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Virginia Proposes 8 New Gun Control Bills for Special Secession

Governor Ralph Northam at a press conference

Governor Ralph Northam has called for a special session of the General Assembly to specifically address gun control regulations following the mass shooting in a Virginia Beach city government building in May.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam at a press conference
Governor Ralph Northam has called for a special session of the General Assembly to specifically address gun control regulations following the mass shooting in a Virginia Beach city government building in May.

According to a release, this special session is intended to address gun violence in the Commonwealth.

We continue to lose too many lives to senseless and preventable acts of gun violence, but we have the power to make meaningful change,” said Northam. “Now is the time to act. Virginians deserve votes and laws, not thoughts and prayers. I urge the members of the General Assembly to engage in a thorough, meaningful discussion about these proposed bills and to allow every member to cast their votes on the floor.

One bill would require background checks on all firearms sales and transactions, mandating that any person selling, renting, trading or transferring a firearm must first get the results of a background check before the transaction can be completed.

Another would ban “dangerous weapons” such as assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, bump stocks and silencers/suppressors.

Northam also wants to reinstate a law that allows only one handgun to be purchased within a 30-day period by a given person.

He also wants a law requiring lost and stolen firearms to be reported to law enforcement within 24 hours of the weapon’s disappearance.

Another bill would create an Extreme Risk Protective Order, which would allow law enforcement and courts to temporarily separate a person from their firearms if the person exhibits dangerous behavior that presents an immediate threat to themselves or to others.

Still another bill would prohibit people who are subject to final protective orders from possessing firearms, expanding on a current law that prohibits people subject to final protective orders of family abuse from possessing firearms.

Northam has also proposed legislation to enhance the punishment for allowing access to loaded, unsecured firearms by a child. The bill would raise it from a class 3 misdemeanor to a class 6 felony and raises the age of the child from 14 to 18.

The final bill in Northam’s agenda enables localities to enact any firearms ordinances that are stricter than state law, including regulating firearms in municipal buildings, libraries and at permitted events.

This last bill has been an issue of contention in the Charlottesville area following the events of the Unite the Right rally in August 2017.

In the end, the legislature abruptly ended the session and tabled it until after the November elections, which ensures gun control will be an election issue. Currently, the Republicans hold a slight majority in both the House and Senate in Virginia. How will the pending gun control vote affect the next election? Share your answer in the comment section.

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  1. If you think passing gun laws that take away the firearms from law abiding citizens is going to appreciably reduce people being shot then you would probably think taking matches away from law abiding California citizens would stop forest fires in California My forefathers came to Virginia in 1620; they have got to be rolling over in their graves at the wussification of those representing the citizenry of Virginia. Virginians of old never hesitated to defend their commerce, their homes, their lives, and yes, even their honor. Ya’ll representatives in both Richmond and DC need to grow some, and remember your heritage.

  2. So how does these laws keep illegal off the street most laws only affect legal gun owners if you realky wanted to do something create or have a existing agency find out how all these illegal are getting on the streets. Some of the laws are common sense it just seem like they want to disarm us but criminals will still be armed.

  3. This will just be one more state where I won’t spend my travel dollars. Hopefully I will always be able to find firearm friendly states to spend my tourist dollars and maybe to even relocate to in the future.

  4. The grandstanding by liberal politicians on gun control is just another way to assure that an unarmed citizenship can be controlled if necessary in the future. The very reason our Founding Fathers envisioned the 1st and then 2nd amendment.

    Beware of the slippery slope of legislative control. Remember Hitler disarming the Jewish population? What happened next?

  5. I grow tired of politicians on the Left saying thoughts, and especially “prayers are not enough.” My God is greater than any tragedy/mass shooter. As soon as they take prayer out of the picture, you are asking for trouble to come into the house. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Evil will always be present in this life. Prayer, preparation, and courage will defeat any enemy.

    1. They say faith without works is empty, but many people of faith work behind the scenes, praying is just one way. Many also write their representatives and promote Gun Safety in ways that do not mean Gun Restrictions. Next time you get the chance, take a non-shooting friend (yep, we all got some) to the range with you. You might be surprised how many will become shooters, then eventually concealed carriers.

  6. All anybody has to do is look at Chicago and New York all the gun crimes there. Georgia made (I believe I’m right) it mandatory for people to be armed which after that was done, crime went down. Not just 2 mentioned above, but others places that outlaw guns in their area.

    1. Kennesaw Georgia made a law that the head of every household would be an armed citizen, but this was after a suburb of Chicago banned all firearms. The law is not enforced, but crime in Kennesaw is lower than the surrounding suburbs. Yes, there could be a number of reasons for that, but it did decline.

  7. According to FBI statistics more people are killed with common carpentry hammers, wheres the outrage?

  8. Blackface Northam reminds me of the Ohio Gov, Kasich. Pasty faced and low IQ trying to kick up some dust over one madman shooter. It has nothing to do with the guns. Guns are tools for good and self-defense. In London the madmen just took up knives when guns were outlawed, but now
    they are trickling back into circulation. Guns don’t just go away like bad politicians. They live forever. You have to learn how to live with them, be responsible with them. I”m surprised gun controllers will drive a car, they’re so afraid of everything. Cars are much more dangerous and kill many more people than guns, and they’re not very handy for self-defense. I just don’t get it.

  9. What is also in the eight new laws is a confiscatory provision that does not give any compensation. If you are a Virginia gun owner, consider joining the Virginia Citizens Defense League. Contact them at 804-639-0600 or VCDL.ORG/Join.

  10. A racist governor, and a rapist lt governor trying to affect the citizens inalienable constitutional rights.

  11. same old thing, blame guns for their lack of leadership and failure to address the problems they have created. ban guns ,no everyone should be armed as our forefathers were. no respect in this world.

  12. How are more gun control laws going to protect the people when current laws can hardly be enforced? Why is it that you read that local acts of violence are being conducted by felons and people with criminal backgrounds. Do we really believe that the government and police can protect the people from acts of violence. The news seems to indicate that more often than not they show up after the act has been committed. Someone has already become a victim and suffered. Are these politicians protected by armed guards. Are these guards subjected to the means by which they can protect. Are they governed by what they can carry, how they can carry it, and where they can do so. Do they have a 10 round limitation? These politicians are not stopping acts of violence. Please stop this nonsense and quit trying to further prevent me from being able to protect myself. Please focus on the acts rather than the means. The means will always be there.

  13. I have no doubt that these law proposal’s will do nothing to curb
    any type of gun violence. They are merely feel good laws.
    Look, violence is a mental and societal problem and until something
    is done to help bad behavior in our society this will never end.
    Criminals have no concern for law’s and crazy disturbed
    individuals have no consideration of law’s at the time of there actions.
    I believe that an armed society is a safe society. Violent criminals
    and mentally disturbed individuals should be put away for life and or
    evaluated until such time they are deemed not to be a risk to society.

  14. We need gun owners to beat the dum,loud and clear, no object can cause harm unless it is controlled by a human that has harmful intent. If crazy wants to kill, cars,bats,blades,trucks and pressure cookers work just fine and don’t require background checks or waiting periods. Maybe we should just outlaw people..that will fix it!

  15. Disgusting. Ralph (Baby Killer) Northam still needs to step down. Sure, he only wants to help, by doubling down on his radical far Left agenda of course. This is what happens when Conservatives don’t vote. C’mon Virginia! Vote this bum out of office! Recall Northam.

  16. If we lose the term “gun violence” and call it what it really is, then the donrats will have to start addressing the real problem.

  17. The continuing attack goes on. Pushing for more and more legislation that does nothing but infringe upon thr rights of lae abiding citizens. The same hue and cry will go out whenever the next mass shooting occurs. It’s as predictable as the sun riding and setting. Yet, none of the proposed legislation would have prevented the Virginia Beach Massacre. It’s the same with every piece of legislation that’s been passed after other mass shootings, not a single Law has prevented a repeat nor will it. Instead of looking at the contributing factors, and addressing the faults and flaws that aided (yes AIDED!), the shooter(s) choice of target that are currently in place, let’s peel away another layer of the right to keep and bear arms. Since it was first passed in 1994 (and sponsered by Biden no less), the Gun Free School Zone act has falied to keep guns off the school campuses. From Columbine to Highland’s Ranch, the GFSZA has failed in it’s promised action and goals. Utterly and miserably FAILED! It has prevented N-O-T-H-I-NG, and it never will. The argument that the Act has actually aided shooters in committing their heinous acts is a very valid, simply because the Unarmed Victim Zone or Target Rich Environment act fails again and again, but by all means, let’s keep the legislation in place anyway. The GFSZA allowed Virginia Beach to occur, because the Law Abiding employees are blatantly refused the option of defending themselves. Polititians and Business Executives are aiding and abetting the murderers more than protecting their employees/victims/clientele by denying/depriving them their Constitutionally protected right to Keep and Bear Arms.
    Time after time, and from event to event, we witness an atrocity, and then the continuing obfuscation and misrepresentation Congress and Anti-Gun fools use to present the tragedy as a need to keep legislating the same tired, old and ridiculous laws. Until we shift our paradigm concerning gun laws, and look at the overall picture and why the continuing legislation won’t change a damn thing. We need to start an honest, open and mature dialogue over the issues and then look at what’s worked (nothing really), and why previous legislative efforts have failed, the Rights inherent in the citizenry of the US, pros and cons of previous legislation, pros and cons of the proposed legislation. Until we reach that conversation, the aftermath of the typical legislative knee jerk reaction and their passage into law will do nothing in preventing mass murderers from attacking vulnarable populations. It’s impossible to legislate EVIL away.

  18. When are we going to stop this crap?! When are people going to be held accountable for violating the constitution?! I suppose one day this country will have some sort of civil war to keep this country as founded! THE LEFT HATES THIS COUNTRY AS FOUNDED WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO FIGHT FOR HER ONE DAY CMON PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!!!

  19. I sympathize for those families who have lost loved ones and friends. Definitely something needs to be done. But in such a way it does not infringe on the rights of the law abiding gun holders. We the people want to be able to defend ourselves our family our homes and yes even our country if it comes down to it. All gun owners are not bad. So let’s figure something That does not punish us all. Garyj

  20. There is nothing new about his proposals and there is nothing he proposed that has anything that would have prevented the Virginia Beach shooting.

    One Solution that would have worked. The use of the term “Dangerous Weapon” is so nebulas as it could mean a sling shot or muzzle loader. It seems the quick and easy thing to do is blame the item used in the assault and not the individual. The “silencer” was so non-effective that the sounds of the shots being fired assisted the police in finding the attacker (reported by local news). There is just too much wrong with this legislation.

    But here is what could have worked:

    When the shooter turned in his resignation / two-weeks-notice earlier that day, he should have been released from service. This is done at a number of big corporations and many smaller ones. The person gets paid for the two weeks and is released from service, all ID badges and computer access is terminated, their personal things packed out, and they are escorted off property. The only way for him to have returned would to have been escorted by security. Some people would say this seems excessive? Maybe it does. Would it cost the business two week’s pay? Yes. But, 11 people could still be alive (one was shot in the parking lot).

    Practice regularly, practice often.
    Be ready to protect what you love.

  21. They have studied history ……..when you have a stubborn electorate who won’t do it your way they need to be disarmed …….and repopulated into areas where they can be better controlled ……for their own good of course ….

  22. As usual the shrill whine eminating from the Democrats continues to blame Law abiding firearms owners for all of societal ills. None if the proposed legislation will have ANY effect gun violence in Va.

    The Lunacy exhibitted by the “Political Left” is the same old tired rhetoric that not had ANY positive effect of gun violence. The actual facts reveal that the “gun violence” in Va. Is virtually non-existant yet the Governor suggests otherwise and it is purely an Agenda of Disarmament. I suggest the Bozos promoting these insane laws actually study history. Disarmament cause violent crime to INCREASE. WAKE UP!

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