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Shotgun laying across a target with Winchester PDX shells in posed position


Top 8 Best Shotgun Ammo Guides

The shotgun is such a versatile weapon—home defense to skeet shooting to hunting virtually any game—one can argue that the shotgun is all you need. However, with each task, a different shotshell load is requirement. You use slugs for deer hunting, birdshot for dove and non-toxic for waterfowl. And home defense ammo? There are many myths and incorrect information out there. These eight blog posts will guide you in the right direction of what shotgun ammo to chose.

Black synthetic semiautomatic shotgun


Home Defense Shotguns for Less and Free Ammo!

Many people believe that the shotgun is the best tool for home defense. Shotguns are easy to use, powerful enough to stop a bad guy in one or two shots and do not require a lot of maintenance. Tactical or home defense shotguns are usually black matte finished and have a pistol grip stock. Some choose a semiautomatic for quicker cycling and some choose the reliable pump-action. These four home defense shotguns from Cheaper Than Dirt! all offer great value for the money.

Silencer Co Salvo12


Top 8 Most Read Shotgun Posts

Whether you are a seasoned vet, law enforcement or new to firearms, shotguns are worthy companion. It is hard to beat a shotgun for home defense, but shotguns are multi-purpose guns well suited to target shooting, and hunting both big and small game. Here are our top 8 most read posts about Shotguns and accessories this year.


Best Slugs for Deer Hunting

For many, a shotgun was the weapon we used for our first big game hunting experience. Hunters today have everything from A-Z to pick from to use to hunt with. Archery, rifle, handgun, shotguns or even zombie type guns can be used in many areas around the country. Despite the trend towards using fancy tricked-out tactical guns or lean, mean high-powered rifles, or even souped-up elite compound bows, a good shotgun outfitted with a slug barrel is still a very popular weapon of choice. Here are a few shotgun slug choices worth considering.

Tan box of Hornaday Buckshot with red lettering on a white background


Using the Shotgun and Shotgun Loads

There are three ranges of the shotgun: short, medium and far, also known as A, B and C ranges. You have to know which is the likely engagement range and plan from there. The intended use of the shotgun has much bearing on the load you choose and the details in this article steer you in the right direction.

Black Remington 870 pump, barrel pointed to the right and 1 closed can of Fiocchi cartridges on the dirt.


Fiocchi Canned Heat

There is more than one way to store ammunition. Fiocchi’s Canned Heat takes much of the work and worry out of storing it. And that is not just considering an apocalyptic nightmare, it may be simply storing the shells in a truck or cabin. Read this post for the details on how to store your ammunition.