over for the AFT, I will have no reason to continue to do business with them.

  169. What do you expect, you foolish clowns? The NRA chose to be a partisan political organization, and actively participated in Trump’s treason with Russia. Of course we on the Left have targeted it for destruction. NRA members are barely a majority of gun owners. Their economic voice is trivial compared to the majority of Americans who not only don’t own gun, but recognize our lack of effective gun control is killing children and adults at an unacceptable rate. You can bet your last dollar we will destroy the NRA, and the harder you fight against us, the more of us will decide you Fascists can’t even be trusted with a single-shot .22LR, much less anything center-fire or semi-automatic.

    1. Could you give a description or explain what treason Trump committed with Russia and how the NRA is involved?
      Also, could you explain how the shooting in Florida is the NRA’s fault and what laws could have been enacted that would have prevented the shooting?
      Also could you, would you comment on the failures of the FBI, and local authorities that had ample multiple opportunities to prevent the tragedy and did nothing?
      A useful idiot like you seems to think you have all of the answers so let’s hear them.
      Better yet why don’t you just admit that effective gun control is code words for confiscation. That’s what you commies want and don’t have the balls to say it out loud.

    2. While I do recognize this as a blog where facts can sometimes become distorted, your take on the situation is not only lacking in facts, it contains that air of foolishness and arrogance that the left is so proud to claim as their own. Crafting an atmosphere of discriminatory practices is something that I thought was completely against the lefts moral platform. But you will do or say anything and stoop to any levels, regardless of the constitutional consequences.

    3. Boy have you been drinking the Liberal Koo-aid. First, 5 M NRA members is about 3-4% of the 120 M gun owners. There are several other gun-rights organizations that just don’t wind up in the press all the time – including the 2nd Amendment headquartered in your town.

      I have no idea what you are talking about with your comment on Trump’s treason with Russia – seems like he was really colluding with Russia last night during the bombings in Syria.

      By the way, opiods and drunk drivers each kill more people that guns when you include only true homicides, not suicides and many times more if you exclude DC, Chicago, LA and NY.

      I think you need some medication – my mother gets along well on a minimal dose of Trazadone – talk to your doctor.

    4. Hell yea, 100 years from now, Trumpers will be remembered as a sick embarrassment at best, or a cancer halting the development of mankind at worst. I’m with you, democratic socialism will prevail as most aging Trumpers expire throughout the next few decades.

    5. “Trump’s treason with Russia” LOL. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Do yourself a favor and get some help. You need it.

    6. You “Liberal” child lovers have murdered millions of unborn babies, including those kicking and screaming as they are torn apart by the abortionist, so dont lecture anyone on the death of children. 18 teenagers are killed every single week while texting and driving, where are you on this matter, why not pass a law making illegal till the age of 21 to possess any device that texts ? I will tell you why, you dont give two damns about children, your agenda is to dis-arm us and put us in camps, we all know that now…………at least be truthful you communist vermin.

    7. Would love to see you left wing left coast states break loose from the US of A and go finn for your selves. You think the law or our military is going to save you from the boogie man one day when you’re standing there with your —- in your hand instead of your Glock. Your wife and kids will be so proud of your stupid ass…..good luck !!!! Oh yeah, you’re a lot closer to Russia than you think left !!!

    8. What is a socialist troll doing on a CDNN blog site? I thought y’all hung out on the Bernie, cross-dressers and the “I love Maxine Waters” site. I sincerely hope you get your wish of a socialist/communist central government, just not in this country. Move to Venezuela if you wish to reap the rewards of the red state…. take a cheeseburger or two or you will starve unless the police bludgeon your libtard @$$ to death first.

    9. Seattle socialist, well named. This is America, it’s a shame those on the left coast ignore that fact.
      I moved from Mexifornia because of crazies like you who have no respect for a civil society.

      Let the illegals in to murder our citizens, that’s OK but when some left wing looney gets a gun and kills it is law abiding gun owners who you blame.

      Liberalism is definitely a mental disorder. I pity you and your ilk..

      Alan Carnell, my real name.

    10. Here in the Nazi state of Illinois the Chicago mob led by Mike Madigan and the other Chicago mob members like Rahm Emanuel have been trying to pass all sort of gun bans and illegal non due process of law bills. None of the bills will prevent criminals from having high capacity magazines or any type of gun. The whole of Chicago’s gun laws to present HAVE NOT STOP CRIME as law makers had promised.

      Because the FBI and the cowardly sheriff deputy did not do their jobs, lawmakers are seizing the moment to try passing legislation which will next be a complete ban of all guns. Great Britain has mostly done this and crime has skyrocketed.

      Only peasants and slaves have no guns and the government rules with an iron hand remember NAZI GERMANY AND USSR ?

    11. Nice rant. Just look up the definition of Fascist before you throw that word at the NRA. The AFT is attempting to control a private corporation through blackmail and politics. True Fascism at work.

  170. Well, well, the very people who are dumbing down our children are now trying to call the shoots (pun intended) on our Constitution. Let the gun owning teachers vote on this BS. This is a union motivated move and smells of Soros, Obambam, Blumberg and the communist party.

  171. I have a Citi Card that I have used for 20 years. When they ditched NRA, I moved all my repeating monthly payments to Chase. When Bank of America said they would not finance gun manufacturers, I had my wife stop using the B of A card issued by her state teacher’s organization. My company issues a Wells Fargo Card. If Wells Fargo lets the teacher’s union bully them, I will put all my expenses on a personal card and get reimbursed.

    Wells Fargo should remember that there are 20,000 teachers with mortgages and 150 M gun owners. Tell the AFT to go pound sand. My wife disliked the union so much she made them send her “political part” of the dues back to her.

  172. I boycott anyone who supports the liberal agenda or liberalism as a whole. It truly is a cancer on our society.

  173. Here is the contact info for the AFT org. WRITE THEM!! It will serve no purpose whatsoever to close your account after WF caves to them. That is exactly like closing the barn door after the horses got out.


  174. I’m a teacher and an NRA member. AFT President Randi Weingartner is pushing a personal agenda. There are plenty of common-sense teachers who believe in the constitution. Don’t be mislead by the media and anti-gun puppets. I’m in the classroom every day… and plenty of teachers and students know that restricting honest citizens from owning any kind of firearms will not make schools safer. Support the Constitution, Wells Fargo! Teachers will get their mortgages wherever they can get the best deal!

  175. I was about to open accounts with Wells Fargo after ditching Bank of America for their misguided anti-2nd actions against firearm manufactures. I’m running out of banking options!!

    1. @Robert Gould

      Try looking for a local credit union that belongs to the National Credit Union Association (NCUA). Credit unions function on behalf of their members, not for their profits/bottom line, & we are greatly pleased w/our joint ichecking accounts, our fixed 6.9% interest rate credit cards, & our recent 4% APR 30-year mortgage in 2017 which we’ll pay off in about 22.5 years. It’s hard to go wrong with credit unions! If everyone could/would join credit unions, we could bring the corrupt banking industry & their lobbyists to their knees forever!

  176. Aarp has sent me countless things through the mail. I will not join them because of there views on gun control. I have two siblings that are teachers, both believe that gun ownership is a right as Americans. Even though one of them does not own one. He believes his choice not to have one, does not mean others should not.

  177. All of you making comments about leaving WF if they cave are being silly. WF won’t cave if they hear from you. Also, you shouldn’t be upset with WF at this time, you should be contacting the AFT, and letting them know that their President apparently wants to be a dictator.

  178. Robert,

    So, your ethics can be purchased for the right price? Don’t you know that almost ANY place that gives you a discount for AARP will still give you the discount simply for being 61 or older? Just ask…no place wants to turn away your business for the sake of a stupid AARP discount.

    Tell them you don’t agree with AARP’s politics, but would still like to buy their services, if they give you the discount as a Senior Citizen.

  179. I regard this as an assault on individuals rights since union members are forced to be in the union and may not share this view. If Wells Fargo gives in on this I will remove all my business from their bank and lobby all my associates to do the same. WF should shut the union down on this threat.

  180. Many good comments – Please forward them to those banks and businesses so they hear it personally. It was the communist countries that had government run businesses (which failed as most government programs do). If we were the kind of country the liberals want, we wouldn’t be able to quit our businesses or banks to serve someone more respectable. Thankful for free enterprise.

  181. I will not support Wells Fargo if they choose this path!!! I have started a boycott against all the Companies like Walmart that won’t sell to anyone under 21 and will no longer sell AR’s but, continues to support hunters and sportsman. Don’t get me wrong I am a hunter/sportsman and we do more to support conservation of the outdoors then gun haters ever will, but the 2nd amendment is not about hunting or shooting sports! It’s about self protection and protecting this great nation from all who wish to destroy it!!! Teachers should focus on teaching facts and accuracy of events not personal agenda! If you don’t like the laws of this land then move, there are plenty of wonderful place for you to go spread your freedom hating agenda that already have gun control laws, so go there and protect yourselves…. Respectfully

  182. I find it ironic that the socialist AFT want you to believe they are concerned about the lives of children, yet support Planned Parenthood that kills 300,000 babies a year. Try and wrap your head around that number, 300,000 babies each year. But they are against the NRA, that had never killed anyone. Why would any group be against an organization that wants protects the Constitution of the United States. Think about that a bit.

    1. Amen brother!
      Some in our country need more facts and a bit of this common-sense! How can anyone argue with James’ statement?!
      Thank you James!
      Mic drop!

  183. I have several accounts at Wells Fargo and if Wells Fargo caves to the teacher’s union I will transfer the accounts out.

  184. So the AFT is trying to bully wells Fargo into doing what they want..Sounds like the AFT never changed their mentality since high school

  185. Another example of why public employee’s labor unions must be de-funded. Every dollar the American Federation of Teachers members earn is paid with your taxes. Then they turn around and use your own tax money to advocate for taking away your civil rights. This can not be allowed.

  186. Wells Fargo should tell the Union that if they boycott Wells Fargo should call in all of those mortgages evict the residents and sell the repossed properties. Let them boycott they have more to lose than Wells Fargo

  187. I hope Wells Fargo just doesn’t roll over and meet the demands of the ATF. Our nation’s rights are more important than their feelings.

  188. Should Wells Fargo fold to the pressure of 20,000 members of AFT, it will be catastrophic as the 6,000,000 NRA members will turn around and boycott Wells Fargo, I know I will.

  189. Kids are mostly stupid now because they are taught in school to memorize and follow rules not how to think. This is a direct indication that their teachers are stupid also. If you outlaw guns to law-abiding citizens it’ll make it harder for the criminals to get them too so the criminals will just start building bombs instead. I do not think diesel fuel and fertilizer will ever be outlawed…

  190. Kids are mostly stupid now because they are taught in school to memorize and follow rules not how to think. This is a direct indication that their teachers are stupid also. If you outlaw guns to law-abiding citizens it’ll make it harder for the criminals to get them too so the criminals will just start building bombs instead. I do not think diesel fuel and fertilizer will ever be outlawed.

  191. Tim,
    If AFT continues their antics and pulls the program, WF should immediately call all the loans with a letter saying the program is no longer available through their union. I will personally work with you as an affiliate to make up any losses you incur. Tim, please do not yield to bullying.

  192. Wells Fargo needs to not listen to this out right Hypocrisy of the AFT. The AFT need to focus on giving our young children the proper education needed and stay out of politics. Frankly I would suggest that if a family can do it take your kids out of public schools and home school your own children!!!!!

  193. The teachers’ organization is reacting from fear and not common sense. We all need to keep guns out of the hands of the people who commit these atrosities and not law abiding citizens!!!

  194. I wonder how many teachers own guns. Also how many gun owners are Wells Fargo customers. I am. Does that mean I should take my banking business elsewhere if WF quits supporting the NRA, gun companies, and gun ownership. This is the main reason kids are so stupid now because their teachers are.

  195. I’m tellin ya……this is all because of all the warning labels on EVERYTHING. The STUPID people are surviving long enough to procreate. As is evidenced by this feeble attempt at extortion.
    I’m just tired of everyone bitching about their RIGHTS and the constant watering down of America. I fought in the early 70’s for this country. BUT, it was the country THEN. Not this watered down, thin skinned, “ooo, that offends me” bullshit. I doubt if I would have volunteered had things been like THIS then.
    I’m glad I’m getting old. I wont have to witness much more of the degradation of our ONCE wonderful country.

    As always
    Carry on

  196. I wouldn’t be surprised if WF caves to the AFT. There is a movement to boycott legal businesses in this country just to flow with the crowd. People should stop cutting their noses off despite their face. The crowd is not always right. It certainly isn’t in this case. The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights are not given by government, but by God. That’s why they are unalienable.

  197. I advise all 2nd Amendment believers to send Wells Fargo your concerns personally. The need to here from us directly as well.

  198. Money talks. As long as GOD fearing, patriotic Americans continue to do business with seeds of Satan who desire to ruin our free republic, we will continue to lose freedom. STAND!

  199. I’ve been a loyal Wells Fargo customer for almost 25 years, both my private accounts and my business accounts. If they do not respect the Constitution, if they are bullied into putting AFT profits ahead of legitimate firearms business profits, I’ll be ending my association with them immediately!

  200. I’m a teacher and bank at Wells Fargo. My good friend is a WF branch manager. I sent him a link to this article and told him to be ready to close all of my accounts if this goes forward. I’ve never been a union member, and this doesn’t represent the values of all teachers. Pathetic if WF cowards to them.

  201. I Wells Fargo buckles to these idiots, I will be selling all stocks and any stocks of their affiliates. This is why I DID NOT and WILL NOT support the teacher walk out in Okla.

  202. Supporters of the 2nd Amend. the Constitution and our Bill of Rights will continue to do business with Wells Fargo or any other company that supports the majority of US Citizens.

    1. I Agree completely and a member of a local teachers Union and don’t agree with their opinion at all . and their choice politics.

  203. I love Wells Fargo bank, they will even let you carry open into there banks, but if they go along with this craziness from AFT I will switch my banking to USAA.

  204. I already have a car loan through Wells Fargo and will happily refinance my home mortgage through Wells Fargo if the AFT does this. I thought teachers were supposed to be neutral and not force opinions on others. I worry about what the teachers in this organization are teaching their students.

  205. I will stop my banking business with Wells Fargo and tell everyone I know to boycott Wells Fargo if they knuckle under to liberal political extortion.

  206. I also am a Wells Fargo customer and also an NRA and SAF member and I have also dropped/stopped purchasing from companies that DO NOT honor the RIGHTS of others except for left leaning groups that don’t know or care for other peoples rights. Like Hilary said she will do away with the first second and fifth amendments … REMEMBER FOLKS YOU LOSE ONE AMENDMENT/RIGHTS AND THE REST WILL FALL!

  207. Finding the words to describe, articulate, and identify the threatening hateful rhetoric, the excrement exploding from the mouths of the leading spokespersons’ from the Parkland school massacre. Today a man put into the words that match/fit what we are struggling to say. “I really feel sorry for them because it’s not only ignorant and dangerously stupid, but it’s soulless. To attack the good, law-abiding families of America when well-known, predictable murderers commit these horrors is deep in the category of soulless,” Nugent said! “The dumbing down of America is manifested in the culture deprivation of our academia that have taught these kids the lies, media that have prodded and encouraged and provided these kids lies,” Nugent said. Nugent’s comments come after Fox News host Laura Ingraham saw an exodus of advertisers for her show The Ingraham Angle after saying “quit whining”, to one of the shooting survivors and a gun-control activist. Resembling a little dictator, at the podium with his arm raised in power, condemning those who disagree with his view! Destroying anyone who thinks different than the lies that he has learned and now spews forth to destroy those individuals lives and those that hold a different creed than the socialist, soulless, lies that all dictators cry out! Just as Hitler tried to destroy the Jewish race in the Holocaust that the soulless are taught did not happen. Those of us who survived, life perils, lived through the wars’, paid the price of freedom, “Eternal Vigilance”. If I can train you what to look for, then you can get involved and stop it from happening. Because when the police respond [to a mass shooting], it’s too late. The 2nd Amendment and “Eternal Vigilance” are the only way our Great Nation will continue to survive and be Free!

  208. We too have WF credit cards and home loan. If WellsFargo feels, as the AFT does, that my rights should be repealed for being a Law abiding citizen then we will have no other choice than to both replace those lines of credit and encourage all of those we know to do the same.

  209. I’ve been a Wells Fargo customer for years. I will take my concern to them directly. As for AARP, I’ve never been associated with them. Switch to AMAC when you can.

  210. Statistically, this is not about safety. Therefore, this is not about student welfare. Calculated to abscond fact and deliver fiction in its place these funded organizations deliver a packaged agenda meant to degrade the NRA and gun ownership, the targeted citizens of the moment. We need to target back. This won’t stop with “guns.”

  211. I still use AARP, but it is NOT because of their policies. My wife & I get discounts at enough restaurants that my annual dues is paid up after a few meals. After that, I start saving money.
    Give me another group that will do the same and I’ll drop AARP like a hot potato. — Problem is, retired, fixed income, and inflation makes for saving wherever I can.

  212. I’m a special education teacher and NRA member. I open carry daily when not at work. I also collect firearms and my 4 boys shoot everything I shoot. What right does this Lefty think he has to represent me? Oh, and I bank at Wells Fargo and open carry in there. They don’t mind at all.

  213. Anyone who thinks an Ar15 is an assult weapon is a blind fool who has experience in firearms and I will close my accounts with thus institution

  214. Tim Sloan, I stuck with you through all the banks woes with unfailing loyalty. Don’t let any organization dictate unconstitutional policy for Wells Fargo.

  215. Well if WellsFargo goes along with this bull shit I never bank woth them, or use any kinda of Wells Fargo ATM or other service.
    Personally, Wells Fargo should laugh in the AFT’s faces and tell them to kick rocks, they arent the only lending game in town, they walk someone else will fill there shoes. This is America, time to start showing these Corporation that they dont have the power in this country, the people of America do and because this is America, your corporation isnt the only game in town, you want to walk away go right ahead cause some other company will gladly take the business and run with it.

    Thats whats beautiful about free market capital and enterprise. Even if every major financial institute in America stops working with the NRA or firearms companies, someone will start doing business with them, someone small that will then rise up because of it.

  216. I have been a long time customer of Wells Fargo Advisors and currently have a mortgage with Wells Fargo. If Wells Fargo goes along with the AFT. I will move all my business elsewhere. Another knee jerk reaction to the NRA, when they had nothing to do with the school shootings.

  217. I would move my business from Wells Fargo if Tim decided to bow to the AFT and drop the NRA and any 2nd amendment supporting firms.
    I have done that with other firms who dont support rhe Constitution. We too can vote with with where we spend our dollars.

  218. Wells Fargo don’t cave to their threats. Your a Bank…do the math!

    Number of current and/or potential Mortgages held by Liberal Teachers Anti-Gun Teachers:

    Number of current and/or potential Mortgages held by Honest, Hard Working, Second Amendment believing, Gun owning US Citizens:

  219. The NRA is dying a slow painful death and I’m very happy to see them go. As a veteran and retired LOA and an AR 15 owner it’s time to get this weapons out of the hands of the population.


  221. Wells Fargo has a history of fraud and violating the law. Their use of deceptive business practices and current number of active investigations and lawsuits should be the indicator that no one should be doing business with them. I had a mortgage that they robo-signed and due to numerous violations of the law, they saw no wrongdoing until I brought in the OCC and the FBI. WF continued to destroy my credit on an unlawful loan until they decided cease and desist. The NRA and its members should not be doing any kind of business with as Wells Fargo. Their reputation is so tarnished that the NRA should not endorse them, or offer any of their services as an extension.

  222. I am a long time Wells Fargo customer who has employed banking accounts, student loans, and mortgagees. I am also a member of the NRA and an advocate of 2A as well as 1A. Given the far left leaning of our teachers union, I’m not surprised that the president is blackmailing Wells Fargo. I also think it absurd that the NRA is being blamed for the actions of an individual. Being educators, the AFT should spend some time researching the facts and not playing selective statistics … as it is said “there are lies, damn lies, and statistics”. I leave with a final thought which I saw on a bumper sticker “if guns kill people then pencils misspell words”. If the logic is that banning guns will solve gun violence, then we should get rid of pencils so students won’t misspell words. Though, a motivated psychopath will merely turn to another instrument of violence when guns are banned such as knives as seen in London. Teachers should seek truth and lead the way to enlightenment … not blindly following flawed thoughts that haven’t worked in the past and will not work now. Isn’t history one of the subjects that is taught in our schools? Maybe the teachers union should go back to class and adopt some themselves. No, Wells Fargo should not cave into blackmail by the AFT.

  223. Even if AFT withdraws it’s support, there is nothing to stop WF from continuing to offer the same mortgages to teachers or to undercut the terms offered by any AFT replacement lender. It’s a meaningless and hollow threat.

  224. “Has there been any proof at all that ANY of these mass killers was even an NRA member?”

    Not that I am aware of but plenty of evidence for leftists who have committed these horrible shootings and US Presidential assassinations.

  225. Great hypocrisy ! The left is always insincere. The problem is not the gun. The problem is some kind of sick people with family troubles. It is not the weapon that kills, it is the finger that pulls the trigger. And how about forbidding cars? They also kill…

  226. I am a member if the NRA. In the past I had a few accounts with WF, but will never again if they choose to be bullied by the AFT. It is interesting that they are talking about a bank, money, and protecting people, but they don’t point out that the NRA spends more money than any other group to teach and promote firearm safety.

  227. Didn’t Hitler and the Nazis urge people to quit doing business with Jewish people and their banks? I am very concerned about these ignorant people who only want the Constitution when it serves them!

  228. I have been with Wells Fargo for over 35 years. However, if Wells Fargo goes the route of Bank of America I will stop doing business with Wells Fargo. I vote with my pocket book!

  229. I believe you don’t let a minority tell the majority what to do! Everyone has a right to their business! the act was caused by a person who shouldn’t have had a weapon but that was do to the lack of the local gov. and not following the rules set by national standards.Their blaming the gun not the measures around it and the lack of following the rules in purchasing and following up on the mental state of the person purchasing. there were a lack of involvement from the local community to restrain a person that had known problems. Don’t blame the financier’s or the maker’s for something that they had no control out side their own business, blame the people who didn’t follow up on the mental state of this individual that caused this concern! The anti-gunner’s should be ashamed of them selves for using children to push their agenda! Or accusing gun owners of being responsible for the acts of one or more persons that are mentally impaired or terrorists which is totally absurd!

  230. I bank/invest with WFargo. I will be proactive and advise them my business will be moved elsewhere. Pressuring a company indicates the AFT has no understanding or respect for the Constitution and sounds like a form of extortion. Is that the message “educators” want to send?

    1. Another back door effort by gun grabbers attempting to financially cripple the NRA & firearms manufacturers. They are becoming more radical in their efforts to disarm America, and subject Americans to Socialist rule.

    2. i left wells fargo a while back after the fake account scandals and my opinion they are the starbucks of banking…everywhere but do very little for their customers. Another report on this topic showed that wells fargo was actually doing the ATF a favor as teachers were paid little and often struggled to meet other lenders who is helping who there. Sad how that is the lefts tactic, if you like guns or give or take money from guns youre automatically a child hater or murderer. What about the idea that it just supports your constitutional rights? You can easily say the same about the socialist alf-cio, but they too are standing up for their beliefs regardless if i think theyre wrong. The left really just doesnt know.

    1. I was smarter than to join that con-job anti-freedom, anti-American AARP in the first place!
      A= Anti A= American R= Rights P= People

  231. If I were Wells Fargo, I’d tell the ATF that as a bank they have the right to recall their 20k home loans. And that they should recall those 20k loans because apparently theyre gonna be hurt financially by the ATF so they better recall their money and or foreclose on those 20k home loans. Then let see if the ATF membership sits back and let’s their ATF union continue to flex it muscle politically on things it has no business in.

  232. Liberalism is a mental disorder, Mr. Weingarten is living proof. I have been banking with Wells Fargo since 1977 and an NRA member, if they cave to this clown I will pull my accounts and move to another bank just like I did by canceling two Citi credit cards when their president joined the looney left and tried to punish his gun business customers.

  233. As a stock holder of both Wells Fargo and BOA (bank of america) I repeat it is not in the best interest of your stock holders to engage with or entertain demands of individuals and or groups who attempt to force their will when they have no financial interest.
    People who have Mortgages with WF have them for one reason it is the best rate available. The union can not stop them from shopping rates. The is grand standing of the highest order and I know WF see it for what it is. It all about the 2nd amendmant in this instance. If WF and BOA keep the interests of stock holders , some of who are in the AFT as their # one concern they will not lose those stock holders to any view in favor at any particular time. Their is NO FINANCIAL UPSIDE TO ANY CORPORATION INSERTING ITSELF IN POLITICS PERIOD! If the board is not aware of that fact you need to sell quickly all holdings in that entity.
    In the unlikely event they do cave to others demands for other than financial reasons they will be loosing stock holders. I am selling my position BOA on Tuesday for their asserting themselves in a political issue and will do the same with WF in the event they cave. JP Morgan has all the shares we want and better dividends.

    1. ARE you kidding me! Corporations OWN our political system. They RUN our government! They do whatever they want, however they want, anyway they want and NO ONE does anything about it! How many executives have you seen go to jail for stuff they should have? The ones that do get pardoned. Anyone from Equifax gone to jail for what happened there? NO! Wells Fargo is a CORRUPT bank! They got FINED for laundering money for the drug cartels. I’m fighting them for the last YEAR to get my money from an IRA I have with them. I still don’t have it a year later! F* Wells Fargo! And F* the unions! Every 2ND Amendment believer should be looking to BUST the unions. This story is a PRIME example of it

  234. I am looking for a new credit card and if Wells Fargo stand firm that is where i will go. I an leaving 1st National of Omaha. and wont go to BofA. or any other bank that folds to the GUN GRABBERS !

  235. Let the teachers union eat cake ! Who do they or any organization think they have the right to dictate how a business deals with its customers! Again, who voted for this decision….Wells Fargo doesn’t need the teachers union.

  236. Well, I see they are going to use “Blackmail” to get their way. If there were a Wells-Fargo near me I would do business with them just for the reason they are working WITH the NRA!

  237. I thought Blackmail was against the law and the days of the unions strong arming people went out in the 30s 40s and 50s! Wells Fargo Logo A stagecoach pulled by horse’s and in stagecoach days was guarded by a gun, If they cave to the AFT then change their logo to a little red wagon pulled by a mouse!

  238. I would say good bye to the ATF. Then push to get more NRA members on board. Even have a sign up to NRA at the bank.

    1. WHY i everyone thinking the NRA is your best friend in this? They aren’t! They were instrumental in getting the 1968 gun control act passed. They have gone on record saying they would be for banning of bump stocks, they would be on board with tightening the background checks. They are a WOLF in sheep’s clothing. DON’T trust them! I’m NOT an NRA member not will I be until they quit pandering to the lefts gun control agenda like they have throughout history!

  239. They should put all car companies on notice. More teenagers are killed in car accidents than any school shootings.

  240. 1. Has the AFT asked it’s own members if they themselves are gun owners?
    2. How would they be affected either way?
    3. I will most likely withdraw my accounts with WF if they drop NRA.

  241. I have a lot of my investments, and do all my banking with Wells Fargo. I would hate to pull it all out and find another banking alternative if they are pressured by this teachers group. I AM THE NRA
    Best Regards,
    Robert and Jerri Falk

  242. Good bye AFT. WF hold your position, I agree with previous comments and suspect not many AFT members will bother to make any mortgage changes and will continue to starts new mortgages with the mortgage plans in place. Too many liberals voice their “words” while way too many conservatives sit on their hands and bite their tongues.

  243. Who wants to bank with Wells Fargo anyway. Especially after all the blatant customer illegal account scandals and unauthorized bank accounts they opened. If they cave in I’ll make sure not one family member banks with them. I hope other banks step up pick up any other bank that caves in. All of a sudden we and the NRA are the bad guys. So the actual criminal does business as usual. But the law abiding citizen suffers.

  244. As ex-military and law enforcement, I say bunk to the head of this organization of teachers. Democrats will latch onto anyone that will promote their agenda to not only rule the country but it’s citizens as well.

  245. First off I am not a member of the NRA but am an avid shooter. I believe in our 2nd amendment and stepped up to the plate to protect those rights by serving in the military for 22 years. Sorry AFT but you are not the majority we are. Millions and millions and many more millions of us will tell Wells Fargo to pound sand if they abandon the true majority in favor of a few who would use bullying tactics to pressure Wells Fargo. I wonder how many of their own membership is actually for this. My mortgage, car loan, banking accounts will all move if Wells Fargo caves to this small minority’s demands. It truly is time for the majority to step up and start taking a stand.

  246. We are gun owners and our families as well as my wife and I have accounts with WF. The ultimatum given to WF by AFT presidential is not only ridiculous it is childish. I also belong to various organizations whose members are gun owners and have accounts with WF. WF has been great to do business with. However, if WF folds to the foolish ultimatums of the President of AFT. I will stop doing business with WF and will encourage my family members and friends to do the same. WF do not allow the AFT to bully our bank.

  247. If Wells Fargo gives in to this bunch of socialist/Communist who hate our constitution then they will loose even more business. As a long time customer of Wells Fargo, I would get some other bank, such as USAA, to do my business with. The FTA is one of the largest corrupt organization in America.

  248. Doing business with the AFT is like doing business with organized crime… tell them to take a hike!

  249. I have no union representing me and profoundly dislike the idea of power groups, (most likely leftist) exerting their power in this manner. They care not about the part of the public that does not fall into the category of child or teacher.

  250. Email Tim Sloan and tell him he has your support to stand up against this Bs.


  251. these type of people are what is wrong with our country,the only way us true Americans can stop this is we all must stand up to gather as one and fight back but if the people that loves this country and belives in our rights rights don’t then this is the start of the end.the bleeding hearts and crooked politics will take our rights from the honest gun owners and only the dishonest ones will be armed.may God help us then.

  252. The nerve to threaten a company because they support a group that you do not support is juvenile. This is another example of the liberal left and democrats being crybabies until they get their way. If you don’t agree with them then you are a racist and bigot. They remind me of the stories my grandfather told me about the Nazis. That if you don’t do as told then you are bad and taken out of the equation.

  253. If I were Wells Fargo Execs I’d tell the teachers union to pound sand.Liberal nut cakes need shut down anytime they open their pie holes.

  254. If Wells Fargo caves, I will find another bank to do business with. I have been a Wells Fargo customer for 35 years but I am also a Benifactor Life Member of the NRA.

  255. The teachers have proven that they are poor at their main responsibility.
    Now they want to tell us where to bank. They should put more effort in what they are paid to do. This makes a very good case for “Right To Work” laws.

  256. So, does Mr. Weingarten understand he is actually telling 20,000 AFT members to prepare to refinance their mortgages? Mortgage rates have been going up lately, I wonder how many of his “followers” are prepared to drop Wells Fargo.

    I’ve signed many mortgage agreements in my days and every one of them had a clause that reads to the effect that the lender can demand payment of the balance due, in full, at any time. Not that I think Wells Fargo would actually exercise this option, but legally they could, forcing those 20,000 AFT members to refinance wit another lender. More likely though, Wells Fargo would simply sell those mortgages.

    I wonder how many AFT members are also members of the NRA.

    News flash Mr. Weingarten: There is no such thing as “gun violence”. No firearm of any make, model or caliber can commit an act of violence. It lacks the ability to think or reason. It holds no anger, no jealousy, no envy and it cannot go insane. Left to its own, fully loaded, it will never discharge a bullet. So you see Mr. Weingarten, what we do have is “human violence”; the actions of a few deranged minds with a desire to harm or murder innocent people – mental illness, plain and simple.

    Until we can shift the blame to where it belongs and address that problem effectively, we will never reduce mass murders. A sick mind intent on murder will attempt to do so with whatever tool is available. So apparently people like Mr. Weingarten feel it’s more acceptable to die by knife or bomb or a vehicle, than by firearm. That is effectively what he is stating when he wishes upset the lives of innocent citizens in his attempt to injure the firearms industry instead of addressing the root of the problem.

    There are an estimated 400,000,000 (four hundred million) privately owned firearms int he U.S. Can someone compute the percentage of these that have been used in a mass shooting in say, the last 10 years? Then for Mr. Weingarten’s argument, what percentage was used in a school mass shooting? Not that it makes any of the victims less dead, but to show that given the total number of firearms in the U.S., guns are not the problem.

    I’d venture to state that no NRA member has ever committed a mass shooting. Neither the NRA nor the products of the legal gun industry can be rightfully blamed for these tragedies.

    I guess I’ll never be able to comprehend why the left is so intent upon blaming – punishing – millions of law-abiding citizens by disarming them for the actions of a few. It just makes me consider that they have ulterior motives in disarming us.

  257. Very thankful that Tim Sloan is not being pushed by the AFT. Our family owns a considerable amount of “shares” of Wells Fargo stock, and will be happy to continue to support Mr.Sloan and Wells Fargo.

  258. Wells Fargo needs to remember the NRA has 4,000,000 plus members and they have mortgages, credit cards, etc.

  259. I also wonder if the AFT membership voted on this issue. If WF yields to the AFT ultimatum, I’ll be excercising my right & terminating my accounts with WF and taking them to financial institutions that support the 2nd Amendment.

  260. If WF pulls away from NRA then my family and I will pull away from WF. I wish these people would understand that they will never stop guns coming into the United States. The government stopped alchohal being sold legally it was still sold. Drugs have been outlawed for longer than I have been alive (37 years) never have I seen them able to stop it. If you outlaw guns the law abiding citizens will follow and have no guns but you will still be able to purchase guns like you can still buy drugs. People look at places that already have banned guns Detroit gun violence and guns are not allowed there. Also the more background checks and stuff. It will not help out as much as you think, look how hard it is to buy drugs a kid can do it, and I garuantee if that child talked to the other kid selling the drugs about guns pretty soon this kid would be able to purchase a firearm for barley to nothing and all that would be said is don’t get caught with it it has prior on it.

  261. If they bend over to the Liberals and stop support for gun owners and companies or anything to do with our freedom I will close all my accounts with WF and take my business else where, I am getting ready to get a Mortgage Loan and I will take that else where!!! Tell the AFT to go F_ck themselves!!! Stand up to them!!!

  262. I hope Wells Fargo stands strong against this threat. I wonder how many members of the AFT feel the way the leader of this directive does. I’m sure there are people that have mortgages with Wells Fargo through AFT that do not feel this way. People have the right to have financial dealings with whomever they want. The head of an organization making financial decisions based on political leanings seems irresponsible. Citi bank has made moves to make it hard for gun businesses to deal with them. I am going to get rid of Citibank and go to Wells Fargo.

  263. WOW! An educators union that still thinks guns alone are the problem. Only lip service is given about the unbalanced people who kill and emphasis is continually placed on the implement they kill with. To underscore this, the UK now bans knives and other things with sharp edges. Do they really think this will solve the problem? I wonder what the UK will do when killers turn to cricket bats. Will they outlaw them too?

  264. Businesses need to realize that if every American that is a gun owner where to stand up and go to their state capital, it would make the liberals march that just happened , look like a kids picnic. In America 90 out of every 100 Americans have a gun in there household. Gun owners are the Majority.and our Rights do Matter. If Wells Fargo does falter and cave I will take my money elsewhere. I already have stopped going to Dicks Sporting goods as well as Walmart, and any other company that is against Second Amendment Rights. This is senseless mambo Jambo, Why take a risk of losing the Majorities money, all to cater to a demanding few in the scope of the big picture. Take a poll in Wells Fargo employees and find out how many are gun owners, I think you would be surprised. Gun owners are the majority and it is time we stand up, and Stand United!

  265. I guess Wells Fargo needs to decide if they are going to be held hostage. I seriously doubt whether the AFT has as much financial clout as they think they do. I’m sure a lot of their members belong to the NRA and do business with some gun manufacturers and believe in the 2nd amendment. If I were WF I would tell them we will not be told whom we can and cannot do business with. I think WF would rather keep the support of the gun industry and organizations. If they decide to cave, I will no longer do business with them once my auto loan is paid off.

  266. Using the AFT’s logic then they need to issue the same ultimatum to the alcoholic beverage industry, the entertainment industry, the video game industry, the pot industry, and Planned Parenthood which robs them of millions of more students that will never be. They also should insist that no armed guards can be at schools or events and the police should all go with batons and mace instead of weapons and the military should be disbanded. Peace and love all around; that will fix everything.

  267. Guess the ATF doesn’t understand that the NRA has nothing to do with criminals, I bet like normal liberals they didn’t even consider it all there members agree on this proposal. Trying to bully businesses to comply with what they believe is right, of course that doesn’t stop criminals!

  268. i’m done- just sent wells an email telling them i’ll move all my accounts and cancel my credit if they agree with the AFT. there are other places i can do business with

  269. This is wrong and a bad example for our children from the people we trust to teach them. It has nothing to do with crazy ond or disturbed people who want to go out in a blaze. Focus. Work on the problem. Do your job.

  270. Wells Fargo should carefully consider whether selecting customers enjoying constitutional rights for harassment is a game in the interest of all customers. For example, should the bank process subscription renewals for The New York Times, donations to Planned Parenthood or School PTA’s. Should the bank stop lending to organizations that do not support the exercise of all constitutional rights?

  271. Looks like I will be banking with Wells Fargo. It cuts both ways: Citibank is anti 2A so I’ve dropped my business with them. How many NRA members vs. AFT members? Gun owners are a potential economic powerhouse! Let’s use that economic power to show the Left what happens when you try to suppress our freedoms.

  272. So am I to understand that these groups are putting pressure on big banks to do their will? Also that some of those same banks have become so big that they feel they can run our country from their boardrooms?

    Wells Fargo has enough problems. With recent charges of falsifying loans, etc., they (and their stockholders) would be better served by declining to take a position. The AFT’s members can certainly take their business elsewhere. That is their right.

  273. Well I guess I will have to wait for more on Wells Fargo and if they want to pull out I will have no problem pulling my account with them as well.

  274. They say “this is america” while they threaten freedom itself. I will certainly pull my business and personal accounts from WF if they cave to this tyranny. I am not an NRA member but you can not let these political actors take away our freedoms with there soft tyranny. They are teahers,,, why are you not focusing on making our schools better and teaching the children the benefit of our freedoms in this country instead of this BS. That is why our schools are getting worse because these unions are more concerned with there activism and politics. I would hope the members giving there money to them would stand up to them.

  275. we need contact information on wells fargo , I support the 2nd amendment and the business that support the NRA

  276. We have our business and all our personal accounts and credit cards at Wells Fargo. My daughter has her accounts there. If he caves in to these anti-gun business terrorists, I am sure some other bank will be happy to have us as new clients with our multiple millions of dollars of business.

    “The enemies of freedom do not argue;
they shout and they shoot.”

    — William Ralph Inge
(1860-1954) English author, Anglican prelate
Source: The End of an Age


”If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you,
it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun.”
– Dalai Lama
[Tenzin Gyatso] (1935-) 14th Dalai Lama of the Gelugpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism
Source: (May 15, 2001, The Seattle Times) speaking at the “Educating Heart Summit” in Portland, Oregon, when asked by a girl how to react when a shooter takes aim at a classmate

  277. The AFT is a subsidiary of the AFL-CIO. How do the members of the “parent” union feel about that?
    It’s about time the membership stands up against the AFT!

  278. If Wells Fargo bends to the will of AFT leadership (who may or may not have given their membership a vote on this), I will remove all my accounts from them and would encourage all 2nd Amendment supporters to do the same.

  279. I have a home mortgage and 2 vehicles thru Wells Fargo, I AM A MEMBER OF THE NRA!
    I will be seeking other options if Mr. Sloan and the board of directors decide to cave to the “special interest” AFT… The LIBTARD LEFT always expects everyone to respect their opinions and course of action but admonishes, shames and violently protests those who with a different opinions and thought process. ‘MERICA!

  280. I will find another mortgage company to do business with. This movement anti gun organizations are on, will one day, backfire in their face and the weak who are bullied by them, will ultimately lose as well.

  281. Businesses need to realize that if every American that is a gun owner where to stand up and go to their state capital, it would make the liberals march that just happened , look like a kids picnic. In America 90 out of every 100 Americans have a gun in there household. Gun owners are the Majority.and our Rights do Matter. If Wells Fargo does falter and cave I will take my money elsewhere. I already have stopped going to Dicks Sporting goods as well as Walmart, and any other company that is against Second Amendment Rights. This is senseless mambo Jambo, Why take a risk of losing the Majorities money, all to cater to a demanding few in the scope of the big picture. Take a poll in Wells Fargo employees and find out how many are gun owners, I think you would be surprised. Gun owners are the majority and it is time we stand up, and Stand United!


  283. It’s terrible that these extortion techniques are constantly used by the left. I’m sure the right has used similar methods but I don’t remember when and conservatives always believe in free market and leave it up to the individual. Sadly, Wells Fargo has a choice forced upon them and I will make my decisions to do business with them based on thiers.

  284. I think Wells Fargo should not cave in. If a vote was taken with all the members of AFT, and hey all vote the same as those few at the top making the demands that would be one thing. But it seems that the few at the top are pushing their views on the whole group and that isn’t right or fair.

  285. My wife and I are in the process of selling our home to move to a new job out of this area. The blatant strongarm tactics by Weingarten are certainly not shared by all AFT constituents. We have had a WF loan on this home, but we’ll see the reaction of WF before we choose a lender for our new home. Money talks.

  286. What meeting? Everything that needs to be said has been. I’m sure ATF has members who are NRA that will do business with Wells Fargo despite ther leaderships ignorance of the bill of rights.

  287. I have already contacted WF about closing all my CD’s and account’s,, if WF decides to go along with this ultimatum regarding the bank’s ongoing financial support for the gun lobby and gun manufacturers

  288. I will pull my business from Wells Fargo if they cave in to the liberal teacher’s unions. And I am a members of a teacher’s union. But I value the 2nd Amendment more that I do a bunch of liberal educator who have no clue with what is involved here. Stand and fight against your liberal leaders and support our freedoms.

  289. The official NRA credit card will no longer be offered by First National Bank of Omaha.
    First National Bank dumps NRA, will no longer issue NRA Visa card
    Theres a all out attemp by the major banks to shut down the NRA. If the top banks stop loaning money to gun manufacturers it could put them in seious danger. Something has to be done to support our gun makers and NRA.

  290. NRA members have rights as well. I have two accounts with Wells Fargo. If they cave to this tactic, I’ll move my money somewhere else with no hesitation. it’s just that simple. There are over 5 million of us. It’s time we use that strength.

  291. Tim, then tell the teachers to go pound sand. They have no business telling WF who you can do business with in (what was) a free economy. i will cease all business with WF if Tim follows the teachers BS ultimatum. It’s time for American business to stand up. WF will lose a lot more than it could possibly gain (if anything) by supporting these left wing, marxist loons.

  292. I love it when bullies give ultimatums, and it backfires horribly on them. So good by teacher union.

  293. i have been a NFA lifetime member longer than a wells fargo customer and don’t think wells fargo can be bullied. i would like to keep you both, so please wells fargo , don’t let us down.

  294. Typical bullying tactics 1%ers have been using to run the world and suppress the working majoritys ideals, beliefs, and desires for 1000 years. A little surprised this went public given the liberal monopoly over the media although they have become more and more brash trying force feed there ludicrous ideals down our throats in the last ten years. They are weakening our great nation every year with there uneducated views. There beliefs on how to handle the word come from protected, sheltered lives who have no idea of the real world for the majority in the U.S. and are clueless to it abroad. If Wells bends to this tactic I’m closing my personal accounts and moving on. If we are all weak what happens? Semper Fi

  295. I will boycott any and all companies that wish to take away my 2nd ammendment rights. This has been and always will be the end game of these liberal anti gun morons.



  297. I don’t know the details of the mortgage program the AFT has with WF, But discontinuing the program will only hurt the teachers.

  298. This is not about guns, and not about protecting students. It is a blatant attempt to force Wells Fargo to do what an organized group wants. I hope Wells Fargo doesn’t cave in. I’ve done business with them for years, but if the bank gives in to this, I’m done with them.

  299. I’ve had mortgages with Wells Fargo for the past 15 years. They’ve always done right by us and I have no intention of leaving them. I am NOT surprised in the least that a teacher’s union is pulling this BS.

    These idiots act like the NRA is personally responsible for all of the shootings. Has there been any proof at all that ANY of these mass killers was even an NRA member? Has the NRA been involved in any way, shape or form of any of these killings? I don’t think so.

    I hope Mr. Sloan tells them to go ahead and do what they must do.

  300. The Left continue to be a bunch of spoiled, entitled babies that believe they can bully anyone into doing their bidding. I literally hate them all, they’re scum.

  301. I think Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan will making yet another huge mistake on Wells Fargo’s part by letting the ATF bully a major banking corporation into changing it’s business practices. Wells Fargo is hardly over the opening of accounts by WF employees without the account holder’s permission, and for WF to lose the business of hundreds of thousands of NRA members just to appease 20,000 ATF mortgage holders is not a sound business plan. If WF does go ahead with appeasement it will certainly cost thrm dearly in lost customers, including myself.

  302. The teacher union is run by communists. The communists – globalists are on a roll to take away our guns. Screw them. Its their union members who won’t be able to get a mortgage. Who in their right mind would ever fight such a losing battle?

  303. I’m a long time Wells Fargo customer and police officer. I’m not an NRA member, but I do support the 2nd Amendment. The current situation in this country is not a gun control problem. It’s a moral problem, or a lack of morals and parents teaching their children morals and respect for others. I support the educational system, but I don’t support any organization that believes taking our constitutional rights away is a solution to any problem. I would plead with Wells Fargo not to cave to the pressure of these organizations. The loss of constitutional rights will lead to more serious consequences on the future.

  304. I believe that unions have always overstepped there boundaries and this is another example of that again. The president of the AFT should be more concerned about getting the teachers a increase of “salary “ to educate our children. For example how not getting an education can lesson your chances of succeeding in this world and people in this country unfortunately misuse the right to bare arms while others use firearms to put food on their table because jobs are scares. Weapons regardless of how aggressive have given us the lifestyle we have today for the last 150 years by standing up to aggression in other countries before it reaches our front door here in “AMERICA”.

  305. First point: The NRA is in no way responsible for any of the school shootings. The NRA trains responsible gun owners who protect many people against violence by thugs and criminals. Among those trained and supported are the police who work with NRA instructors. Blaming the NRA for ANY of the school shootings is absurd and comparable to blaming the AAA for all the vehicle fatalities each year. But what is even more absurd and frightening is that these are TEACHERS who are supposed to be rational and informed educated individuals with whom we trust our children every day. If they are so devoid of reasoning skills that they will blame the NRA for school shootings, instead of seeking the real cause (which by the way is psych drugs prescribed by psychiatrists), we are all in big trouble. We can expect less educated and rational people to react emotionally to these shootings but not teachers. While on the subject, consider that this whole Parkland mess was scripted. The facts are: the shooter informed the police, other students and the FBI beforehand that he intended to be a school shooter and nothing to interfere with his plans was done; the deputy at the school ran away when he heard shooting when he should have engaged the shooter; the Sheriff’s deputies refused to enter the building until the shooting stopped which is not only unusual but absurdly irresponsible; the sheriff himself gave some lame excuse for his deputies not engaging, while he also sat outside the building; the sheriff immediately afterward joined the emotional outcry which was to blame the NRA and demand the Second Amendment be repealed: the campaign of Hillary Clinton and her left wing madness was emotionally partly founded upon her pledge to “gut the Second Amendment” and she certainly has enough money to fund such an effort: to date nothing has been done to chastise the sheriff’s department or the school deputy;
    the shooter was caught alive instead of dead from suicide and he is a minor who, once he turns 21 will likely have his juvenile record sealed so no worries when he comes of age. What if he was used to create this whole scenario to inflame the absurd and ignorant people who rush to judge the Second Amendment and the NRA and thus fall directly into the hands of left wing extremists who wish to disarm the populace and take control of the people? No previous school shootings have resulted is such a all pervasive frenzy to attack the NRA and 2A, and it is ongoing. The kid who is so vocal has obviously been indoctrinated and constantly getting his facts wrong. he is clueless and knows nothing about firearms. The whole thing smells like rotten fish to me and where is the outrage against the sheriff’s deputies, the sheriff and the FBI? It must have been scripted by anti-gun zealots who found in the shooter a perfectly cooperative actor to carry out this farce. THINK about it for awhile. We know the left wing radicals were paid to riot after the election. Who else has been paid to act out this absurd scenario?

  306. Wells Fargo had enough problems.I guarantee they cave to this so called union group i was in years ago and wells fargo will feel the wrath of 2nd Amendment Supporters like that bank forever.That’s crooked union most kids should be homeschooled and fire all teachers nothing but babysitters kids learn nothing.NRA all the way.So Wells Fargo caves immediately will be boycotted by 65 million conservatives.That’s Final!!!

  307. CEO’s are typically hired based on abilities to project the economics of their busines well forward in time. It would be my hope that Mr. Sloan continue to support Constitutional rights that insure a continued free market economy vs. a State controlled, and highly regulated, overtaxed disaster as displayed repeatedly in recent history through Socialism/ Communism. I say let the AFT walk away empty in their request and replace that organization of business for another.

    1. So I’m assuming all of you who are threatening to pull out of Wells have already closed your B of A, Citi, US Bank, and Chase accounts as well? You do know where they stand on this, right? You’ll end-up with just a credit union, who’s owned by? Union members.

  308. I wonder how many of the 1.7 million members of the AFT even do business with WF vs. the 5 million + members of the NRA? If WF caves I will pull all my accounts, and if they stand firm I may give them more business. And I am not a NRA member

    1. AFT Can say or do as they please, but they do NOT speak for all their Teachers so the real facts are very different than they are spouting off about. and I do know if Wells Fargo stands With NRA and the 2A they might lose some business, but will gain a LOT more than they lose. AFT should just shut the hell up and move to Russia.

    2. You tell them Richard!! I as well will chit can WF if they give in to the teachers association! Its beyond belief That the teachers are allowing their leaders to make blanket statements like ” Every teacher and every student in this country endure gun violence every day in this country” That is an outright lie!! That chit doesn’t happen in my town or the one next to me!! In fact i can hear the sound of gun shots in my neighborhood about a half mile away at one the many local spots we have in my town of Dayton , NV on weekly basis, sometimes daily!! It’s music to my ears! There is a lot of law abiding and responsible gun owners here. That tends to keep people real respectful. Seems to me that the teachers association is the problem in our country!!

    3. I will echo Richards points and add the question, “How many members of the AFT are gun owners, gun supporters, or simply not gun ‘opposers’?”

      I have some investment accounts I’ve been wanting to move. This will influence wether I move a portion of them to WF, or keep looking and move my WF accounts as well. My WF advisor is very pro gun; wonder how he feels on this.

    4. The thing to be pointed out is one hand your with NRA is for defense of the Constitution second amendment.So saying choose between lives is bullying someone and the American teacher Mortgage market is not for amendment its a way to get emotional reaction and to push to make a bank or somone seem bad if they don’t choose there way I say if you can’t do both choose NRA or I will be done and so will many others what I said is fare.

  309. How about we put the shoe on the other foot as the saying goes.
    Wells Fargo tells everyone who has a mortgage with them (AFT) that they have 30 days to join or give money to a pro-gun cause or they will be foreclosed on.
    Let us see how they like it?

  310. And if anyone wants to know the real root cause of Parkland, read on. Very unfortunate that it took one of the (unsung) Parkland students to do the research – and that the Broward administration is trying to muzzle it.

    There are over 50 major school districts around the country putting 10s of thousands of students at risk with these programs… My own kid has 3 in his class who might otherwise be in jail.

  311. If Wells Fargo bails out so will I. I will remortgage my home. We as gun owners can do the same. I will never return to Outback ever since they asked a conservation officer to leave while carrying his side arm in uniform, nor will I ever go to Dicks Sporting Goods. As a law abiding gun owner I feel this is a disgrace. Stop trying to bully me. It won’t work. I don’t care if they change their policies or come back to the NRA. I’m done with them forever.

    1. Really it is more like fascism. Trying to bully someone into doing what you want. But be assured fascism is a short hop to communism.

  312. I hope Well Fargo does not allow the bullies on the left to intimidate them or force their warped ideology on them. Wells Fargo, nor anyone else, should allow intimidation and blackmail to influence them in any way, except to disassociate themselves with the bullies who try to use those despicable tactics.

  313. I’m a teacher, former LEO, and current NRA member. Not all teachers are left-leaning, liberal Socialists.

  314. I have a Mortgage that Wells Fargo bought some years ago. I have limited my dealings with them to just the Mortgage. If Wells Fargo bank’s continue ongoing financial support for the gun lobby and gun manufacturers. I may transfer all of my funds and banking activities to Wells Fargo. I am glad to hear that they support Second Amendment activities.
    It is sad to see that all the money spent on education goes to supporting liberal agenda’s and teaching liberal ideas. Something needs to be done to reign in Department of Education, the American Federation of Teachers and the NEA.

  315. Wells Fargo should tell AFT to go pound sand!
    It isn’t unusual for a group to make claims that their members will do such and such yet NEVER consult with their members to learn if THEY agree with some new policy that their union is claiming they represent.
    On example is AARP. They are anti-gun but they NEVER asked ME for my opinion, although they haven’t tried to strong arm any gun businesses that I am aware of. Yet.
    Another was my local DIP when I wore the Star for a living. I forget the specifics but they went on record in the media claiming “the members” didn’t agree with some ignoramus policy decision the FOP made.
    When I took them to task I was told they did do a poll among the members but to a person, NOBODY was ever asked about the topic discussed.
    Sadly (?) some years later the FOP President who made the original assertions was brought up on felony charges of theft of some FOP funds. Go figure. Luckily (?) for the members, that clown commited suicide before his trial came to pass. NO great loss, IMHO.
    All that aside, the teachers union SHOULD ask their members to vote on the threats against WF and if they don’t agree, tell the union to pound sand, too.

  316. AFT President Randi Weingarten said: “The lives of students and educators must be valued more than guns.”
    Why don’t they apply the same idiotic logic concerning the deaths on highways & streets every year. Last time I checked a few years ago, there were more deaths every year on our highways & street than by firearms.
    And why does the new “Democrat Mafia” insist on having firearms to protect their lying a**es.

  317. Well, 37 years with wells fargo could go down the tubes if they pull financing. I get offers for different loan companys all the time but have always kept them because my patents have them and they will pull out too. Just thinik back when BofA decided to charge a ATM fee. I think this move would be the begining of its demise and I know if they change its policy, no one from the left will join them because of it.

  318. So . . some raging socialist wants to politicize businesses? I hope Wells Fargo tells him what to do with such an ignorant suggestion!

  319. So . . some raging socialist wants to politicize businesses? I hope Wells Fargo tell him what to do with such an ignorant suggestion!

  320. To: the Policy Makers of Wells Fargo Banks
    Fm: a 15year customer of your Bank

    To whom on your policy Policy Board who consider this an action to cave too.

    Dear Sir or Ma’am,
    Should you cave to such a blatant, anti American demand, and the pressure to abrogate your constructional Rights, Responsibilities, and the faith many of your customers have over the years placed in you. It will be incumdant on me to remove, close, and or sever all further activities and accounts that I and my company as well as its international Divisions have with your Financial Group and those instutions connected with you.
    Further, I will campaign for others both individuals and Companies to remove there money from your instution as quickly as possible.
    No individual, company, agency, or group who’s underlieing agenda is the systematic takeover and control of a Republic thru intimidation, threat is unexceptable. Such organizations deserve a lash back that leaves them disabled and unable to preform such Socialist activities to the detriment of our Republic.
    I am ashamed that you would even consider caving to such a demand.

  321. I don’t think it is the teachers themselves who are the problem. Rather it is their union leadership trying to make a name for itself that is the root of the problem. In fact, I think most teachers deserve higher wages for having to baby-sit the hellions they are saddled with in their classrooms because the sperm and egg donors of said hellions aren’t teaching discipline and respect to their offspring. They are too frikkin’ concerned with being friends to their demon spawn to be parents!

    1. Lovely description of your parenting capabilities
      Not mine tho I teach respect and honesty. Just because you can’t handle discipline with your kids doesn’t make every parent a failure.
      Please stop procreation of your failed self

  322. Wells Fargo should stand their ground, let the teachers figure out how they are going to get financing. It is sad the union is taking the liberal side of this discussion instead of staying neutral, this will only serve to divide their members as I am sure some are not on the anti-gun bandwagon. I for one am tired of teachers indoctrinating the children in the socialist mantra and feel the unions only serve their own interest and are showing they are biased, it is not their place to teach their personal beliefs. What happened to reading, writing, history, and arithmetic?

  323. Well here we go, the fascism that the liberals have been blaming conservatives for is pressing for the elimination of banking services to arms-related businesses and groups (slight similarity to unions).

    However, I don’t recall unions being mentioned in the Constitution, while arms are. So, perhaps the teachers’ union’s stance against everything arms-related could be cause for eliminating unions, instead of discriminating against Constitutionally protected arms-related businesses.

  324. How many NRA members have a mortgage with Wells Fargo? I do and will be refi-ed within a week if they cave to this snow-flake attack.
    Google: The Grab For Power A Chronology of the NEA(National Education Association)

  325. Mark Robinson of Greenboro, NC has said it best! His speech before the City Council should become a part of all law abiding gun owners response to the left. The youtube clip should be sent to Wells Fargo and the AFT leaders and membership!

  326. Wells Fargo drops the NRA and gun manufacturers, I drop Wells Fargo and I know I am a much more valuable customer than 10 maybe even 50 teachers.

  327. Wells Fargo needs to tell the efen union to go suck eggs. they will lose more money from gun owners leaving them than they will ever get from these commiefascists teachers union

  328. Yet another example of leftists tactics to stifle dissenting opinion. An these are the people educating our children.

  329. I have a mortgage with Wells because that’s who bought it. If they give in, I’ll ditch them as soon as rates settle down again.

    Their response to this Liberal organization should be simple…

    “We don’t negotiate with Terrorists”

    1. I completely agree with your sentiment, Mitch. It seems that these days, every idiot with an axe to grind claims to speak for everyone else they associate with and try to force their will upon others; in this case it is the FTA trying to control Wells Fargo, Randi Swinegarten, go peddle your bullying somewhere else! Why not try to bully your union members and see how long you will stay in your gilded orifice.

    2. Exactly Mitch, like i mentioned futher down … Wells Fargo choose wisely.

      Just a side note … so if this happens and Wells Fargo folds, what will be the long standing policy going forward? Because if they start screening applicants for martgages or loans by what groups they belong to, or support? I am quite sure that will effect even more constitutional rights, and thats a can of worms that NO ONE whats to be opened. Just sayin