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A Look at Virginia’s Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions

Second Amendment Sanctuaries

Up until quite recently, Virginia was a very solid 2A state.

Of course, they have oddities like the law that requires the “Virginia Tuck,” a law that states that you can carry in a bar, but only if your firearm is plainly visible. (So concealed carry people tuck their shirt behind the holster to be compliant.)

It is silly and odd, but not actively harmful. Well, it looks like this is changing in a big way.

Why The Need for Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions?

The recent statewide elections in Virginia have changed the face of the legislature. Virginia already voted in Governor Northam in a previous election cycle.

Now, through the direct actions of Mike Bloomberg and his over-financing of local political candidates, the Democrats have achieved significant margins in both houses of the legislature. This has put Northam’s gun control agenda on the fast track.

Let’s take a closer look at a couple of the bills being considered.

SB 16

“The bill prohibits a dealer from selling, renting, trading, or transferring from his inventory an assault firearm to any person. It also prohibits any person from importing, selling, transferring, manufacturing, purchasing, possessing, or transporting an assault firearm.” Doing so is a felony.

If this passes, it means none of these types of guns can be sold or owned. They define “assault firearm” as any gun with a 10-round (or larger) magazine, or a shotgun capable of holding seven rounds or more.

In other words: almost every semi-auto rifle or pistol and lots of bolt-action guns. There is no grandfather clause, so this MUST be enforced with confiscation.

SB 64

“Assembles with one or more persons for the purpose of training with, practicing with, or being instructed in the use of any firearm…”

This makes carry permit classes, any kind of shooting or tactical class or even training your children or spouse to shoot a felony. More from this bill:

“Assembles with one or more persons with the intent of intimidating any person or group of persons by drilling, parading, or marching with any firearm…

This will be later defined as “open carry is intimidation.” It will immediately be used to stop protests and anti-protests by people who are openly or concealed carrying.

This goes beyond the 2A. This makes you have to choose between exercising the First or Second Amendment. That’s why several counties are considering Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions.

What Are Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions?

These bills are being countered by a large groundswell of support at the local level for the Second Amendment. Many sheriffs and county boards have declared their counties “Second Amendment Sanctuaries.”

The Sheriff’s have publicly refused to enforce new laws they see as unconstitutional. In many instances, the county board of supervisors has passed laws criminalizing enforcement of laws deemed to be unconstitutional by the sheriff.

Virginia has 95 counties and 39 independent cities that also act as counties. Of those, more than 40 have taken a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” stance.

We still have to see if the bills pass. Then, if they do, how strongly the sanctuary efforts are when the rubber has to hit the road. It certainly looks like the D.C. metroplex counties may need to be detached from the rest of Virginia.

A similar situation happened with West Virginia in 1861.

What are your thoughts on these bills and second amendment sanctuary resolutions? Let us know in the comments below.

About the Author:

John Bibby

John Bibby is an American gun writer who had the misfortune of being born in the occupied territory of New Jersey. His parents moved to the much freer state of Florida when he was 3. This allowed his father start teaching him about shooting prior to age 6. By age 8, he was regularly shooting with his father and parents of his friends. At age 12, despite the strong suggestions that he shouldn’t, he shot a neighbor’s “elephant rifle."

The rifle was a .375 H&H Magnum and, as such, precautions were taken. He had to shoot from prone. The recoil-induced, grass-stained shirt was a badge of honor. Shooting has been a constant in his life, as has cooking.

He is an (early) retired Executive Chef. Food is his other great passion. Currently, he is a semi-frequent 3-Gun competitor, with a solid weak spot on shotgun stages. When his business and travel schedule allow, you will often find him, ringing steel out well past 600 yards. In order to be consistent while going long, reloading is fairly mandatory. The 3-Gun matches work his progressive presses with volume work. Precision loading for long-range shooting and whitetail hunting keeps the single-stage presses from getting dusty.
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Comments (15)

  1. What will happen I wonder if in VA there is a “Lexington” or “Concord” event and law enforcement is really defeated badly? The way things are shaping up it appears that it could happen. I’m not advocating it but it looks like 2 trains approaching each other on the same track.

  2. It’s time to end this attack on our country, President, and the laws that make us the envy of every other nation because we truly can live free! One thing that’s not going to happen is a peaceful weapons grab! I’ll give all mine back to officials dumb enough to forget every veteran is still bound by his oath to defend this nation from both foreign and domestic enemies! We will come, we will find you, and you will be removed from this country or planet! So sick of these communalist elitists who are about as elite as a nasty fat Democrat!

  3. We need to change the way our state elections are run.
    When a few cities can dictate how the entire state must live, we have a problem.
    Further, large political donors from outside a state should be illegal.

    Now let us see the liberal extremest left try to enforce their will on the rest of us,
    We will not go willingly down the path they wish to force us to follow.
    Towns, Cities, and Counties are standing up and saying NO, we will not be disarmed now or ever.

  4. DON ABERNATHY, as a licensed attorney in Virginia, I assure you that you do not know all attorneys. I know more attorneys that have a concealed carry permit in Virginia than all other professions combined, and other attorneys that are advocates of the second amendment but are not licensed to carry. I recommend avoiding such sweeping generalizations of any group of which you are not intimately familiar.

    Turning to the bills in Virginia, it seems that the bill banning “assault” weapons could be unconstitutional as an illegal taking under the 5th and 14th amendments (I haven’t researched this issue though). Also, NRA headquarters are in Fairfax County, Virginia. If these bills are passed, I expect the NRA will launch an exhaustive legal attack.

  5. As a Virginian, I don’t want to hear the “you get what you vote for” BS!
    We went out and voted! Look at the voter map! The entire state was red except very few tiny specs of blue. The voters of Virginia were abused! If it happened here, it can happen anywhere. Virginia was an experiment for democrats.
    You think I’m wrong about the abuse of Virginia?
    The whole state was red… yet, the election wasn’t even close in favor of the democrats.
    It was a blowout!
    If this had happened in reverse, it would be nonstop news until the next election.
    We all know exactly what happened. And it will happen again.

  6. I just got home from the meeting that made our county a 2A sanctuary. We are on the front line of the liberal Bloomberg assult. We are fighting with everything we have for not only us but as an example to the rest of the country. I saw comments about voting or the lack there of. Well. With the Democrat redistricting, rural Virginia has been put in a bad spot. Farfax county for example has 1.4 million people /city liberals . Our mostly republican county has only (thank God) 14 thousand. They have more than all of Southside Virginia. One thing that Bloomberg communist didn’t bother to check was our history. He wants English style gun control here. I know it is shocking but there communist laws are not original they are english. My and our forfathers and mothers through through them out not once but twice (1812). Now it is on us to do it again. All our politicians want is Bloomberg money and fancy partys and gifts. They didn’t expect a fight. Now they have one. Keep up with up and help if you can at tonight I saw people come together like I have never seen. Enemys standing together, preachers,doctors the sheriff and his deputys all standing together for one cause. Join us.

  7. Sorry folks, but I am a simple individual who believes that so long as there are people who seek power with neither merit nor qualifications of being piers of the people, there will be problems.

    I know of no attorney who can be a pier of the people. Unfortunately, the majority of politicians are attorneys whose very education and choice of profession is to manipulate and sway language and intents to suit the highest bidder. Politicians should be selected from piers of the people, not lawyers!

    Non of our current politicians that I know of are qualified to retain secrets other than those to protect themselves.

    These people in office who have decided that they are qualified to change a tried and tested constitution are frauds and not piers of the people. To elect (or re-elect) them is to bow to the tyrannical persuasions of deceitful shepherds leading their “sheep” to some unspoken path of destruction of our (American) ways.

    I still believe that a person is innocent until proven guilty, that a persons home and property is his and he has the right to defend it.

    I would like to see law enforcement going back to looking and acting like police officers who protect and serve and look like uniformed civilians and not SWAT militants.

    For these states and cities claiming to be other than constitutional Americans by creating their own legal choices, is no different than allowing some areas to be under Islamic law in this country.

    It’s a simple thing… It’s America with the American Constitution, you have the FREEDOM to leave if you don;t like it.

    I, for one, would like to encourage you to do just that…. and take a political attorney with you…

    There again, that’s just my opinion…


  8. NOVA Richmond and Norfolk over road the rural areas of Virginia. Most of the state is red. Most of the races were very close. An influx of people from the north have overrun our state and here we are.

    1. It’s happening everywhere. We’re even seeing it in Montana. The lefties are moving into our beautiful sanctuaries of sanity and slowly blending us away from traditional, conservative, constitutional, Christian values. Sad. Why don’t they just stay in their own enclaves and wallow in what they like?

  9. I’m wondering how many of those now supporting sanctuary county status in large numbers failed to vote in the election that put the Democrats in charge?

    All of Blumberg’s money or Eric Holders successful, court ordered gerrymandering can not prevail unless people vote or don’t vote.

    Get to the polls and volunteer to support local Republican candidates.

  10. Well as in Kommiefornia, you get what you vote for and it’s obvious the bloombergs et al can sway the sheeple.

    I only hope the sheriffs outweigh the legislators.

    Blue line man.


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