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Silencer Co Salvo12

Whether you are a seasoned vet, law enforcement or new to firearms, shotguns are a worthy companion. It is hard to beat a shotgun for home defense, but shotguns are multi-purpose guns well suited to target shooting, and hunting both big and small game. Here are our top 8 most read posts about shotguns and accessories from last year. If you are in the market, Cheaper Than Dirt! has awesome deals such as this one on the H&R Pardner Pump Protector.

Here are our top 8 most-read posts about shotguns.

1 SilencerCo Hopes Shotgun Suppressor Salvo 12 is a Hit
In this news piece about the Salvo 12—a 12 gauge silencer—the author describes the specifications and features of the first commercially viable shotgun suppressor. Following a brief introduction to SilencerCo’s shotgun suppressor is a 1:48 minute video demonstrating how quiet the Salvo 12 is while shooting sporting clays.
2 Mossberg’s 930 Tactical 12-Gauge Shotgun
The Mossberg Model 500 is the company’s most popular shotgun. However, many of the trusted manufacturer’s other shotguns are just as reliable. Author Bob Campbell reviews the autoloading Mossberg 930 shotgun describing its features, finding it a joy to shoot.
3 Slug Up! Shotgun Ammo Choices for Defense
Many choose the shotgun as the ultimate home defense firearm, but that shotgun is not the ultimate without the correct defensive rounds loaded in it. What is the best choice in shotgun ammo? In “Slug Up! Shotgun Ammo Choices for Defense,” Cheaper Than Dirt!’s resident shotgun expert discusses the best choices in shotgun slugs for home defense.
4 Using Shotgun and Shotgun Loads
If you are considering a shotgun or are brand new to owning a shotgun, then “Using Shotguns and Shotgun Loads” is a must-read article. From ammo recommendations to training drills, this article gives you a good place to start learning how to become an expert at shooting a shotgun.
5 What Makes a Turkey Shotgun?
A Mossberg 500 for turkey hunting? You bet! You don’t need an expensive turkey shotgun to bag a gobbler. Shot placement, choke tubes and shotgun loads are more important than the gun. With slight modifications, the best turkey gun is the one you already own! Read, “What Makes a Turkey Shotgun?” to learn how.
6 Shotgun Ammo Guide
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of types of shotgun shells—all serve a different purpose. How do you choose? The “Shotgun Ammo Guide” teaches you when to use birdshot and when to use slugs—including everything in between. By the end of the article, you should know which situation calls for the best shotgun ammo.
7 A Beginner’s Guide to Shotguns
Just as the name implies, “A Beginner’s Guide to Shotguns” is a tutorial on the very basics of shotguns. Included in the article is a discussion on shotgun gauges and shotgun types. The author lists the pros, cons, functions, and features of pump-action, semiautomatic, single-shot, over/under, side-by-side and bolt-action shotguns.
8 Like a Hot Knife Through Butter: Rock Island M5 Smooth As Silk Pump-Action Shotgun
For an incredibly affordable shotgun, Rock Island Armory/Armscor has a winner in the pump-action M5. As a clone of the “world’s fastest firing pump-action” shotgun, the 12 gauge M5 has a silky smooth action, extended heat shield and speed feed-style stock. But the features don’t end there. Read, “Like a Hot Knife Through Butter: Rock Island M5 Smooth As Silk Pump-Action Shotgun” to find out more on this surprisingly value-priced, feature-laden shotgun.

What are we missing? Tell us about the shotgun topics you want to read about in the comment section!


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Comments (10)

  1. I prefer to use Warne Billeted Stainless Steel Rails, just because of overall strength. Their a little “pricey”, but will stand-up to years of abuse…

  2. @ Pete in Alaska.

    JP8 Aviation Fuel if you want to get specific, but Number 2 Diesel Fuel will work to. Or, just about anything else that can be liquefied and burn. H-1 Hummers, a little hard at drive-thru window or bank-teller windows too. Detroit Diesels nice engines, but 190bhp a little on the weak side. 5.7 or 6.9-liter Cummins with Supercharger best bet. Skip the Nitro, use Propane instead…

  3. The Basics.
    Pump Gun, or Coach
    12 ga or …… 12ga
    870 or 500 … Short Double
    BullPups Umlimited, replacement bullpup stock for either or both pumps…
    Rail light …

    From this point it’s a variation on a theme. Most are new, improved and more costly. Some are just a copy of the Basics. There are singles, double side by side, over an under, semi auto, full auto, and pistols.
    It all about what we each consider as a must have.
    Where our paths as gun owners seem to cross is that 99%, give or take, of us agree that a shotgun, in one form or another, is a must have.

  4. I carried the Remington or Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun on duty.

    So shotguns have been with me for a number of years as my back up weapon.

    Now that I am retired I still believe in the capabilities of having a 12 gauge shotgun.

    More the merrier, simply because a 12 gauge shotgun makes a lousy shooter effective.

    I have one Stevens 320 12 gauge & on a second one I am in the process of getting now.

    I also just got the kel-tec KSG 12 gauge “Bull Pup”… which is one mean shot gun simply because it can handle 15 rounds.

    I am also using 12 gauge” 00″ buck (low recoil) primarily so the wife can handle the shotgun as well if need be.

    One Stevens will have “00” buck and the other one will have slugs in it.

    The “Bull Pup” will have one tube with “00” buck and the other tube will have slugs.

    If doing this set up can’t take of business then not sure what else I can do.

    Then there are the AR15 platform 9mm & 40 cal handguns I also have on hand.

    Next will be a Abrams M1…

    1. @Steve Cullen
      About that M1 Abrams ….. There’s a couple of issues to consider
      A) won’t fit in even a two car garage let alone a single.
      B) uses Jet A fuel to run and gets lousy gas mileage
      C) main gun rounds are hard to come by
      D) most residential streets are not built for that much weight.

      Suggestions …
      A) Scout/Recon Striker. 25mm chain gun or short barrel, 90mm with missel launchers. (Fits in two car garage and use Desile fuel) lots of cargo/troop space. ABC sealed, good bug out wheels!
      B) MilSpec Hummer. .50 M2, 30mm or 40mm grenade launcher, Desile fuel, fits fine in garage, good cargo space

      Just saying … I think you’d be happier. LOL

    2. Forgot to add …
      You might like to check out a company called DDuplek. These guys make some very effective and accurate shotgun munitions.
      In perticular Monolite 32, Hexolite 32 and their AP20. These are 12 ga. Force multipliers worth taking a look at. I use the Mono and Hexo for Bear protection and as backup hunting rounds. Worth a Google!

  5. What About the DP-12, Double-Barrel Pump-Action 7075-T651 Aluminium Shotgun. It was unveiled to the public in June 2014, it January 2015, ant there’s still NO MSRP, availability date, there’s ONLY DEAFENING SILENCE…

  6. PS, the part about the rails is in reference to rth60098’s ( If I remember correctly) comment on the 88’s rails.. If I am mistaken, correct me,

  7. Whaaaattttt? I leave the comp. alone for one day and everything changes; Don’t know where the he_-_ I am now. Any how, caught the info on the Maverick 88. Bought one in ’91 on return from the Storm and it’s still going strong, Picked up a scope mount for a Win. Semi- auto Sumpin’ or Other, modified and fitted it to the ’88, mounted an inexpensive (read that ‘cheap’) Simmons 3-9×40 scope and went hunting. Not a thing has been changed since then and I don’t have ‘nuf fingers to count the # of deer taken in Ft Benning’s shotgun-only areas. NOW. My ’88 has only one action rail, not two as with the ‘berg 500. Am I missing something ? Did they change something and not let us know? Whatever; My 88 puts 5 Win. 23/4 slugs in 3″@100yds.w/ the cyl. bore bbl, and the spread w/#1 buck is not as bad as some might surmise.
    they call me Will, and I approve this comment.

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